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Policy & Standards Committee Members
Name Specialty Status
Deals in Images & Gifs for the site. Heads the Bleach Wiki:Image Unit. Since 3/14/11
Deals in Grammar & Sentence Structure for the site. Heads the Bleach Wiki:Grammar Corner. Since 2/15/13
Deals in finding inconsistent material. Head of the Bleach Wiki:Inconsistency Project. Since 9/2/13
Since 12/4/15
Since 12/4/15
Since 8/8/20

Former P&S Committee Members

The Bleach Wiki Policy & Standards Committee is a group of users responsible for reviewing and enforcing the wiki's policies. They are responsible for maintaining the quality standards of Bleach Wiki articles by helping other users adhere to the policies of the wiki.

Currently we are looking for two new members. If you wish to become a councilor or wish to nominate someone else, please apply farther down the page under membership nominations. Please also try to provide a supporting statement.

Member Responsibilities

  • Regularly assist in the Wiki's Projects.
  • Quality check recent article edits.
  • Quality check articles in general.
  • Assist members with edits and other issues.
  • Rollback vandalism.
  • Enforce all Policies on the Wiki.

Further information on the Committee can be found on the Bleach Wiki:Committee Procedures.

Member Powers

  • Members have the authority to close topics which are old/resolved.
  • Move user questions or articles which are not in the correct place.
  • Help resolve issues with the site which do not require an admin's intervention.
  • Monitor talk pages/forums/blogs.
  • Revert edits which are neither productive or correct.
  • Kick or ban unruly users from the Wiki's chat.

Membership Templates

ACBTBLieutenants.png This user is a member of the Policy & Standards Committee of Bleach Wiki.

Ep152IchigoMasksUp.png This user has rollback rights on Bleach Wiki.

Committee Members can display the Rollback Box and Committee Box on their page by using {{RollbackBox}} and the {{CommitteeBox}} commands. There can only be a maximum of nine Committee members total.

It is generally advisable that people other than committee members not post on the talk page of this article unless it is to ask questions about policy, point out mistakes, etc. having to do with the volumes, episodes, or user edits.

Membership Requirements

  • Members must be active in editing of project workloads.
  • Project Heads are required to make sure the projects get taken care of by those claiming the work.
  • Members must have consistent communication via article & user talk pages, forums, and chat.
  • Members should check in at least twice a week.
  • Members should not have a condescending attitude when dealing with other users.
  • Members not meeting these requirements after 3 weeks have the right to be informed and given a one week to catch up on their neglected workloads.
  • Members must have at least 3 mainspace article edits per week.
  • Members who have circumstances in their real life which prevent them from meeting these requirements need only inform other members and the admin so proper arrangements can be made for them.
  • Members edits must be substantial to the content of the page, like grammar, and not formatting the appearance of the pages.

Membership Qualifications

  • Users should be a weekly and active user of the wiki.
  • Users must have at least 500 productive main space edits.
  • Having good spelling and grammar is useful.
  • Users should have good communication skills. (In constant communication with admin and committee members)
  • Users must be well read on our policies and help enforce them.
  • Users must not have been blocked within 3 months of being nominated.
  • Users who have violated policy more than 2 times and did not stop are not eligible to become members.
  • Users who have had their edits reverted more than 4 times and did not stop are not eligible to become members.
  • Users have to be on the wiki for 3-4 months before joining the Committee.

While anyone can be nominated to be considered for open positions, it is the admins who will discuss whether the person should be given the position. Also, in light of real life, no one is expected to be on all day everyday, but it helps. Being on and doing some significant work other than blogging helps the site, even if it is every other day or a few days a week.

Membership Voting

Membership Voting takes place in these steps under these particular circumstances.

  • User having fulfilled the required membership qualifications should go to the committee talk page and place their nomination with a reason for why they would be a good candidate.
  • The current Committee members should vote on the user in question. (There should be no one abstaining from voting, There should be no personal issues involved when voting).
  • The only deterrent to membership is not fulfilling the membership qualifications above and having attitude/behavior issues that are not positive for the wiki. Outside of that the user should not be given a lack of support vote.
  • Committee Votes are to act as formality to weed out individuals that may not qualify and thus save the time of the admin of having to determine whether the user meets requirements.
  • The Committee vote is not a deciding vote, the Committee votes are to act as general opinion related to qualifications and thus are advisory, that the admin can take into account when making their final decision on membership.

Removal of Committee Member

Conditions under which an involuntary removal/resignation would be considered:

  • Inactive for one month.
  • Repeated abuse of rollback privileges.
  • Repeated violation of Bleach Wiki policies.
  • Non-performance/non-communication with the committee - this is different from being inactive. They might still be active in the wiki, but if they suddenly stop talking to the committee and responding to messages or looking after projects to which they are assigned, it is a problem.
  • Not fulfilling duties required in "Membership Requirements".

Note: If there are circumstances in your life that prevent you from meeting the requirements to stay a member, notify one of us or an admin.

Membership Suggestion

If you wish to become a member of the committee, it is suggested you complete at least some manga, anime, or fight summaries and aid in the Article Improvement project. This would boost your edit count, a requirement for membership, and demonstrate how you are interested in contributing something substantial to the wiki.

Membership Nominations

Please feel free to nominate either yourself or a fellow wiki user you believe should be given Committee membership and rollback rights in this section. You can find the nomination page by clicking here.

Committee Projects

All Committee Projects are developed and maintained through the Associate Groups.

Future Projects/Suggested Projects

Please use this section to suggest future projects. Thank you.