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This article contains information from movie sources that were not written by Tite Kubo and therefore are not considered canon material by the wiki.

Bleach is a live-action film adaptation of the manga/anime series Bleach. The film was released in Japanese theaters on July 20, 2018.[3] The theme song for the film is Mosquito Bite and Milk by the band Alexandros. The film premiered in North America on July 23rd at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal, and was released on Netflix September 14, 2018.[4]



Masaki Kurosaki wipes Ichigo Kurosaki's face.

In the past, as a young Ichigo Kurosaki and his mother Masaki Kurosaki walk along the side of the road in the rain, a passing truck splashes water on Ichigo, who cringes. Asking Ichigo if he is okay, Masaki bends down and pulls out a handkerchief, which she uses to wipe down Ichigo's face before declaring that it is all better as she puts it away.


Ichigo sees a girl standing next to the river.

Masaki tells Ichigo that he should walk on the other side of her, but Ichigo refuses and asserts that he will walk next to the road so he can protect Masaki. Laughing at this, Masaki stands up and calls Ichigo her hero as Ichigo asks her if he can hold her hand, which Masaki says she was hoping he would ask while extending her hand. As he takes his mother's hand, Ichigo thanks her and begins walking over a bridge with her, only to suddenly stop upon seeing a girl standing next to the overflowing river several dozen meters away as he notes that she does not have an umbrella.


A badly wounded Masaki lies on top of Ichigo.

As a confused Masaki looks at the area he is staring at, Ichigo cheerily states that he will give the girl his umbrella and runs off, prompting Masaki to call after him. Ichigo reaches the grassy area of the riverbank as the girl claims to be cold, and while Masaki catches up to Ichigo and continues to call out to him, the girl suddenly turns to look at Ichigo, who blacks out. Soon afterward, a badly wounded Masaki pants heavily as she lies on top of a still-unconscious Ichigo and tries to wake him up before collapsing and losing consciousness as the rain continues to pour.


Ichigo confronts three teenagers over a toppled vase of flowers.

In present-day Karakura Town, three teenagers with skateboards stand before Ichigo. When one of the teenagers aggressively steps up to him, Ichigo headbutts him before sending him flying back and collapsing on the ground with a kick, prompting the two remaining and shocked teenagers to demand to know what his problem is. Setting down his bag, Ichigo turns around and asks the teenagers what happened as they look at a nearby vase of flowers lying on its side and strewn about. Ichigo asks the black-haired teenager what that looks like to him as the teenager silently leans back.


Ichigo clotheslines one of the teenagers while questioning them.

As he continues to not receive an answer, Ichigo grabs the blonde teenager by the ear and angrily demands that he answer the question, leading the teenager to acquiesce in pain and state that the flowers are for a child who was run over nearby. Confirming this, Ichigo throws the teenager into his friend before clotheslining him to the ground. Ichigo walks up to the black-haired teenager, who cowers back in fear, and asks him who knocked over the flowers, prompting the teenager to admit that it was him and his friends who did so on their skateboards as he falls onto his.


The teenagers apologize to an exasperated Ichigo.

As he smiles and confirms this as well, Ichigo kicks the black-haired teenager into some nearby bags of trash before telling all three teenagers that they are going to apologize to the child, who stands behind Ichigo with blood dripping down his face. However, though Ichigo can see spirits, the teenagers cannot, prompting them to express confusion over who they are supposed to be apologizing to. When Ichigo repeats himself, the teenagers get on their hands and knees as they begin apologizing to him, leading an exasperated Ichigo to clarify that they need to apologize to the boy.


Yasutora Sado punches the blonde teenager away.

Turning to repeatedly apologize to the boy they still cannot see, the teenagers get up and run away with their skateboards as Ichigo picks up his bag and walks over to the boy, whom he assures that the teenagers seem to have been scared off for good. The boy thanks Ichigo, who tells him to quit hanging around here and get up to Heaven where he belongs as he fixes up the vase of flowers. Suddenly, the blonde teenager tries to hit Ichigo from behind with his skateboard, only for Yasutora Sado to pick him up by the collar and sending him flying away with a punch.


Isshin Kurosaki puts Ichigo in a headlock.

As he sees Sado, Ichigo grins and remarks that he is a little late, only for Sado to advise him to watch his back as he walks away, which Ichigo thanks him for. That night, as Ichigo walks into the Kurosaki Clinic, he greets Karin Kurosaki and Yuzu Kurosaki, who are sitting at the dinner table as they tell him he is late in unison. Ichigo tries to join them, only for Isshin Kurosaki to put him in a headlock while demanding to know why he is late for dinner again. Startled and confused by this, Ichigo points out that it is only 6 p.m., prompting Isshin to release and headbutt him.


Ichigo and Isshin argue over Ichigo helping lost souls.

When Isshin asserts that they all sit down to eat dinner together like a family and reprimands him for talking back, Ichigo asserts that he would have been home earlier had he not been busy helping a lost soul get to Heaven again, only for Isshin to declare that he does not care because he did not ask Ichigo to do this. As Ichigo reminds him that he cannot help it because he was born with the ability to see spirits, Yuzu asks them to keep it down because she is trying to eat her food while Karin tells her to ignore them. Irritated by all this, Ichigo bids his family goodnight and heads upstairs.


Isshin learns that Ichigo confides in Yuzu, but not him.

Yuzu points out that he did not eat his dinner as a surprised Isshin asks Ichigo where he is going, only to be told that his cooking sucks. As an angered Isshin tells him to go if he really feels this way and calls Ichigo ungrateful, Yuzu explains that Ichigo is stressed out because he has been seeing many spirits lately, prompting Isshin to ask her how she knows this as he sits down with his food. Upon being told that Ichigo tells Yuzu about these things, Isshin notes that he does not confide in him about anything, only for Yuzu to state that she would not either.


Isshin looks to the shrine of Masaki on his wall.

As Yuzu gets up to put her dishes away, a surprised Isshin asks her if she is joking, prompting Karin to accuse her father of having the communication skills of a 14-year-old before asserting that she would not confide anything sensitive to him as she leaves to clean her dishes as well. Disheartened by this, Isshin notes that his children are very disrespectful and looks to the shrine of Masaki on the wall as he asks his wife where he went wrong. Upstairs in his room, Ichigo tosses his bag to the ground and walks over to his mirror as he begins to undress, only to suddenly stop.


Rukia Kuchiki suddenly appears in Ichigo's room.

Turning around, Ichigo is stunned to find Rukia Kuchiki standing in his room. As Rukia notes that something is close and quietly walks over to the window, which she peers out of, Ichigo asks her what she is looking at, prompting a startled Rukia to whirl around to face him. As Rukia notes with astonishment that he can see her, Ichigo pokes fun at her historic attire and says that he does not know what century she died in before telling her to get out of his room. Suddenly, Rukia draws her Zanpakutō and points it at Ichigo's face, greatly shocking him.


The glasses-wearing Plus experiences Konsō.

Rukia steps back, whirls her Zanpakutō around and places it in her hand before thrusting its hilt into the air next to Ichigo, who turns to see it pressed against the forehead of a glasses-wearing Plus with a cord around his neck. When the Plus tearfully begs her to not send him to Hell, Rukia assures him that he is actually going to Soul Society where it is peaceful and safe. As Rukia pulls back and sheathes her Zanpakutō, the confused Plus begins to emit smoke and smiles as he vanishes into a point of blue light that proceeds to vanish while Ichigo watches in stunned silence.


Rukia and Ichigo look at her Denreishinki.

While Ichigo asks her what just happened and what she did to the Plus, Rukia is alerted by her Denreishinki beeping and pulls it out. Looking at the map of the local area it is displaying, Rukia sees a dot approaching her location and wonders if it is Grand Fisher before realizing it is actually Fishbone D. When Rukia walks away while noting that it is close and huge, a confused Ichigo asks her what she is referring to before sullenly noting that she is making herself feel at home here. However, when Ichigo tries to grab her, Rukia, who had been concentrating, pushes him back.


Rukia immobilizes Ichigo with Bakudō #1. Sai.

Extending her hand, Rukia uses Bakudō #1. Sai on Ichigo, who has his hands bound behind his back by blue bands of light. As he falls back on his bed, Ichigo angrily demands that Rukia untie him and calls her a ghost, only for Rukia to reveal that she is actually a Shinigami, to Ichigo's shock. Suddenly, Ichigo and Rukia hear Yuzu cry out for Isshin below, prompting Rukia to realize "it" is here. Ichigo asks her what she is talking about, and when Rukia does not answer, he gets to his feet and yells as he breaks out of his restraints with great effort before running downstairs.


Fishbone D grabs Yuzu after destroying the wall.

As she looks on in shock, Rukia expresses disbelief at a Human being able to break her spell. Downstairs, Ichigo, Karin, and Isshin finds Yuzu in the living room, and when Karin asks her why she shouted, Yuzu turns to face them and explains that she heard a scary voice. While the rest of the family are confused by this, Isshin notes that he does not hear it now. Suddenly, the wall behind them explodes, sending Isshin and Karin crashing to the ground, and a semi-translucent Fishbone D reaches in to grab Yuzu before pulling her out of the house as a stunned Ichigo looks at his wounded father and sister.


Ichigo confronts Fishbone D in the street outside his house.

Wondering what that thing was, Ichigo runs after Fishbone D as Rukia arrives behind him and is shocked to discover that he can also see the Hollow. As he runs outside with a baseball bat in hand, Ichigo is shocked when he sees Fishbone D in full as the latter turns around to face him with Yuzu in hand and comes into view. Ichigo demands that Fishbone D let go of Yuzu and rushes at him, only to swiftly be punched into a nearby garden where he crashes through a wall. While Ichigo struggles to get to his feet, Fishbone D expresses his desire to take Ichigo's soul.


Rukia slashes Fishbone D's arm, freeing Yuzu.

Suddenly, as she tells Ichigo to stay back, Rukia quickly runs up to Fishbone D, jumps into the air, and slashes his arm with her Zanpakutō, causing Fishbone D to reel back in pain and let go of Yuzu as Rukia lands behind him. Seeing this, Ichigo runs below Yuzu and slides on his back to catch her before she hits the ground. While Fishbone D turns around to face them with a glowing cut on his forearm, Rukia notes that Ichigo's Reiatsu must be strong if he can see a Hollow. When Ichigo expresses confusion at this, Rukia explains that Hollows eat souls like Ichigo's and that this is what Fishbone D wants.


Fishbone D extends his neck as his head hurtles toward Ichigo.

Looming over Ichigo, Fishbone D declares that he wants Ichigo's soul before attempting to grab him, leading Ichigo to quickly dodge him and run over to Rukia's side. After placing an unconscious Yuzu behind a nearby car, Ichigo rejoins Rukia and asks her what Fishbone D is. Rukia states that they are called Hollows, but as Ichigo asks her what those are, Fishbone D extends his neck, causing his head to hurtle toward Ichigo. Leaping in front of Ichigo and pushing him back, Rukia is caught in Fishbone D's mouth. Bloodied by this, Rukia admits that she may have stepped in too far.


Fishbone D prepares to fire a Cero at Rukia.

As she pushes back against Fishbone D's clenching jaws, Rukia warns him to keep his hands off of Ichigo and slashes into his mouth, causing Fishbone D to release her and retract his neck as he reels back in pain. Running underneath Fishbone D as he attempts to attack her, Rukia leaps into the air and attempts to stab his head from above, only for Fishbone D to lean back as Rukia flips over him before grabbing her mid-fall with his left hand. Fishbone D holds Rukia up to his face and begins charging a Cero in his mouth, prompting Rukia to blast him with a Kidō spell.


Rukia tells Ichigo that he must become a Shinigami.

As Fishbone D is sent flying back and crashes into a nearby yard, Rukia slams into the windshield of a parked car nearby and falls onto the ground as Ichigo rushes to her side and asks her if she is alright. Revealing that Fishbone D badly hurt her arm, Rukia asserts that their souls are lost if she cannot stop it, leading Ichigo to claim that she might have scared it away. However, Rukia states that there is one thing they can do, and when Ichigo asks her what this is, Rukia reveals that he must become a Shinigami, shocking Ichigo, before explaining that only a Shinigami can destroy a Hollow.


Fishbone D prepares to resume his assault on Ichigo.

Asserting that this is why Ichigo must become one and fight in her stead, Rukia declares that is is their only chance. When Ichigo asks her how he can even do this, Rukia draws his attention to her Zanpakutō and explains that she will plunge it into his chest so she can infuse him with her energy through it before admitting that they will both die if it does not work. As Ichigo notes that he will definitely die, Rukia frantically tells him that this is a chance they will have to take because Fishbone D is coming back and will not be kept from devouring Ichigo's soul as Fishbone D emerges from the yard.


Ichigo and Rukia prepare to initiate the power transfer.

Watching this, Ichigo is alerted to Yuzu when she mumbles that she is scared, and as Rukia tells Ichigo that he has to decide now, Fishbone D roars and begins approaching them, prompting Ichigo to yell and grab the blade of Rukia's Zanpakutō as he tells her to go ahead. Rukia sits up and steadies her aim as Fishbone D begins running toward them before plunging her Zanpakutō into Ichigo's chest as he screams, which causes a bright light to wash over them. As he reaches them, Fishbone D rears back and punches with his left hand, only to suddenly have his entire left arm cut off by Ichigo.


Ichigo splits Fishbone D in half, purifying him.

Now dressed in a Shinigami shihakushō with a massive Zanpakutō of his own, Ichigo lands behind Fishbone D as the latter's severed arm falls to the ground and disintegrates while Rukia, now wearing a completely white shihakushō, watches in shock. As Rukia notes that the size of Ichigo's Zanpakutō must mean his Reiatsu is strong, Ichigo turns to face Fishbone D, who has blue smoke billowing out of his wound, and the two charge toward each other before Ichigo leaps forward and cuts through Fishbone D, who is split vertically in half and is purified in blue light as Ichigo lands behind him.


Ichigo and his family discover their damaged living room.

Watching this, Rukia expresses her amazement and asks Ichigo if he is really just Human, prompting him to confirm that this was the case last time he checked. The next morning, Ichigo wakes up in a cold sweat in his bed and wonders if it was all a dream, which he notes was intense as he sits up. However, upon walking downstairs, Ichigo is shocked to find Karin and Isshin staring at the giant hole Fishbone D left in the wall of the living room, and when he asks if this happened last night, Ichigo is told that a truck hit the house and that the driver must have ran after he lost control.


Ichigo learns that Yuzu does not remember what happened.

When Yuzu appears behind him and wonders what happened, Ichigo kneels in front of her and asks her if she is okay, only for Yuzu to express confusion at what he means. Ichigo realizes that she does not remember, but Yuzu is uncertain of what she is supposed to remember and walks over to Isshin to ask him what happened, leaving Ichigo equally confused. Later, at Karakura High School, Orihime Inoue stares at Ichigo's empty desk, prompting Tatsuki Arisawa to playfully berate her for fantasizing about him. As Orihime claims that she was not, Tatsuki sits next to her.


Orihime Inoue and Tatsuki Arisawa discuss Ichigo.

Admitting that she does not understand what Orihime finds so great about Ichigo, Tatsuki claims that he is moody and strikes her as childish before pointing out how his hair is orange on top of all this, only for Orihime to happily assert that she thinks Ichigo is funny. When Tatsuki questions this, Orihime explains that she thinks it is adorable when Ichigo gets a moody look on his face, which she promptly envisions, leading to her laughing out loud and calling him cute as an exasperated Tatsuki notes that she has lost it. Suddenly, Keigo Asano runs up to them.


Orihime is relieved that Ichigo is alright.

Keigo informs Orihime and Tatsuki that a truck crashed into Ichigo's house, to their shock, and when Orihime asks him if Ichigo is alright, Keigo sits down and melodramatically claims that he was killed instantly, horrifying Orihime. However, Ichigo disputes this, prompting the three to turn around and see him standing behind them as Keigo greets him. While Orihime runs up to him and asks him if he is okay, Ichigo confirms this as Sado, who is sitting behind him, claims that Ichigo cannot be killed. As Ichigo brushes this off, Sado smiles while Orihime sinks to her knees and expresses relief.


Rukia appears in Ichigo's class wearing a school uniform.

While an annoyed Ichigo tells Orihime to not be so dramatic, Keigo asks him how a truck crashed into his house, only for Ichigo to assert that it was actually the hand of a giant creature rather than a truck. Stunned by this claim, Orihime and Tatsuki sit in silence as Keigo asks Ichigo if he is sure that he is alright, and Tatsuki notes that he may want to see a doctor as Ichigo assures them that he is fine. Suddenly, Rukia greets them, and Ichigo is shocked when he turns around to see her standing in his classroom wearing a school uniform as Orihime introduces her as having just joined their class.


Rukia warns Ichigo to not make a scene.

Introducing Ichigo to Rukia, Orihime sees him staring at her in shock and asks him if he knows Rukia, which he denies. Rukia walks over to Ichigo, grabs a textbook from his desk, and drags him over to another desk by the collar while claiming that she is not sure that she has the right one as she flips to a page where she has written a warning for Ichigo to not make a scene, to his further surprise. Shortly afterward, as they stand on the roof of the school, Ichigo asks Rukia why she cannot simply go back, prompting Rukia to assert that returning to Soul Society is not very easy.


Ichigo and Rukia discuss Rukia's lost powers.

When Rukia explains that only a Shinigami can enter Soul Society and that she has lost all her Shinigami powers, Ichigo asks her where they went, prompting her to point at him and detail how he took all her powers even though she only meant to give him half. As Ichigo asks her if this means that he is a Shinigami now, Rukia walks up to him and asserts that his soul has been transformed into a Shinigami's soul before walking in another direction. Ichigo wonders if Rukia no longer being a Shinigami is why people can see her, but she clarifies that spiritual beings are invisible to Humans and she is simply using a Gigai.


Rukia pushes Ichigo's soul out of his body.

Putting on a Gokon Tekkō, Rukia declares that she wants her powers back before rushing forward with her hand outstretched at a shocked Ichigo, who attempts to stop her, and pushing his soul out of his body. As Ichigo falls to the ground in his Shinigami attire, he sees his Human body collapse and asks Rukia if that is him while she pulls his Zanpakutō out of its scabbard. Rukia places the hilt of Ichigo's Zanpakutō in his hand and holds the blade up to her chest while explaining that he will need to stab her in the chest to reverse the transfer of power.


Rukia realizes that Ichigo cannot complete the transfer.

With Ichigo protesting this, Rukia has him place both hands on the hilt before shoving the blade against her chest as Ichigo looks away in horror. However, the blade simply impacts against her with a dull clanging sound, and as Ichigo slowly looks at her, a stunned Rukia realizes that it is not working because Ichigo's energy is too low. As a visibly worried Rukia holds her hand up to her mouth and looks away, Ichigo gets to his feet and asks her what they will do, leading Rukia to decide to have Ichigo act as her Substitute Shinigami for now, to Ichigo's confusion.


Ichigo refuses to help Rukia fulfill her duties.

Rukia explains that there are two types of Souls: Pluses, the normal type of spirit that Ichigo usually sees, and Hollows, spirits who died bearing a grudge that devour other souls. Detailing how one of a Shinigami's duties is sending Pluses to Soul Society in a process called Konsō, which she performed on the glasses-wearing Plus in Ichigo's bedroom last night, Rukia states that their other duty is to find and destroy Hollows, which Ichigo will help her fulfill. However, Ichigo flatly refuses to help Rukia and turns away as she asserts that Hollows will continue to devour Pluses if he does not.


Rukia explains why Ichigo cannot return her powers yet.

Claiming that he does not care, Ichigo informs Rukia that he only took on Fishbone D last night to protect his family and picks up his Zanpakutō as he promises to return her powers right now so she can carry out her duties herself, only for Rukia to warn him that it would not work because his Reiatsu is too low. When an irritated Ichigo points out that she said it was strong last night, Rukia clarifies that it might work but the attempt would likely kill Ichigo in his current condition, as even though his soul is highly pressurized, his power is untrained and his body is not built to withstand such releases of power too many times.


Yuzu asks Ichigo if he knows where her pajamas are.

Ichigo belligerently asks Rukia when he will be strong enough, prompting her to note that slaying Hollows is an excellent way to increase one's power before informing Ichigo that he will need to undergo training in order to tame his Reiatsu. As Rukia asks him to accept his fate, Ichigo swears off fate and begins to leave before turning around to ask Rukia if he can get his clothes back. That night, as Ichigo walks into the Kurosaki Clinic and announces his return, Yuzu comes downstairs and asks him if he knows where her pajamas are, leading Ichigo to ask her why he would know as he walks upstairs.


Ichigo finds Rukia resting inside his closet.

Entering his room, Ichigo turns on the light and opens the door to his closet, where he is shocked to find Rukia lying on a makeshift bed in pajamas. As Rukia indignantly asks him why he is barging into her room like this, a dumbfounded Ichigo asks her what she is doing in here wearing Yuzu's pajamas, only for Rukia to point out that she has no home or clothes of her own before reminding Ichigo that he needs her help to become a Shinigami. When Ichigo states that he will happily pass this up, Rukia asserts that he cannot run away from it and needs to accept it.


Isshin suspects Ichigo of hiding a girl in his room.

Suddenly, Isshin barges into Ichigo's room and demands to know if he has someone in here, prompting Ichigo to slam the closet door shut and nervously stand in front of it. When Ichigo claims that nothing is going on here, Isshin chops him in the chest, knocking the wind out of Ichigo, and opens the closet door while asking who is in there, only to find it seemingly empty aside from a pillow, which confuses him. Sheepishly closing the door, Isshin warns Ichigo to not try sneaking any girls into his room and leaves as Ichigo brushes him off and asks Rukia if she is still there while addressing her as Shinigami.


Ichigo is woken up by his blanket being ripped off.

As Ichigo pulls the closet door open again, Rukia reminds him that her name is Rukia Kuchiki while Ichigo states that they are done here and asks her if she can leave him alone now. Asserting that there is nothing Ichigo can do about their fates being joined and that he should just accept it, Rukia tells him to not get any funny ideas just because they are cohabiting before slamming the door shut as a confused Ichigo protests her terminology before giving up. The next morning, the blanket is ripped off a sleeping Ichigo, causing him to curl up while cursing his father before seeing that it was actually Rukia's doing.


Ichigo is hit in the face by one of Rukia's baseballs.

Throwing Ichigo's clothes at him, Rukia tells him to come with her, to his confusion. Shortly afterward, underneath a bridge, Rukia aims a pitching machine at Ichigo, who narrowly dodges two high-velocity baseballs while holding a bat before demanding to know what Rukia is doing. As she pelts Ichigo with dozens of baseballs while he protests, Rukia declares that this is basic Shinigami training, only for Ichigo to assert that this is not training before being hit in the face by the final baseball. Angered by this, Ichigo throws down the bat and storms off with his bag as Rukia tells him they are not done yet.


Keigo teases Ichigo about his relationship with Rukia.

Later, at Karakura High School, as Ichigo walks into his classroom, Keigo comes up and excitedly inquires if he and Rukia are dating, which Ichigo flatly denies. While Keigo sits down with Ichigo and teasingly asserts that he does not waste any time, Tatsuki sees Orihime looking dejected and reprimands Keigo for not realizing that Ichigo is just showing Rukia around. This prompts Keigo to lewdly ask Ichigo what he is showing her, only to be silenced when Rukia appears and coldly states that she and Ichigo are nothing more than classmates before cheerily asking Ichigo if she can talk to him.


Rukia punches Ichigo hard in the stomach.

Ichigo dismissively tells Rukia that she cannot, only for her to hoist him up by the collar and swiftly punch him in the stomach, causing Ichigo to double over in pain. As Rukia drags Ichigo away under the pretense that he has a stomachache and needs to see the nurse, a stunned Keigo notes that she slugged him, prompting Uryū Ishida to look up from his desk. Back under the bridge, Rukia continues to pelt Ichigo with baseballs, and eventually he manages to deflect two of them with the bat, to Rukia's surprise. Rukia fires two more baseballs at Ichigo, who quickly dodges them before running up to her.


Rukia effortlessly outmaneuvers Ichigo in their sword fight.

When Ichigo asserts that he has better things to do than this and declares that this is enough, Rukia knocks him to the ground with a wooden sword that she tosses next to him. As Rukia pulls up her own wooden sword, an irritated Ichigo gets to his feet with the sword she gave him in hand and agrees to keep training before rushing at her. Ichigo flails wildly at Rukia, who swiftly dodges each of his slashes and moves behind him as she strikes his arms, legs, and head in rapid succession. Clutching his head, Ichigo swings at Rukia again, only to be struck several more times from behind.


Rukia pins Ichigo to the ground with her sword.

As he curses at Rukia, Ichigo resumes his assault. Some time later, a visibly exhausted Ichigo continues to fight against Rukia under a tree near the river, where Rukia continues to outclass him. After taking a few seconds to catch his breath, Ichigo resumes clashing with Rukia and manages to match or evade her strikes until Rukia outmaneuvers him and holds her sword to his neck. Noting that Rukia does not have a lot of friends, Ichigo tauntingly states that he can see why, prompting Rukia to flip him onto his back with a strike to the legs before pinning him down with her sword.


Ichigo and Rukia's training is interrupted by Orihime.

When Rukia asserts that a Shinigami cannot be friends with a Human, Ichigo claims that he was only kidding before throwing Rukia off of him and holding her down as she places her sword back at his throat. Rukia declares that she does not need friends because she lives by the Shinigami code, confusing Ichigo, before they are interrupted by the arrival of Orihime, who asks Ichigo what is going on. Getting to his feet alongside Rukia, Ichigo bashfully claims that it is nothing as Orihime greets Rukia, who returns the greeting in an overly formal manner.


Ichigo and Rukia discuss her formal manner of speaking.

Ichigo quietly asks Rukia why she is speaking like this, and when Rukia reveals that she got it from his book, an incredulous Ichigo realizes that she has been reading his manga as Rukia claims that it is how modern people speak, which prompts Ichigo to clarify that they do not do so in this century. As she watches this, Orihime apologizes for interrupting and walks away while Ichigo notes that this was awkward because Orihime is definitely going to believe they are a couple. When Rukia tries to resume their training, Ichigo states that this is enough for one day.


Rukia enters and looks around the Urahara Shop.

Though Rukia asserts that a Shinigami in training must obey their superior's orders, Ichigo declares that she is not his superior and picks up his uniform as Rukia insists that he must help her get back to Soul Society. Claiming that Rukia will do fine in the Human World and can give fencing or kendō lessons, Ichigo bids her farewell and walks away as Rukia moodily crosses her arms and sighs. Some time later, Rukia walks up to the Urahara Shop and enters it. As Rukia looks around, Kisuke Urahara asks her how her Gigai is working out while pulling something out of a drawer.


Rukia replaces the battery in her Denreishinki.

When Urahara states that she fits right in as a high school girl, Rukia tells him to not be ridiculous and notes that she does not really have a choice in the matter. Walking down to the center floor, Urahara holds up a box and informs Rukia that it is a battery she needs for her Denreishinki. After setting the box down on the table and opening it, Rukia removes the battery from her Denreishinki and slots in the new one before pressing her hand to the top of the Denreishinki, which begins to glow purple in response as Urahara asks Rukia what her plan is.


Byakuya Kuchiki orders Renji Abarai to bring Rukia in.

As he reminds Rukia that she defied the Shinigami code by giving her powers to a Human, Urahara bluntly states that they will have her executed for this if they find out and notes that they should hope they do not. Meanwhile, in a darkened room in the Seireitei, Renji Abarai informs Byakuya Kuchiki that he is unable to locate Rukia's Reiatsu and asserts that she would never have been defeated by a lowly Hollow like Fishbone D before asking Byakuya if she could have really given her powers to a Human. Byakuya orders Renji to find Rukia and bring her in if she did transfer her powers, prompting Renji to bow his head.


Renji confronts Ichigo on the street in the Human World.

That night in the Human World, Ichigo walks down a quiet street before coming to a stop upon being confronted by Renji, whom he asks who he is, prompting Renji to note that Ichigo can see him. When Ichigo demands to know what he wants, Renji explains that he sensed a high Reiatsu here that turned out to be Ichigo and asks him if he knows a young female Shinigami named Rukia who visited him. Ichigo claims to not know her, but Renji immediately sees through this and tells Ichigo to not play dumb with him before revealing that Rukia was hunting a Hollow known as Grand Fisher.


Renji pulls out his Zanpakutō against Ichigo.

As Renji asserts that Rukia must have been drawn to Ichigo's unusual power, Ichigo brings up his mention of Grand Fisher, but Renji dismisses this and asks him where Rukia is. When Ichigo coldly states that he does not know, Renji advises him to stop lying and grips the scabbard of his Zanpakutō before drawing and swinging his sword at Ichigo, who barely evades it by leaning back. Pointing his Zanpakutō at Ichigo, who stares at it in shock, a grinning Renji begins advancing on him, prompting Ichigo to move backward in sync with him before falling back and run around the corner.


Renji narrowly dodges a Heilig Pfeil fired from behind him.

However, as Renji begins to pursue Ichigo, he hears a whistling sound and looks behind him before narrowly avoiding a Heilig Pfeil that hurtles past him and embeds itself in a stone pillar nearby. Watching the Heilig Pfeil as it dissipates from behind another pillar, Renji recognizes it as Ichigo realizes he is no longer being pursued and looks back to see what is happening. When Renji attempts to move out from behind the pillar, he is forced to dodge another Heilig Pfeil and expresses amusement at a Quincy being present before leaping away.


Rukia is shocked to learn of Ichigo's encounter with Renji.

Ichigo walks back to the scene of the confrontation, but does not see anyone nearby. Later that night, as he lies in bed, Ichigo asks Rukia why she is really here, and when Rukia asks him what he means while lying in his closet, Ichigo states that he hates being the last person to know what is really going on. When Ichigo asserts that he knows she is lying and tells her to stop hiding things from him, Rukia claims that she is not hiding anything, only to be visibly shocked into silence when Ichigo mentions that a red-haired Shinigami tried to kill him, which leads Ichigo to note that he was right.


Ichigo berates Rukia for dragging him into this mess.

As Rukia remains silent despite Ichigo's insistence that she talk, Ichigo opens the closet door and declares that he will do so instead as he details how Rukia was looking for this Grand Fisher and now has Renji looking for her before pointing out how he was almost killed for letting Rukia hide here. Rukia closes the door while telling Ichigo that they resume training in the morning, but Ichigo opens it again and asks if this is a joke as he reminds Rukia that she has dragged him into a mess that he does not want to be in, only for Rukia to close the door again as she asserts that he needs more training.


Byakuya meets with Renji in his captain's quarters.

Opening the door once more, Ichigo asks Rukia why he should keep training because it is not his fault that Rukia is stuck here and has to hide out in a closet before asking her who granted permission for her to use his closet anyway, but a frustrated Rukia closes the door one last time and mentally states that Ichigo will die if he does not train. Meanwhile, in his captain's quarters in the Seireitei, Byakuya asks Renji if he is certain of this, prompting Renji to assert that Rukia would come out to protect Ichigo if a Hollow threatened him as Byakuya picks up his Zanpakutō and departs with him.


Uryū states that Ichigo is a Shinigami.

The following day, at Karakura High School, Rukia leans on a railing alone during lunchtime as Orihime wonders where she lives. When Tatsuki wryly comments that she has heard Rukia lives with Ichigo, a shocked Orihime asks her how she knows this, prompting Tatsuki to assure her that it is only a rumor. In his classroom, Ichigo sits down with his lunch, which he sees has the words "Fight Yourself!!" written on the rice in seaweed, and immediately realizes this is Isshin's doing as he begins to eat, only for Uryū to walk up to him and state that Ichigo is a Shinigami.


Ichigo stops Uryū from talking about Rukia's true nature.

As a shocked Ichigo spits out the food in his mouth, Uryū comments that this confirms his suspicions, prompting Ichigo to try and play it off by telling him to not be an idiot. Pointing out how Ichigo has a very strong Reiatsu that has only grown stronger over the past several days ever since Rukia arrived, Uryū notes that she may look just like a Human but is actually using a Gigai, only for Ichigo to cut him off by clasping a hand over his mouth, which draws the attention of their classmates. When Ichigo asks him who he is, Uryū pulls his hand off his mouth and says that Ichigo has probably never noticed him.


Uryū reveals the Reishi string in his Quincy Cross.

However, Ichigo recalls that Uryū transferred to their school about a year ago before realizing that he does not know where Uryū transferred from as a smiling Uryū introduces himself. Shortly afterward, Ichigo and Uryū stand on the roof of the school as Ichigo asks Uryū how he knows about his Reiatsu. Uryū reveals that he is from the Quincy tribe and that the Shinigami killed his people, and when a disbelieving Ichigo calls him crazy, Uryū removes the Quincy Cross attached to his wrist and pulls the two segments apart, revealing a string of Reishi between the two segments that surprises Ichigo.


Uryū forms a large Heilig Bogen notched with a Heilig Pfeil.

Pulling the segments further apart, which causes two more strings of Reishi to form at an angle to the main string that are attached to the expanding handle segment, Uryū forms a large Heilig Bogen with a Heilig Pfeil notched in the string that he proceeds to fire into the sky. As he watches the Heilig Pfeil blow apart a cloud high above them, Ichigo realizes that the arrows Renji was dodging last night came from Uryū, who notes that Ichigo understands now and explains that he can also destroy Hollows even though he is a Human, which he considers his sole purpose in life alongside avenging his tribe.


Uryū points his Heilig Bogen at Ichigo and challenges him.

Uryū reveals that he came here a year ago when he first sensed Ichigo's powers before forming another Heilig Pfeil and aiming it at a shocked Ichigo, who puts his hands up while frantically asking Uryū what he is doing. Proclaiming that he is challenging Ichigo, Uryū begins to circle him while detailing how they share their world with Humans, Pluses, Hollows, Shinigami, and those who hate Shinigami, and states that there is a turbulent otherworld which people cannot see before asserting that it is his duty and fate to destroy Ichigo if he is a Shinigami.


Uryū crushes a piece of Hollow bait in his fingers.

As Ichigo states that this is way too complicated, Uryū declares that this is where he proved once and for all that Quincy are superior to Shinigami and orders Ichigo to defend himself before firing the Heilig Pfeil, which Ichigo barely dodges as it hurtles past his head. Seeing this, a disappointed Uryū notes that he will just have to force Ichigo to be a Shinigami and takes out a piece of Hollow bait, which he crushes between his fingers and throws over the edge of the roof. Elsewhere in the school, Rukia hears her Denreishinki beeping and frantically runs off in search of Ichigo.


Rukia arrives to get Ichigo so he can deal with the Hollows.

Back on the roof, Ichigo gets to his feet and asks Uryū what that was, only for Uryū to simply smile and adjust his glasses in response before hiding behind the wall nearby as Rukia arrives and informs Ichigo that they are here. Declaring that it is time to get to work, Rukia puts on her Gokon Tekkō and pushes Ichigo's soul out of his body despite his protests, to Uryū's surprise. As his body collapses, an annoyed Ichigo asks Rukia what the problem is now as she reveals the Hollows are here and tries to drag him off, only for Ichigo to resist her and ask her what he is supposed to do.


Ichigo recognizes a voice crying out for help.

Rukia asserts that Ichigo has to destroy Hollows because it is the only way he can increase his powers and return her to Soul Society, but Ichigo claims that she has him confused with someone who actually cares, only to suddenly stop in shock and run off upon hearing a voice crying for help that he recognizes. As an annoyed and confused Rukia follows him, Uryū departs. Looking at her Denreishinki, which is filled with Hollow markers, Rukia comments on how many Hollows are appearing and wonders what is drawing them before noting that they may attack innocent beings at any moment.


Hexapodus begins pursuing the young Plus.

Shortly afterward, as the young Plus from before runs down the street, Ichigo descends a set of stairs nearby and recognizes the Plus, whom he notes did not get to Heaven after all. The Plus stops and turns around as Hexapodus pulls himself on top of a nearby roof, prompting Ichigo to begin running toward him. However, Rukia tells Ichigo to come back and asserts that he needs to protect all spirits and people instead of just this one Plus. As Hexapodus begins to chase down the Plus, Rukia details that Shinigami treat everyone equally and tells Ichigo that he must first take the Shinigami's oath.


Ichigo begins clashing with Hexapodus.

Seeing the Plus trip and fall to the ground as Hexapodus catches up to him, Ichigo declares that Rukia can take her Shinigami's oath and shove it as he tosses his scabbard at her and runs forward. As Hexapodus rears back to strike the Plus with one of his legs, Ichigo runs up and repels his leg with a slash of his Zanpakutō before dodging a subsequent strike from another leg. With Rukia pulling the Plus out of harm's way, Ichigo slashes at Hexapodus once more and deflects two more of his strikes while telling Rukia that he is not so noble that he would risk his life for a stranger.


Ichigo is sent flying by one of Hexapodus's strikes.

Despite this, Ichigo also asserts that he is not so low as to not come to the aid of someone in danger as he slides underneath Hexapodus, where he dodges several stabbing strikes from the Hollow's legs while counterattacking where he can. When Hexapodus backs up, a grinning Ichigo asks him if this is all he has got before the two rush at each other. Hexapodus begins stabbing at Ichigo with multiple legs in rapid succession, forcing him to sidestep them and block strikes where he can, before sending Ichigo flying back with a powerful strike from his right foreleg.


Renji saves Ichigo from Hexapodus.

As Ichigo crashes to the ground and looks up in shock, Hexapodus arches over him and prepares to strike as Rukia tells Ichigo to watch out, only for Renji to suddenly appear and slash down through Hexapodus's body, purifying him. Flicking the blood off his sword, Renji turns to glare at Ichigo while taunting him with his tongue, and Rukia recognizes him. Renji casually saunters toward Ichigo with his Zanpakutō over his shoulder before suddenly leaping to him with Shunpo and thrusting his blade toward Ichigo, who is left staring at it inches from his face as he tries to grip his own Zanpakutō.


Ichigo is swiftly and brutally defeated by Renji.

While Renji mocks him as slow and lowers his Zanpakutō, Ichigo angrily grips and swings his Zanpakutō at him, only for Renji to move behind him and swiftly overpower him in three strikes, sending Ichigo crashing into a tree. After falling to the ground, a coughing Ichigo reaches for his Zanpakutō, but Renji steps on his hand, causing Ichigo to scream in pain, and advises him to not mess with Shinigami before kicking him away with his other foot. As Ichigo lies wheezing on the ground, Renji notes that this was easy and approaches him while spinning his Zanpakutō around to hold it in a reverse grip.


Rukia prevents Renji from finishing off Ichigo.

However, as Renji prepares to stab Ichigo, Rukia moves between them and warns Renji to stop, prompting an annoyed Renji to lower his sword before slashing at Rukia, who spins around and crouches by Ichigo's side unharmed. Renji informs Rukia that she did not dodge his strike and that he was going easy on her, and Rukia asks him why he is here, Renji states that she should know before detailing that he is here to take her back and kill the Human she gave her powers to. Seeing the expression on Rukia's face, Renji mockingly asks her if this is a Human look.


Byakuya appears before Rukia and Renji.

As he declares that Rukia's humanity is disgusting to look at, Renji reminds Rukia that they were both born in the Rukongai and adopted by the Kuchiki Clan and states that she was trained to become an elite Shinigami before asserting that she should not be looking like a Human. When Renji asks Byakuya if he agrees, a shocked Rukia gets to her feet and turns around to see Byakuya standing nearby, which prompts her to kneel as Renji moves away. Slowly walking toward Rukia, Byakuya stops a few feet away and reprimands Rukia for defying their code.


Byakuya instructs Rukia to take back her power.

Rukia details how she was going to be devoured by Fishbone D if she did not give Ichigo her power and that she only meant to transfer some of it, but Byakuya dismisses this as an unworthy excuse and reminds Rukia that she should know Soul Society will demand her execution because she has committed a felony. When Byakuya asserts that she needs to take her power back from Ichigo so she can be pardoned for her crime, Rukia explains that Ichigo may die if she attempts to initiate the transfer in his current state, but Byakuya dismissively tells her to let him die.


Byakuya and Renji leave after giving Rukia an ultimatum.

Looking at Ichigo, Rukia states that it was not Ichigo's fault that she gave him her powers and asks if a Shinigami's job is to let innocent men die, only for Byakuya to condescendingly note that she feels compassion for a Human. As Rukia tries to deny this, Byakuya orders her once more to regain her powers and let Ichigo die before stating that she will be the one to die otherwise. Byakuya tells Rukia that she has until the full moon to do so and walks away with Renji as Rukia protests. After telling Renji to take the Hollow to the west, Byakuya disappears along with his lieutenant.


Ichigo grimaces as Rukia prepares to heal him.

As he watches this from the street nearby, Uryū turns around and departs. Later that day, Rukia carries a badly wounded Ichigo back to his unconscious body on the roof of Karakura High School, where he collapses. Pulling out a canister of liquid, which she begins rubbing on Ichigo's wounds as he grimaces in pain, Rukia asserts that Ichigo will surely die in both body and soul if they do not heal his wounds before they return him to his body. However, while Rukia keeps rubbing the liquid into his wounds, a visibly scared Ichigo asks her what they will do, which Rukia has no answer for.


Masaki lies dead on top of Ichigo with grievous injuries.

In the past, Ichigo wakes up after trying to help the girl by the riverbank and finds his mother lying on top of him. As Ichigo tries to wake her up, he sees two massive slashes on her back and realizes that she is dead. In the present, having been dreaming about this event, Ichigo wakes up in his bed to find himself wrapped in bandages with Isshin sleeping in a chair next to him. When Ichigo gets his attention, Isshin opens his eyes and expresses relief that Ichigo is awake as he notes that he was in quite an accident before revealing that one of his classmates dragged him home.


Ichigo agonizes over his role in Masaki's death.

While Isshin teasingly tells him to invite her over sometime, Ichigo states that he dreamed about Masaki last night, prompting Isshin to note that it is almost the anniversary of her death as Ichigo elaborates that he dreams about her often. Grabbing a cloth, Isshin wipes Ichigo's face while admitting that he dreams about Masaki every night. As Isshin finishes, Ichigo asserts that he failed to protect Masaki and that she died because of him, leading Isshin to silently dampen the cloth in a bowl of water while Ichigo holds his arm over his eyes and tearfully claims that he cannot protect anyone.


Ichigo appears to disprove Keigo's claim.

However, Isshin tells Ichigo that he has got it wrong and states that the love of his life died protecting Ichigo, which he will always be proud of her for. Later, at Karakura High School, Keigo rushes into his classroom and informs Orihime and Tatsuki that Ichigo was in some kind of accident. When a shocked Orihime asks him if Ichigo is alright, Keigo melodramatically claims that Ichigo was killed instantly, only for Ichigo to immediately correct him as he stands nearby. While Keigo cheerfully notes that Ichigo cannot be killed anyway, Sado stands up and asks Ichigo what happened to his neck.


Orihime and Tatsuki talk about Ichigo's recent behavior.

As Uryū looks over from his desk, Ichigo adjusts the bandages around his neck and claims it is nothing before sitting down at his desk, where he looks at a visibly concerned Rukia while she looks out the window, to Orihime's confusion. Later that day, at Rob's Burger, Uryū sits in a booth by himself as Sado walks by with a drink and briefly stares at him before moving on. Nearby, as she and Tatsuki eat their food, Orihime notes that Ichigo has not seemed like himself lately, prompting Tatsuki to wryly speculate that Rukia dumped him, to Orihime's shock.


Rukia ponders her situation and Ichigo's readiness.

When Orihime asks her if she means Ichigo and Rukia were dating, Tatsuki says that Orihime should have realized this already before asserting that this is her chance. Elsewhere, as she sits under a bridge with her Denreishinki in hand, Rukia looks at Ichigo's name displayed on her device and notes that he is not ready as she recalls Byakuya's ultimatum that she get her powers back at the cost of Ichigo's life by the full moon or else she will be killed. That night, as Ichigo lies in his bed, he remembers Rukia protecting him from Fishbone D the first night they met.


Ichigo finds Rukia missing from his closet.

Asking Rukia why she saved him that night, Ichigo notes that she gave him her Shinigami powers knowing how much trouble it would get her into even though he was just an ordinary Human. As he points out that they both could have easily wound up dead, Ichigo states that Rukia still risked her own life to save his. However, as Ichigo sits up, he takes note of the continued silence and opens the closet door to find Rukia missing from her makeshift bed. Ichigo proceeds to search for Rukia in the street outside his house and under the bridge, but does not find her.


Ichigo asks Uryū where Soul Society is located.

Suddenly, Ichigo realizes who would know and runs off, arriving at Rob's Burger shortly afterward. After quickly walking upstairs, Ichigo makes his way around the room in search of someone before spotting Uryū, whom he rushes over to and asks for the location of Soul Society. As Uryū comments on Ichigo's abruptness, Ichigo sits down in front of him and reveals that he cannot find Rukia before asking Uryū if he thinks that she could have returned to Soul Society. When Uryū asks him how he should know where Rukia has gone, Ichigo insists that he tell him where Soul Society is and how to get there.


Uryū reveals that he knows an exiled Shinigami.

Uryū sarcastically asks Ichigo if he is going to rescue Rukia, and when Ichigo confidently states that he could, an impressed Uryū states this is intriguing before reminding Ichigo that he would have to take on Renji, an elite swordsman. When an annoyed Ichigo wonders if Uryū is going to tell him or not, Uryū admits that he has no idea how to find Soul Society, but as Ichigo begins to storm off, Uryū reveals that he knows someone who does and details how they are a Shinigami who was exiled from Soul Society and now lives here. Shortly afterward, Ichigo arrives at the Urahara Shop.


Kisuke Urahara tells Ichigo what Rukia is planning to do.

Inside, Ichigo declares that there must be a way to get to Soul Society, only for Urahara to state that he does not think Rukia returned there because she would have been executed if she did so and is not the type of person to throw her life away like that. As he places a small figurine on a shelf, Urahara informs Ichigo that he is the one Rukia is protecting, to his surprise, and details how she will be trying to convince her brother to spare Ichigo's life even though she will be risking her own in the process, prompting Ichigo to realize that she is going to protect him again.


Rukia explains her plan to Byakuya and Renji.

Elsewhere, at a torii, Rukia kneels before Byakuya and Renji as she explains that Ichigo's Reiatsu will attract Grand Fisher before promising to purify it and redeem herself when it appears. As Rukia pleads that he let Ichigo live in return, Byakuya asks her if she has a plan. Back at the Urahara Shop, Urahara sits down and opens a fan as he notes that Rukia has a good chance of being killed on the spot if she is really doing this because her brother Byakuya is ruthless before revealing that the favored portal of the Shinigami to Soul Society is nearby. Shortly afterward, Ichigo runs down the street.


Renji angrily declares that Ichigo is only useful as bait.

At the torii, Byakuya asks Rukia if she would hazard her life for the sake of a Human, which she denies, and if she would disobey her older brother's command before demanding to know if Rukia distrusts him. Inquiring if Rukia would defy him to protect Ichigo, Byakuya insists that she answer him, but Rukia remains silent. As he listens to this, Renji encourages Rukia to simply kill Ichigo and come back to Soul Society so she can be pardoned, and when Rukia continues to remain silent, he angrily reminds her that Grand Fisher will devour him anyway and asserts that Ichigo is only good for use as bait.


Ichigo interrupts the bargaining process.

Suddenly, Ichigo declares that this is enough, prompting Rukia and Renji to look at him in surprise as he stands beneath the nearby gate. Telling Renji to watch and learn, Ichigo asserts that he will destroy Grand Fisher as Renji notes that he can now kill Ichigo on Rukia's behalf. However, as Renji draws his Zanpakutō and prepares to strike despite Rukia's protest, Byakuya tells him to stop and smiles as he decides to let Ichigo try. With Renji protesting this, Byakuya tells Ichigo to destroy Grand Fisher, which Ichigo agrees to do on the condition that they pardon Rukia if he succeeds.


Ichigo resumes his Shinigami training with Rukia.

As Rukia looks on in astonishment, Ichigo tells her that they should finish his Shinigami training so he can defeat Grand Fisher and return her powers greater than they were before. The next day, Ichigo and Rukia stand in a park with wooden swords, where they nod to each other before beginning to spar. While Ichigo trains with rubber cords restraining him to a tree and pulls Rukia behind him on a tire attached to a rope, Rukia explains that Grand Fisher is a Hollow that the Shinigami have been pursuing for 54 years because it is far more powerful, agile, and deadly than any Hollow they have ever encountered.


Ichigo easily deflects every baseball Rukia pitches at him.

While detailing how Grand Fisher uses lures to attract targets with high Reiatsu and devour their souls, which means it will be drawn to Ichigo as his powers increase, Rukia places several glass bottles on sticks and arranges them around Ichigo, who assumes a battle stance in his Shinigami form before slashing the air in front of him, only to be confused when nothing happens, to Rukia's disappointment. Rukia resumes firing baseballs out of the pitching machine at Ichigo, who easily blocks and deflects every single one, and the two continue to spar with wooden swords in the park.


Ichigo pulls Rukia along the ground on a tire.

After Ichigo pulls Rukia along the ground on a tire, Orihime and Tatsuki pass by the park, only to stop in surprise upon seeing Ichigo earnestly fighting Rukia with a wooden sword before being knocked down. Later, at Rob's Burger, Tatsuki tells Keigo that they saw Ichigo doing kendō with Rukia down by the river, to Keigo's confusion. When Tatsuki mentions that it looks like he was training and wonders if he is starring in a play, Keigo excitedly speculates that Ichigo is going to be an action TV star, which Tatsuki notes is possible because he has the body for it as Orihime quietly looks away.


Rukia illustrates how Ichigo should purify Grand Fisher.

As Ichigo and Rukia continue to spar into the night, Rukia explains that purifying a Hollow means redeeming it from its sins rather than killing it. Later, in Ichigo's bedroom, Rukia sits down with him and illustrates how he should attack Grand Fisher's forehead, as it cannot withstand a blow there. Looking at Rukia's rabbit-like drawing, a confused Ichigo asks her if this is Grand Fisher, leading an embarrassed Rukia to admit that it is not an exact recreation. While Ichigo notes that this does not help very much, Rukia asserts that the one thing she is certain about is Grand Fisher's enormous size.


Ichigo realizes that he saw Grand Fisher as a child.

Ichigo mulls over how he is the one Grand Fisher has been searching for and asks Rukia how long it has been doing so. When Rukia theorizes that it has been pursuing Ichigo since he was a child, a disquieted Ichigo wonders if it is possible for him to have seen it at that age. Stating that no one could know this but Ichigo, Rukia explains that Grand Fisher sightings are rare and no one can agree on what it looks like. However, when Ichigo asks her what Grand Fisher was before becoming a Hollow, Rukia reveals that it was the spirit of a little girl, leading Ichigo to recall the girl he saw the day his mother died.


Sado informs Orihime of Ichigo having beaten up some thugs.

As Ichigo stands up and mutters under his breath about it being the spirit of a girl, a concerned Rukia asks him if he is remembering something, which he confirms before asserting that this just got personal as he looks at a picture of his mother. The next day, as Ichigo and Rukia continue to spar with wooden swords in the park, Sado and Orihime watch from the path nearby as Sado informs Orihime that Ichigo beat up some thugs several days ago and they vowed revenge, leading her to believe that Ichigo has been training with Rukia in order to get ready for them in case they show up again.


Urahara clarifies the situation for Sado and Orihime.

However, Urahara reveals that Ichigo is facing a much bigger fight, prompting a surprised Sado and Orihime to turn around and see him standing next to them as he notes with admiration that Ichigo is still taking up the challenge even though he knows the risk of this being his last fight. As Urahara turns and walks away, Sado and Orihime turn their attention back to Ichigo, who continues to spar with Rukia on even footing. The training continues into the evening, with Ichigo hoisting Rukia up on a tire swing attached to his sword and managing to spar with her even when tied to the tree with rubber restraints.


Ichigo shatters all the bottles with a spinning slash.

Later, as Ichigo yells while running under the bridge with a rope tied around his waist pulling Rukia behind him on a tire, she drops her book due to the sheer speed he is pulling her at. Finally, while Rukia watches anxiously, Ichigo stands in the center of the ring of bottles and concentrates before performing a spinning horizontal slash that shatters all the bottles at once, which causes a surprised Rukia to grin. Expressing joy at having accomplished this, Ichigo runs over to Rukia with his hand held up and has her hold up her hand as well before giving her a high-five.


Byakuya and Renji discuss their plan for Ichigo and Rukia.

Rukia congratulates Ichigo for pulling it off before asking him what he just did, prompting Ichigo to explain that it is a high-five as he gives her another one. While Ichigo and Rukia laugh over this, with Ichigo inviting Rukia to try one of her own and praising the subsequent attempt, Uryū watches from the path above before walking away. Meanwhile, as they walk through a graveyard, Renji asks Byakuya if he is sure about this, leading Byakuya to claim that Ichigo will not survive regardless and is merely the bait to lure Grand Fisher, which he orders Renji to destroy instead.


Byakuya explains why Rukia's attachment makes her weak.

Telling Renji he will kill Rukia afterwards, which causes Renji to look at him in surprise, Byakuya notes that Rukia could never kill Ichigo herself because she has grown too attached and asserts that this can become a dangerous affliction for Shinigami by weakening or even killing them. That night, at the Kurosaki Clinic, Ichigo, Karin, and Yuzu sit at the dinner table as Isshin declares the beginning of the planning for Masaki's annual memorial ceremony before clapping repeatedly. When Isshin tells his children to raise their hands if they have a suggestion, Karin and Yuzu do so immediately.


Isshin plans Masaki's memorial service with his children.

However, as Karin and Yuzu try to suggest ideas, Isshin assigns Yuzu to lunch duty and Karin to helping with the flowers, incense, and offerings as he sits down, prompting Karin to complain that he is ignoring them while Yuzu wonders why she raised her hand. Isshin asserts that he will be on beer duty, and as Karin points out that he does not get to drink beer and Yuzu calls him selfish, Isshin clarifies that the beer is for both himself and Masaki, causing Yuzu to gasp in understanding and Karin to proclaim that they should bring other things too as Ichigo watches with a smile.


Ichigo looks at a framed picture of his mother.

Later, as Ichigo walks into his bedroom, Rukia, who had been looking at her Denreishinki in his closet, asks him if he and his family are going on a picnic, prompting Ichigo to chuckle and note that it is something like this. Looking at a picture of Masaki, Ichigo reveals that they are visiting his mother's grave and notes that his family loves and misses her a lot before asserting that he tore her away from them as he picks up the picture. When Rukia asks him if it is really so important to have this family bond, Ichigo inquires if she has anyone back home while lying down on his bed.


Ichigo offers to let Rukia stay with him.

Rukia reveals that she has no parents, leading Ichigo to sit up and offer to let her stay at the Kurosaki Clinic if she wants so she could at least have a friend. Restraining a smile at this, Rukia asserts that such a thing is impossible because it is against the Shinigami code, only for Ichigo to snidely comment that the Shinigami could loosen up a little as he falls back on his pillow. After thinking quietly with a range of emotions on her face for several seconds, Rukia thanks Ichigo and admits that what he said made her feel happy before closing the closet door as Ichigo smiles.


Karin and Yuzu ask Ichigo to get them drinks.

The next day, in the forest near the local cemetery, Isshin encourages his daughters to keep going as they and Ichigo walk up a hill. When Yuzu complains about how hard it is to climb up this hill every year, Isshin takes a bag out of Karin's hand to lighten her load, only for her to accuse him of being a cheat because he took the lighter one. As Isshin cheerily walks away, Karin notes that she should have gotten a drink and asks Ichigo to go back to the vending machine, prompting Yuzu to ask for pineapple juice as an annoyed Ichigo states that they should have thought of this at the bottom of the hill.


Isshin drinks a beer in front of Masaki's grave.

While Karin declares that she is thirsty now, Ichigo relents and tells them to go on ahead as he begins walking back with a smile. Upon coming across Rukia on the path, Ichigo asks her if she sees anything, which Rukia denies as she looks at her Denreishinki. Meanwhile, at Masaki's gravestone, Isshin kneels and places a beer on the stone while asserting that this is for her before drinking one of his own. As he finishes, Isshin asks Masaki if there is any way she can tell Ichigo that it was not his fault. Elsewhere, Karin and Yuzu trudge through the forest with their supplies.


Grand Fisher's Lure appears before Karin and Yuzu.

Suddenly, Yuzu comes to a stop and wonders what that girl is doing there as Karin sees Grand Fisher's Lure standing before them and beginning to cry. While Rukia rushes off with Ichigo upon her beeping Denreishinki informing her that Grand Fisher is close, Yuzu approaches asks the Lure what is wrong and if it is alright as Karin walks up to her side, only for the Lure to suddenly stop crying and look at them blankly before screaming as tendrils of fur expand out from behind it. At Masaki's gravestone, Isshin sits with another beer and wonders what is taking his children so long.


Grand Fisher holds Karin and Yuzu hostage.

Meanwhile, as Ichigo and Rukia run through the forest, they stop upon encountering a pulsing mass of fur that parts to reveal the Lure. With Rukia confirming it is Grand Fisher, Ichigo recognizes the Lure from the day his mother died and coldly states that he knew Grand Fisher was responsible. The fur parts further to reveal Karin and Yuzu being held captive within, prompting Ichigo to alert Rukia as she pulls out and puts on her Gokon Tekkō. After Rukia pushes him out of his body into his Shinigami form, Ichigo draws his Zanpakutō and charges Grand Fisher.


Ichigo is seemingly confronted by Masaki.

Declaring that Grand Fisher killed his mother, Ichigo begins cutting through the tendrils of fur in his way and frees Karin and Yuzu, who fall to the ground as Rukia runs over to them and advises Ichigo to try to get behind Grand Fisher. Ichigo continues to cut through the tendrils and eventually stabs into the center of the mass of fur, only to look up in shock upon seeing Masaki with blood dripping from her mouth on the other end of his blade. As Masaki says his name, Ichigo expresses disbelief and pulls his Zanpakutō out of his mother, only to suddenly find himself on the riverbank where she died with her.


Rukia puts Isshin to sleep with a Kidō spell.

Masaki begins approaching a stunned Ichigo and claims that she has missed holding him as she reaches for his face, only for tendrils of fur to sprout from behind her as Rukia reveals it is an illusion. As Ichigo is sent flying back by the tendrils, the fur parts to reveal Grand Fisher itself in full. Angered by this trickery, Ichigo demands that Grand Fisher leave his mother out of this fight and charges once more as Grand Fisher declares that it has been waiting for him before enveloping Ichigo in its fur and leaping away. When Isshin comes looking for his daughters, Rukia puts him to sleep with a Kidō spell and runs off.


Grand Fisher chases Ichigo through the street.

Elsewhere, as Byakuya and Renji look over Karakura Town from another part of the cemetery, they hear a distant crash and a roar, prompting Renji to note that it has begun. In a commercial district of Karakura Town, as civilians walk through the street, Grand Fisher crashes through the glass archway above and begins attacking those around it, which appears as a small tornado to the onlookers as they flee. Ichigo runs through the crowd away from Grand Fisher, who pursues him while continuing to damage the surrounding area and attack pedestrians with its fur tendrils.


Ichigo slashes away one of Grand Fisher's fur tendrils.

In the shopping center where Rob's Burger is located, several civilians run into the street as Ichigo follows them, only to turn around and slash away one of Grand Fisher's tendrils before running down the sidewalk. Smashing through the corner of the building between it and Ichigo, Grand Fisher begins tearing through the front of the stores along the street as it sends more tendrils at Ichigo, who alternates between slashing them away and continuing to run as civilians scatter around them. In a car nearby, a man sees dozens of people fleeing and looks behind him to see Grand Fisher's tornado.


The students notice the commotion outside.

Grand Fisher slams into the car, which careens into a newsstand as pedestrians run away in terror, and roars while continuing to attack Ichigo, who slashes away one of its tendrils before being smacked in the face by another, allowing Grand Fisher to wrap a third around his ankle and throw Ichigo into a convenience store through the window. While Ichigo gets to his feet and runs from two more pursuing tendrils, the Karakura High School students inside Rob's Burger notice the commotion and look out the window in confusion and fear as Uryū simply notes it is here.


Sado catches half of the metal sign on his shoulders.

Suddenly, the wall behind the students explodes as Ichigo crashes through it. Getting up, a winded Ichigo sees his friends staring at him and realizes that they cannot see him, though Uryū does. Upon seeing Grand Fisher hurling a large metal sign at the window, Ichigo runs along the tables and cuts it in half as it smashes through the window. As he lands, Ichigo turns around and expresses astonishment upon seeing Sado standing in front of the other students with half of the metal sign hoisted on his shoulders and arms, which he promptly throws to the ground.


Sado and Orihime realize Ichigo was present.

When two more of Grand Fisher's tendrils snake through the window, Ichigo begins slashing them away repeatedly as Sado and Orihime stare at the space where he is fighting with confusion. After the tendrils retreat, Ichigo tells Sado to take care of the students for him and leaps out the window, prompting Sado to realize Ichigo was there as a surprised Orihime asks him if he felt Ichigo too. While the other students express confusion at this, Orihime asserts that Ichigo was standing right there as Sado helps her to her feet and orders those present to get out of the building, which they comply with.


Ichigo blocks one of Grand Fisher's claws with his Zanpakutō.

Outside, Ichigo runs through the parking lot and continues slashing away fur tendrils before sliding over the hood of a car. Catching up to Ichigo, Grand Fisher stabs a tendril through the windshield of the car and another through the windows toward Ichigo, who is forced to dodge and climbs to the roof of another car that Grand Fisher promptly throws into the air. As he lands on his back on top of a third card, Ichigo rolls onto the ground just before the second car crashes into the third, where he promptly blocks one of Grand Fisher's claws with his Zanpakutō.


A Heilig Pfeil hurtles toward Grand Fisher.

While Rukia runs into the pavilion, Grand Fisher sinks one of his talons into Ichigo, who grunts in pain before proclaiming that he must win this fight no matter what as he begins pushing Grand Fisher back with great effort. Suddenly, a Heilig Pfeil embeds itself in Grand Fisher's wrist, causing it to rear back and roar in pain as Ichigo and Rukia turn to see Uryū standing on top of a nearby car with his Heilig Bogen in hand. As his bowstring retracts, Uryū wryly comments that this was close, leading Ichigo to affirm this while Rukia expresses shock at Uryū being a Quincy.


Ichigo slashes Grand Fisher's underside.

Grand Fisher turns its attention to Uryū and begins sending its fur tendrils at him, prompting Uryū to leap off the car and run down the street while firing more Heilig Pfeil at Grand Fisher. While Uryū falls to one knee and begins firing Heilig Pfeil in rapid succession, Grand Fisher easily dodges or blocks them with his tendrils, leading Ichigo to begin advancing while deflecting or cutting through the fur tendrils Grand Fisher lashes at him with. Sliding underneath Grand Fisher, Ichigo lands a large slash on its underside, causing Grand Fisher to collapse.


An enraged Grand Fisher begins getting serious.

As Grand Fisher gets to its feet and curses him, Ichigo stands back-to-back with Uryū and asserts that he has it covered now, only for Uryū to claim in turn that he needs Ichigo alive for the day he challenges him, causing Ichigo to smile. Suddenly, Grand Fisher throws a car at Ichigo and Uryū, forcing them to separate and dodge, and the two are surprised when the wind begins to pick up as Grand Fisher stands up on its hind legs and roars. Grand Fisher's fur tendrils begin whipping around the area at high speeds, causing debris to fly around as one slams into Uryū.


Ichigo has his arms and legs restrained by tendrils.

Dodging another tendril, Ichigo leaps through the windshield of a nearby bus into its interior and gets to his feet as Grand Fisher declares that his time has come. When Grand Fisher's tendrils begin stabbing into the bus through the windows, Ichigo begins blocking and deflecting them, but finds his movement hampered by the cramped space around him. After shaking one of the tendrils off his Zanpakutō and ducking to avoid another, Ichigo has his wrists bound by two tendrils despite his struggles and is lifted off the floor when two more tendrils wrap around his ankles.


The Heilig Pfeil embeds itself in Grand Fisher's eye.

While Ichigo struggles to free himself, two large tendrils of fur encircle the bus through the interior and lift it into the air as Grand Fisher rotates it to face perpendicular to the ground. Seeing this, Uryū prepares to fire a Heilig Pfeil, and upon Rukia advising him to aim for Grand Fisher's forehead, Uryū pauses for a few seconds before firing the Heilig Pfeil through the windows of the bus, causing it to embed itself in one of Grand Fisher's eyes as it screams in agony. With Uryū wondering if he missed, Grand Fisher crumples the bus before ripping it to shreds with his tendrils.


Ichigo deals the finishing blow to Grand Fisher.

However, as Rukia looks at the destruction, she is shocked to see Ichigo riding a piece of debris up to Grand Fisher's head, where he jumps into the air with his Zanpakutō held facing down in front of him while screaming. Recalling how he promised to protect his mother as a child, Ichigo sinks his Zanpakutō into Grand Fisher's forehead up to the hilt, causing the Hollow to scream in agony as energy begins pouring out of the wound, before leaping off while smoke spews from Grand Fisher's forehead. As it falls to the ground, Grand Fisher's body disintegrates into smoke.


Uryū is suddenly stabbed from behind.

Ichigo lands on his hands and knees near another bus, which he sits back against as he watches Grand Fisher's body completely disappear into a point of blue light. Running over to Ichigo, a concerned Rukia frantically asks him if he is alright, only for Ichigo to smile at her before looking at Uryū, who walks over to them with his Quincy Cross in hand. When Ichigo thanks him, Uryū claims that he did it for himself because he needs Ichigo for later, prompting an amused Ichigo to comment on his stubborn nature before Uryū is suddenly stabbed from behind by a Zanpakutō.


Byakuya and Renji confront Ichigo and Rukia.

As Ichigo and Rukia look on in shock, Renji stands up behind Uryū and admits that he did not think Ichigo could really destroy Grand Fisher as Ichigo angrily tries to get to his feet. Uryū collapses, leading Renji to pull his Zanpakutō out of him and note that the worst thing for a Zanpakutō is Quincy blood before cleaning his sword with a slash. While Uryū coughs up blood on the ground, Renji tells Ichigo to die and points his Zanpakutō at him, and as Rukia tries to convince him to stop, Byakuya appears and tells her to stop pretending to be a Human.


Byakuya orders Renji to kill Ichigo and Rukia.

Walking toward Rukia, Byakuya asks her what happened to the Shinigami she strived to be and asserts that a Shinigami should not get emotionally involved with a Human before ordering Rukia to kill Ichigo. When Rukia does not respond, Byakuya states that he will not ask her again, and as she continues to remain silent, Byakuya claims that she is past being cured and orders Renji to kill them both before turning away. As Renji steps in, Ichigo gets to his feet and demands that Byakuya keep his word as he assures Rukia that he will protect her when she expresses concern for him.


Renji begins fiercely attacking Ichigo.

Though Rukia tells him to run, Ichigo asserts that he will be staying right here, prompting Renji to charge at him. Renji begins fiercely attacking Ichigo, who is immediately forced on the defensive as he blocks Renji's swift strikes with his Zanpakutō pointing toward the ground. As Renji pushes him back with several more strikes and tries to attack Rukia behind him, Ichigo manages to block his attacks on her at the last second by spinning around to reach them as Rukia retreats, leading Renji to send Ichigo smashing into a nearby car with a particularly powerful slash that he blocks.


Ichigo continues to block Renji's attacks.

However, though Rukia is visibly worried at this development, Ichigo merely lowers his Zanpakutō from his face and grins while claiming that Renji is somewhat slow. As an irritated Renji proclaims that he will soon be dead and charges at him, a yelling Ichigo runs forward with his Zanpakutō dragging on the ground before attacking Renji in unison. Though the clash propels him back, Ichigo flips over and regains his footing as he dodges Renji's subsequent aerial strike. Moving back, Ichigo continues to block Renji's rapid attacks, even when the latter forces him to his knees with a kick to the shin.


Renji sends Ichigo's Zanpakutō flying toward him.

As Ichigo and Renji spin away from this clash, Renji runs toward Ichigo nearly parallel to the ground and resumes his assault, which Ichigo manages to block or evade while successfully forcing Renji to block two attacks of his own. Spinning around Ichigo while leaning back to avoid a horizontal slash from him, Renji nearly cuts his hand, forcing Ichigo to let go of his Zanpakutō, which Renji sends spinning toward Ichigo with a powerful slash. Ichigo manages to grab his Zanpakutō out of midair and attack, but Renji meets this with a thrust of his own that forces Ichigo to his knees while blocking it.


Renji runs up the length of Ichigo's Zanpakutō.

Asking Ichigo if he is kidding him, Renji knocks Ichigo into the air before shoving his Zanpakutō forward with his free hand on the blade, which sends Ichigo skidding back as he blocks it. When the top of his Zanpakutō catches on a car door lying on the ground, Ichigo flips over it and regains his footing, only for Renji to run up his Zanpakutō and prepare to stab him. Ichigo manages to swing his Zanpakutō over his head, sending Renji flying behind him, where he bounces off the ground and slams feet-first into an overturned truck before landing on his hand and feet as he looks up in surprise.


Renji slams Ichigo's head into his knee.

As Ichigo rears back to attack, Renji rushes forward and meets him in a sword cross that propels Ichigo into the air, where he kicks Renji in the back. Stumbling forward, an angered Renji dodges Ichigo's followup attack that cracks the ground and kicks his Zanpakutō to the side before slamming Ichigo's head into his knee. With Ichigo flying back from the impact of this, Renji leaps into the air above him and slams him to the ground with his foot on Ichigo's face. Renji attempts to finish Ichigo off, but Ichigo manages to shake him off and attacks him with a spinning slash.


Renji releases his Shikai, Zabimaru.

Flipping over Ichigo's attack, Renji slashes at Ichigo when he leaps into the air in response, sending him skidding along the ground between two buses. While a coughing and wheezing Ichigo gets to his feet, Renji demands to know if this is all Ichigo has got and holds out his Zanpakutō as he asserts that it is his turn. Renji declares that Ichigo is two thousand years too early to be his equal and holds his free hand up to the base of his Zanpakutō, which begins to glow red and transform into a large, segmented, toothed blade which Renji refers to as his Shikai, Zabimaru.


Renji pressures Ichigo with attacks from Zabimaru.

As he tells Ichigo to hear it roar, Renji thrusts Zabimaru toward Ichigo, causing it to extend and reveal a stretchable thread between the segments as its tip slams into the end of the bus near Ichigo. When Renji pulls Zabimaru out toward him, Ichigo pushes the tip into the ground, but Renji pulls it into the air and slams it into the ground next to Ichigo, who quickly leaps off the side of one of the buses to reach the roof of the other. Narrowly deflecting another strike from Zabimaru, Ichigo is knocked down by a third as Renji attacks him from the other bus.


Renji blows up the area around Ichigo.

After leaping to avoid a horizontal slash of Zabimaru, Ichigo runs to the end of the bus as Renji slams Zabimaru into where he was just standing before leaping to the other bus, leading Renji to do the same while continuing to attack him. As Ichigo repeatedly ducks under Zabimaru while it hurtles by him, a grinning Renji whips Zabimaru around and wraps it around Ichigo, whom he proceeds to swing around the area before slamming him into a car. While Ichigo falls to the ground, Renji bids him farewell and hooks a car onto Zabimaru before slamming it into Ichigo's location, creating a large explosion.


Ichigo emerges from the flaming wreckage.

Shielding herself from the ensuing wind and debris, Rukia stares in shock at the flaming wreckage and tries to approach it, but Renji lands in front of her and mockingly states that he has killed her sweetheart before asserting that there are no hard feelings involved as he levels Zabimaru at her. However, Rukia's attention is alerted to sounds within the wreckage as Ichigo emerges from the flames, to Rukia and Renji's surprise. As he hoists his Zanpakutō over his shoulder, a smiling Ichigo informs Renji that he is starting to think that he will not lose to him.


Ichigo deals a devastating blow to Renji.

While Renji assumes a battle stance, Ichigo begins concentrating his power and assumes one as well, causing Renji to wonder if he is invincible, before charging at him out of the flames. Renji sends Zabimaru hurtling toward Ichigo, who presses his Zanpakutō into the blade segments, causing the formation to crumple up and be pushed back toward Renji. As Renji struggles to regain control of Zabimaru, a screaming Ichigo slashes at him, forcing Renji to block with the reassembled Zabimaru and sending him flying into one of the buses, which crashes into the other bus with the force of the impact.


Byakuya effortlessly holds Ichigo's Zanpakutō in place.

Falling to one knee, an injured Renji prepares to resume the fight, only to discover that most of the blade of Zabimaru has been severed by Ichigo's attack. While Rukia watches in astonishment, a panting Renji sits down as Byakuya tells him to step aside. Ichigo sees Byakuya slowly approaching him and declares that it is Byakuya's funeral and charges at him as he prepares to strike, only to suddenly stop short and look back in shock to see Byakuya effortlessly holding his Zanpakutō in place with two fingers near the tip as he asserts that Ichigo is slow.


Byakuya cuts through Ichigo's side in a single motion.

Ichigo pulls his Zanpakutō out of Byakuya's grip and spins around to slash at him once more, but Byakuya ducks and unsheathes his own Zanpakutō before slashing through Ichigo's side in a single fluid motion. As Byakuya resheathes his Zanpakutō, a stunned Ichigo collapses while Rukia calls out to him in concern. Visibly afraid, Rukia watches as Byakuya approaches her, only to stop when Ichigo tells him to wait. Seeing Ichigo getting to his feet, Rukia warns him to run because he is no match for Byakuya's strength, but Ichigo instead charges toward Byakuya while yelling.


Byakuya stops Ichigo's swing with the tip of his sword.

However, Byakuya merely unsheathes his blade, stops Ichigo's Zanpakutō in midair with the tip, slashes it down to embed Ichigo's Zanpakutō in the ground, and slashes through Ichigo's side again in a swift motion, leading Ichigo to fall over once more as Byakuya resheathes his Zanpakutō behind him. As Renji emerges from behind some wreckage, Byakuya tells Rukia that it is time for her to wake up and begins approaching her once more, but stops in visible confusion and surprise when Ichigo declares that he will protect her while getting to his feet yet again.


Byakuya deals a critical blow to Ichigo.

While Byakuya watches in mild shock, a badly wounded Ichigo asserts that he is not finished yet and begins stumbling forward while grunting in pain and dragging his Zanpakutō on the ground behind him. With Rukia staring in concern and awe, Ichigo makes his way to Byakuya and stops several feet away from him, prompting Byakuya to narrow his eyes before rushing forward and slashing upward through Ichigo's chest. As blood falls on a stunned Ichigo's face and Rukia cries out to him, Byakuya resheathes his Zanpakutō for the third time while Ichigo falls over behind him.


Byakuya prepares to deal the killing blow.

However, as Byakuya begins to walk away, Ichigo grabs onto his robes, causing his mouth to twitch as he looks down. Byakuya frees himself from Ichigo's grasp and continues walking away, only for Ichigo to reiterate that he is not done yet and begin getting to his feet yet again, prompting an impressed Renji to note that he will never give in. When Ichigo asks him where he is going, a smirking Byakuya declares that he is pitiful and draws his Zanpakutō before holding it out to stab Ichigo, who continues to stare at him defiantly for several seconds.


Rukia begs Byakuya to redeem her for her sin.

Byakuya moves to stab Ichigo, only for Rukia to suddenly run in and kick Ichigo away. Insulting Ichigo's status as a Human, Rukia berates him for daring to touch Byakuya's robes before promising to kill him herself if Ichigo comes near Byakuya again while the latter slowly lowers his Zanpakutō. As Ichigo tries to get up again, Rukia rushes over and pins him against a car with her foot, where she stares at him for several seconds before releasing him. Walking over to Byakuya and kneeling before him, Rukia claims to have awakened and begs to be redeemed for her sin.


Rukia reveals that Ichigo will forget about her.

When Byakuya asks her if she means this, Rukia pauses for several seconds before affirming this, and after several more seconds of silence, Byakuya resheathes his Zanpakutō and accepts this as he tells Rukia that they will return together. Rukia agrees and picks up Ichigo's Zanpakutō before kneeling in front of him and demanding that he return her powers to her. Telling a barely conscious Ichigo that he can return to the normal life he has always wanted when he does so, Rukia reveals that the process will cause him to forget everything that happened since they first met.


Rukia regains her Shinigami powers.

While she struggles not to cry, Rukia claims that she has had enough of Humans and criticizes Ichigo as being grumpy, childish, and totally reckless before placing his hands on the hilt of his Zanpakutō. Holding the blade of Ichigo's Zanpakutō up to her chest, Rukia tearfully bids him farewell before shoving it into her chest, causing a bright light to shine around them both. As the light fades, Rukia stands before Ichigo in her Shinigami robes and sheathes her Zanpakutō before walking away with Byakuya and Renji. With tears in his eyes, Ichigo notes that he was protected once again before passing out.


Ichigo wakes up with no memory of what happened.

The next morning, a healed Ichigo wakes up in his bed and slowly sits up before walking downstairs, where Karin and Yuzu sit at the dining table while greeting him and noting that he slept in late. When Ichigo explains that he had a very long dream that he cannot remember, his sisters look at each other and begin laughing, which prompts Ichigo to smile as Isshin appears behind him and claps him on the shoulder. Commenting on Ichigo finally joining them, Isshin begins setting down food while telling his son to live well, eat well, and age well until his hair falls out.


Isshin tells Ichigo to die smiling and make his life worth living.

As he tosses around an apple, Isshin tells Ichigo to die smiling and make his life worth living before clapping him on the shoulder again and walking away, leading Ichigo to look at the shrine of Masaki on the wall. Later that day, at Karakura High School, Keigo asks Orihime and Tatsuki if they saw what the tornado did to the train station before claiming that Ichigo was present, prompting a concerned Orihime to ask him if Ichigo is alright. When Keigo sits down and prepares to lie about him being killed instantly, Ichigo immediately tells him to not even start as he stands nearby.


Ichigo and Uryū re-encounter each other.

While Keigo asserts that he knew Ichigo would be okay, Orihime greets him as Tatsuki observes that he looks somewhat different, which Keigo believes is Ichigo having grown taller. Ichigo dismisses this and begins to walk to his desk, only to stop when Uryū passes and greets him. Telling Uryū to stop, Ichigo asks him if they have ever spoken before, leading Uryū to state that he does not believe so before smiling and telling Ichigo that it is good to know him, which Ichigo affirms as Uryū walks away. While the rest of the students enter the classroom, Ichigo sits down at his desk.


Ichigo finds Rukia's warning in his textbook.

Looking at Orihime, who smiles at him, Ichigo turns to face the desk where Rukia used to sit as his teacher tells the class to turn to page 196 in their textbooks. Upon doing so, Ichigo sees Rukia's warning to not make a scene from when she first appeared as a student, causing him to express confusion before he smiles knowingly.


Appearance Character Actor Dubbed By
LAIchigo Ichigo Kurosaki Sota Fukushi[5] Johnny Yong Bosch
LARukia Rukia Kuchiki Hana Sugisaki[6] Casandra Morris
LAUryu Uryū Ishida Ryo Yoshizawa[7] Derek Stephen Prince
LARenji Renji Abarai Taichi Saotome[8] Richard Cansino
LAByakuya Byakuya Kuchiki Miyavi[9] Greg Chun
LAMasaki Masaki Kurosaki Masami Nagasawa[10]
LAIsshin Isshin Kurosaki Yosuke Eguchi[11] Keith Silverstein
LAKisuke Kisuke Urahara Seiichi Tanabe[12] Doug Erholtz
LAOrihime Orihime Inoue Erina Mano[13] Stephanie Sheh
LAChad Yasutora Sado Yu Koyanagi[14] Kaiji Tang
LAYuzu&Karin Yuzu Kurosaki & Karin Kurosaki Janice Kawaye
LaTatsuki Tatsuki Arisawa Erika Ishii


The live action film adaptation was announced in the 32nd issue of Shuiesha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, shortly after the publication of the manga's 686th and final chapter. The film will be directed by Shinsuke Sato, who is best known for directing two live-action Gantz films as well as Death Note: Light Up the New World. Tite Kubo, the original author of Bleach himself is involved in the film's production.[15]


On its debut weekend, the movie ranked at number four in Japan, selling 99,000 tickets for 135 million yen (about US$1.21 million).[1]

Differences between film and manga/anime[]

Major differences[]

  • Orihime's deceased brother stalking her as a Hollow, Sado coming into possession of a talking parakeet and the subsequent battles against the monstrous Hollow pursuing it, Ichigo inadvertently giving his body to a Mod-Soul and later fighting alongside it against a Hollow, the spiritual medium Don Kanonji coming to Karakura Town, and Sado discovering his spiritual powers at the same time Orihime does are all omitted from the film's storyline, as are their respective revelations and ramifications.
  • Kon being omitted leaves Ichigo's body lying around lifeless whenever he becomes a Shinigami.
  • When Ichigo Kurosaki helps a young Plus scare off a gang of teenagers who were desecrating its shrine on a street corner, the Plus is a boy rather than a girl, and Yasutora Sado intervenes when one of the teenagers comes back to attack Ichigo.
  • When Rukia Kuchiki appears in his room, Ichigo immediately realizes she is a Soul, though not that she is a Shinigami, and tells her to leave instead of mistaking her for a Human burglar as he does in the manga and anime.
  • Rukia comes to the Human World on a mission to find and slay Grand Fisher, only encountering Fishbone D by accident when it attacks Ichigo and his family; in the manga and anime, she is explicitly on a mission to purify Fishbone D at the time, and Grand Fisher is encountered incidentally at a later time, though Rukia does receive information on him from Soul Society.
  • The Denreishinki takes the form of a glowing purple, glass-like object instead of a cell phone.
  • Ichigo is alerted by Yuzu Kurosaki screaming for her father, and when he, Karin Kurosaki, and Isshin Kurosaki arrive downstairs, Yuzu explains that she heard a "scary voice" before Fishbone D suddenly breaks through the wall. In the manga and anime, Fishbone D attacks Ichigo's family while he is still upstairs with Rukia, with him being alerted to what happened by either Karin or Yuzu after they are wounded in the attack.
  • Fishbone D displays the ability to fire a Cero, something first demonstrated much later by a Menos Grande in the manga and anime.
  • In addition to the canon process of transferring power from a Shinigami into a substitute, the film includes a method to completely reverse the effects by having a substitute thrust their Zanpakutō into the original Shinigami, restoring their powers and returning the substitute to their original Human state; this is only possible if the substitute can control their Reiatsu, so Ichigo must train to accomplish this. In the manga and anime, there is no mention of this being possible.
  • Rukia establishes that purifying Hollows increases one's Reiryoku, while training one's body refines their Reiatsu control; in the manga and anime, power increases and Reiatsu control are achieved through other, more complex means.
  • Ichigo encounters Renji Abarai much earlier and alone rather than with Byakuya Kuchiki as he did in the manga and anime; here, he attacks Ichigo in his Human body but is interrupted by Uryū Ishida.
  • Uryū's Heilig Bogen resembles a larger version of the metallic one he wields during the events of the Tale of the Lost Agent in the manga and anime, rather than the energy-like Kojaku he wielded during The Death Trilogy Overture.
  • Uryū's competition with Ichigo ends prematurely due to being interrupted by Renji and Byakuya, and no Menos Grande arrives.
  • Rukia and Byakuya make multiple references to a Shinigami code, which includes the tenets of not transferring one's power to a Human, protecting all innocent lives equally, and not living with a Human in the Human World; in the manga and anime, the first is a law set by Central 46, the second is a conviction asserted by Rukia while convincing Ichigo to take up her Shinigami duties in her stead, and the third is never stated or implied.
  • Hexapodus is able to hold its ground during its battle against Ichigo, and Renji arrives to kill it instead. Renji proceeds to attack Ichigo, and Byakuya makes his first appearance to Ichigo and Rukia afterward.
  • Renji reveals that both he and Rukia were adopted by the Kuchiki Clan, whereas in the manga and anime only Rukia experienced this due to her relationship to Hisana Kuchiki, which contributed to the divide between her and Renji.
  • There is a mix of bargains and demands between Byakuya and Rukia/Ichigo. Byakuya commands Rukia to retrieve her powers from Ichigo or be executed, and gives her until the next full moon for her to accomplish this. Ichigo interrupts their next meeting and demands that in exchange for defeating Grand Fisher, Soul Society absolves Rukia from her crimes, which Byakuya agrees to do, though he later reneges on this deal. In the manga and anime, there is no negotiation and Grand Fisher is defeated before Renji and Byakuya arrive.
  • Rukia heals Ichigo's injuries with a strange liquid rather than Kaidō.
  • Uryū displays knowledge of Renji's skill as a swordsman and Urahara's status as an exiled Shinigami, where in the manga and anime he either never directly learned this information or had it revealed to him much later.
  • Ichigo trains hard and hones his skills in order to refine his power so he can defeat Grand Fisher and return Rukia's Shinigami powers to her, whereas in the manga and anime he does not take his training seriously and only intends to protect those close to him, instead learning to fight through his multiple battles.
  • Byakuya and Renji scheme to have Ichigo lure out Grand Fisher and die so Renji can purify it and kill Rukia for growing too close to Ichigo; in the manga and anime, Grand Fisher being purified is not a focal point for the Shinigami, and Byakuya is firmly intent on taking Rukia back to be formally executed by the Gotei 13 for her crime.
  • Isshin's tradition when visiting Masaki's grave is changed from smoking a cigarette to drinking a beer, and he does not explain how the only time Masaki said he looked cool was when he did this on their first date.
  • Yuzu is explicitly able to see Grand Fisher's Lure, whereas in the manga only Karin could do so when they encountered it and Yuzu could only touch Grand Fisher's body.
  • Unlike in the manga and anime, the strength of Rukia's Kidō does not diminish as time goes on with the loss of her powers, allowing her to put Isshin to sleep from a distance.
  • Grand Fisher and its fight receive a number of changes:
  • Grand Fisher is confirmed to have once been the spirit of a young girl and does not possess the intelligence of its manga and anime counterparts, though it can still speak.
  • Grand Fisher's Lure can be modified to resemble a loved one without the use of Transcribe and can place its targets in an illusion to further disarm them, with Ichigo being placed on the riverside where his mother died after stabbing it.
  • The battle spreads towards Karakura Town's commercial district instead of being confined to the shrine area.
  • Grand Fisher's fur tendrils are powerful enough to create a small tornado around its body when in use, which is what the residents of Karakura Town mistake it for during and after the battle.
  • Sado and Orihime get a hint of Ichigo's Shinigami powers during the fight when it reaches Rob's Burger, where they are located at the time.
  • Uryū assists Ichigo during the fight.
  • Ichigo actually defeats Grand Fisher, who in the manga and anime managed to escape after the two left each other grievously wounded and was later defeated by Isshin.
  • Renji and Byakuya resume their attacks on Ichigo immediately after Grand Fisher is defeated.
  • Ichigo breaks Renji's Shikai during their battle, which he was not able to do until their rematch in Soul Society in the manga and anime.
  • Rukia retrieves her powers from Ichigo, which wipes his memory of her, before returning to Soul Society.

Minor differences[]

  • Rukia's explanation of Souls and Hollows occurs during school after Fishbone D's attack rather than right after she meets Ichigo.
  • Uryū saves Ichigo, rather than Rukia, from Renji with a Heilig Pfeil aimed at the latter's head.
  • Ichigo learns of Urahara through Uryū instead of encountering him during a conversation with Kon.
  • Rukia being present at the graveyard is part of the plan for luring out Grand Fisher, where in the manga and anime she came along without informing Ichigo.
  • Ichigo defeats Fishbone D by cutting him completely in half rather than simply slashing through his mask.
  • The day after each of Ichigo's battles, Keigo falsely claims that Ichigo dies when informing his friends of recent events and Orihime believes him every time, only for Ichigo to interrupt him by showing up alive and well.
  • Rukia's warning to Ichigo to not make a scene when she first appears in his classroom is written on the inside of a textbook rather than the palm of her hand; this allows Ichigo to potentially remember his time spent with her when he finds the warning again after his memories are erased.
  • Ichigo and Isshin's heart-to-heart about Masaki's death occurs after Ichigo wakes up following his near-death encounter with Renji and Byakuya instead of at Masaki's grave after his battle with Grand Fisher, and Isshin's speech about Ichigo living a long life before he dies takes place at the end of the movie after Rukia goes back to Soul Society.


Appearance Name Description
LAKarakuraTown Karakura Town The town where most of the film is set in.
LAKurosakiClinic Kurosaki Clinic The home of Ichigo Kurosaki and the rest of his family.
LAKarakuraHighSchool Karakura High School The high school attended by Ichigo and his classmates.
LARob'sBurger Rob's Burger A restaurant frequented by the students of Karakura High School.
LAUraharaShop Urahara Shop An antiquated store owned by Kisuke Urahara.
LASoulSociety Soul Society The afterlife and home of the Shinigami.
LABridge Bridge The area underneath the bridge and along the river bank is used extensively by Ichigo and Rukia for training.
LATorii Torii This torii is the preferred portal used by Byakuya Kuchiki and Renji Abarai to travel between Soul Society and Karakura Town.



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