Associate Groups are projects that consist of a group of users dedicated to gather and assisting articles circled around a single concept or topic.


  • Groups require confirmation by the Admin to be declared official.
  • Group founders/leaders are permitted to decide how to run their user group. Admins don't normally intervene unless the group is breaching policy.
  • Groups are for improving Bleach Wiki. No social groups are permitted.

Associate Members

Associate members are supported by the Admin and Committee members in regards to their specific edit categories. Associates do not have the same member rights as the Committee members (unless they individually happen to be Committee members) but are asked to engage in the regular upkeep and editing that would be expected of any user. Being an Associate member is largely informal and are only asked to help in their respective groups when they are able. Associates can display the associate box on their page by using {{AssociateBox}} command.

Current Associate Groups

  • Chronology Project - dedicated to chronologically account for Bleach events since the start of the manga story to give a correct perception of time. (Primary contact: Kamikaze839 (talk))
  • Image Project - dedicate to the upload and categorizing of official Images for the various articles on the site. (Primary contact: SunXia (talk))
  • Media Project - dedicated to building up the information around the various other media in the Bleach universe. (Primary contact: Lemursrule (talk))
  • Inconsistency Project - dedicated to document any inconsistency between the anime and manga, as well as inconsistencies within each medium (Primary contact: Schiffy (talk))

Former Associate Groups