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Ichigo: Mask Close-up

Ichigo Hollow Mask Close Up

Close up of Ichigo's Hollow mask when fighting Yammy, Episode 286.

Aizen: Fourth Form

419Aizen's Final Fusion

Aizen's fourth, Hollow-like transformation, from Chapter 419.

  1. 180px-Symbol support vote.svg Support - I'm no fan of Aizen but this pic just looks fantastic. I'm voting for it because Kubo really went all out with the design of Aizen's last(?) transformation and it deserves our attention as this month's feature. WD Talk to me 15:21, September 22, 2010 (UTC)
  2. 180px-Symbol support vote.svg Support - While I wanted to vote for the Getsuga pic, the empty word bubble and watermark killed it for me. In this picture, Kubo did a good job of making the main antagonist's final transformation look incredibly menacing (regardless of that fact that it wasn't). The design is pretty cool, and the amount of detail in the picture is high. Definitely worth featuring in October. Mohrpheus (talk) 16:17, September 24, 2010 (UTC)
  3. 180px-Symbol support vote.svg Support -I am going to vote for this image simply because of how much effort Tite Kubo put into Aizen's evolution. I would not have thought that Aizen would come out to something like that. The Final Getsuga Tenshō image is great too...except as Morpheus pointed out, for the watermark (don't mind the empty word bubble as much). IF someone replaces the Getsuga Tenshō image with a non-watermark image, I will consider changing my mind. --- Mr. N 23:28, September 27, 2010 (UTC)

Ichigo: Final Getsuga Tenshō

420Saigo no Getsuga Tensho

Ichigo uses the Final Getsuga Tenshō, Chapter 420.

  1. 180px-Symbol support vote.svg Support - Ok, since Yyp gave me the go ahead to vote, here I go ^^. This picture is potentially THE most important moment in all of Bleach. I mean, it could be the beggining of the end for Ichigo, in terms of being a Shinigami. Plus he looks so badass and would definately attract any visitors straight away to the picture, which I do think is important for the Featured Image. Ok there you go, my first FI vote. Yeah! TotalDrama22121. When worlds's dramatic.
  2. 180px-Symbol support vote.svg Support - This pic is AMAZING!! Everyone was like, "The FGT is gonna be one heck of a move" and then it turns out to NOT be a move but a form in itself!! It's the beginning point of the end of Ichigo the Shinigami as well, although I doubt it IS gonna be the end. But all in all, this pic will turn faces and merits 5*****!! BlazeUchiha (Talk) 04:05, September 27, 2010 (UTC)
  3. 180px-Symbol support vote.svg Support - It has to be this one. Bleach is the story of Ichigo and this is the pinacle of Ichigo's power. The drawing is excellent and the design of this new and Final form is absolutely breathtaking. This picture completely killed all our skepticism about the Final Getsuga Tensho, you just have to look at it and know it was worth the wait. It is simply beautiful and a key moment to Bleach's and Ichigo's story. --Lia Schiffer (Talk) 04:42, September 28, 2010 (UTC)



Multiple Characters

Photos for scenes featuring multiple characters go here.

Ichigo Blocks Aizen

418Ichigo blocks

Ichigo blocks Aizen's sword with his bare hand, from Chapter 418.

Ichigo Strikes Aizen

418Ichigo slashes

Ichigo strikes and injures Aizen, from Chapter 418.

Yammy is Attacked by Byakuya & Zaraki


Byakuya and Zaraki attack Yammy, episode 289.

Deleted Votes

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Ichigo: Final Getsuga Tenshō

  1. 180px-Symbol support vote.svg Support - I go with total drama this picture shows that this might be the end of Ichigos life as a shinigami. This also shows that Ichigo has achieved so much, and now once he activated this techinique hes going to lose all of his powers. And ichigo looks pretty cool compared to everything else that he achieved. And seeing how tite kubo went through everythin making Aizens new transformations look what he made for Ichigo, which is an awesome appearance for him. Zangetsu20
User does not meet criteria to vote as set out in the Voting Policy (has not been actively contributing to the Wiki's articles this month).
  1. 180px-Symbol support vote.svg Support - I love this picture and all the questions that comes with it. I believe that no only will this picture attract, it will interest people as well. It will bring forth so many questions. I personally believe this pic is super bad A. User:Penguin2Rev
User does not meet criteria to vote as set out in the Voting Policy (has not been actively contributing to the Wiki's articles this month and has been a member for less than 1 month).
  1. 180px-Symbol support vote.svg Support - I agree wtih Ichigo!! Also, this is the first time we have seen something like this, Aizen has been evolving all year where as this, this is something new and it may also represent how Isshin initially lost his powers before regaining them much to urahara's surprise!! A fundamental part of the plot!! SunXia (talk) 11:25, September 30, 2010 (UTC)
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  1. 180px-Symbol support vote.svg Support - I always vote for the turning point of the month. This was the turning point. Everyone expected some attack but instead we get this amazing form. The speech bubble does not bother me. It is a great pic--God (Pray) 18:09, September 30, 2010 (UTC)
Voting deadline had expired.

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