The following is the blocking procedure on the Bleach Wiki for when users violate policy. All Admins and Committee Members will follow this guide when issuing warnings and blocks.

Repeated Policy Violations Following a Lifted Ban

If a user continues to violate policy after having a block lifted from his/her account,  their ban will be upgraded to the next increment of time, as listed from left to right in the table below. Note that if a user violates a policy that requires a block time longer than the next increment (ex. next increment would be one month, but user does action for a 1 year ban), the greater length of time takes precedent, as the violation is more severe.  Also note: If a User continues to perform an action they were previously blocked for, they will be blocked again without warning.

Block Times
1 Week 2 Weeks 1 Month 6 Months 1 Year Infinite


The following displays each action that could get you banned, as well as show how many times you will be warned before said ban and how long the ban will be. Only Administrators and those on the Policy and Standards Committe can issue warnings. If any other user tells you about policy violations, it is not considered an official warning, but please do listen to what he/she has to say.

Action Description Number of Warnings Length of Block

Putting in clearly false or biased information into an article, or replacing all content of the page with nonsense

None Indefinite
Adding Pornographic Photos Putting in any sexually explicit photos None Indefinite
Harassing Other Users Annoying them, calling them names, undoing all of the users edits None Indefinite
Spamming Advertising or linking anything that is unrelated to this wiki 3 1 Week
Removing Accurate Information Removing any information that was said or shown on any offical Bleach medium or interview 1 1 Month
Language Putting in sexually explicit or curse words in an article, outside of quotes 1 6 Months
Edit Warring

When an admin or other user undoes your edit and you put it back in before finding out why it was undone

1 1 Year
Threatening Other Users Different from harassing in that the user in question blatanly threatened another with physical violence or death. You will be banned for this even if it was just a joke. We take threats very seriously on this wiki. None Indefinite
Sock Puppetry/Abusing Multiple Accounts

A user that has created and is using another account to get around the punishment, or to unfairly affect the results of a vote.


Original account ban time is reset and incremented according to the table above, alternate account is banned indefinitely.

If the original account has not been banned, then the account will be blocked for 1 year

Uploading Images without FUR or Licensing ALL images (not for your user page) must have FUR and licensing. This ban will happen if you repeatedly violate this 3 1 Month
Adding Unreferenced Information User adds information that is unreferenced 3 1 Month
Speculation User adds information that has not been shown in the manga 3 6 Months
Improper User Page Activity

Editing someone else's user page without permission (Note: the exception to this rule is when removing harassing messages or user badges that signify a group the user is no longer a part of) or excessively editing your user page without making any productive mainspace contribution.

3 1 Month
Inappropriate Talk Page Activity

1. Removing non-harassing talk page messages

2. Placing content that should be in Forums

3. Editing closed/archived discussions

3 1 Week
Ignoring Warnings

The user continues to do an action that, although isn't necessarily violating policy, Committee and Admins find unnecessary or makes the wiki harder to understand, despite being told to stop.

4 2 Weeks
Edit Fluffing

Publishing multiple edits to the same page or editing individual sections of a page to boost edit count instead of editing the entire page and previewing your changes.

3 1 Week
Adding false or fictional material
  • Adding information that has since become untrue in the series
  • Fan-fiction
3 1 Month
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