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Welcome to the Image Project!! To get started just claim an article and start adding images to it. Remember to check each Episode category and Image Gallery to see it the image you are about to upload is a duplicate!! Also PLEASE READ THIS BLOG for help on our Image Policy.
Welcome to the Image Unit
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Welcome to the Image Unit. If you have any questions please contact the Units Captain or one of its Seated Officers, thank you.

  • Info on joining our Unit is posted below.
  • Regular Officers and Seated Officers are allowed to take any of the jobs.
  • Do not alter the Kan on any of the jobs listed below.
  • Contact SunXia about info on images.
  • Enjoy your stay while with our Unit, and I hope that you will consider joining.

This is a Policy & Standards Committee project that aims to add or improve the images for Wiki articles. This project is lead by SunXia ( talk).

Purpose of the project

The purpose of the project is to improve articles and image variety on the site by uploading and cataloging images & video clips for articles where necessary. A list of articles is provided that needs pictures with specific areas of the improvement identified.

How to participate

Below is the list of articles in need of images or videos. As per other projects, please claim an article by putting your name and *incomplete* to begin work on it. Once done, change the status to *check for completion*. This is in order to get a second opinion on whether the images/videos for a project is complete before marking it as complete. Only a committee member or an admin can mark a page as complete. Once again, anyone can work on an article. Please remember that all new information must have a Fair Use Rationale.

Please follow the Bleach Wiki:Manual of Style, Bleach Wiki:Image Gallery & Bleach Wiki:Image Policy.

NOTE:Please read this Blog for Information regarding Uploading Images. Thank you.

Contribution Box

For those who contribute to the project, you may use the Contributon Box associated with the project. {{ContributionBoxImageProject}}

Ep7OrihimeFuture.png I contribute to the Image Unit of Bleach Wiki.

Associate Members

Image Members
Role Name Member Info
Project Head SunXia Talk - Contributions - Edit Count
Project 2nd Xilinoc Talk - Contributions - Edit Count

Character Articles that Need Images

Anime Summaries that Need Images

Concurrent with Anime Summary Project

Fullbring Arc

Needs to be Expanded or Overhauled

Needs to be Updated

Fight Summaries that Need Images

Committee Evaluation Section

These jobs are very large and should be left in the hands of the Image head or committee members. They are Arc jobs that require extensive altering by an experienced member of the image team.

Completed Articles and Images

Byakuya Rukia Sand Sculptures.png
Completed Archive

This is a list of completed articles. Only the project leader or a member of the Policy & Standards Committee can move an article to this section. Bleach Wiki:Image Gallery - Don't forget to put new images in the Catalogue Section to be placed in respective galleries.

Anime Project Revamp

Leadership Evaluation Completion List

Reigai Uprising - SunXia (Chat)  

Reigai Uprising - Xilinoc

Zanpakutō Rebellion - Xilinoc

Tōjū Campaign - Xilinoc

Articles that Could do with GIFS

GIF Requests

Please list GIF requests here that are required for certain articles.


Archive 1
Archive 2