Bleach Original Soundtrack 3
Bleach OST 3 Cover
Artist Shirō Sagisu
Released November 5 2008
Type Soundtrack

TV Animation Bleach Original Soundtrack 3 is the third collection of songs from the Bleach anime. It features music used from season 6 onwards, mostly in the Arrancar arcs. Many of the songs are inspired by Spanish genre music, such as Flamenco.

Track List

  1. La distancia para un duelo ( The Distance of a Duel)
  2. Principio de lucha (Start of the Fight)
  3. Nube negra (Black Cloud)
  4. Clavar la espada (Entrench the Sword)
  5. No regresar (No Return)
  6. Fiesta de guerra (Celebration of War)
  7. Batalla, batalla (Battle, battle)
  8. Andar errante (Wandering Floor)
  9. Get Smart!
  10. Escalon (Stairs)
  11. Shady Charade
  12. Quincy's Craft
  13. Dominio del Chad (Dominion of Chad)
  14. KO
  15. Magot's Dance
  16. Orihime's Line
  17. Soundscape to Ardor
  18. Hollowed
  19. Anguish
  20. Princess in Captivity
  21. Cops'n Robbers
  22. Dancin' in the Dunes
  23. Can't Back Down
  24. Scoundrels
  25. Yours Truly
  26. Turkish Delight
  27. Óla! Arrancar Remix!


  • Óla! Arrancar Remix! is peppered throughout with Spanish expletives.