Blue Spark
Kanji ブルー・スパーク
Rōmaji Burū Supāku
Technique Statistics
Type Magic
Number 31
Used By Witches/Wizards

Magic #31. Blue Spark (ブルー・スパーク, Burū Supāku) is a spell used by the Witches and Wizards of Wing Bind.


The practitioner holds their gun sideways by the handle and begins reciting the incantation as energy begins gathering at the bottom of the handle before firing it from the barrel of the gun at their target, unleashing a massive five-pronged blast that burns its target on impact. This proved effective against a Dragon several dozen times larger than Noel Niihashi.[1]


"Tip of the finger, voice of the lance, the iron-key of Joe the Revenger, the silence that lines up with the five-locked three-chains, smash the eye of the piper's timbre."

"指の先 声の鋒 リベンジャー・ジョーの鉄の鍵 五錠三鎖を連ねて静寂 笛の音色で眼を潰す"

"Yubi no saki, koe no hokosaki, ribenjā jō no tetsu no kagi. Gojōsanki wo tsuranete seijaku. Fue no neiro de me o tsubusu."[2]

Known Practitioners

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