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Bleach GC: Tasogare ni Mamieru Shinigami
Bleach Tasogare Ni Mamieru Shinigami cover.png
Kanji 黄昏にまみえる死神
English Bleach GC: Death Gods Meeting in the Twilight
Developer Polygon Magic
Publisher Sega
Release Japan December 8, 2005
Genre Fighting game
Modes single player, multiplayer
Ratings CERO: All ages
Platforms Nintendo GameCube

Bleach GC Tasogare ni Mamieru Shinigami (BLEACH GC 黄昏にまみえる死神, "Bleach GC: Death Gods Meeting in the Twilight") is the first installment in the Bleach Nintendo Home Consoles series. It is primarily a weapon-based fighting game, with gameplay mechanics reminiscent of 2.5D fighters like Project Justice and Samurai Shodown 64: Warriors Rage, albeit with a simplified control scheme to accommodate the Gamecube's controller. The game's theme song is My ☆ Lover by Younha.


SCENARIO #1. It determines if of me.

  • ACT-1: Dancing with Spears
  • ACT-2: See You Under a Firework
  • ACT-3: CRUSH
  • ACT-4: Heat In Trust
  • ACT-6: The Undead 2 [Rise & Craze]
  • ACT-7: White Tower Rocks
  • ACT-8: Deny The Shadow
  • ACT-10: insanity & Genius
  • ACT-11: practice makes perfect
  • ACT-12: Cat & Hornet
  • ACT-13: Battle On The Guillotine Hill
  • ACT-14: The Burial Chamber

SCENARIO #2. Only...It swears it to my soul.

  • ACT-1: Jokes On U
  • ACT-2: Fight Among
  • ACT-3: Good Fellow
  • ACT-4: Fight To Trance
  • ACT-5: Faith in me
  • ACT-6: From Hell
  • ACT-7: CRUSH
  • ACT-8: Tsuki wo Kame

SCENARIO #3. With the law, the norm, and mercy.

  • ACT-1: Law or faith
  • ACT-2: return of match
  • ACT-3: shield of fellow
  • ACT-4: White Tower Rocks
  • ACT-5: Deny The Shadow
  • ACT-6: play tag!!
  • ACT-7: Break The Law
  • ACT-8: Battle On The Guillotine Hill
  • ACT-9: The Burial Chamber

Playable characters

A list of playable characters is as follows:


  • Senzaikyumae: Senzaikyū-mae (懺罪宮前, "In front of the Senzaikyū")
  • Syokeiyouato: Likely Shokeijō-ato (処刑場後, "Remains of the Execution Site")
  • Soukyokuno Oka: Sōkyoku no Oka (双殛の丘, "Sōkyoku Hill")
  • Sisinrouwatarirouka: Shishinrō Watarirōka (四深牢渡廊下, "Shishinrō Passage")
  • Sanbantaitaisaymae: San-bantai Taisha-mae (三番隊隊舎前, "Outside the 3rd Division Barracks")
  • Senzaikyuhiroba: Senzaikyū Hiroba (懺罪宮広場, "Senzaikyū Plaza")
  • Rukongai: obvious
  • Seireitei - Yanenoue: Seireitei - Yane no Ue (瀞霊廷・屋根の上, "Seireitei: Roof")
  • Seireitei - Mori: Seireitei - Mori (瀞霊廷・森, "Seireitei: Forest")
  • Soukyokuchika - Benkyoubeya: Sōkyoku Chika - Benkyōbeya (双殛地下・勉強部屋, "Training Room - Underneath the Sōkyoku")
  • Seireiteidori: Seireitei-doori (瀞霊廷通, "A Street in Seireitei")
  • Chikasuidou: Chikasuidō (地下水道, "Sewers")


  • Komamura has gray fur in this game, as opposed to orange fur in others.

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