Here on the Bleach Wiki there have been times where there has been a situation of what to do in the event of a contradiction between Manga v. Anime. To clear this issue up, this policy page has been created to help in understanding what to do in this situation.

Anime Rules
Manga Supersedes: Manga always trumps Anime (Though only in clearly defining circumstances): Manga is considered Primary Source Material, as it is written and drawn by Bleach series creator Tite Kubo.
Anime Supports: Anime is considered Secondary Source Material, as it is using characters and story material and background based on work down by Tite Kubo with his support. Manga clearly takes precedent on the site, though anime is not to be discarded. In the majority of cases the information presented in the anime version of the series is manga based material thus it is canonical.
Extended Content: In the event of situations in the anime being extended and featuring material that was not in the manga (such as extended fights and storyline used to flesh out the story for tv viewing of manga based material), are allowed inclusions as long as it is stated in references that they are only depicted in the anime.
Filler Arcs: Filler information are not considered canon due to inaccuracies in story timeline as well as characters only used once and rarely mentioned again. Such things are outside of the story established by the manga.
Filler Arc Information: Filler information directly at odds (99% of it) should not be placed at all, while information under question of conflict should be determined if it is to be added by the P&S Committee in conjunction with the Administrators based on what is known from canon. If the filler information conflicts it should not be placed. In the event of undetermined canon material nothing should be listed until the manga can establish a basis for the information overall.

When there are cases that the information presented does not conflict with what is established in the manga, nor relies on story timeline to be accurate in canon material (such as powers and abilities) it can be placed in the articles. (i.e. Yumichika, Yoruichi, Ukitake, Matsumoto, Hitsugaya using Kidō, as there is nothing in canon that says they can't or causes conflict and in fact it more supports the notion that they can given their established abilities or backgrounds).

The obvious opposite to this is Ikkaku or Kenpachi using Kidō when it has been stated in canon that they have no knowledge of it, not that this has ever been shown. But the question of Shunpo ability has been brought up and while there is canon belief that Kenpachi doesn't use it but knows Shunpo it can be supported by his use in some anime episodes.

General Filler Arc Information: Generalized information that is not in conflict is allowed as long as it is stated in references that this information has only been confirmed in the anime. Such information is normally only found in the anime-only arcs.
Manga in the Anime: In the event that Manga-based Characters are involved in an anime only context, which reveals information about them and their backstory. It should be determined by the P&S Committee in conjunction with the Administrators if the information should be added. In the event that the information is in conflict then manga based information does take precedent as usual.


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