So a disagreement with one's opinions is now a clear inability to accept others opinions. How hard life must be for you. They are called opinions (a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on facts or knowledge). So the idea that one's opinion should be taken as if it were a fact is ridiculous. you are allowed to have your own opinion you are not allowed to have your own facts. This is a clear way to operate. You can come on the forum or blog and state your opinion but your not immune of being corrected. If you wanna speculate to fan fiction lvl there are at least 2 fan fiction wikis with which to do that. Last I checked Tite Kubo wrote Bleach, we can talk for days about how something doesn't make sense but what we aren't gonna do is create what isn't there because it's more convenient for ones opinion. You came to the official site where we deal in referenced confirmation of content and then get an attitude that your opinion gets corrected. Nobody is forcing you to come here if you don't want your viewpoint to ever be challenged.

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