Here is my problem i dont have a issue with "other media" but this site has always been manga and by extension some anime. Movies and books and etc. Have always been apart of the information listed to a far lesser degree. Nobody is saying that the information cant be catalogued. Its the way in which it is done so that is a problem. The majority of users in this regard dont seem to get that simple issue. There are pages that can be edited specifically for that information. Notice there is no specific interest in editing those pages. They just want to load the pages they arent supposed to with information that we dont and have never included such information. There are primary pages for the movies and other media stuff. This isnt really the case with Star Wars were they have a official committee set up within the company the sets up what is EU and what is canon. In this instance there are authors that are not kubo who are writing information and simply cause he isnt saying anything either way thats considered a "rubber stamp" to alot of users who support this new other media info. All im saying is use the primary pages for those books or movies and call it a day. Every site handles their other media whichever way they want or dont want. Some dont handle them at all.

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