• Lia Schiffer

    The Fuck was that Kubo?!

    So we spent 20 pages delving on how our favorite carrot-berry hero is the only one who can save us? Come on, not even Saint Seiya is so damn duuuuh.

    Honestly, that really sucked. It would've been great that the main character wasn't the great savior at the end, just for a change. Now tha Ichi vs Aizen battle is sooooo predictable. Ichi fights Aizen and gets his sorry ass kicked, then he prays to his kosmo to help him one last time, starts gaining some terrain, then Aizen pulls his secret technique (insert Bwahaha evil smirk) and Ichi is left on the floor dying and bleeding, then he goes berserk (like with Ulquiorra) and OMGosh! he finally inflicts some wound on Aizen, but Oh no! the mask breaks before he wins, he get…

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  • Minato88

    The Espada's Claim To Fame

    November 6, 2009 by Minato88

    Well this blog is about, u guessed it, The Espada. Many of the Espada had their claims to fame or in other words, directly stated what was special about them. I am posting this Blog, because I am curious to here u'or opinions on the Espada that weren't very clear as to what was special or unique about them. Lets take a look at the Espada who did tell us what they were best at. 

    1). Ulquiorra Cifer. Ulquiorras speciality was healing. He said so himself & besides Nnoitra no other Espada seemed to be able to heal their wounds & Nnoitras healing ability could not be compared to Ulquiorras. Ulquiorra had his Seguanda Etapa, but he never said the others were not cpapble of using this, but merely had not mastered it. So Ulquiorras claim to fame wa…

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  • Shunsui Kyoraku

    Pirate Zanpakuto

    November 4, 2009 by Shunsui Kyoraku

    In the new Zanpakuto Arc, during the ending credits, it shows a female pirate looking Zanpakuto with blue hair.  Anyone else notice this, and if you have, do you know whose zanpakuto it belongs to and why she hasn't been in any episodes yet?

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  • Kingdeadpool

    There is no reason why he cannot be. Muramasa seems ownerless and Kenpachi does not know or even care about the name of his sword. What makes him perfect for Kenpachi is the fact that his special ability is to appeal to the instincts of the other. Which in a fight could bring someone down to the rage in Kenpachi and turn any fight into a berserking brawl of psychos. The biggest thing that has me thinking this, is that Muramasa seems as though he is actually looking to be accepted and not so much just out to destroy the Sereti. I mean techically he doesnt control the other zanpakutos otherwise they would have to kill Muramasa to break the hold. Not only that but when he became weakened after fighting Ichigo he should have most likely lost a…

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  • BollyW

    Betting odds: Aizens death

    November 3, 2009 by BollyW

    Ok opening odds are:

    Death by Ichigo - $1.20 - (Minato-$1.50)

    Death by Shinji - $2.00

    Death by Urahara - $2.50

    Death by Hitsugaya - $10.00

    Death by Yamamoto - $12.00 - Bk1217

    Death by Isshin - $15.00 - Tinni

    Death by Gin - $20.00 - Bk1217

    Death by Orihime -  $50.00 - (Tinni-$25.00)

    Death by falling out of the sky and landing on a sharp object - $501.00 - Bk1217

    Any other nominees will be added at long odds, odds will change at nominations plus my mood swings. Have some fun, the winners get internet dollars.

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  • Shinitenshi

    There have been many a forum posting describing who is a vasto lorde. When we first saw that picture many fans took this as gospel truth that this is what a vasto lorde looks like. Ulquiorra looks just like that picture so therefore, he must be a vasto lorde, right?

    As I took philosophy courses in college (they were the easiest classes to earn credits), I will explain the essence of vasto lordes in that roundabout way that all philosophers explain. Maybe invoke discussion? Who knows. Here we go

    When we describe something, the way we do so is by comparing it to something else. Say you have a child. You want to introduce him/her (I'll use her because my friend just had a baby girl recently) to dogs. Your …

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  • Lia Schiffer

    No OMU phase today. Sorry

    As much as I disliked this chapter, it wasn't all that disappointing. We were all expecting Unohana to fight, yet she's just going to baby-sit Ichigo.

    Anyway, what's the point in Ichigo returning to Karakura if he's not taking Inoue? I hope Unohana can restore Hiyori, or at least, Hacchi's arm.

    And once again, YAMMY = FAAAAAILUUUUUREEE!!!! You really screwed up there Kubo

    And my Bya-kun looked so gorgeous in this chapter! That's a 'thumbs up' for Kubo. The drawing of Byakuya gets more beautiful by every passing day (which makes me uber happy)

    Ken-chan was still Ken-chan, and it was some nice comic relief having him chase and attack Ichigo. I just hope we get done with Yammy soon. I hate his guts to death.

    It was nice to…

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  • Hisagi95


    October 29, 2009 by Hisagi95

    hi im a new member to bleach wikia and i was wondering a place where i can get or upload images from. what i want to do is get a picture of zangetsu in his unreleased form. if u can do that that would be great! thanks:)

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  • Rejuvenation


    October 28, 2009 by Rejuvenation

    Hi everyone! I recently noticed all of the articles have been written in English, and well, when I wanted to show this site

    to one of my friends, he didn't understand what the lot of it meant. So, I got an idea: I can translate all pages into Dutch,

    French, German, Latin, Spanish, and ancient Greek. I could make new pages for every article on this site, and translate

    all of them into other languages, beginning with Dutch, and change the article name to "article name (NL)" (NL standing

    for Nederland, or in English the Netherlands, or Holland". It wouldn't be much effort, and it will probably give me something

    to do, too. AND people from other countries who do not know English as well can start reading it too. What do you all think?

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  • Yachiru kusajishi22

    Bleach 379...

    October 26, 2009 by Yachiru kusajishi22

    Bleach 379 showed Ichigo unable to form his Hollow mask after awakening his full Hollow in his fight with Ulquiorra. Rukia noticed that the markings had been changing on his mask over time, up until then. I think that maybe he no longer has a connection with his inner Hollow. My theory is that Ichigo will have to somehow have to find a way to get that power back in the future. Trust me the Bleach series is far from over...this season is leaving many openings for another season. Also in Bleach 379 captain Kenpachi and Byakuya had to save Ichigo in his fight with Yammy. My other theory is that the captains might get more involved. I think it'd be cool if captain Unohana got into the fight? We haven't really seen her fight and I'm wandering a…

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  • Tinni

    The Espada rank thing

    October 23, 2009 by Tinni

    Anyone who has had contact with me for a length of time learns two important facts about me. 1) I am a HUGE Ichimaru Gin fan - I have a plushie, which has got to be the sign of ultimate fangirliness! 2) As far as I am concerned, espada were created to deprived Ichimaru of screen time! That alone is reason for me to absolutely loath the espada! But mostly I never really got into them. I liked Starrk, Yammy has grown on me. Harribel I wanted to like but at the end of the day felt that she was the most boring, one of the dumbest, not to mention one of the most irritating Espada of the bunch. So the last thing I want to do is devote blog space to the Espada. However, I cannot help but feel that the espada ranking system has been unfairly trash…

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  • Le0nardchua

    Does anyone here remember a girl called Senna from the movie "memories of nobody"? I really missed her very much...Hope she can appears in manga and anime as soon as possible...

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  • Lia Schiffer

    379: No True Answer

    October 23, 2009 by Lia Schiffer






    Sorry for the outburst, I'm kinda furious!!


    Ehem... sorry again. BTW, did someone else feel like Kubo told us: "Take that, suckers! Grimm-kitty's neva' comin' back! Bwahaha!!!" I hated it. My stomach's twisting. Please Hime-bitch, do something useful and bring our boys back.

    And Yeah, Yammy is a FAILURE. Like... there's no character there. The huge shit sucks, and I hate him to dead. He has gotten third on my "Hate list", just behind Hime-bitch and Aizen-sama.

    So GO BYAKUYA!!!…

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  • Tinni

    Name: Anahata

    Release phrase: Spin

    Shikai form: chakram, although the hilt remains. The movement of the chakram is directed by the hilt but the chakram itself it not attached to the hilt

    Shikai special ability: Seals the powers of the opponent's zanpakuto but while this power is active, the chakram has to remain stationary and emits a green light. Thus even as the opponent loses their zanpakuto, the shinigami wielding Anahata also can't continue to use it to fight. Anahata's special ability also works against Arrancar zanpakuto.

    Name: Fenghuang

    Release phrase: Rise from the ashes

    Shikai form: Summons the legendary king of the birds Fenghuang, which also the eastern phoenix

    Shikai special ability: The summoned bird has poison claws and spits out fire fro…

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  • KamikazeNewf


    I mentioned this inside my "About me" page and was bored and decided to insert it. Basically the layout would be similar to HotS 6. What do you all think?

    • Kurosaki Ichigo (Substitute, Shikai, Bankai)
    • Ishida Uryu (Normal, Seele, Final Form)
    • Sado "Chad" Yasutora (Normal, del Diablo)
    • Inoue Orihime
    • Hollow Ichigo (Shikai, Bankai)
    • Urahara Kisuke (Shikai)
    • Shihoin Yoruichi
    • Tsukabishi Tessai
    • Kurosaki Isshin
    • Ishida Ryuken
    • Yamamoto-Genryusai (Shikai)
    • Sasakibe Chojiro (Shikai)
    • Soi Fon (Shikai, Bankai special)
    • Omaeda Marechiyo (Shikai)
    • Kira Izuru (Shikai)
    • Unohana Retsu (Healing special, much like Orihime's)
    • Kotetsu Isane (Shikai)
    • Hinamori Momo (Shikai)
    • Kuchiki Byakuya (Shikai, Bankai)
    • Abarai Renji (Shikai, Bankai)
    • Komamura Sajin (Shikai, Bankai)
    • Iba Tetsuzaemon (Shikai)
    • Kyo…

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  • Grimmjow2

    I was going through several Bleach Forums and I left some good comments about Uryu, then everyone bashed him and called him weak. But seriously, Uryu isn't weak, he's easily one of the strongest characters out there (including Shinigami).

    Think about it, if Uryu was fighting a Shinigami, in the long run the Shinnigami would lose. Uryu is really fast and athletic, so all he has to do is dodge the Shinigami's attacks, and eventually his opponent will get tired/weaker, then all Uryu has to do is gather the Reishi the Shinigami wasted and end the fight with an arrow. And also, think about the Quincy items, plus Uryu's tactical genius, no Shinigami below Captain level could defeat him. What if his bones get broken, two words, who cares? He could…

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  • 22neji

    Ikkaku's Secret

    October 19, 2009 by 22neji

    I don't know why Ikkaku is so worried to show his Bankai around anyone. Renji has Bankai and everyone in the Gotei 13 are aware of this. Renji also wasn't promoted to Captain level so why should Ikkaku. I hope in the Zanpaktou Unknown  Tales Arc Hozukimaru will show everyone that Ikkaku has attained Bankai and he wouldn't  have to be cautious anymore. 

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  • 22neji

    Yumichika's True Talents

    October 18, 2009 by 22neji

    I hope that Rur-iro Kujaku's true talents would be revealed and all of the Gotei 13 will know what kind of Zanpaktou Yumichika is hiding. If that doesn't happen Yumichika wouldn't be seen for who he really is and the Gotei 13 wouldn't know Yumichika's potential. If  they all know his Zanpaktou's true form they would all know Yumichika's strength.  (NOTICE!: Yumichika was able to defeat Hisagi Shuuhei when he released Rur-iro Kujaku (AND Hisagi Shuuhei is an LIEUTANANT!!!!!!)

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  • Zanderthagreat

    Favorite Espada

    October 17, 2009 by Zanderthagreat

    Hey Everyone Lets Do A List To See Which Espada Are The Most Liked 1.Ulquiorra 2.Grimmjow 3.Starrk 4.Nnoitra 5.Syazel 6.Harribel 7.Barragan 8.Aaroniero 9.Zommari 10.Last And Least-YammyZanderthagreat 22:11, October 17, 2009 (UTC)Zanderthagreat

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  • Gin'iro no tsuki

    Bleach 378! AARGH!

    October 17, 2009 by Gin'iro no tsuki

    Bleach 378 was just super disappointing.Why does Ichigo have to always go to the rescue of these girls all the time? They do have powers of their own yet of no use at all.Its a bit annoying when Ichigo is off to save one girl after another.For once I'd like to see him duel someone without some girl being the cause for it. Kubo seriously needs to do something if I might say so about his old fashioned I'm-here-to-save-the-girl storyline!

    And what does They're not the eyes of someone about to kill his enemy mean? What else is he going to do if not that?

    And what about Ulqi?!!!Thats it? They did not even bother throwing light on his past like they did with some of the other main espadas.Personally I dont care much for Hiyori's life like I do for U…

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  • Bloody Bankai

    Something has struck me throughout the Bleach Anime so far. That is that people's power levels keep changing reaching new heights in every Ark. Now obviously I can offer the simple explanations of growing stronger over time, and people gaining new abilities like Ichigo's hollow mask. However I would like your opinions on the following.


    Kenpachi Vs Ichigo (No Bankai, No Hollow Mask) - Kenpachi has proven to be one of the strongest Captains in the Bleach universe time and time again. Easily beating down two captains who were using Bankai with his own sword still sealed and defeating an espada lvl opponent even after receiving massive damage from his opponent. Now, it has been explained that Kenpachi was out of practice in this fight, but thi…

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  • Lia Schiffer

    Eyes of the Victor

    October 15, 2009 by Lia Schiffer

    378: Eyes of the Victor


    The chapter in itself was kinda disappointing. Once again, it's Ichigo saving everyone's asses. We got 4 badass captains in Hueco Mundo, but instead it's Ichigo YET AGAIN. Not to mention that I hoped Renji and Rukia would get a decent fight. Had it not been for Rukia's comment, it would've been a major FAILURE.

    And that comment is what I want to write about. "Those are not the eyes of a man victorious". I've been hating Ichigo ever since he killed Ulquiorra. That fight meant to me that Ichigo is weak, that he needs to relay on his instinctual and most animal side to be strong, to be good enough to protect those he holds dear. When he defeated Grimmjow, he did it consciously, knowing who he was and what he was …

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  • Superchunky from Denver

    All of Ichigo's friends have gained new powers, except Orihime. She has however learned to use them faster and with better effect. What I would like to see is her ability to erase something from exitance. She could even for instance "heal" an arrancar's mask, turning them back into a normal hollow/menos. What are the potential of each of her ability's:


    Santen Kesshun- Is a defensive ability that rejects an event from happening, like being hit by a cero. It, in effect can prevent any event from happening. It should be able to stop anything her will is strong enough to stop, no matter how powerful. Becuase she rejected it as an event, the power of the attack shouldn't matter (although it always breaks in the manga). I can't think of anything…

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  • Superchunky from Denver

    When Aizen stated that there were limits to the powers a shinigami could obtain, I believe he was referring to his potential "army". Even though he could have easily turned many in the soul society, and create an opposing force consisting entirely of shinigami. The force would never have been a match to his current/past espada.

    As arrogant as he was, he would never imply that he had limits, or wasn't strong enough. I don't believe that this in itself was a reference to him gaining/having hollow powers. Instead it was about the growth potential of hollows. He could never gain that many captain level shinigami, that quickly. Plus the complete freedom of Heuco Meundo in which to work and experimant on hollows. Any thoughts?

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  • Tinni

    Ichimaru Gin

    October 11, 2009 by Tinni

    The following was translated by kay_willow of LJ. This is basically what Kubo wrote about Gin in Bleach: Official Bootleg KaraBuri+. I just wanted to share give that Gin seems to be getting some page time these days.

    Ichimaru Gin

    His smiles, they are an act of menace.

    A former member of the 5th division, Ichimaru Gin served as Captain Aizen's previous lieutenant. Since then, he and Captain Aizen have been close.

    Birthday September 10

    Height 185 cm

    Weight 69 kg

    Zanpakutou Shinsō

    Phrase Ikorose Shinsō

    Haori Underside corpse-white

    Hobby people-watching

    Skill threading a needle


    Loves: dried persimmons

    Hates: dried sweet potatoes

    How he spends his time off Taking walks

    Special Notes: (Top secret!)

    Ever since he was a child, dried persimmons have been his absolute …

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  • Rejuvenation

    Hi everyone.

    I was just scrolling over Orihime's quote's and well...

    I saw that she said she wanted to keep it from being made by using

    her powers...And, since I think it won't end in Karakura Town,

    I think that by destroying the Hogyoku using her powers, she will

    (if he dies there) revive Aizen as well, as he would've never betrayed

    the Soul Society, but then he will continue to research Hollowfication...

    And will invent the Hogyoku himself, giving the series a new start

    from the very beginning. I actually hope this doesn't happen, because

    they would all have to "gain new powers" that they already have in the present

    time, and the whole "save Rukia" thing would turn out differently, because

    Aizen would've never placed Gin at that gate, etcetera, HUG…

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  • Lia Schiffer




    This is my usual self after a shocking Bleach chapter.

    And Aizen's "You all died that night a hundred years ago" GO TO SOME FAR AWAY EMO CORNER AND DIE!!!!

    So... back to normal, not-so-OMU self... An amazing chapter. Kensei's Bankai is really something, and I hope he shows some amazing techniques. Besides, it somehow reflects his Hollow self, looks-wise at least.

    Hiyori... she was never my favorite Vizard (thought it's maybe too soon to say "was") but her scenes with Shinji were really fun and she had this unique personality among Bleach females. And it was too cold and cruel how she was cut. I was hoping to see another clone in the old Hitsugaya-style. Good it didn't hap…

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  • Skeleton shadow

    I hate Aizen.

    But hes one of the coolest villains ever. (right?)

    He freaking decides that the Espada aren't good anymore and attacks/takes it out on Harribel (my favorite Espada) .

    He couldn't just send a text message to them or pull off a Donald Trump and saying "Your Fired". XD

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  • Lia Schiffer

    This chapter started pretty good, amazing if I must say. I  After Aizen's "Gotei 13 and Arrancar wannabes..." I expected to see something that would make me OMU, especially with that "He finally makes his move!" but then...

    Then we switched to Mashiro and Wonderweiss for a not so impressive fight (once again, the girls get their asses kicked, thank you Tite Kubo), and the lady had to be rescued by her macho sportsman captain (I love Kensei, I'm just ranting against Kubo giving very little screentime to girls). And I mean, come on! Yer not gonna tell me that we took 15 hours in ten chapters! Even Lisa and Hiyori could keep their masks on! Moreover, Mashiro got KO with a couple punches! How on earth does that make sense? Pffft.

    I didn't quite …

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  • Zwann

            After going through several comments in Bleach forums all over the net, for the past 2 years, I've notice the Vasto Lordes are one of the most debatable issue discussed so far. Many strongly assume that there are ten Vasto Lordes, being reserved in Hueco Mundo, waiting for Aizen's command, and none of the ten Espada's are one of them. The reason many refused to believe any of the Espadas are Vasto Lordes, are largely based on two reasons; due to how they are all defeated, and what Hitsugaya Toshirou description of the Vasto Lordes.

           First, let go through, again, what is a Vasto Lorde. A Vasto Lorde, is an evolutionary stage of a Hollow. It is the last stage of a Menos evolution, and the strongest of all Menos class. Its appear…

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  • Zwann

    Vasto Lordes in the Espada

    October 2, 2009 by Zwann

            After going through several comments in Bleach forums all over the net, for the past 2 years, I've notice the Vasto Lordes are one of the most debatable issue discussed so far. Many strongly assume that there are ten Vasto Lordes, being reserved in Hueco Mundo, waiting for Aizen's command, and none of the ten Espada's are one of them. The reason many refused to believe any of the Espadas are Vasto Lordes, are largely based on two reasons; due to how they are all defeated, and what Hitsugaya Toshirou description of the Vasto Lordes.

           First, let go through, again, what is a Vasto Lorde. A Vasto Lorde, is an evolutionary stage of a Hollow. It is the last stage of a Menos evolution, and the strongest of all Menos class. Its appear…

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  • Lia Schiffer

    So, this is something that I'd wanted to do for a while but didn't find a place to do it. That is, a weekly comment/opinion/OMG-squealing place for Bleach chapters and episodes. And I'm starting with this week's 375 Execution, Extinction. I'm not gonna OMG, firstly because I don't OMG, I OMU (U goes for Ulquiorra) and secondly because I'm quite past the OMU moment.

    Firstly, I loved the chapter. It was very emotive and I felt I loved Starrk and Lilynette even more. Kubo showed us a different Espada, someone who didn't want to be stronger, someone who was actually thankful to his lord, someone who could see "friends" in other Hollows. Someone who actually felt pain to see others dying. It was heartbreaking. It also showed a better picture of …

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  • Kingdeadpool

    I dont know if its been stated anywhere but is there any chance that Ulqiorra could actually be the strongest espada regardless his number. Just think about it. Ulquiorra is the only espada that has a second release form and i am guessing that since Aizen ranks them and is supposedly unaware of Ulquiorra's second form, then he could actually be the strongest even stronger than Yami. The next thing is that his reitsu is described to be so dense that it felt like an ocean was covering the sky or something like that and it didnt even feel like actual spiritual pressure. I have not seen Yami fight against anyone who was capable of beating him yet, but only time will tell. All i know is that to me as of right now the strongest espada is the one…

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  • Ulquiorra Wannabe128

    Well, here's my first blog. Well, let's just say that I am a massive Bleach fanatic. I ran through all the manga up to about 287 in about 8 hours. I loved it all. So; as stated in the title, I believe that Isshin is Royal Guard. This would probably make an interesting dynamic when the Royal Guard takes a more direct offensive against Aizen. I dont think he has been a captain for many, many, many years, if ever, because somebody would have recognized the name Kurosaki when he was in Soul Society. Isshin also seems aware of Aizen and his betrayal, so he has probably had some correspondence with Ishidas dad and the like. Ok, this just occured to me; Ukitake said at some point that there is a long history of "substitute shinigami"... could Iss…

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  • Lia Schiffer


    September 27, 2009 by Lia Schiffer

    Yeah! I finally have a place to ramble as much as I want about every week's Bleach! That's so cool! 'Coz I can't use my facebook for my "OMG!!! Starrk!" since I got friends there that only watch the anime.

    So I'm gonna start this blog the wrong way. That's, of course, complaining. Because Kubo has created amazing characters, particularly the Espada, and he's screwed up more than once with them. And that sucks! So, to whoever is bored enough to read this, or just to feed up my own insanity. here I go.

    What would I do if I met Tite Kubo? I'm not sure if squeal and beg for an autograph, or squeal, beg for an autograph, and strangle him while screaming "UNFORGIVABLE!!!" That's of course, because the bastard dared kill Ulquiorra. Explain to me, i…

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  • Heathharris09

    How it was clear that Starrk Harribel and Barragan were stronger than Ulquiorra but he was the only one to achieve his 2nd release, so in actuallity would that make him ranked 1st.

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  • Rikudousennin

    why wasnt yammy shown among the espada in starrks flashback of not being lonely in the end???

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  • Stark373

    Starrl Rulez!!!

    September 23, 2009 by Stark373

    In my personal opinio starrk is the coolest and strongest espada and he will not die at least until he get to see shunsui¨s bankai and I think it must be hell of bankai ¨cause his shikai is damn cool so his bankai must be even coolest!!

    The Carefree Combatant vs. The Lone Wolf: Captain Shunsui Kyōraku vs Coyote Starrk for me is going to be a good fight

    hope some satrrk and shunsui survive or at least give hell of a battle!!!

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  • Rayjr


    September 21, 2009 by Rayjr

    i have a question it might be dumb but was barragan a vasto lorde in the flash back or just a hollow with a really strong ability

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  • TheBody84

    Hey I have a theory and I wanted to know if anyone agress with me. I think Isshin Kurosaki could be the former Kenpachi. I dont know if this could be possible acording to the time line, but it would make sense considering he used to be a captain and his son having such high spiritual energy and growing stronger so quickly and the fact that Ichigo relise on power and isnt so good at kido. When they series went back to the past they never show the current Kenpachi they only talk about him and says he does what he wants pretty much. I would love for someone to figure out if its possible im too lazy and WOW it would be cool if he was! The former Kenpachi was killed by Zaraki, but can it still be possible?

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  • Lockdown641989

    (Manga related,spoilers)

    So its reveled that the wolves Coyote Starrk used where actual parts of Coyote Starrk and Lilynette Gingerback's soul..
    So while he's smacking around the two vizards with his wolves, he suddenly gets a sword through the back. That's a bit crazy, the fact he has that kinda power is insane, and then him dieing so suddenly is even crazier. Who could of possibly approached him with out him knowing and deliver a blow like that?

    On top of that, what kind of abilities does Yammy Rialgo actually posses? I know no one can really say for sure but what do you think? And since wonderwiess is supposed to be a last ditch effort in this battle, how powerful is he? I mean you have to be pretty damn strong to be that stupid, then be t…

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  • Dark ace

    i know everyone want or expeceting somthing to happen.

    i really want to see Gin, Shunsui Kyōraku,Jūshirō Ukitakebut i swear if i don't see Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto ,'Kisuke Urahara or 'Sōsuke Aizen i will  be very piss.

    i would really like to see more of ichigo super hollow form,(use that form to take down aizen)

    having ichigo dad regain his power and let him in one of the fight.

    Make Renji and 'Ikkaku' captains.

    bring grimjaw and nell(in adult form) back and let them rule over Hueco Mund since they are the strongest hollow left, if no.1 and 3 die in the human world.

    (very likely)

    the last one is just for fun... :D

    Orihime and 'Rukia maybe 'Nell aswell going after ichigo all at once, while renji try to go after Rukia... and have momo graps on to '…

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  • Benehime12

    Speculative Trivia

    September 9, 2009 by Benehime12

    I have come to see that many users add speculative trivia or thoughts to some articles of this encyclopedia (myself included) and have come to an idea: to offer an outlet for these acts of creativity and to add a new dimension to the wikia I believe that we should have a formal "Speculative Trivia" page, or something along the same lines. Yes, anyone who has an idea or opinion can blog it, as I am doing right now, but many people who use this Wikia for information do not join its ranks as members. Therefore, adding this page not only provides further insight into the possible thoughts of the series creator (the series which this Wikia is based on) but also minimizes page re-uploads. There have been many cases where people add a speculation…

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  • Rejuvenation

    Wonderweiss: Special?

    September 7, 2009 by Rejuvenation

    Hey you guys,

    I was just wondering, if something could be special about Wonderweiss?

    I mean, he's Espada-class according to Soul Society, and his appearance

    is nearly COMPLETELY HUMAN! However, he's not all that smart, and

    according to Uryuu's explanation, only the Vasto Lordes are guaranteed

    a human form. Also, Starrk noted, that if Wonderweiss came to the

    battleground, Aizen had to be wanting to end the fight. My first thought:


    What do you guys think?

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  • -AnjiiKatsuma-

    What do you think?

    August 31, 2009 by -AnjiiKatsuma-
    Ok so me and my friend are working on a Bleach live action role play.So basiclly we're gonna make foam swords and dress in Bleach cosplays and beat the crap out of each other.We're still working on the rule book and all that stuff,What I would like to know is if anyone thinks its a cool idea,maybe it's stupid I dont know so I just wanted to see if maybe there are others who think it's as cool as me and my friend do.SO let me know,if it's not to much to ask. Read more >
  • AeroKnu

    Bleach Finale?

    August 24, 2009 by AeroKnu

    Does anyone else think bleach is coming to an end? I really dont want it to, but I think its true... from day 1 Aizen was the main enemy, and now that theyre fighting him and he has no where else to run... hes gonna be beaten and there will be no more enemies....

    Im hoping im wrong but still....does anyone else agree?

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  • Sisco.chris


    July 31, 2009 by Sisco.chris

    Prediction #1

    The re-occuring theme of religion makes me think that Aizen (lucifer) is a "fallen angel" (fallen captain) from "God" (Spirit King) and has decended from Heaven (soul society) and become the leader of hell (Hueco Mundo). Maybe he was the Spirit Kings "right hand angel" or main body guard which would explain his superior abilities to all other Shinigamis. Forbidden fruit = Orb that changes people into hollows. How did he evade the spirit king and become a captain in Soul Society? By disguising his true self with his Shikais abilities. Maybe the Aizen we see (if that is his real name) isn't even what he actually looks like.

    Prediction #2

    Aizen has been orcherstrating ichigo's development for his own gain. He know's of Ichigo's Vas…

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  • Byakuya89

    Everybody include Tite sensei, I am Michael, named Byakuya89 in Bleach Wiki. I am a Malaysians, and a die hard fan of Bleach. Without Bleach, maybe today I won't have my own ambition. I want to become a professional mangaka in Japan, like Tite sensei. I am confused, can a Malaysian go to Japan to become full-time mangaka? I can draw, but Malayisa is not a suitable place to draw manga. Japan is my dream land.

    I am currently learning drawing skills by looking forward at Tite sensei's artwork and his weekly manga - Bleach. I hope to contact him, learn from him, cause he's my greatest idol. I have found my own dream, I hope everybody can help.

    Thank you,


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  • Lemursrule

    Bleach sound effects

    July 19, 2009 by Lemursrule

    Hey fellow bleach fans! I am creating this blog for people who have clean versions of sound effects from the tv show and video games or knows how to create certain voice effects(vizard voice, inner hollow voice, etc.) Plus if anyone has unlocked sound mode on bleach heat the soul 5, please upload them. --Lemursrule 20:20, 19 July 2009 (UTC)

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