Bleach: The Hell Verse
''Welcome to Hell''
Kanji BLEACH 地獄篇
Romaji Burīchi: Jigoku-hen
Theme "Save The One, Save The All" by T.M. Revolution
Romaji Burīchi: Jigoku-hen
Release Date
Theatrical - Japan December 4, 2010
DVD - Japan August 24, 2011
DVD - US December 4, 2012

Bleach: The Hell Verse (ブリーチ: 地獄篇, Burīchi: Jigoku-hen) is the fourth feature film based on the Bleach manga. It was released in Japanese theaters on December 4, 2010. It is directed by Noriyuki Abe, while the screenplay was written by Natsuko Takahashi. Tite Kubo is the production director, and Masashi Kudo is the character designer.[1] Kubo has stated he was involved from the planning and scenario stage.[2] Bleach: Hell Chapter's ending theme is "Save The One, Save The All" by T.M. Revolution.

To promote the movie, Tite Kubo published a special manga chapter called imaginary number 01. the unforgivens and the anime's 299th episode, Theatre Opening Commemoration! Hell Chapter・Prologue, was a special episode to promote the movie. Additionally, an official invitation book was released. The English dubbed name for this movie is Bleach: Hell Verse.


Discarded Memory

THVZangetsu cuts

Zangetsu cuts off Ulquiorra Cifer's arm and wing.

As Ulquiorra Cifer and a possessed Ichigo Kurosaki battle on top of Las Noches, the Cuatro Espada soars through the skies. Roaring, Ichigo charges, clashing with Ulquiorra. Looping around once more, both combatants continue to battle, parrying each other's strikes until Ichigo catches Ulquiorra's wrist. Ulquiorra kicks Ichigo away, then chases after him. Regaining his footing, Ichigo swings his sword, sending a shockwave at Ulquiorra. As Ulquiorra flies away, Ichigo appears behind him and
THVKokuto awakens

A mysterious figure awakens in Hell.

tears off his left arm and wing with a single strike. After recovering from the fall, Ulquiorra prepares a Lanza del Relámpago and throws the attack headlong into Ichigo's powerful crimson Cero. As a massive explosion rips through the sky, Ulquiorra comes under assault from his enemy and gets hurled into a pillar, leaving him helpless before Ichigo's Cero. As the battle comes to its conclusion, a mysterious, hooded figure in Hell, awakened by the battle, screams as he regains his mortal body, which causes an explosion to erupt from the ground.

Karakura Town

THVIchigo kicks

Ichigo kicks one of the teenagers in the face.

Meanwhile, in Karakura Town, Ichigo picks a fight with three teenagers who had knocked over a vase with flowers which was left for the spirit of a young boy. After Ichigo finishes up, he goes home, where he is "greeted" by Isshin Kurosaki, who attacks him. After Ichigo hits him in the face with his bag, which knocks Isshin into a wall, Isshin, revealing he is joining the Resident Clinic Committee, leaves Ichigo to take care of Yuzu Kurosaki and Karin Kurosaki
THVIchigo meets

Ichigo is greeted by Rukia Kuchiki and Renji Abarai.

while he is gone. Later, when Ichigo goes out to bring flowers to the young boy, he is greeted by Rukia Kuchiki and Renji Abarai, who are coming back from an important mission. When they state they did not come to see him, but are instead on a mission, Ichigo offers to help, but Rukia says Captain Byakuya Kuchiki did not want him to get in their way. Rukia and Renji promise to send the young boy's spirit to Soul Society if they find him.

THVSado saves

Yasutora Sado saves a girl.

Going to school, Ichigo is greeted by Orihime Inoue and Yasutora Sado. While they are chatting, a rattling is heard, and the entire metal scaffolding outside the school gives way and crumbles. As a girl is about to get crushed by one of the falling metal sections, Sado saves her by blocking it with his body. While the students discuss the incident, Uryū Ishida comes to see Ichigo. Though they do not say a word, Uryū makes a sign, which Ichigo understands. Later, as the
THVGroup examines

The group examines the structure.

group examines the structure to see what Reiatsu caused it to collapse, Sado notes that he is unable to detect any Reiatsu whatsoever, but Uryū finds traces of it and notes how it came from an enemy they have never faced before. Another rumbling occurs and Reiatsu explodes inside the school. As Rukia and Renji sense it, Rukia detects another one. They split up, with Renji heading to assist Ichigo and Rukia investigating the second source.

THVIchigo is attacked

Ichigo is attacked by a masked figure.

Ichigo (now in his Shinigami form), Orihime, Sado, and Uryū, arriving in the classroom, see Tatsuki Arisawa and other students wounded from the explosion. Ichigo is attacked by a fat masked figure clad in a black cloak, who recognizes Ichigo. Somewhat confused as to how he knows who he is, Ichigo is embroiled in combat. The masked foe proves to be quite enduring, so Ichigo fires a Getsuga Tenshō which hardly even scratches their foe. As Sado knocks the figure out of the building, Ichigo tells Orihime to take care of Tatsuki and the others. Ichigo
THVHihio Zabimaru crashes

Hihiō Zabimaru crashes down.

activates his Bankai, and tries to attack, but a three-pointed glaive forces him back. Catching the glaive, Another masked figure launches a furious attack on Ichigo. A third, hulking figure joins the fight and soundly beats Sado. Uryū has similar trouble with their first foe, who absorbs and reflects every Heilig Pfeil Uryū fires as purple energy bolts.

THVRenji explains

Renji explains the situation to Ichigo.

Renji asks Ichigo if he is alright. The enemy whom he attacked states the Shinigami will be a problem. When Renji expresses recognition of the figures, Ichigo asks if he knows who they are. Confirming this, Renji says things are getting out of hand. Stating another with Reiatsu like theirs has appeared and it is now at the Kurosaki Clinic, shocking Ichigo, Renji says Rukia went there earlier, but he has doubts about her being alright. As Ichigo states this means Yuzu and
THVGarogai grapples

The hulking figure grapples with Hihiō Zabimaru.

Karin are in danger, Renji gets ready to battle his enemies while Ichigo races towards the clinic. The masked enemies are cut off by a barrage of arrows from Uryū when they try to stop Ichigo. When the enemy with the glaive attacks, Renji uses his Bankai to battle him. As his target retreats, another enemy intercepts, catching Hihiō Zabimaru and using his bare hands to pry the jaws open, but gets smashed into a wall.

THVMurakumo's mask shatters

The figure's mask shatters.

Having fared well against the attack, much to Renji's surprise, the masked hulk yanks on the skeletal serpent, pulling Renji towards him, and strikes the lieutenant with a powerful punch, and moves to deliver the finishing blow. Uryū blasts arrows at him and shatters his mask. The fat one shouts for him to put his mask back on, but before he can do so, chains materialize around his body. As a gale begins to whip up, the surrounding area is
THVMurakumo is pulled

The figure is pulled into Hell.

bathed in unearthly green light. Uryū, Sado, and Renji watch in surprise as the Gates of Hell manifest and open, pulling the unmasked figure inside. As the blade extends, the chained one screams in terror before the blade impales and obliterates him. His remains drift inside the Gates, which promptly close. The remaining two figures retreat just as Uryū fires arrows at them.

THVRukia confronts

Rukia confronts the two figures.

Elsewhere, Rukia is having similar problems. Clad similarly to the ones whom Uryū, Chad, and Renji fought, two figures stand before her, the taller one whipping her with tentacles from his chest while holding Ichigo's sisters. When Rukia
THVRukia fires

Rukia uses Hadō 33. Sōkatsui.

demands that he release them, he states she cannot order him to do so. His companion tells him it is time to finish Rukia off. the masked figure, who is referred to as Gunjō, agrees with his companion, known as Shuren, and declares they have no time to "play" with her. As Rukia attempts to stop him with Hadō 33. Sōkatsui, the tentacles pierce through the energy blast.

THVIchigo arrives

Ichigo arrives.

Ichigo arrives cuts the tentacles, telling Gunjō to release Yuzu and Karin, and demands they tell him what they want with them. As Gunjō states it appears Taikon and his comrades had failed, Shuren says it will all end the same way, and demands Ichigo come with them, stating they need him to accomplish something for them. Refusing, Ichigo
THVGunjo prepares

Gunjō prepares to return to Hell with Ichigo's sisters.

repeats his request for Gunjō to release his sisters. As Gunjō states he cannot do so, Shuren materializes sword-shaped flames in his hands and tells Gunjō to go back first. Attacking Ichigo, he proves himself to be a powerful fighter, smashing Ichigo out of the sky and onto a building. Shuren praises Ichigo for his power, and states that they looking for such power. Seeing Gunjō walking backwards into a rift with flaming edges, Ichigo chases after him, but his foe stops him with another clash. Meanwhile, the rift continues to close.

THVKokuto saves

The mysterious man rescues Karin.

A blue light explodes from the rift, which opens wide, surprising everyone. Gunjō shouts as one of his arms is cut off, releasing Karin. As a figure with black bandages wrapped around his head grabs Karin, Ichigo and Rukia wonder who he is while Gunjō and Shuren express their displeasure at his appearance. The mysterious figure says he is
THVRift appears

The rift appears once more.

tired of watching them do whatever they please. Both men attack him, but are forced to retreat. When the rift appears once again, closing significantly faster than before, Ichigo rushes towards the rift, but is unable to rescue Yuzu before it closes.

THVKokuto deflects

The mysterious man repels Shuren's attack.

Shuren attempts to blindside the newcomer, but a chain blocks his attack. Realizing what the chains mean, Rukia gasps. As he reveals his face, the newcomer asks if Shuren wants to continue the battle. Cursing him, Shuren places a hand over his cracked mask. Telling him to return Yuzu, Ichigo dodges a flame bolt, which flies at Rukia and Karin. Sado arrives and takes the attack. Appearing afterwards, Renji and Uryū voice concern about Sado.

THVShuren invites

Shuren invites Ichigo to come to Hell.

Shuren, referring to himself and his comrades as Togabito from Hell, says if Ichigo wants to rescue Yuzu, he must help them break free from Hell, a feat which requires Ichigo's power to be achieved. As Ichigo spots him and attacks, Shuren, blocking Ichigo's sword swing, declares Ichigo must destroy the Gates of Hell if he wants Yuzu
THVIchigo demands

Ichigo demands answers.

back. As Shuren fades away in flame, Ichigo, presses the man in bandages for answers, demanding to know who Shuren was, where they took Yuzu, and what was going on with the Gates of Hell. As the bandaged man tells him to calm down and slow down with the questions, Ichigo tells him to answer now. Rukia tells him to calm down, for they must tend to their injuries at this point.

Kurosaki Clinic

THVOrihime heals

Orihime heals Sado.

That night, as Orihime begins to heal Chad, Rukia asks the bandaged man who he is. When asked if the chain he has is Hell's Chain, he confirms this, introducing himself as Kokutō, and a Togabito. When Rukia asks why he helped them against the Togabito from earlier if he is one of them, Kokutō states he is not helping them, and he merely dislikes those Togabito. When Ichigo demands Kokutō take him to Hell, Kokutō reveals Hell's
THVKokuto explains

Kokutō explains his motives for helping them.

air cannot be breathed safely by Humans, so Yuzu will die if she stays in Hell. After a brief description of Hell, Kokutō asks if Ichigo still wants to go. When Ichigo maintains he has to go to save Yuzu, Kokutō agrees to go with them to teach the Togabito from earlier a lesson. When Renji asks why he fought the Togabito, Kokutō reiterates he dislikes them, and in Hell, disliking one creates enemies. When Rukia asks why he is there, he says he deserves to be in Hell for things he has done in his life, stating some people fall to darkness for people they love.

THVRukia tells

Rukia tells Renji to use "that" as a last resort.

Changing the topic, Kokutō says they should get going to Hell. When Renji asks Ichigo if he really trusts Kokutō, Ichigo says he will trust him if it means getting Yuzu back. When Renji says entering Hell would allow the Togabito to toy with him, Ichigo maintains he must go. Rukia states they will go as well. Kokutō tells them to hurry up because he is opening the Gates of Hell. Quietly talking to Renji, Rukia tells him to use "that" to get everyone out of Hell if it goes wrong.

Shuren's Base

THVYuzu lies

Yuzu lies trapped in a cage.

Yuzu is locked in a cage inside a strange, dark room. Talking to Shuren, Gunjō says it appears Ichigo and his friends have entered Hell. When Shuren asks if Murakumo is back, he is told he has been taken by Kushanāda and has sunk into the depths of Hell. Stating they will need a tremendous amount of time to revive him, Shuren instructs Gunjō to intercept the intruders along with Taikon and Garogai.

Hell: First Level

THVFirst Level of Hell

Ichigo and his friends enter the first level of Hell.

Ichigo, Renji, Rukia, Uryū, and Kokutō enter the first section of Hell, which is composed of blocks and blue roads hovering over a void. When Renji states he never thought Hell would look this way, Uryū asks if it is Renji's first time here because he thinks Hell is under jurisdiction of the Shinigami, but Rukia states it is only under their surveillance. Renji says it feels nauseating in Hell, and anyone with low Reiatsu would have fainted by now. As Kokutō reveals the Togabito's base is at
THVOthers observe

Others watch the group.

the lowest level of Hell, they descend to the road. As they run, Ichigo notices people are staring at them. Kokutō states they are Togabito who gave up fighting, and talks about how Togabito keep their abilities in Hell so they can fight Hell's guards, but this is merely to make them despair, for the guards are practically unbeatable. All this causes them to be "brain-dead", making them want to die, but some people resist anyway, fueled by their resentments and memories, which keep them the way they are.

THVKushanada chases

Ichigo and his friends are pursued by a Kushanāda.

As Kokutō says "they" discovered the group, a massive creature with an elongated skull mask and samurai armor on its right shoulder rises out of the void, eyes focused on them. As it raises a hand towards them, Kokutō introduces them as the Kushanāda, Hell's Guardians. Eating several Togabito, the Kushanāda plows through everything to attack the intruders.
THVMask forms

Ichigo's mask appears without warning.

Attempting to flee from it, the group runs into another Kushanāda. As they jump over it, more and more Kushanāda pour in from the walls to pursue them. Rukia, Renji, and Uryū attack one Kushanāda and fail. Ichigo, activating his Bankai, prepares to use Getsuga Tenshō to defeat the Kushanāda, but his Hollow mask materializes on his face. Faltering for a moment, Ichigo destroys all of the Kushanāda with his attack.

THVRukia berates

Rukia berates Ichigo.

Rukia berates Ichigo for using his Hollow mask without warning them, and Uryū states they almost got caught up in the attack as well. Apologizing, a bewildered Ichigo stares at his hand. Noticing this, Rukia asks what the matter is. Ichigo explains he did not call for the mask, and it formed upon his face without him calling for it, surprising Rukia. Kokutō asks if this was Hollow power. When Ichigo confirms this, Kokutō reveals Hell's miasma must be affecting Ichigo
THVUryu reveals

Uryū states Hell is a dangerous place for Ichigo to be.

strangely, possibly bringing out Ichigo's dormant Hollow power, and could cause this power to run out of control. After a moment of silence, Kokutō moves on, and Ichigo follows. As Uryū, Rukia, and Renji stay behind for a moment, the latter two ask Uryū what was wrong. Revealing he had seen Ichigo's Hollow power run out of control before, Uryū states if Hell is exactly how Kokutō claimed it is, Ichigo is in much graver danger than they originally imagined.

Second Level

THVRenji sees

Renji sees a Kushanāda-like statue.

The group runs around several corners before coming to a road leading into empty space. When Ichigo comments on this, Kokutō tells them to ignore that and just jump. Jumping into the vast, smoky chasm below, they plunge through the clouds into Hell's next level, an endless expanse of sea with many small stone islands circling the equator. As the group lands on one shaped like a flower, Uryū wonders what this place is. Staring up at a large skeletal statue in the likeness of a Kushanāda,
THVGunjo appears

The Togabito appear.

Renji wonders if this is a grave. Ichigo asks Kokutō if this is where Yuzu is, but before he can respond, somebody informs them there is nobody there. They whirl around to see the tentacle-wielding Togabito from earlier and the hulking one with large fists. When Ichigo demands they give Yuzu back, a voice from above says he can have her, and the overweight Togabito from earlier, crashing down upon the skull of the statue, reveals the catch to the deal: he will have to help them out first.

THVGarogai reveals

Garogai reveals himself to the group.

As Renji scoffs at the idea, the figure, jubilantly exclaiming he can finally take off his uncomfortable cloak, whips it off, introducing himself as Taikon. Slipping out of his cloak, the tentacled Togabito introduces himself as Gunjō, and their third member reveals his name to be Garogai. Stating this is a precarious environment, Gunjō asks the uninvited to leave. Once again demanding they give back Yuzu, Ichigo fires a Getsuga Tenshō at Taikon.
THVRenji intercepts

Renji intercepts Gunjō's attack.

Garogai attempts to crush Ichigo, who jumps back. Gunjō is intercepted by Renji and Zabimaru. Evading a counter-strike from the lieutenant, Gunjō and Garogai dodge Rukia's Hadō 4. Byakurai. Taikon, attempting a strike of his own from behind, is shot down by a Heilig Pfeil from Uryū. Taikon creates lips on his skin, which swallow up the arrows. As he thanks the Quincy for the "treat", Rukia uses Sōkatsui, which Taikon swallows as well. With
THVTaikon swallows

Taikon swallows Sōkatsui.

a motion similar to blowing a kiss, Taikon sends the energy flying back at them, forcing them to dodge, which creates a heart-shaped crater in the ground behind Uryū. Garogai lands in the crater pushing Uryū back even further. Kokutō tells him here, unhindered by their cloaks, they are much stronger than they were in the Human World. Uryū tries to get a reason, but Garogai attacks again, forcing them to jump away.

THVGunjo chases

Gunjō chases Ichigo.

Leaping out of the flower, Ichigo runs along the rim with Gunjō in hot pursuit. Before they can go too far, bright blue Kidō blasts rain down between them and forces Gunjō to stop for a moment. As Rukia and Renji close in, Taikon, revealing he absorbed all the Reishi from Rukia's attack, returns fire, destroying a large amount of the flower structure. Ichigo,
THVGarogai lifts

Garogai lifts a stone slab.

Rukia, and Renji decide to retreat as the rocks around them crash into the water. Garogai emerges from the water, hefting a giant circular stone slab, and throws it into the water to create a huge tidal wave which crashes down towards the group. Rukia, plunging her sword into the ground four times, activates Tsugi no mai, Hakuren, freezing the wave and the surface of the water solid.

THVRukia blasts

Rukia blasts Garogai into a flower with Kidō.

Undaunted, Taikon and Gunjō blast through the ice, the latter smashing into Ichigo, sending both combatants into another stone flower, where they clash. Uryū prepares to help, but before he can do anything, he is forced to jump away as Taikon blasts him again. Rukia is distracted with Ichigo when Garogai
THVMask forms again

Ichigo's mask manifests again.

shoots his fist at her. Rukia notices and dodges, and Garogai charges Rukia. Before he can attack her, Rukia shoots a Kidō bolt off her shoulder and into him, sending him crashing through a number of rocks until he breaks through the stone flower Ichigo and Gunjō are fighting on. As a growling Ichigo prepares a Getsuga Tenshō, his Hollow mask once again manifests without him calling for it, and after hesitating again, he blasts his foe with the extra power granted by his mask.

THVUryu and Renji confront

Uryū and Renji confront the Togabito.

Ichigo flies out of the blast and lands on the rim of the flower. Kokutō, landing beside him, reveals his sister is further away. Hearing this, Renji tells Ichigo to go on and leave the Togabito to them. Rukia agrees and tells Ichigo and Kokutō to go. As Ichigo reluctantly agrees, the group rushes ahead. As the three jump off the edge and Kokutō plunges into the water, Gunjō states he will not let them escape, forcing Rukia to stay
THVRenji activates

Renji activates his Bankai.

behind to fend him off as Ichigo plunges in after Kokutō. Elsewhere, Uryū stands across from Taikon, who asks if the Quincy honestly intends on fighting him, and if so, he must be tired of living. Disagreeing, Uryū bets his honor as a Quincy he will not lose to the same person. As they begin fighting, Renji, standing across from Garogai, releases his Bankai, suggesting they finish the fight they started in the World of the Living.

Third Level

THVIchigo enters

Ichigo and Kokutō enter the third level.

Plunging through the bottom of the sea, Ichigo and Kokutō descend upon a large wasteland with pools of yellow liquid dotting the ground. Kokutō says they will arrive shortly, and because Shuren's cronies are currently battling Ichigo's friends, their base's defenses will be at their weakest, making it perfect for them to attack. As they descend, a giant fist bursts out of a yellow pool, and a Kushanāda reaches for them. Pushing Ichigo out of the way, Kokutō, trying to attack the Kushanāda, is hurled to the ground. Glancing at his arm, which is burning from where some of
THVIchigo cuts

Ichigo cuts the Kushanāda in half.

the liquid got on it, Kokutō grimaces. The Kushanāda grabs invisible chains. Shedding their invisibility, the chains reveal their linkage to Kokutō, who cries out in fear. Before the Kushanāda can do anything more, Ichigo cuts through its arm and cuts the entire guardian in half with a Getsuga Tenshō. Using Shunpo to move Kokutō's location, Ichigo, deactivating his mask, uses Shunpo to move away with Kokutō in tow just before the yellow liquid cascades over their location.

THVKokuto grunts

Kokutō grunts in pain.

When Ichigo asks Kokutō if he is alright, he, stating he is, asks if Ichigo is okay using his mask. As Ichigo says he is fine, Kokutō, grunting in pain from his wound, tells Ichigo to leave him there, for such pain is not unusual in Hell, and he should just think about saving Yuzu. Bending down, Ichigo asks why he was helping him, for Kokutō's heart fell to darkness
THVKokuto reveals

Kokutō reveals he had a sister.

for the person he loved. Kokutō revealed that he had a sister once, but he let her die, so he would throw himself through any kind of danger for her. Kokutō tells Ichigo to not let Yuzu suffer like his own sister did and save her. As Ichigo looks at him in surprise, Kokutō says it must not be very convincing coming from a heartless Togabito banished to Hell like him. As Ichigo stares at him again, Kokutō tells Ichigo they should hurry or else he will be letting his friends down. The two prepare to dive down to the next level.

THVGarogai emerges

A horribly injured Garogai emerges from the yellow liquid.

High above, the water-like sky bursts as Hihiō Zabimaru, thundering down from the level above, reels through the air before tossing Garogai away. When Renji attacks again with the skeletal serpent, Garogai, grabbing the jaws, pulls them apart, bringing Renji's attack to a forceful stop, and tells him it will not work before, swinging Hihiō Zabimaru around, tossing it down towards the yellow liquid below. Regaining his balance, Renji fires Hikotsu Taihō at the him, knocking him into the water. As a badly injured Garogai emerges, Renji wonders if it was the yellow liquid which was affecting him, and attempts to fire Hikotsu Taihō again, but Garogai punches the accumulating energy before Renji can
THVGarogai is killed

Garogai is killed by Higa Zekkō.

fire, creating a massive explosion, which sends the segments of Hihiō Zabimaru flying. As Renji stares in shock, Garogai, sending him flying upwards with a punch, stomps on Renji after he lands. As Garogai, preparing to punch him again, says it is the end for the lieutenant, Renji slams the handle of his Bankai into the ground. As the segments of Hihiō Zabimaru, glowing red, float upwards, Renji, uses Higa Zekkō, which brings down all the segments of Hihiō Zabimaru down on Garogai, crushing him. Getting up, Renji tells him to not underestimate Zabimaru.

THVTaikon eats

Taikon eats the arrows.

Elsewhere, as innumerable arrows shower upon Taikon, he, saying it is useless, eats all of them. As Uryū growls, Taikon rapidly fires attacks at Uryū, who uses Hirenkyaku to appear behind Taikon. He slashes him with a Seele Schneider, which Taikon absorbs as well. Finding the taste rather funny, Taikon says it
THVTaikon absorbs

Taikon absorbs the Seele Schneider.

does not really matter. As the two combatants land, Taikon tells Uryū that he should just stop struggling and let him kill him. He fires another blast at him. Sidestepping, Uryū, telling him to follow his own advice, charges at Taikon and slashes him with another Seele Schneider, which Taikon absorbs and calls useless. Saying he is not finished, Uryū slashes him again, prompting Taikon to say he had better stop before it is too late.

THVTaikon deflects

Taikon deflects the Seele Schneider.

Landing, Uryū, whirling, fires the same Seele Schneider at Taikon, who, deflecting it to the side, asks if it was supposed to be Uryū's killer shot, saying he never imagined Uryū to be so stupid. Telling him to say so after his final shot, Uryū, drawing one last Seele Schneider, fires it at him. As Taikon, once again stating it is useless, prepares to absorb it, the blade flickers out of existence, the hilt floating in midair in front of Taikon's open mouth. As Taikon

Uryū uses Geldschrank.

wonders what it is, two squares, meeting at right angles materialize around him, their vertices marked by the Seele Schneider, followed by a blue box. Uryū calls this Geldschrank - surrounding an opponent with high density Reishi - and says it is similar to Sprenger. When Taikon says he should have absorbed all of Uryū's Reishi, Uryū reveals the box is created by Taikon's Reishi, not his
THVTaikon is destroyed

Uryū turns away as Taikon is destroyed.

own. As Taikon's body begins to receive cuts, which emit Reishi, Uryū, explaining how Geldschrank took the Reishi it needed from Taikon where the Seele Schneider cut him, tells Taikon he is not the only one who uses an opponent's Reishi as a weapon. Pulling out a Gintō, Uryū, tossing it, says Quincy are much better at it. As the Gintō, striking the Seele Schneider, breaks open, Uryū turns away as the box, contracting and exploding, destroys Taikon.

THVGunjo realizes

Gunjō realizes Taikon's fate.

Far away, the explosion is seen by Gunjō, who realizes Taikon's fate. As Rukia attacks while he is not looking, Gunjō, dangling her upside down with his tentacles, notes his comrades have failed, but this does not affect their plan too much. Attempting to slice the tentacles, Rukia ends up breaking Sode no Shirayuki. Rukia stares at the blade in shock,
THVRukia uses

Rukia defeats Gunjō with San no mai, Shirafune.

and Gunjō decides it is time for her to die. The tentacles begin to constrict, causing Rukia to scream. Gunjō, saying it is such a lovely sound, lowers a motionless Rukia, thinking she is dead. Preparing to move on to another one of Ichigo's companions, he notices it is snowing. Raising her blade, Rukia, using San no mai, Shirafune, forms a blade of ice which, freezing Gunjō, breaks him into pieces, freeing the Shinigami.

THVGunjo shatters

Gunjō shatters.

As Rukia pants on the ground, Uryū runs over and calls to her. As Rukia tells him she is alright, they hear a laughing Gunjō say they are better than he initially thought. As he continues to freeze, a chuckling Gunjō, saying he initially wanted to drag them down with him if he was defeated, tells them to forget it because it is inevitable for them to die there. When Uryū asks what he means, Gunjō, saying he cannot tell them, shatters in a peal of maniacal laughter, leaving Rukia to wonder with dread what is going on.

Fourth Level

THVIchigo pulls

Ichigo pulls himself up.

A stairway shrouded in mist takes Ichigo and Kokutō through a number of tiny houses with one wall missing and a flame flickering inside. Ichigo, gazing at them in wonder, trips and crashes to the ground. Kokutō, asking if he is alright, offers him his hand. Ichigo pulls himself up and apologizes for the hold up. Telling Ichigo to be careful, Kokutō turns to continue their descent.

THVKokuto elaborates

Kokutō explains the fate of Togabito.

The stairs take them out of a rock splitting a waterfall of the yellow liquid in two into the deepest level of Hell. Ichigo, looking at the black sand dotted with rocks, notices he can sense Reiatsu in them. Kokutō reveals that they are filled with Reiatsu from the bones of Togabito, which surprises Ichigo. Kokutō explains how after being constantly bombarded by the Kushanāda, the Togabito lose heart, and as their bodies rot on the ground, Hell's fire consumes the bones. He says it is the resting place of those Togabito, as no matter where you are, freedom is nonexistent. When Ichigo questions this, since they
THVKokuto asks

Kokutō asks Ichigo to free him from Hell.

came to Karakura Town, Kokutō, stating the Kushanāda's watchful eyes extend there too, reminds him of what happened to Murakumo. Turning to Ichigo, he asks for a favor after he has saved Yuzu: release him from Hell. When Ichigo is surprised by this, Kokutō states he wants to be reborn, to see his sister again, and to apologize to her. When Ichigo agrees to do it if he can, Kokutō apologizes for asking to do this. Turning, he tells Ichigo they must hurry, as it is just beyond a hill. Ichigo starts running, with Kokutō following.

THVIchigo slashes

Ichigo slashes the fire blast.

Reaching the top of the hill, Ichigo, looking into the distance, is shocked by what he sees: Yuzu lying unconscious in a small cage, dangling from a large skeleton with rods impaled in it above a pool of lava. Ichigo, screaming Yuzu's name, slips on the sand before leaping onto a rock and flying towards the skeleton. As an orange gleam shines from the top of the skull, a bolt of fire flies at him. Slashing the blast with Tensa Zangetsu, Ichigo, seeing another one coming, jumps over it and onto one of the fingers. On top of the skull, Shuren, who has a Togabito mask
THVKokuto questions

Kokutō asks if Shuren will take them both on by himself.

suspended by chains on his chest, thanks him for coming. Raising his blade, Ichigo shouts for him to give Yuzu back. Introducing himself, Shuren says if Ichigo wants to save Yuzu, he must listen, prompting him to lower his blade slightly. Catching up, Kokutō asks Shuren if he plans on taking on both of them by himself. Shuren says he will not, and while Ichigo and Kokutō wonder what he means, he says Togabito do not die in Hell, something Kokutō should know best. As Kokutō realizes what Shuren means, Shuren, posing with his arms, calls out the names of his fellow Togabito.

THVGunjo revives

Gunjō is revived.

Three streams of lava, bursting from the pool below Yuzu's cage, take on the form of the three Togabito whom they encountered earlier. As Ichigo and Kokutō stare, the Togabito groan and growl as they reincarnate. Shuren reveals they fought earlier to separate Renji, Uryū, and Rukia from them, and died so they could revive here. As Kokutō claims this is impossible because Togabito cannot be revived so fast, Gunjō, who has fully reincarnated, declares what Kokutō thinks he may know may not always be that way. As Gunjō attacks, Kokutō, jumping away, shouts for Ichigo to go save Yuzu and not worry
THVShuren forms

Shuren forms a fire bolt.

about him. Trying and failing to tackle Kokutō, Taikon comments on how strange it is for a Togabito and a Human to be friends. As Garogai drops down, Kokutō is forced to evade once more. Before Ichigo can do anything, he uses Shunpo to move away as Shuren, slashing at where he was, says he will fight Ichigo. As he slices again, Ichigo blocks and charges. Redirecting this, Shuren knocks Ichigo back and blasts fire bolts at Ichigo, forcing him to run. Shuren, flying alongside the stones, states it is about time Ichigo started listening, but Ichigo refuses and attacks.

THVKokuto cuts

Kokutō cuts one of Gunjō's tentacles.

Meanwhile, Kokutō is sent flying by a punch from Garogai towards one of the fingers, which Gunjō is standing on. As Gunjō sends a tentacle flying at Kokutō as he nears, Kokutō cuts it, but he smashes into the finger and falls towards the ground. Taking advantage of this, Gunjō launches tentacles down at Kokutō, who propels himself out of the way. Just as he lands, Taikon fires an energy blast at him, which Kokutō cuts in half. Meanwhile, Ichigo, running from Shuren's flame bolts, jumps onto yet another one of the fingers as Shuren pursues. Shuren fires another flame bolt, which
THVKokuto bifurcates

Garogai is cut in half by Kokuto.

Ichigo blocks. Shuren, with his flame sword, knocks Ichigo through another finger after a brief scuffle. As Shuren fires a barrage of flame at Ichigo, who attacks once more, a smirking Shuren blasts bolts at Ichigo while charging a much larger one in his left hand, which he fires towards his side. Realizing Shuren is firing it towards Yuzu, Ichigo, having let his guard down, goes flying, unable to do anything about the flame bolt. Cutting Garogai in half, Kokutō, jumping in front of the flame bolt, slashes it in half.

THVKokuto is impaled

Kokutō is impaled by Gunjō.

As Ichigo goes flying into the dirt, Kokutō is bound by several of Gunjō's tentacles above the lava. More come to skewer him, though he attempts to slash them. Several, getting through, impale him. Landing next to Gunjō, Taikon declares Kokutō cannot win now. Telling him to shut up, Kokutō, saying it is the same for them, throws his sword at Taikon. As Taikon, swallowing it,, Kokutō uses his Hell Chains to pull on the sword, sending Taikon into the lava. As Gunjō expresses
THVIchigo is surrounded

Ichigo is surrounded by blue light.

shock at what happened, Kokutō, stating it is over, jumps into the lava, pulling Gunjō with him. Ichigo, hearing Shuren attacking once more, runs away from a flurry of flame bolts. As Shuren asks what he is looking at, for his opponent is over here, blue light begins to surround Ichigo, who declares he does not have time to play with Shuren. Briefly materializing, his Hollow mask fades as he fires a Getsuga Tenshō at Shuren. As Shuren dodges, the Getsuga Tenshō penetrates through the many levels of Hell, quaking the blocks at the top level.

THVShuren prepares

Shuren prepares to fire a flame bolt.

Staring at what just happened, Ichigo's attention is attracted by Shuren laughing. Calling his power wonderful, he declares this is the power he needs to destroy the Gates of Hell. Ichigo prepares to attack again, but pauses, realizing that his attack would hit Yuzu. Laughing at how he was rational enough to realize what would happen if he attacked, Shuren blasts a flame bolt which splits as it hits Ichigo's chest, exploding behind him. Shuren, saying he will not kill Ichigo, continues to fire flame bolts at him. Ichigo blocks a flame bolt with Tensa Zangetsu, but the
THVIchigo prepares

Ichigo prepares to slash Shuren.

bolts' explosions obscure him from view. When he is visible once more, Ichigo has his Hollow mask on. Laughing again, Shuren, calling it splendid, tells Ichigo to destroy the gate before blasting another flame bolt. Sidestepping, Ichigo begins to run toward Shuren. Alarmed, Shuren, realizing what will happen, begins attacking more ferociously. Using Shunpo to dodge the flame blasts, Ichigo, jumping at Shuren,
THVIchigo finishes

Ichigo moves close to Shuren.

prepares to slash him. Fully aware Ichigo may be able to beat him now, Shuren uses a flame barrier to keep Ichigo at bay. Rushing behind Shuren, Ichigo jumps off a rock at him. Shuren tries to blast Ichigo as he flies next to the stone-hedge. Ichigo, firing a Getsuga Tenshō at Shuren, slashes him. Attacking one more time, Ichigo deals Shuren a killing blow enhanced with a
THVGetsuga Tensho explodes

The Getsuga Tenshō explodes.

Getsuga Tenshō contained within the blade, which rockets off into the distance as soon as he hits Shuren. Exhausted after defeating Shuren, Ichigo, deactivating his mask, tells Yuzu he is coming. As he begins to run towards her cage, Kokutō's blade stabs him through the chest. As the Getsuga Tenshō he used to kill Shuren finally explodes, Ichigo collapses as the wind from the blast catches up. Walking up, Kokutō nonchalantly asks Ichigo how he is doing.


THVKokuto stabs

Kokutō stabs his blade into the ground next to Ichigo's head.

Bending down, Kokutō pulls the blade from Ichigo's chest, telling him to shut up as he screams in pain, and calls it a small cut. Standing up, he raises his blade over his head and stabs it into the ground next to Ichigo's head. When Ichigo, staring up at him, asks why, Kokutō, saying he did it for the same reason they did, reminds Ichigo about what Shuren said before: after you die, you will be revived. When Shuren lands nearby in lava form, moaning as he tries to revive, Kokutō, calling him a nuisance, wonders why he will not stay dead for a couple moments. As he begins beating Shuren down, Ichigo asked why
THVKokuto stomps

Kokutō attacks Shuren.

he betrayed him. Stating everything is going according to plan, Kokutō says that they were all helping him and tells Ichigo to keep his end of the promise. Struggling to get up, Ichigo, failing to do so, asks about Kokutō's sister. Kokutō states she was real, and she was killed, so he killed her murderer. As Shuren, moaning again, begins to get up, Kokutō, tells him to shut up, for he had felt great for a moment. Kokutō states his sister will never come back to life, so he wants everyone to have a
THVKokuto rips

Kokutō rips off his bandages.

taste of his pain. He rips his bandages off, revealing that his face is horribly burned on the other side. Asking why he was banished to Hell, he recalls how he tried to escape several times, and each time, he was pulverized by the Kushanāda and sent back to Hell, but when he saw a discarded memory of Ichigo, fully Hollowfied, battling Ulquiorra, he passed the information to Shuren and his minions.

THVKokuto speeds

Kokutō attacks Uryū.

Kokutō states he must get out of Hell, even if it means that the Human World and Hell became one. Ichigo, glaring at him, hears Rukia coming and realizes what Kokutō will do now. As Rukia asks if Ichigo is alright, Kokutō, speeding past her, incapacitates her. Appearing behind Kokutō, Uryū prepares to fire a
THVChain blocks

Kokutō's chain blocks Renji's attack.

Seele Schneider, but Kokutō uses the same move on him, and when Uryū tries to slash him, one of Kokutō's Hell Chains blocks his attack. As Uryū falls to the ground, defeated, Kokutō tells him he cannot break the chain with that. Renji arrives and attempts to attack Kokutō, but the chain blocks the attack, leaving Renji wide open to two slashes from Kokutō while he wonders what happened.

THVIchigo attacks

An enraged Ichigo attacks Kokutō.

Reiatsu flaring, Ichigo attacks Kokutō in a rage, but Kokutō dodges, and the impact of Ichigo's slash obscures his vision. As Ichigo attacks again, Kokutō tells him he must release all his hatred and anger upon him so he will cut the chain. As more attacks from Ichigo are blocked by the chain, Kokutō states this is not enough, and to break the chain he must unleash the monster in him. As he speeds away, Ichigo, looking up at the giant skeleton, sees Yuzu's cage falling, but Yuzu is no longer in it. Standing on top of the skeleton, Kokutō commands him to look. Holding up Yuzu, Kokutō, stating she can no
THVIchigo's Reiatsu flares

Ichigo's Reiatsu flares.

longer withstand Hell's miasma, holds her up for him to see a Chain of Fate growing from her chest. Rendered utterly speechless, Ichigo cannot stand this failure, and his Reiatsu flares up in rage. Kokutō tells Ichigo to let all his anger out, for this is Hell, so he does not have to hold back: he can just let the darkness in him take over. As Renji whispers Ichigo's name, Ichigo, holding nothing back, unleashes all of his anger, his Reiatsu flaring wildly. Smiling cruelly, Kokutō drops Yuzu and welcomes Ichigo to Hell.

THVZangetsu builds

Ichigo builds his Cero to maximum power.

As Yuzu falls down towards the lava, Ichigo, blazing forward in fury, catches her before using Shunpo to move back onto safe ground. As a Hollow hole rips open in his chest, he erupts into a blaze of intense Reiatsu. After the Reiatsu clears, a fully Hollowfied Ichigo charges a Cero. Kokutō goads him on. Ichigo, roaring as he builds his Cero to maximum power, unleashes it in a destructive blast which obliterates the skeletal statue and the stones around it. Laughing as he evades, Kokutō allows his chains to
THVChains fall

Kokutō's chains fall to the ground.

take the hit. As the Cero dissipates, the remains of Kokutō's chains become visible as they fall to the ground. As Renji glances at one as it falls down beside him, Kokutō, reappearing atop the last section of the structure surrounding the skeleton, states Shuren and his group believed destroying the Gates of Hell would free them, which was not correct. Revealing the source of their incarceration lay in their chains, Kokutō orders Ichigo to cut more of his chains as Renji tries to come up with a plan to stop this.

THVCero creates

The Cero creates several explosions.

As Ichigo fires another Cero, Kokutō, blocking it with an energy shield, laughs maniacally as he is blasted backward, unharmed but with more of his chains destroyed. As the explosions from the Cero creates a massive explosion which reaches up all the way to the top level, the Gates of Hell, unable to stand the impact, are shattered, causing a massive jet of fire to blast into the sky of Karakura Town. Landing on the shattered skull of the skeleton, Kokutō declares this is the last chain. As Ichigo prepares another Cero, Renji, intervening, tells Ichigo to not let Kokutō provoke him and cuts one of the horns on Ichigo's mask, causing the Cero to explode harmlessly.

THVRenji uses

Renji uses a special Kidō to send Ichigo back to the Human World.

Realizing what will happen, Kokutō, jumping at Ichigo, is too late as Renji uses a special, one-time use Kidō, enveloping Ichigo in a bright blue light. Unable to reach Ichigo in time, Kokutō, halted, wonders what this is. Grinning, Renji, telling him it serves him right, collapses as Ichigo floats upward in blue light, his mask breaking, with his arm still wrapped around Yuzu. Watching his only hope for escaping Hell fly up and away, an enraged Kokutō screams.

Karakura Town

THVCaptains meeting

The four captains have a meeting.

As the destroyed Gates of Hell hover in midair, blue bands surround them, and in turn, those bands are surrounded by Shinigami. Inside a tent, Byakuya, 13th Division Captain Jūshirō Ukitake, 10th Division Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya, and Captain-Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto are having a meeting. As Ukitake tells Yamamoto their Kidō Team is preventing Hell's miasma from spreading any further, Yamamoto asks how Karakura Town is. When Ukitake states
THVShinigami reports

A Shinigami reports Ichigo has appeared.

everything is normal at the moment, Yamamoto, ordering them to continue with the repairs of the Gates of Hell, puts them in charge. Hitsugaya wonders how the Gate was destroyed, for the Togabito do not have this kind of power. Ukitake states Rukia and Renji could not have broken the gate either. Their meeting is interrupted by a Shinigami, who reports Ichigo has appeared outside of the Gates of Hell.

THVIchigo lies unconscious

Ichigo lies unconscious.

Outside the Hell Gate, Ichigo lies unconscious, his arm still over Yuzu. As several Shinigami appear around him, he begins to regain consciousness. As soon as Ichigo is fully awake, he yells at the Shinigami to get away, stating he must get Yuzu away. As a Shinigami tells him they have called a medical team to check on her, they attempt to restrain him. Shaking them off, Ichigo angrily states he has no time to wait for that. As Ichigo and the Shinigami continue to argue, Ichigo's name is
THVShield explodes

Sōten Kisshun explodes.

called, and the Shinigami bow down, as Ichigo realizes Yamamoto has arrived. As Byakuya, Hitsugaya, and Ukitake arrive, Rangiku Matsumoto comes shortly after with Orihime, who, running over to Ichigo, yells his name. Ichigo tells Orihime to save Yuzu, and Orihime activates Sōten Kisshun to heal Yuzu. When the shield begins to flicker and shine with irregular colors, Orihime wonders what is going on before the shield violently explodes, causing Ichigo and Orihime to recoil.

THVYuzu's chain

Yuzu's Hell Chain is revealed.

Reaching over, Orihime flips Yuzu onto her back, revealing a Hell Chain extending from her chest. As Orihime grips the chain briefly before helplessly releasing it, Ichigo, staring, screams at Orihime, shaking her by the shoulders and begging her to do something. Yamamoto interrupts by saying all their attempts are futile because there is a Hell Chain, which
THVIchigo screams

Ichigo screams in rage.

means she is a Togabito, and they can do nothing about it. Staring helplessly, Ichigo denies it, unable to accept his sister is dead. When Yamamoto states everything started because of Ichigo, Ichigo, devastated at how his sister is dead now and how he is responsible for it, screams in rage at what happened.

THVInside the tent

Ichigo sits inside of the tent.

In the Gotei 13's base in Karakura Town, Yuzu lies in a bed inside a tent, with Ichigo sitting nearby. As memories flash in Ichigo's mind of Yamamoto telling him he made the wrong choice in charging into Hell, which is why they now must deal with the current situation at hand, he reminisces about how he lost control and demolished Hell, and Yamamoto tells him
THVYamamoto tells

Yamamoto tells Ichigo what his actions have done.

the demon in him broke the chains which, for centuries, had never been broken once. He recalls Kokutō's chains breaking and falling, and he remembers Yamamoto saying he has caused the Human World to combine with Hell. As Ichigo recalls the massive Cero which destroyed the Gate and blasted a massive jet of flame into the sky, Yamamoto's voice says his irresponsible actions have doomed all Humans.

THVByakuya enters

Byakuya enters the tent.

As Ichigo feels unable to cope with the remorse his deeds have given him, his hands begin to crumple the rug which covers the ground, but his thoughts are interrupted when Byakuya comes in. When Byakuya asks him why he is avoiding his eyes, Ichigo tells him he left Renji, Rukia, and Uryū in Hell, and states because he left them there and was unable to save Yuzu, he let everyone down. As he begins to break down again, Byakuya interrupts by asking
THVByakuya tells

Byakuya tells Ichigo to think about their intentions.

why this matters. Staring at Byakuya in shock, Ichigo says Rukia is in Hell and they did everything to get him out. When the captain states Rukia is an honorable Shinigami and she would know what she was doing, Ichigo, releasing Byakuya, stares at him while the captain calmly tells him if they decided he should be the one to escape, he had better start thinking about their intentions. As Ichigo ponders this, Byakuya, turning to leave, apologizes for intruding.

THVChain glows

Yuzu's Hell Chain glows.

As the blanket covering Yuzu is blown off, her Hell Chain begins to glow red. As Ichigo and Byakuya whirl around, the shaking Chain releases a pulse of energy. As Ichigo runs over, the Chain begins to dissolve, shocking Ichigo and Byakuya. The
THVOrihime runs

Orihime runs inside.

Chain completely disappears and the red light fades. When Yuzu begins to cough, Ichigo grabs her in concern. Byakuya exits the tent, causing the Shinigami to believe something happened. Byakuya tells Orihime, who is standing outside, to enter the tent. As a complying Orihime runs in, Byakuya ponders what happened.

THVOrihime tucks

Orihime tucks Yuzu and Karin into bed.

Later, in the Kurosaki Clinic, Orihime tucks Yuzu and Karin into bed while Ichigo, sitting in the living room, thinks about what Byakuya said. When Orihime enters, Ichigo asks how Yuzu is. When she states she is better now, Ichigo gratefully thanks her, but Orihime, shaking her head, says everyone helped. Asking how Sado is doing, Ichigo is told he is unconscious, but has almost fully recovered. Thanking her again, Ichigo asks if she wants something to drink.
THVOrihime states

Orihime states Ichigo may lose control again.

Realizing what Ichigo intends to do, Orihime asks if he plans to return to Hell. Silent for a few moments, Ichigo states Yuzu was taken by Hell, but she recovered, so there is still a glimmer of hope for Rukia, Renji, and Uryū. Orihime is worried that Ichigo will lose control again, but Ichigo says he knows. If he does this, the world may come to an end, just like Yamamoto
THVOrihime grabs

Orihime grabs Ichigo from behind.

said, but this time he will not lose control. Recalling Kokutō fighting, he states he is extremely strong, so he is not sure if he could beat him again, even if he Hollowfied, but he must win. When Ichigo nearly breaks down again while saying if he does not, he would never be able to face any of his friends who entrusted their lives to him, Orihime tells him he must come back. Ichigo states it will not be long.

THVIchigo appears

Ichigo appears at the Gates.

As the sun sets on Karakura Town, a messenger, coming to Ukitake, Rangiku, and Hitsugaya, tells them Ichigo has broken the barrier and is coming to the Gates this very moment. Hitsugaya asks Ukitake if they should stop him. Ukitake reminds them their top priority is repairing the Gate and offers to handle him. He realizes Ichigo is behind them, Zangetsu in hand. As the three Shinigami reach for their swords, Hitsugaya asks if he is looking for revenge.
THVKushanada reaches

A Kushanāda reaches out.

When Ichigo gives no reply, Ukitake says they have even more reason to stop him in this case. Before he can finish telling Ichigo what will happen if he loses control again, Ichigo, activating Bankai, declares he is going to save his friends. Before the Shinigami can do anything, the Gates begin to pulse red, and a Kushanāda, reaching out, swipes at them. As they all use Shunpo to get back, Ukitake orders
THVSenbonzakura Kageyoshi slashes

Senbonzakura Kageyoshi slashes the Kushanāda.

everyone to stop the Kushanāda from entering the Human World. When Ichigo takes this opportunity to charge into the gate, Hitsugaya, releasing his Reiatsu, tells Rangiku not to go after him because they cannot worry about him right now. As Ichigo charges in, the Kushanāda attempts to stop him, but a flurry of blades from Senbonzakura Kageyoshi slash it.

Back To Hell

THVIchigo plunges

Ichigo plunges through Hell.

Charging through the levels of Hell, Ichigo dives through the first level before any of the Kushanāda can grab him, plummets through the water in the second level without stopping, and plunges straight into the chasm on the third level, ready to save his friends.

The Lowest Level

THVIchigo dives

Ichigo dives towards the tower.

Sitting upon what looks like a Kushanāda's skull, Kokutō, noticing lightning flashing in the sky, stands up to look at what is the matter. Seeing Ichigo plunge through the dark clouds above him, he is pleased Ichigo came to him. Ichigo dives down towards Kokutō, who is standing on a tower in a lake of lava. Landing on the ground, which is composed entirely of bones, Ichigo is greeted with Kokutō telling him he intended to come to the Human World so Ichigo may cut his chains, but was not expecting Ichigo to come to him. Asking if he is here to avenge Yuzu, Kokutō is surprised when Ichigo states Yuzu is alive
THVRenji and Uryu hang

Renji and Uryū hang.

and well. When asked why he came if this is the case, Ichigo states he came to rescue his friends. Scoffing at this, Kokutō declares Ichigo does not seem to know Hell very well. Saying Hell has already bound them in chains, he turns toward a tree of bones. Following his gaze, Ichigo sees Renji and Uryū, bound by Hell Chains, rotting. Kokutō, pulling out his sword, says he is in no hurry because Rukia is ready to be resurrected.

THVRukia bursts

Rukia bursts out of the lava.

As the lava bubbles up, Rukia bursts out, a Hell Chain wound around her body. As a white shihakushō covers her, she gasps in pain. Looking up, Rukia, wondering why Ichigo is there, is interrupted when Kokutō, grabbing her Hell Chain, pulls
THVIchigo states

Ichigo states he will defeat Kokutō.

her close. As Rukia groans from the pain of having her Hell Chain pulled on, Kokutō states the rule in Hell is simple: those who are bound with the chains can be revived endlessly, and if you do not break the chains, you will never get out. Preparing for battle, Ichigo declares he will break the chains, prompting Kokutō to ask if Ichigo will cut his chains as well. Saying he will not, Ichigo, raises Tensa Zangetsu, his Reiatsu flaring along the blade, and states he came to defeat Kokutō.

THVIchigo reappears

Ichigo appears in front of Kokutō.

As Ichigo rushes to attack, Kokutō releases Rukia just as Ichigo appears in front of him, ready to slash, and blocks the attack. With a wave of his arm, Kokutō knocks Ichigo away and attacks him, forcing Ichigo back as they spar on top of the tree. When Ichigo jumps to another place on the tree, Kokutō, running up to him, continues attacking, knocking him away. Ichigo, unleashing his Reiatsu, charges back. Smirking, Kokutō sidesteps, allowing Ichigo's momentum to carry him off to the side. As Ichigo, losing his balance, falls off the tree, Kokutō grabs him by the neck, berating him for
THVIchigo prepares to fire

Ichigo prepares to fire a Getsuga Tenshō.

thinking he could defeat him without his mask, and throws Ichigo down at the skull. As Ichigo, rolling off the skull and onto the ground, stands up once more, Kokutō rushes down to attack again. As the two continue to clash, Kokutō mocks Ichigo's naivete and knocks him off the tower. Seeing the lava below, Ichigo uses Getsuga Tenshō to attack and propel himself up. Noting this, Kokutō, slashing through the pitch-black energy, redirects it at a tree.

THVMask begins to form

Ichigo's Hollow mask begins to form.

Crawling on top of the skull to watch the battle, Rukia sees Ichigo return to the tower. As a Hollow mask begins to form on Ichigo's face, he struggles with his inner Hollow for control as Rukia watches helplessly. Ichigo rips the incomplete mask from his face, but doing so tires him greatly. Asking what is wrong, Kokutō, disappearing, reappears next to Ichigo for an instant, asking what he is afraid of. When Ichigo attacks, Kokutō is gone already. Behind Ichigo, Kokutō, stepping out of
THVKokuto tells

Kokutō tells Ichigo he needs to become the monster.

the shadows, asks if it is his inner Hollow which will destroy the world. Saying if this is the case, Ichigo should never come here again, he throws him off of the skull and attacks once more. Angrily stating Yuzu was saved because Ichigo became the monster, and without its power, Ichigo cannot do anything, Kokutō sends him flying into the mouth of the skull. As Rukia is shaken by the shockwave, a lava vein flares up violently, worrying Rukia.

THVKokuto steps

Kokutō steps on Ichigo's face.

Inside the skull, Ichigo recovers from Kokutō's attack. Appearing above him, Kokutō, mercilessly stomping on his chest, reminds Ichigo how he said in a world of despair, resentments and memories are what keep a person sane. Smashing his heel into Ichigo's face, he says revenge is what drives him. Noticing that lava is
THVKokuto tells Ichigo

Kokutō tells Ichigo to hate him more.

beginning to trickle down towards them, a panicked Ichigo struggles. As an annoyed Kokutō asks what is wrong, the lava lands on Ichigo's hand, catching fire. As Ichigo screams in pain, Kokutō laughs cruelly as the magma explodes outward. As the flames hurtle out of the skull, a badly burned Ichigo is sent flying far away from the skull. When Kokutō lands nearby, his sleeve still on fire, Ichigo angrily glares at him as he tells him to hate him more, for this will make him even more powerful. His sleeve is completely burned away, revealing his hand to be horribly burned as well.

THVKokuto stabs Ichigo

Kokutō stabs Ichigo in the abdomen.

When Kokutō begins to attack him, Ichigo, desperately rolling away, is caught by his Hell Chain and smashed through several rocks into the ground. Jumping at Ichigo, Kokutō stabs him in the abdomen, causing magma to erupt from the earth. Stepping on Ichigo's chest, he asks him if he wants his sisters dragged into Hell again. As the fear and anger of even contemplating
THVGray substance bursts

A gray substance bursts from Ichigo's mouth and abdomen.

this causes Ichigo's Reiatsu to flare out violently, Kokutō jumps away to avoid being injured. Surrounded by Reiatsu, Ichigo stands and glares at Kokutō with Hollowfied eyes, then abruptly loses control as a mysterious gray substance, bursting from his mouth and abdomen, threatens to swallow him. As Ichigo struggles against the gray substance, Kokutō states this is how he wants it: once the body is broken, it is easy for a relapse. He states Ichigo might as well relent because he cannot escape from the monster.

THVRukia screams

Rukia screams Ichigo's name.

As Ichigo's Hollow continues to take over his body, Rukia, making her way over to watch, screams his name. Grabbing her by her Hell Chain and telling her to be quiet because the show is just starting, Kokutō, grinning when he hears humming noises, asks an almost completely Hollowfied Ichigo if he hears it. Kokutō notes the Kushanāda have discovered the change in his Reiatsu
THVKushanada arrive

The Kushanāda arrive to devour Ichigo.

and will devour him to prevent Hell's destruction. He tells Ichigo to hurry up and finish up his transformation, or else he will be devoured, but need not worry as he will be revived. As he says Ichigo will continuously relive this if he does not destroy Hell, the Kushanāda army advances, ready to destroy Ichigo, and Kokutō, moving himself and Rukia to on top of the tree to get to a safe distance, asks Ichigo what he will do. To his surprise, Ichigo asks who would want to be a monster.

THVIchigo breaks

Ichigo breaks off one of his horns.

Repeating the question, Ichigo, reaching up, breaks off one of his horns. As his Hollow form disintegrates, he says because Kokutō cannot get what he wants, he seeks revenge, and only makes people as miserable as he is. As his Hollow form continues to crack, Ichigo, oblivious to the Kushanāda climbing the tower, says revenge is only the path Kokutō took to escape his
THVKushanada looms

A Kushanāda looms behind Ichigo.

sufferings. Ichigo declares while he wants to save his friends, he will not sacrifice innocent bystanders to do it. A Kushanāda rises, with its chin on level with the ground, and Rukia, frantically struggling in Kokutō's grip, tells Ichigo to run. Ignoring the looming threat behind him, Ichigo, stating he swore he will fight, breaks the remains of his Hollow form completely. As the Kushanāda looms over him, Rukia screams as it brings its hand down on top of Ichigo.

THVGolden light clings

Golden light clings to Ichigo.

As golden light begins to shine from underneath the Kushanāda's hand, other Kushanāda, moving away, drop their offensive postures. Thinking it is great, Kokutō shouts for Ichigo to kill them all. Beginning to dissolve, the Kushanāda's hand reveals the golden light clinging to Ichigo's form, creating armor across the side of his head, his torso, and his left arm. Not knowing what is going on, Kokutō takes a step back. As more Kushanāda lend their powers, a massive pillar of golden Reiatsu
THVRukia clutches

Rukia clutches the former location of her Hell Chain.

extends into the sky. Releasing Rukia, Kokutō braces himself while the former grabs onto the tree to avoid being blown away. Cutting the Hell Chains suspending Renji and Uryū in the air, someone catches Rukia and lands on the ground. A gasping Rukia, clutching at where it used to be, looks up to see her rescuer is none other than Ichigo, now clad in an armor of bones.

THVIchigo levels

Ichigo levels his blade at Kokutō.

Wondering what is going on, Kokutō, landing nearby, angrily demands to know what Ichigo did. When Ichigo asks if Kokutō's sister wanted him to avenge her, Kokutō, bewildered, asks what Ichigo is getting at. Asking if she would wish to see Kokutō in his endless killing spree, Ichigo says there would be no end to revenge, and he will just make his sister eternally miserable. As he does this, Ichigo, leveling his blade at Kokutō, declares his friends did not want him to avenge them, but rather to stop Kokutō. As he declares Hell agrees with him and the Kushanāda would rather help a Human than let Kokutō
THVChain breaks

One of Kokutō's chains breaks.

escape, golden light emerges from the skulls in his armor. Kokutō refuses to believe this, and states that both he and Ichigo were in the same situation. Unable to accept such a thing, he attacks Ichigo, who, raising his sword and glowing with ethereal energy, states they are both Humans and both elder brothers. Ichigo's slash fires a golden wave of energy at Kokutō, breaking one of his chains, before launching him backward and ripping a giant gash in the tower.

THVKokuto is bound

Kokutō is bound by even more chains.

When the smoke clears, a giant rut lies in front of Ichigo. At the far edge of the gash, Kokutō crawls away from it with a grievous chest wound. When the shackle on his wrist falls to the ground, Kokutō, gasping, stares at it and, looking at his chest, which is unchained, joyfully proclaims his freedom. However, the ground begins to rumble, hundreds of chains, bursting out of the crevice which Tensa Zangetsu made, dive towards Kokutō. The chains bind and impale a bewildered Kokutō. As they completely immobilize him, wrapping around his entire body multiple times
THVKushanada bow

The Kushanāda bow down to Ichigo.

save for his head, Ichigo declares this is Kokutō's retribution for deceiving Hell, and raises his blade once more. He tells Kokutō to atone for his sins in Hell. Bursting from the ground, purple-red flames close around Kokutō before the chains drag him even deeper into the earth, demolishing the tower in the process. Grabbing Rukia, Ichigo uses Shunpo to get on top of the skull as daylight pours down from a hole in the clouds, shining down on Ichigo while the Kushanāda bow down to him.

THVIchigo cheers

Ichigo cheers.

Noticing her Shihakushō is now black and her Zanpakutō has returned, Rukia looks up at Ichigo, who, saying he did it, throws his arms up into the air and cheers. A smiling Rukia, congratulating Ichigo on what he has done, stands up and says they need to find Uryū and Renji. Ichigo, saying he broke their chains, wonders where they are now.
THVRenji and Uryu emerge

Renji and Uryū emerge.

They look around before Renji shouts out as he and Uryū, digging themselves out, complain about how they feel stiff and ache all over. As Rukia tells them to deal with it because they were bound with the chains, Renji wonders what she is talking about as Uryū, getting up, states he believes it is all over. When Renji wonders what happened to Kokutō, Ichigo states he was dragged into the depths of Hell.

THVIchigo reverts

Ichigo reverts to his normal form.

Beginning to say what the important thing is, Renji and Uryū, surprised by Ichigo's skull armor, demand to know what it is. Ichigo, saying it is the power the Kushanāda gave to him, states it is rather strange. Renji states it is more than strange because they are talking about controlling Hell's power. Uryū, sighing, calls Ichigo hopeless, for this is why people often take advantage of him. Renji tells Ichigo to revert to his normal form, which
THVKushanada attempts

A Kushanāda attempts to crush the group.

he does,. Rukia says if he does so, the Kushanāda will start attacking again. Ichigo realizes this too late, and the Kushanāda loom above them, ready to renew their assault. Panicking, the group runs away as one brings a hand down on the skull, crushing it, and another one attempts to crush them, an attempt which fails and gives them a ramp on which they can rush up back to the surface.

Karakura Town

THVRangiku hugs

Rangiku hugs Hitsugaya, to his annoyance.

Outside the Gates of Hell, Hitsugaya and Rangiku have their swords drawn in case another Kushanāda attacks, but this proves to be unnecessary because the Gates of Hell are finally regenerating. At the last moment, Ichigo and his friends hurl themselves out of the small hole in the Gates. When Orihime runs up to greet them, they begin to fall, so she uses Santen Kesshun to catch them all. A completely healed Sado waves at them. Just as Hitsugaya begins to relax, Rangiku gives him a hug, which does not please him. Byakuya remains expressionless throughout all of this.

THVKarin inspects

Karin inspects Yuzu.

Meanwhile, Yuzu wakes up, but Karin, bolting up, interrupts a greeting from her sister to check and see if she is completely alright, touching the area where her Chain of Fate had been some time ago. As Yuzu is completely clueless, Karin, hugging her, begins crying in joy. Announcing he is home and brought lots of souvenirs, Isshin wonders if no one is home.


  • In the English dub, Rukia is mistakenly referred to as a lieutenant.


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