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Anime Summary Unit
Welcome to the Anime Summary Unit!! Please Read THIS BLOG in regards to how to get started on Bleach Wiki! Just claim an episode and start writing! Hope you enjoy working here!
Welcome to the Anime Summary Unit
Anime Summary Unit
Welcome to the Anime Summary Unit. If you have any questions please contact the Units Captains or one of its Seated Officers, thank you.

  • Info on joining our Unit is posted below.
  • Regular Officers and Seated Officers are allowed to take any of the jobs.
  • Contact Xilinoc or SunXia about info on anime summaries.
  • Enjoy your stay while with our Unit, and we hope that you will consider joining.

Anime Summary Unit

The Anime Summary Unit is a group of Bleach Wiki users who have the task to complete and improve the anime episodes of Bleach. Provided are a list of episodes from a specific story arc that are in need of completion. All users should read our Article Guidelines before you start improving.

Roles of the Anime Summary Unit

The following are the duties of the Unit:

  1. To complete incomplete summaries.
  2. To elaborate, link, and proofread episodes.
  3. To make sure that the list of characters in each episode is correctly placed from the order in which they appeared and that each character is listed.
  4. To add missing or incomplete Powers & Abilities used in the specific episode.
  5. To assure that all translations for the Powers & Abilities section are accurate, up-to-date and properly added.
  6. To add any missing fight to episodes.
  7. To add images from the anime to illustrate the episodes.

Seated Officers

Seated Officer Signature Admission Date Current Status
Joint Supervisor & Lieutenant Xilinoc (Talk) Xilinoc (Talk) N/A Active
Joint Supervisor & Lieutenant SunXia (Talk) SunXia (Chat)   N/A Active


Unit Member Powers


  • Has the right to promote and demote users.
  • Has the right to add jobs to the request board.
  • Has the right to add jobs to the request board with the appropriate Kan.
  • Has the right to allow users to Join the Unit and add their name to the registry.
  • Has the right to check completed jobs and move them to the completed list.
  • Has the right to remove inactive users.
  • Has the right to take and complete jobs.


  • Is the primary contact for the Unit
  • Has the right to add jobs to the request board.
  • Has the right to add jobs to the request board with the appropriate Kan.
  • Has the right to allow users to Join the Unit and add their name to the registry.
  • Has the right to check completed jobs and move them to the completed list.
  • Has the right to remove inactive users.
  • Has the right to take and complete jobs.

Seated Officers

  • Has the right to report inactive users to the Lieutenant.
  • Has the right to allow users to Join the Unit and add their name to the registry.
  • Has the right to take and complete any job.


  • Has the right to take and complete any jobs not marked for seated officers only.


  • All users that go a month without completing an Episode summary will be tagged as "Inactive".

Contribution Box

Anyone willing to contribute to the project will be able to use this badge on their User Page.

Ep1RukiaSensesHollow I contribute to the Anime Summary Unit of Bleach Wiki.

Of course, there are several other badges available through contribution to Policy and Standards Committee projects. Check them out!

How to Participate

If you want to participate in this project just claim an episode from the story arc episode set below by putting your name next to the episode and list the status as incomplete. When you have finished adding the summary for the episode, change the status to needs checking for completion. Once all the episodes are done, we can move on to the next arc. The goal would be to get one arc done per month. But, of course if it is done sooner then we'll move on to the next arc sooner. Of course, if you are done with your episode and want to do another one (that hasn't been claimed yet) then you can do so. But remember! This is supposed to be fun and not stressful! So if you claim an episode but find that the week has become busy, just unclaim it and don't worry about it.

Also, you do not have to be a committee member to participate. However, please be aware that the committee members will be reading over all summaries, including those by other committee members, for quality assurance purposes. This is all for the sake of making the summaries the best they can be for the benefit of all wiki users.

If you have any questions, you may leave a message in the User Comments section. Or feel free to leave a message on a committee member's talk page.

Article Guidelines

These are the Guidelines to keep in mind when writing summaries and they are also things that might be helpful if you writing an episode summary for the very first time. They are also designed to comply with wiki best practice.

This section is a work in progress. Please feel free to add your own suggestions, tips and tricks.

1. Please keep in mind that this is a wiki and so please do not speculate or write in an opinionated/leading manner when writing the episode summary. Just describe things as they unfold, and when in doubt, go for neutral tone and wording.

2. The episode summary is not supposed to be a substitute for actually watching the episode. As such, there is no need to give minute details of everything that's happening. This includes battles. There is a project that is going to have battle details, so every part of the fight does not need to be stated. Remember, it is a summary only.

3. Links - please consider providing one where you think that the reader of the summary might want more information on either a character or a term.

4. Please do not forget to fill in the other episode details when, before, or after editing the summary, such as the characters in order of appearance list and the powers and techniques list.

5. In the summary we should only include what happened in the episode. Recaps and Previews from the previous episode(s) and for the next episode are not to be added.

6. Always remember to keep the Manual of Style, particularly the In-universe part, in mind while writing the summaries. See the Layout Guide to see how episode pages should be laid out and organized.

Characters in order of appearance

To list characters, use the wikitext #[[Character Name]]

For example...

  1. Ichigo Kurosaki
  2. Orihime Inoue
  3. Yasutora Sado

For the most part, characters that don't have their own articles here won't be listed as a character on this list, with a few exceptions.


  • Onmitsukidō agents (part of the Reversal Counter Force) often deliver messages throughout Seireitei and, as recurring characters, should be counted.
  • Orihime's Shun Shun Rikka (the six fairies that make up her hairpins) should only be counted as characters if they appear and contribute significant dialog. There's no need to list them every time she uses her powers. If they do have dialog, they must be listed individually by name (see link above).
  • Bount Dolls that are summoned will not be listed as characters, they will be listed in the "Powers and Techniques section."
  • Manifested Zanpakutō spirits will be listed as characters. Tōjū that have significant roles, dialog, and can be distinguished will also be listed, however, Tōjū that are indistinguishable or irrelevant will not.
  • Common Hollows will not be listed as characters unless they have names and/or are distinguishable enough to be either be given their own article or a spot on the List of Hollows. Arrancar will always be considered characters.
  • For Reigai, simply follow the example of the existing pages, seen at this link.


Each episode should have a "Fights" section between "Characters in order of appearance" and "Powers and Techniques used."

Fights should be listed chronologically (in the order that they happened or began in that particular episode) and organized using bullets by typing an asterisk ( * ) before the name of the fight. They should be set to default size, not bold or italicized, and should be linked to the appropriate fight page. When a fight concludes, add "(concluded)" to that particular episode to indicate that the fight ends in that episode. If there are no fights in an episode, put "None" in the Fights section.

For example, a proper listing for Episode 39 would look like:

and for Episode 40:

What is a fight and what's not?

  1. A "fight" will be considered to be the time from the initiation to the end of physical combat between at least 2 opponents in present time. They must be considered serious contests. Training sessions, petty brawls, and flashbacks to previous fights will not be listed as fights.
  2. If opponents physically engage in combat during an episode, it should be listed in the section as a fight.

Special circumstances

  1. If opponents physically engage each other (i.e. clash swords) moments before an episode ends, add the appropriate fight to the list. If opponents are talking or moving to engage without making contact and the episode ends just before they clash, do not add it to the fights list.
  2. If a fight (or the conclusion of a fight) carries on to the next episode, list it on the next episode summary as well, and so on until the fight ends.
  3. If a fight concludes but a winner/loser or draw is not clearly established or is uncertain, continue the fight into the next episode summary and add "(concluded)" after the name of the fight.

Powers and Techniques used

To aid you in writing the powers & techniques section, here is an example of what it should look like. If there are no powers or techniques used, just write "None" under the heading. A couple of points that need clarifying:

  • Orihime's Shun Shun Rikka & Sado's arm (& its various forms) are not techniques (rather they are powers), while Santen Kesshun etc. and El Directo are techniques.
  • Bakkōtō and Dolls should be listed in the same style as the Zanpakutō.
  • Things like the Senkaimon would be best not included in this section. Instead the links should be provided in the Synopsis.
  • Hollow powers such as Cero or Garganta should be labeled under "Hollow techniques" because they are available to all Hollows and Arrancar in general, while techniques like Gran Rey Cero and Negación are unique to certain classes of Hollows and Arrancar and should be listed with "Techniques used."
  • The only time Zanjutsu should be mentioned as a technique is if there were no other techniques used in the episode.
  • For techniques etc. that have Spanish or other meanings as well as the Japanese meaning, only list the Kanji and English translation to minimize clutter. Further info on the Spanish etc. can be found by clicking on the link.
  • Since Ichigo's Shikai is permanently released, it should be noted the first time it was released, but there's no need to list it every time he appears with it on his back.
  • The name of Kenpachi's Zanpakutō is unknown and it is permanently released, so it needs no mentioning unless the name is discovered, in which case it also needs only to be mention the first time.
  • List powers like Ganju's, Don Kanonji's, and the three mod-souls (Ririn, Noba, Kurōdo) with "Other powers."

The Powers and Techniques used sections should follow the example in the Show/Hide tags below, like the character pages follow the Layout Guide:

Episodes Being Worked On

High Priority

These two episodes have little to no meaningful summary. A proper summary needs to be added, keeping within the guidelines above - it is just a summary not a word for word account of what happens in the episode.

Fullbring Arc

Getting Overhauled Including Many Images

Getting Updated Including Images

Current/Alternate Arc: Finished Episodes

233Rise of Muramasa
Completed Episodes Archive

Overhauled Episodes Archive

The episodes here have been labeled as finished, but could still have a missing or inaccurate detail and must not be removed until the Projected Finish Date; and even then, only an Administrator or Seated Member is allowed to do this.