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The Inconsistency Project aims to find glaring inconsistencies among different parts of the Bleach series, including but not limited to: contradictory information between the manga and the anime or between two different anime episodes. All media within the Bleach universe is acceptable, from filler arcs to movies to video games.

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How to Contribute

If you come across anything while reading the Bleach manga, watching the anime, or playing one of the many video games that you believe fits within the scope of the project, add it to the section below titled User Found Inconsistencies. This Project Page will not have a references section, so please do not use <ref> tags, as they will not show up. To cite the source of any inconsistencies you find, simply include them with the information ("Episode 366", "Chapter 420", "Bleach: Dark Souls" are examples of how to cite the sources). When they are added, the Project Head or another member of the Bleach Wiki team will determine if it is a valid inconsistency.

User Found Inconsistencies

Place any inconsistencies you find in this section to be judged:

Approved Inconsistencies

The following is a list of inconsistencies that have been approved after being placed on the above list:

Tentative Inconsistencies

The following is a list of inconsistencies that have been approved from the "User Found Inconsistencies" list, but may be proven otherwise in a future chapter: