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This project has been shut down.
Hello, all. I'm Xilinoc, the head of this wiki project, and after a few months of deliberation I've decided to officially close this project. Over the past two years, the members of this corner have done a tremendous and exceptional amount of work across the wiki and brought the overall grammar standard up to a level of high quality; due to there not being anywhere near as many articles in need of such dire help anymore, the members of the corner no longer have wiki-wide projects to work on, or pages to slave away at for days on end. There will always be small to moderate grammatical fixes like typos and missing words to be made on pages, but for the most part, this sort of group is no longer needed on the wiki. Should a similar predicament arise in the future, I'll happily open this up once more so people can know where help is needed most, but at the moment, I feel it's best to just confirm the end of this project (for now). I'd like to thank everyone who's been a part of this and done such great work for the wiki, and I hope you all continue to help out around here.

The Grammar Corner is a place where a group of users can get together and help maintain the wiki by keeping it free of incorrect grammar, syntax, tenses and the like. If you awaken the Grammar Nazi inside of you, you can help a lot here. Also, note that you don't have to work on the articles listed here. Members can display the {{Grammar}} userbox on their userpage if they choose so.
This blog is a good starting point for learning the ins and outs of grammar and whatnot.

Ep113HiyosuProfile.png This user is a member of the Grammar Corner.

Associate Members

Due to the Grammar Corner being shut down, we are not accepting any new members.

Grammar Corner Members
Role Name Member Info
Project Head Xilinoc Talk - Contributions - Edit Count
Project Member FutureQuincy Talk - Contributions - Edit Count
Project Member Jushiro971 Talk - Contributions - Edit Count
Project Member MRKN Talk - Contributions - Edit Count
Initiate SilverRain Talk - Contributions - Edit Count
Initiate Skitzo1 Talk - Contributions - Edit Count
Initiate Savalric Talk - Contributions - Edit Count
Initiate Tekken25 Talk - Contributions - Edit Count

Membership Rules

  • The Project head is the primary contact on grammar related issues. They have the final word on grammar related issues.
  • The Project head has the authority to coordinate grammar related work with other project members.
  • Any and all users can sign up to be a member of the Grammar Corner. If you would like to join, simply place your name in the list above. Once you sign up, begin working on any articles listed as being in need of work.
  • You must make at LEAST one grammar edit per month
  • All new members will start out as Initiates.
  • Because of how much traffic the High Priority articles tend to get, we value them looking great. Therefore, any member labelled as an "Initiate" will not be allowed to edit articles in the High Priority section.
  • To become a regular project member, you must make good grammar edits on 10 different articles.
  • A Project Member can list stuff in the Mid and Low priorities, but not high priority
  • The Co-heads will assign the High Priority work

Removal from the Grammar Corner

  • You are inactive in terms of grammatical edits for more than one month (Note: We will not penalize you for this if circumstances in your life prevent you from working.)
  • The edits have consistently been of bad grammar
  • You violate our policies
  • You repeatedly "edit fluff", meaning, you go to an article and edit each individual section rather than the entire article overall.
  • You ignore the High Priority articles

If you are to be found under one of these categories, Xilinoc will notify you one week before he finalizes his decision, so that you may redeem yourself. Note that in certain circumstances, such as a severe violation of policy, he will remove you without warning.


  • After signing up for the Grammar Corner, take a look at the list of articles in need of work.
  • Find an article you want to work on and begin working.
  • Check each and every line in that article for spelling mistakes, grammar errors, and tense mistakes, and make sure the article follows the Bleach Wiki:Manual of Style.
  • Remember that Bleach Wiki uses American convention English. Please do your part to keep articles in this convention.
  • Once an article is done, simply remove it from the list and move on to another.
  • Just because you did an article in the past does not mean it does not need to be checked again if it is on the list again. Articles are always being updated and reworded, so grammar checks need to happen all the time.

Spelling in Words

There are many different types of English. Examples are American English and British English. To prevent this leading to conflicts, Bleach Wiki aims to be as native as possible, but the main use is American English. For more information, please see the examples below. Also see American and British English spelling differences on Wikipedia.

UK US Bleach Wiki
Aluminium Aluminum Aluminum
Moustache Mustache Mustache
Sledge Sled Sled
Speciality Specialty Specialty
Armour Armor Armor
UK US Bleach Wiki
-our (Honour) -or (Honor) -or
-re (Centre) -er (Center) -er
-ce (Licence) -se (License) -se
-ise (Organise) -ize (Organize) -ize
-ogue (Catalogue) -og (Catalog) -og
No dropped e (ageing) Dropped e (aging) Dropped e

List of articles in need of work

Articles listed below are listed by their priority in needing completion. Those of high priority are in the most need of a thorough check as soon as possible due to the amount of editors the page gets. Those of low priority are low traffic articles that should be checked when there is time and after more pressing articles have been checked.

High Priority

Articles listed here have high traffic or are new, and thus need to be carefully checked for grammatical errors in order to maintain their quality. Also, since they get so many edits, they should not be removed after you're done. Please put your name by the article you wish to edit. After you're done, mark it as needing to be checked for accuracy by another member. Note: Initiate members should not be editting these. If you wish to edit these, make grammar edits on 10 different articles of your choosing on the Bleach Wiki.

  • Any article listed here

Medium Priority

Articles listed here have a decent amount of traffic and are of good importance to the site and the series. Project articles are also listed here so they can be checked off and completely finished. Anyone may work on these.

  • Kon - SilverRain's territory
  • Renji Abarai - Schiffy now claims this.
  • Sōsuke Aizen - particularly the Fake Karakura Town arc section (Savalric's new hunting grounds)
  • Rangiku Matsumoto - punctuation and sentence separation in the Powers & Abilities section - working on this - FutureQuincy
  • Ichigo Kurosaki - overall grammar in the Thousand-Year Blood War arc and Powers & Abilities sections - Tekken25 - Being worken on
  • Uryū Ishida - Thousand Year Blood War arc section - Tekken25 - Needs checking for completion
  • Yhwach - overall-Needs checking for completion.-MRKN
  • Haschwalth - overall - Tekken25 - Needs checking for completion
  • Sternritter - overall - Tekken25 - Needs checking for completion

Bleach Wiki:Article Improvement Project

Bleach Wiki:Anime Summary Project

Low Priority

Articles listed here are low traffic articles, often from filler or other non canon material. Get to these when you can.