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This article contains information from light novel sources that were not written by Tite Kubo and therefore are not considered canon material by the wiki.

Bleach: WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU is a novel which was authored Makoto Matsubara and illustrated by Tite Kubo. It was released on December 27, 2016 and a digital version was released January 27, 2017.[1]

Publisher's Summary

Taking place after Yhwach's defeat, the novel focuses on the reconstruction of Soul Society and the developing relationship between Rukia Kuchiki and Renji Abarai.[1]



All the captains of Gotei 13 gather at the Captain's Assembly Hall to hold a meeting about the report of Seireitei's reconstruction effort. While Nanao Ise is reading the report, Shunsui Kyōraku thinks about what has happened over the past 3 years since Yhwach's defeat, specifically of how Nayura Amakado, a member of the Central 46, who was the first to make advancement towards reconstruction efforts and established a law which simplifies the procedure for obtaining a court travel permit, which allowed the reconstruction efforts to proceed rapidly.[2]

Once Nanao finished her report, Kyōraku calls Renji and Rukia to enter and announce their good news.[2]

Announcement of Marriage

Renji and Rukia invite their close friends to a restaurant at the eastern end of the Noble District and announce that they're going to get married. Everyone congratulates the pair, but Renji and Rukia are bewildered that no one seems to be surprised by the announcement. Everyone, except Shūhei Hisagi, revealed that they have already expected it ever since receiving the message about the important announcement.[3]

As they are celebrating, Renji is worried about the restaurant's cost, but a waiter informs him that the bill has already been paid. Everyone immediately realizes that Byakuya Kuchiki was the one who settled the whole bill, assuring everyone not to hold back in ordering their food and drinks. In the midst of celebration, Momo Hinamori notices the excessive design interior around them, and the waiter explained that Byakuya instructed that the interior design be altered despite Rukia having only made reservation this morning, shocking them. At the same time, Renji and Rukia realized how Byakuya fully blessed their marriage as opposed to his seemingly indifferent attitude when they first informed him of their intention to marry, making the couple feel relieved.[3]

Renji and Rukia has no intention to hold a marriage ceremony because of the current situation of Seireitei and are already satisfied with the current party they're having , but Rangiku Matsumoto insists that they must conduct a ceremony precisely because they are in such a situation. The rest also agree with Rangiku, convincing the couple that Byakuya most likely won't remain silent if they're not doing anything. Tōshirō Hitsugaya also assures them that no one would complain if they're holding a grand marriage ceremony since it's rare for two lieutenants to get married.[3]

Touched by their friends' encouragement, Rukia and Renji finally agreed to hold a wedding ceremony, asking for everyone's attendance and also plans to invite Ichigo Kurosaki and their friends in the living world.[3]

Marriage Registration

One week after the marriage announcement, Rukia informs Byakuya that she and Renji will go to fill the marriage registry. However, Byakuya has their maid, Chiyo, explain that in cases of marriages involving the four noble clans it is compulsory to submit a document to the Kinnin noble assembly and several other complicated procedures, leading Rukia and Renji to visit various places to submit their marriage documents.[4]

While waiting for the Noble Assembly reception counter to open, Rukia and Renji visit the 6th Division's lieutenant's room to organize and pack Renji's belongings. While cleaning the room and packing, Ryūnosuke Yuki delivers a gift from Kisuke Urahara. From the box, a sound recording of Kisuke congratulates Rukia and Renji for their marriage and gives them a device that will enable them to teleport items between two places. Rukia is hesitant in using the device since the previous captain-commander, Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto, forbid the use of the device. However, Kisuke assures them that Mayuri Kurotsuchi, the Shinigami Women's Association, and Marechiyo Ōmaeda are using the very same device, convincing Rukia to accept the gift.[4]

Before going to the Noble Assembly, Rukia and Renji are invited by Byakuya to have breakfast with him at the banquet hall. Renji feels nervous since the hall is so quiet. The tension is lifted once Rukia tasted the food served for her, prompting Byakuya to tell her that she is welcomed to eat here at anytime she wants. When Rukia expressed her gratitude, she and Renji are shocked to see Byakuya smiled before Byakuya left after he was done affixing his seal on the documents.[5]

After breakfast, Rukia and Renji are led to adjoining room for adjustment for the wedding clothes. To Renji's confusion, the servants also tell him to enter and is presented with a kuromontsuki and haorihakama, which were ordered by Byakuya. Rukia remembers that on the evening when they informed Byakuya about their intention to marry, Byakuya asked if Renji has ceremonial suit to wear. Since Rukia expected Renji doesn't have one and told Byakuya about it, Byakuya prepared one for Renji.[5]

Checking the montsuki, Renji notices a camellia crest, which represents the 6th Division attached on it. The servants explain that Byakuya had them to use the crest because Renji doesn't have a family crest. Rukia thinks that Byakuya is being considerate of Renji, but Renji corrects her, saying that Byakuya prepared the clothes while hoping that Rukia won't get awkward walking next to him, emphasizing how Byakuya does everything for her.[5]

At the Noble Assembly, Rukia and Renji finally submitted their marriage registry and received certificate of marriage acceptance, officially becoming husband and wife with Rukia's surname changed to "Abarai". Despite the change in her name, Rukia declined to change her Gotei soldier registered name as she thought there was a real danger that her mind would get distracted if person after person that encountered her called her 'Abarai.’ Byakuya, who accompanies them, asks Renji to take care of Rukia. Before Renji can give a proper reply, Byakuya reveals he has made arrangements for them to announce their marriage at the captains' meeting in the afternoon, shocking both Rukia and Renji who immediately afterward return to the Kuchiki Manor to change into their uniform.[5]

At the captain's assembly hall, Rukia and Renji once again announce their marriage to the captains who all are already aware from various sources. While congratulating the newly wed couple, Shunsui mention about the ceremony, confusing Rukia and Renji since they haven't made any plan, only to learn that Byakuya has already made preparation without consulting them. Byakuya reasoned that he knew how complicated the marriage procedures for the four noble clans were due to his experience with his late wife, Hisana Kuchiki, and he believed that Rukia and Renji would be able to to put in order the appropriate ceremony arrangements.[6]

Since it's not very often for two lieutenants to get married, Shunsui has arranged that exclusively for the wedding day, the end of work hours will move up to around two hours earlier since he knew there'll be many among the troops who would like to attend the ceremony.[6]

The Ceremony

Rukia and Renji go to the living world to meet Orihime Inoue. Sensing the atmosphere between them feels more intimate, Orihime guesses that they're dating, but Rukia corrects her that they've already been married. The news brings Orihime to tears as she happily congratulates them. Determined to give Rukia a gift for her wedding, Orihime calls Riruka Dokugamine to ask for her advice. Since Rukia is from nobility and the ceremony will be conducted following traditional Japanese wedding, Riruka suggests Orihime make a veil for Rukia.[7]

Following Riruka's advice, Orihime and all her friends began to make the veil for Rukia at the Kurosaki Clinic, with each person contributing to some parts of the embroidery. Orihime reveals that she also went to Soul Society and asked their friends to help as well, surprising Ichigo. When it's Ichigo's turn to do his embroidery, Ichigo read the instruction and realize his part is to make strawberry flower pattern. Uryū Ishida explains that strawberry flower means 'Happy Family' and 'Respected Love' in Japanese flower language, which would be perfect for a bride to wear.[8]

Reaching dinner time, everyone else except Orihime already left the clinic. Before Orihime could go, Yuzu invited her to have dinner with them and help in cooking dinner. While Yuzu and Orihime are in the kitchen, Ichigo and Karin continue sewing the veil. Karin comments that Yuzu seems like she's having fun, which Ichigo agrees with. He then asks how Karin feels, to which she answers that she's also happy since Orihime quite reminded her of their mother. They are interrupted when Yuzu and Orihime have finished preparing dinner, which is Orihime's handmade potato salad omelette gratin hot-pot. Ichigo and Karin are hesitant to eat it, but once the whole family and Orihime proceed with their dinner, it was said that the pot of food was immensely delicious.[8]

On the wedding day, the ceremony is held at the Kuchiki clan's ceremonial shrine. Orihime is nervous attending the ceremony since she's afraid that she may act discourteous as she doesn't know Soul Society's customs, but Uryū assures her that most people in attendance also know nothing about ceremony. As the ceremony begins, Rukia enters with Byakuya. Orihime is touched when seeing Rukia wearing the veil that she and their friends made, causing her to be unable to hold her camera properly, which leads to Ichigo taking over for her to take photos. As Byakuya and Rukia reach Renji, Byakuya whispers his wish for her to be happy before giving her to Renji, which brought Rukia to tears. The priest recited the ritual, and after the couple exchanged sake cups, all the marriage rituals were completed.[9]

After the ceremony, a banquet was held, a reservation was made at Renji’s favourite bar and eatery, ‘Daruma Bar’, not far from the Kuchiki clan’s ceremonial shrine. While celebrating, Shunsui came and privately give Rukia the 13th Division Captain's haori prepared by Jūshirō Ukitake, who, before his death, asked Shunsui to make Rukia the next captain succeeding him. Shunsui explained that Ukitake originally made it for Kaien Shiba, but after Kaien's death, the haori was kept untouched until Ukitake decided to retail it with the intention of giving it to Rukia. Shunsui adds that he didn't give the haori until today because he was waiting for Rukia's heart to grow and be ready to bear the responsibility of taking leadership over a division. Before leaving, Shunsui also gives Rukia his own celebratory gift.[9]

Four hours later, the guests begin to leave. Ichigo and his friends also excuse themselves as to not trouble the others opening Senkaimon several times, but not before giving Rukia and Renji their celebratory gifts, which all contain living world money so they can buy things for their Gigai should they come to visit again.[9] Renji escorts them to the Senkaimon at the 6th Division, and on their way there, Renji calls out to Ichigo and encourages the latter to confess his love to Orihime, much to Ichigo's embarrassment. Renji separates himself, Uryū, and Yasutora Sado from Orihime under pretence of having a conversation between men. Alone with Orihime, Ichigo is too nervous to express his mind and in the end only talks with Orihime about the ceremony. Right before passing the Senkaimon, however, Ichigo finally musters up a courage to ask Orihime to make some time for him later so they can talk, intending to confess at that time.[10]



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