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Improve Pages

The following pages detail articles that are in need of improvement:

Wanted Pages & General Improvements

The following projects & forums are about pages that are being considered for creation:

Update Pages

These pages should be updated to reflect any recent events.


There will be a number of voting procedures at any one time on this wiki.

Official Policy

The Guidelines and Policies of this wiki can be found here:

User Rights

If you think you can deserve additional user rights, please visit these pages.

New Manga Chapters

When a new manga chapter is released, the following needs to be done:

  • Create a new section for the new chapter on the Chapters Not Yet in Volume Format page
  • Add a link to the new chapter on the Chapters page
  • Update the Current Manga Story on the Main Page
  • Create redirects to the new chapter, e.g. Chapter 436
  • Update other articles with any new information from the chapter as needed & appropriate
  • Remove any "spoiler" info from the Spoiler page, stating that the English scan of the chapter is out
New Anime Episodes

When a new anime episode is released, the following needs to be done:

  • Create an article for the new episode
  • Add a link to the new episode to the navigation box of the previous episode's article
  • Update the Episodes page with the new episode
  • Replace manga images with anime equivalent where appropriate
  • Update the Current Anime Story on the Main Page
  • Update the relevant omake segment page
  • Create a redirect for the new episode called e.g. Episode 286
  • Update the Spoiler page's anime section
  • Update the manga/anime cross-linking on the relevant Chapters.