Bleach Wiki: Revelations Project is a project sanctioned by the Policy & Standards Committee. The current project head is Salubri. The objective of the project is to document every important revelation of character/location within Bleach.

Project Members

Project Members

Revelation Members
Role Name Member Info
Project HeadSalubriTalk - Contributions - Edit Count
Project MemberGinhikariTalk - Contributions - Edit Count


All members of the project are allowed to have the following user badge on their User Page:

Mayuri Kurotsuchi Angered by destruction of SRDI I contribute to the Revelations Project of Bleach Wiki.

Membership Requirements and Rules

  • Must contribute to the project at least 3 times per month to remain in the project.
  • Must follow correct formatting
  • All Revelations must be approved by the Project Head before being exported to Bleach Wiki:Revelations
  • Please check the completion list before working on a new character to see if it completed or not.
  • If there is more information to be added or revealed on a character, the Project Head may remove an item from the completion list
  • If the Project Head fails to do so, please leave a message on the Project's Talk Page.
  • All work should be done on on your own workspace (Click to create). Put a link to the workspace, so that other users may coordinate with you who does what.
  • Make the Revelations as consistent with canon as possible.
  • Users are only allowed to edit their own workspace. If you want to suggest a fix or improvement, use their workspace's talk page.
  • We will notify you 1 Week in advance on your risk of being removed from the project should you not meet the project requirements

What is a Revelation?

A revelation can be any of the following:

  • First use of a Technique
  • First appearance in the series
  • Last appearance in the series
  • A shocking truth is revealed about the character
  • An aspect of the character we have never seen before is revealed

If you have questions or want to add anything not on here, feel free to ask in the talk page.


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