The Masked Project is a central page to co-ordinate all efforts to update the Bleach Wiki with the new information released in the Bleach: Official Character Book 2 MASKED, released on 4th August 2010. Please follow the directions on this page or your edits may be undone.

Applying updates from MASKED

Administrators and Policy & Standards Committee members will handle the creation, the updating, and the moving of all pages regarding content on MASKED. Do not attempt to do it yourself, or your edits will be reverted, and you will be warned. If you persist on doing this despite being warned, then you will be blocked.

New Characters

The following new characters have been revealed. These pages are protected from creation to avoid the often haphazard beginnings that many articles have. Use this section to post all the info that there is on each character. When enough info is gathered & confirmed, then an admin will allow the page to be created. The basis of an article will be constructed here and then placed on the new page (do not place code for infoboxes here, it is unneeded clutter and can be added when it gets its own page).

Marenoshin Ōmaeda

Article created.

Jinemon Kotsubaki

Article created.

Kenpachi Kiganjō

Article created.

Chikane Iba

Article created.

Sōjun Kuchiki

Article created.

Character Renames

Character Rename Archive

Masked contains official romanizations for many characters' names that were previously unknown and thus were different to what is was written on the Wiki before its release. Details of the pages that were changed are now in the archive to the right.

Aspects of Death

  • Ulquiorra- Emptiness
  • Harribel-Sacrifice
  • Baraggan-Aging
  • Starrk-Solitude

Revealed birthdays

Place any new birthdays for previously known characters here. Crossed out entries have been added to their respective articles.

  • Ulquiorra December 1st
  • Grimmjow July 31st
  • Nnoitra November 11th
  • Tesla/Tesra May 13th
  • Neliel April 24th
  • Yammy April 3rd
  • Luppi June 5th
  • Pesche May 25th
  • Dondochakka June 30th
  • Loly January 27th
  • Menoly December 7th
  • Cirucci February 27th
  • Dordoni August 28th
  • Zommari October 13th
  • Aaroniero April 23rd
  • D.Roy June 19th
  • Shawlong November 4th
  • Edorad August 25th
  • Yilfordt June 22nd
  • Nakeem August 3rd
  • Wonderweiss July 6th
  • Iceringer/Aisslinger November 23rd
  • Demora July 27th
  • Szayel June 22nd
  • Gantenbein September 21st
  • Love October 10th
  • Rose March 17th
  • Kensei July 30th
  • Mashiro April 1st
  • Hiyori August 1st
  • Lisa February 3rd
  • Ginrei Kuchiki June 2nd

Other info

Please use this space to bring any other issues to our attention, or else use the talk page.


  • Hadō #63 Soren Sōkatsui has been renumbered #73.


  • Komamura's Shikai release command confirmed as "Roar" (轟け, Todoroke).


  • Heights & weights of Arrancar & Visored revealed.
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