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This article contains information from video game sources that were not written by Tite Kubo and therefore are not considered canon material by the wiki.

Bleach: Soul Resurrección is the first Bleach game for the PlayStation 3. The game was released as Bleach: Soul Ignition in Japan on June 23, 2011 and as Bleach: Soul Resurrección on August 2, 2011. The game covers Ichigo's entrance in to Hueco Mundo through his arrival in Karakura town and defeat of Aizen. The game features both Japanese and English voice acting in the English version, while the other versions only have Japanese voice acting. The main theme song for the game is Melody of the Wild Dance by SID. Due to licensing issues, the song is removed from the English and Asian versions of the game, but uses a re-arranged instrumental version instead.


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Players utilize the PlayStation 3 controller's analog sticks and four shape buttons Basic controls to control their character in 3D environment. Players move with the Left Stick analog stick while controlling the camera with the Right Stick analog stick.

The X button performs a jump and pressing it again while in air performs a second jump. Melee is performed through the S button which can be utilized for combos. The T performs spirit attacks which consume spiritual pressure from the pressure bar which sits below the health bar at the top of the screen. Some characters have different spirit attacks based on whether they are on the ground or in the air. The C button performs special attacks. Specials are strong moves that consume most if not all the pressure bar. These attacks are different depending on if the character is on the ground or in the air. L1 is used to lock onto an opponent and R1 blocks. While blocking, the player can use the Left Stick analog stick to use Shunpo or Sonído to dodge. R2 performs a dash maneuver which can be held for a constant dash. L2 activates the ignition gauge which sits at the left of the screen. Ignition lights the edges of the screen on fire and triples the power of a character's moves. The gauge can be filled by dealing damage to enemies. Once activated, the gauge will slowly drain. By pressing the L2 button again while in this mode, the character will be drained of all their remaining ignition gauge and utilize their ignition attack which is an immensely powerful move and the strongest a character has.

The health bar at the top of the screen regenerates slowly as time progresses. The more damage a player takes, the less health they can regenerate. The pressure bar regenerates quicker so long as the player is not dashing. Dashing also does mild damage. With each hit, a streak bar is refilled. The higher the streak, the higher the soul points multiplier is. 100 for a 2x multiplier, 300 for 3x multiplier and 1000 for a 4x multiplier. Getting hit does not end the streak. At the end of a level, players are given a grade and extra soul points based on the amount of points collected, difficulty played on, clear time, enemies defeated and Ignition attacks used. Once a level is over, the player can head to the level up menu and use the soul points they earned to learn new abilities and power up. The player is placed on a grid and can only buy upgrades next to ones they have already unlocked. Paths to different grids will be locked until a certain character reaches a specified level. One level equals buying one upgrade.


The game features three modes of play, Story, Mission and Soul Attack.

Story Mode[]

Story mode takes you through fourteen different missions. Each one is based on a different event from the Bleach series. All but two missions follow a basic format of moving through the level until you get to the boss. Defeating the boss wins the level.

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Episode 01: On to Hueco Mundo

The player controls Ichigo Kurosaki as he makes his way into Las Noches through the desert of Hueco Mundo. The player will be introduced to the basics of combat and learn to utilize Ichigo.

Episode Summary :

Ichigo fighting hollows in episode 1 SR

Ichigo battling Hollows.

Ichigo, Chad, and Uryū arrive in Hueco Mundo to rescue Orihime from Aizen. The group begins to head towards Las Noches. Hollows surround the group and Ichigo (player) begins to eliminate them. Ichigo manages to eliminate all of the Hollows and the group presses forward.

The group then runs into Nel Tu, in which Ichigo asks if she is a Hollow. Nel states that she is a Hollow and further states that she is an Arrancar. The Soul Reaper and Arrancar continue their conversation while more Hollows confront Ichigo. While Ichigo is fighting the Hollows, Nel notices that Ichigo does not look much like an Arrancar and eventually realizes that Ichigo is a Soul Reaper. Nel is terrified of Ichigo and begs for her life and Ichigo tries to calm the small Arrancar down and states that he will not kill her. Nel is relieved and asks if she can join Ichigo and his friends on their journey. Ichigo is shocked at her request and Nel states since becoming “friends” with Ichigo she became a traitor, and further states that all traitors are killed. Nel threatens Ichigo to take her with him or else she will cry. Nel breaks down in tears and Ichigo eventually gives in to her demands. Ichigo again manages to defeat the Hollows and the now larger group continues their journey.

Ichigo fighting Slug Tortoise Episode 1

Ichigo battling Slug Tortoise Hollow.

Hollows yet again confront the group, when suddenly Rukia and Renji appear. Ichigo is surprised to see his friends in Hueco Mundo, and Rukia berates Ichigo for not waiting for both Renji and herself to return and leaving for Hueco Mundo without them. Ichigo apologizes and defeats the Hollows.

Menos appears in front of Las Noches in episode SR

A Gillian appears in front of Ichigo.

As the group approaches nearer to Las Noches, more and more hollows begin to appear. Ichigo easily defeats a small group of Hollows, when suddenly a Gillian appears. Ichigo eventually manages to defeat the Gillian, but the victory is short lived.

More Menos Appear Episode 1

More Gillians appear.

A group of three Gillians appear in front of Ichigo. After a long battle, Ichigo defeats the Gillians, and the group finally reaches Las Noches.

Ichigo defeats menos episode 1

Ichigo defeats the Gillians.

Episode 02: Castle of Hollows

The player takes control of Uryū Ishida as he fights his way through Las Noches and the many Arrancar. The player will learn of Uryū's tactics and be introduced to his Gintō meter.

Episode Summary :

Uryu fighting hollows episode 2 SR

Uryū battling Hollows.

Uryū arrives in Las Noches and notices high levels of Reiatsu. Despite the imminent danger, Uryū continues his journey throughout Las Noches. Hollows quickly surround Uryū, but he quickly dispatches them.

Uryū continues to travel through the many corridors of Las Noches and quickly eliminates any Hollows that are blocking his path. As Uryū quickly cuts his enemies down, he proclaims that Aizen should not fear the Soul Reapers, but rather he should fear the Quincy.

Uryu confronted by Arrancars episode 2 SR

Uryū confronted by Arrancar in Las Noches.

After fighting many Hollows, Uryū smashes into the layer of Szayelaporro Granz and is confronted by his Fracción. With help from Renji, Uryū begins to fight the seemingly endless amounts of Arrancar. Eventually, Uryū and Renji manage to defeat all of the Arrancar.

Uryu defeats arrancar episode 2

Uryū defeats the last of the Arrancar.

Episode 03: Blood Battle

Utilizing Ichigo once more, the player makes their way through the desert within Las Noches, defeating the many Hollow and Arrancar along the way. At the end, Ichigo must defeat Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez in his released form.

Episode Summary :

Ichigo fighting hollows episode 3 SR

Ichigo fighting Hollows.

As Ichigo continues to fight Hollows through the desert with Las Noches, looking for Grimmjow. Nel shows concern for Ichigo, but Ichigo reassures her that everything will be alright. Orihime also shows the same concern for Ichigo's well being, however, Ichigo tells Orihime that she shouldn't worry and he promises her that he will win.

Ichigo defeats a hollow episode 3 SR

Ichigo defeating one of many Hollows.

Ichigo continues to fight many Hollows and begins to grow exhausted; Nel again shows concern for her new friend. Orihime tries to reassure the small Arrancar that Ichigo will win, because he said he would. Even more panicked, Nel shouts out that Ichigo is scared and is only saying he will win to be brave. Orihime tells Nel that Ichigo wouldn't do that, and states if Ichigo says he is going to win, he means it. Orihime further states that when Ichigo says something of that nature, he is making a promise to others and possibly to himself, and further by saying it out loud he solidifies his resolve. Orihime concludes that instead of worrying about Ichigo, they should believe in him.

Ichigo confronts Grimmjow episode 3 SR

Ichigo confronts Grimmjow.

Ichigo eventually finds Grimmjow and a battle ensues between the Substitute Soul Reaper and Espada. As the seemingly endless battle continues, both opponents sustain great injuries. Grimmjow taunts Ichigo and states that Ichigo looks pretty banged up and is at his limit. Ichigo responds saying Grimmjow looks pretty banged up himself. Grimmjow tells Ichigo that he’s wrong, and the fight continues. Grimmjow mercilessly attacks Ichigo and tells Ichigo that the fight is over. Just as the battle appears to be at an end, Orihime calls out to Ichigo and begs him not to die. Orihime tells Ichigo that he doesn't have to win or fight for her, but pleads that he does not get hurt for her sake.

Ichigo exhausted episode 3 SR

Ichigo exhausted while fighting Grimmjow.

Now with his resolve restored, Ichigo continues to battle Grimmjow, and tells Grimmjow that he cannot afford any more injuries. Ichigo delivers several serious blows to Grimmjow and both fighters temporarily stop fighting. Grimmjow tells a very exhausted Ichigo that he cannot stand that no matter how many times Ichigo gets beat down, he still believes he actually has a chance of defeating him. Grimmjow delivers a huge blow to Ichigo, which knocks him through several towers.

Ichigo defeats Grimmjow episode 3 SR

Ichigo defeats Grimmjow.

Grimmjow states it doesn't matter if someone is a Human, a Shinigami, or an Arrancar, anyone who looks down on him will be crushed, and further states that Ichigo will be the first to be defeated. Grimmjow proclaims that Ichigo will bend to his will and claims that he is the king. Ichigo states that Grimmjow isn't the only one who wants to win. These word shock Grimmjow, and Ichigo continues to say that Grimmjow wanted to finish him first and Ichigo says that he will do the same. Ichigo declares that he will defeat Grimmjow, Ulquiorra, and Aizen and will take all of his friends back home with him. Ichigo proclaims that he can’t afford to lose to Grimmjow and delivers the final blow.

Episode 04: Ultimate VS Merciless

Taking control of Kenpachi Zaraki, the player makes their way through the exterior of Las Noches, taking down the Arrancar in his path with ease before confronting the Espada Nnoitra Gilga.

Episode Summary :

Kenpachi prepares to kill a hollow episode 4 SR

Kenpachi prepares to kill a Hollow.

After Ichigo barely manages to defeat Grimmjow, the Quinto Espada Nnoitra Gilga confronts him. Still not having recovered from his injuries with his battle with Grimmjow, Ichigo is at the mercy of Nnoitra. Meanwhile, backup from Soul Society arrives in Hueco Mundo, including Kenpachi Zaraki. Kenpachi begins to slash his way through Las Noches towards Nnoitra Gilga. Kenpachi manages to defeat the Hollows with ease and eventually confronts Nnoitra.

Nnoitra and Kenpachi cross blades episode 4 SR

Nnoitra and Kenpachi cross blades.

Kenpachi begins to taunt Nnoitra and the Espada charges towards the Soul Reaper. The two opponents cross blades, and Nnoitra asks for the name of his opponent. Kenpachi formally introduces himself and Nnoitra does the same, and the two begin to battle.

Kenpachi injured episode 4 SR

Kenpachi stands with his many injuries.

The battle continues for a period of time with both men inflicted with multiple injuries, however, Nnoitra has the upper hand on Kenpachi. Nnoitra declares a premature victory and Kenpachi is silent. Suddenly, Kenpachi laughs uncontrollably, stunning the Espada. Kenpachi states that nothing is over, rather it’s just starting to get fun, and the Espada and Soul Reaper continue their battle.

Kenpachi defeats Nnoitra episode 4 SR

Kenpachi is victorious.

Kenpachi manages to land several blows on Nnoitra, which confuses the Espada. Nnoitra does not understand why Kenpachi, who has been cut by Nnoitra more times than himself and has received more serious wounds, has the ability to keep striking back. Nnoitra tries to reassure himself by saying he is the best and demands that Kenpachi hurry up and die. Kenpachi thanks Nnoitra for “the good time,” and defeats the Espada.

Episode 05: Exequias

Rukia Kuchiki makes her way around the outside of Las Noches, defeating the low level Hollows in her path before taking on Rudbornn Chelute and his Exequias that are created from his release.

Episode Summary :

Rukia defeats Arrancar with Kido episode 5 SR

Rukia defeats an Arrancar using Hadō #33, Sōkatsui.

After being healed from her serious injuries from her emotional battle with the Noveno Espada, Aaroniero Arruruerie, Rukia quickly moves toward the 5th tower to aid Ichigo. Rukia states that she is coming to help Orihime and Ichigo, but is confronted by large groups of both Arrancar and Hollows. Rukia manages to quickly exterminate her opponents and continues her journey towards the 5th tower.

Rudbornn and Exequia confront Rukia episode 5 SR

Rukia is confronted by Rudbornn and the Exequia.

Eventually, Rukia arrives at the base of the 5th tower only to be confronted by Rudbornn Chelute and the Exequias. As Rukia begins to fight the Exequias, Rudbornn introduces himself as their leader and states that he has come to take Rukia's life. Rukia responds by saying that she does not have the time to waste fighting him.

Rukia fighting Exequia episode 5 SR

Rukia fights the Exequia.

Rukia continues to fight the Exequia, and eventually manages to defeat all of them. Despite having all of his underlings defeated, Rudbornn states that defeating the Exequia does not guarantee victory, and Rudbornn goes into his Resurrección, Árbol.

Rudbornn Árbol Episode 5 SR

Rukia confronts Rudbornn in his Resurrección.

Rukia begins to fight both Rudbornn and his endless amount of Calaveras. The battle goes on for a period of time and Rudbornn and his army seem impossible to defeat. Rudbornn declares that the godlike power of Árbol will continue to create endless amounts of Calaveras and that victory is impossible for Rukia. Rukia suddenly realizes a way to stop the creation of the Calaveras and freezes the branches of Árbol with her Zanpakutō, and defeats Rudbornn.

Rudbornn defeated episode 5 SR

Rudbornn is defeated.

Episode 06: Despair

Taking control of Ichigo once again, the player fights though the inside of Las Noches, traveling upwards as he reaches the top of the dome to fight Ulquiorra Cifer in his Segunda Etapa.

Episode Summary :

Ichigo defeats Calaveras episode 6 SR

Ichigo defeats a large group of Calaveras.

Ichigo arrives at the 5th Tower to rescue Orihime from Ulquiorra Cifer. After he arrives, Ichigo is quickly confronted by a large group of Calaveras. Ichigo quickly defeats his opponents and declares that he will protect his friends and save Orihime. However, Ichigo's victory is short lived and more Calaveras and other Arrancar attack him. Ichigo continues towards the top of Las Noches and continues to fight the seemingly endless amount of Arrancar along the way.

Meanwhile, Ulquiorra asks Orihime if she is afraid of dying. Orihime replies that she is not afraid, because her friends came to rescue her and that her heart now resides with her friends.

Ichigo Hollowfied episode 6 SR

A Hollowfied Ichigo prepares to fight a group of Arrancar.

Ichigo continues to fight Arrancar and ends up using Hollowfication to quickly defeat his opponents.

Concurrently, Ulquiorra is shocked by Orihime's statement and He asks her what a heart is, and if he could see it if he tore open her chest or cracked her head open. Ichigo arrives just in time to save Orihime, and he demands that Ulquiorra get away from her. Ulquiorra replies that he intended to leave Orihime and follow his order to protect Las Noches. Ulquiorra further states that Aizen gave him no instructions to kill Orihime, but in order to protect Las Noches, he is prepared to kill Ichigo. The two opponents eventually take their fight to the roof of Las Noches.

Ulquiorra Segunda Etapa episode 6 SR

Ulquiorra in Segunda Etapa.

Ulquiorra enters the second stage of his Resurrección, Segunda Etapa, and begins his assault on Ichigo. Despite being at a great disadvantage, Ichigo tries to fight Ulquiorra, and eventually Hollowfies again.

Ichigo cero block episode 6 SR

Ichigo blocks Ulquiorra's Cero using Getsuga Tenshō.

Ulquiorra continues to taunt Ichigo and demands that he fire Getsuga Tenshō in order to prove to Ichigo how powerless he truly is against him.

Ichigo determined episode 6 SR

Ichigo vows to defeat Ulquiorra.

Ichigo's fight with Ulquiorra drags on, and Ichigo sustains serious wounds. Ulquiorra asks Ichigo why he fights a battle that he has no chance of winning. Ichigo replies that he’s not fighting Ulquiorra because he believes he can win, rather he is fighting because he has to win. Ulquiorra states that Ichigo's belief is ridiculous and attacks Ichigo.

Episode 07: Heart

Picking up from the conclusion of the last episode, the player assumes control of Hollowfied Ichigo in order to take down Ulquiorra once and for all. This level is a boss level.

Episode Summary :

Despite being seemingly killed by Ulquiorra's Cero Oscuras, Ichigo is revived after hearing Orihime's cry for help. However, Ichigo has been taken over by his inner hollow, in a new monstrous form.

Hollow Ichigo 2nd full form revealed episode 7 SR

Ichigo is revived?

Ulquiorra is stunned to see Ichigo alive, and demands to know who and what his new form is. Hollow Ichigo responds by roaring and then attacks Ulquiorra.

Ulquiorra, while fighting off Hollow Ichigo's attacks, demands to know who the Hollow is, but Hollow Ichigo does not respond. Ulquiorra states that Ichigo must have forgotten how to speak, and continues to attack Hollow Ichigo.

Hollow Ichigo firing cero episode 7 SR

Hollow Ichigo charges a Cero.

Meanwhile, Uryū and Orihime are in shock of Ichigo's new monstrous appearance. Hollow Ichigo and Ulquiorra continue to fight, and Ulquiorra says that he does not understand how Ichigo gain his new form, but states that no matter how powerful Ichigo's attacks become, Ichigo will never defeat him.

Hollow Ichigo continues his vicious attack on Ulquiorra, and barely audibly states that he will help. Orihime realizes and says that it is all her fault that Ichigo has become a monster. Hollow Ichigo then delivers a massive attack and defeats Ulquiorra. Ulquiorra is in shock that he lost to a Hollowfied Human.

Episode 08: Ice Dragon vs. Imperial Shark

The player takes on the role of Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya as he travels through the Fake Karakura Town, taking out all the enemies in his way before finally facing Tier Harribel.

Episode Summary :

Sr episode 8 hitsugaya fights hollows

Hitsugaya fights Hollows throughout Fake Karakura Town.

Tōshirō is confronted by large group of Exequias and prepares to quickly defeat them using Bankai. Hitsugaya tells Rangiku to keep her cool and stay on her toes while fighting the enemy. Hitsugaya goes off and defeats the hollows one by one.

Sr episode 8 hitsugaya confronts harribel

Hitsugaya confronts Harribel.

Eventually, Hitsugaya manages the defeat all of the Hollows, and confronts the Tres Espada, Tier Harribel. After a brief period, the two opponents arrive at a stalemate.

SRHitsugaya vs

Hitsugaya fights Harribel.

Hitsugaya is forced to activate Hyōten Hyakkasō in order to defeat the Espada. Before delivering the final blow, Hitsugaya asks the Espada her name, in which she responds Tier Harribel. Hitsugaya declares that the battle must end, and the two opponents engage in one final spar.

Sr episode 8 hyoten

Hitsugaya defeats Harribel using Hyōten Hyakkasō.

Eventually, Hitsugaya manages to capture Harribel in his trap and manages to defeat her.

Episode 09: God of Hueco Mundo

The player now controls Captain Suì-Fēng who travels the Fake Karakura Town before coming battling the Espada of old age, Baraggan Louisenbairn.

Episode Summary :

The Gotei 13 continues to fight Aizen's subordinates all across the Fake Karakura Town. After Captain-Commander Yamamoto uses Jōkaku Enjō to separate Aizen, Ichimaru, and Tōsen from the Arrancar, the Espada split up to find opponents to fight. After Tōshirō has seemingly defeated the Tres Espada, Tier Harribel, the Captain of the 2nd Division, Suì-Fēng prepares to fight the Segunda Espada, Baraggan Louisenbairn.

SR episode 9 Suì-Fēng vs Exequias

Suì-Fēng fights Exequias.

Suì-Fēng is almost instantaneously confronted by a group of Exequias on her way to the defeat Baraggan Louisenbairn. Suì-Fēng defeats her opponents with ease, without the aid of her lieutenant, Marechiyo Ōmaeda who is struggling to keep up. The captain taunts her lieutenant over his apparent uneasiness of fighting. Before Ōmaeda can say another word, Suì-Fēng tells her lieutenant to "make himself useful and die." Ōmaeda "humors" his captain's statements, and replies that he is neither scared or nervous about fighting, and further declares that he is not going to die. Suì-Fēng "listens" to her lieutenant and commands him not to die.

SR episode 9 Suì-Fēng confronts Baraggan

Suì-Fēng confronts Baraggan.

Suì-Fēng continues to confront more Exequias and other various Hollows on her way to the Segunda Espada. Eventually, Suì-Fēng reaches her destination and prepares to fight Baraggan Louisenbairn, who then releases his Resurrección, Arrogante. Suì-Fēng is shocked at the Espada's gruesome transformation and demands to know what has happened to him. Baraggan commands the captain to "shrivel up and die!" and the battle ensues.

While fighting, Baraggan explains to Suì-Fēng that each Espada has "an aspect of death," which represents their power, and that his own aspect of death is "old age." The Espada further explains that "old age" signifies "time; the most powerful and absolute form of death that none can withstand," and Baraggan continues to lecture and taunt the captain.

Ōmaeda begins to fear for his captain's life and believes that Baraggan is "a bigger monster than Aizen could ever be!" Baraggan grows tired of his opponent and declares that it is time for the fight to end. Baraggan continues to laugh and taunt his opponent and states that he is the "only one and absolute power" and that everything else is insignificant. The Espada states that his opponents lives are "as meaningless as the lives of wandering ants."

Sr episode 9 Baraggan defeated

Baraggan defeated by Suì-Fēng's Bankai.

After a while, Suì-Fēng manages to deliver significant blows to Baraggan. Baraggan is enraged by this and states that their "insolence of defying the Emperor will be rewarded with death!" Baraggan the releases Respira on his opponents and declares that as "Emperor Baraggan Louisenbairn, God of Hueco Mundo" their fates are now sealed. Suì-Fēng replies to the Espada and declares that she "wished that she did not have to use this Bankai" to defeat him. The captain further states that her Bankai goes against her pride as a member of the Onmitsukidō. Suì-Fēng finally releases her Bankai, Jakuhō Raikōben and defeats Baraggan.

Episode 10: Lone Wolf

The player now controls Captain Shunsui Kyōraku. The player uses Shunsui to fight through the Fake Karakura Town, taking out the many Hollows along the way before confronting the Primera Espada, Coyote Starrk.

Episode Summary :

While the battle between the Gotei 13 and the Espada rages on, the Captain of the 8th Division, Shunsui Kyōraku, prepares to fight the Primera Espada, Coyote Starrk. Captain-Commander Yamamoto orders the Gotei 13 to fight and vow to protect Soul Society with all their might from Aizen and the Espada. Captain Shunsui and Captain Jūshirō Ukitake of the 13th Division converse with each other and note how intense the atmosphere is. The two decide to travel together to defeat the Arrancar. Under Yamamoto's orders, Shunsui and Ukitake begin their journey through the Fake Karakura Town to confront the Arrancar and Starrk.

Shunsui battles many Hollows as he journeys to the location of the Primera Espada. Along the way, Ukitake and Shunsui are confronted by Coyote Starrk's partner, Lilynette Gingerbuck. Lilynette begins to taunt the two captains and suggests that they go home, due to Starrk's incredible strength. Ukitake thanks the small Arrancar for her "concern," but suggests that Lilynette herself should go home, due to her still being "a child." Outraged, Lilynette states that she is not a child. Eventually, Shunsui reaches the location of the Primera Espada.

SRShunsui confronts

Shunsui confronts Starrk.

Starrk Resureccion episode 10 SR

Starrk and Lilynette release their Resureccion, Los Lobos.

Starrk and Lilynette merge together and Starrk releases his Resurrección, Los Lobos. It is revealed that Starrk and Lilynette are in fact the same being and the two begin to fight as one. While fighting, the two begin to argue with each other. Eventually, the two cease arguing and Starrk begins to fight Shunsui. Starrk comments the Shunsui dresses "flashy," and demands the captain to "stop running around," because it makes him look "stupid." Shunsui refutes and notes that when someone like Starrk is number one, it makes things much more difficult. Shunsui the asks if Starrk can shoot Ceros with his gun, and further asks if Starrk can shoot attacks other than Cero. Starrk simply replies that he "can't," and Shunsui calls him "a terrible liar." The captain further states that there is no point for the Espada to hide his strength anymore. Starrk is angered by this and states that he went through the trouble of releasing his Resurrección and declares that he will make the captain fight seriously. Shunsui begins to struggle in the fight, and Starrk notes that the captain seems desperate and out of character. Shunsui then asks the Espada why he would force his own views on him.

Shunsui shows true power sr episode 10

Shunsui shows Starrk his true power.

The warriors continue to battle when Shunsui suddenly releases a new power. Starrk is shocked at the sudden change in events and cannot believe that KShunsui was still hiding such a power in their battle. Shunsui explains that he wasn't trying to hide it, but rather that his Zanpakutō, Katen Kyōkotsu, was not in the mood. To himself, Starrk wonders why he had to fight someone that strong. Shunsui begins to utilize Katen Kyōkotsu's special ability against Starrk, and the battle continues.

Starrk defeated episode 10 SR

Shunsui defeats Starrk.

While fighting his opponent Starrk begins to remember his past and his first encounter with his second-half, Lilynette. Starrk recalls how much he envied Hollows weaker than himself, and how much he desired companionship, however, due to Starrk's great power, the souls of weaker Hollows were destroyed by his presence alone. To escape solitude, Starrk split his soul and Lilynette was born. Shunsui manages to deliver a final blow to Starrk and before dying Starrk recalls how Lilynette, Aizen, and the other Espada saved Starrk from loneliness. Starrk also recalls one of his conversations with Lilynette and remembers that he vowed the two would always be together. Starrk realizes that he is no longer alone and dies.

Episode 11: Raging Beast

The player assumes control of the prideful Captain Byakuya Kuchiki and learns how to utilize his unique melee abilities. Traveling through Las Noches towards the Cero Espada Yammy Llargo.

Episode Summary :

After the defeat of Ulquiorra at the hands of the Hollowfied Ichigo; as well as the defeats of Starrk, Baraggan, and Harribel in the Fake Karakura Town, the only Espada left standing is the Decimo Espada, Yammy Llargo. Chad notices that the Reiatsu from the canopy of Las Noches has disappeared and Rukia deduces that Ichigo must have managed to defeat Ulquiorra. Yammy becomes enraged at Ulquiorra for dying before Yammy could assist him in eliminating Ichigo and his friends. Yammy raves about all the effort of eating, sleeping and charging his Reiatsu in order to become stronger, and "wasting" it on weak "maggots" simply isn't enough. Meanwhile, Byakuya senses the drastic change in Reiatsu and heads towards his sister's location.

Byakuya fighting Exequias SR episode 11

Byakuya fights his way towards the 5th Tower.

Byakuya rushes towards the 5th Tower to assist his sister and her friends and is attacked by Exequias and other Hollows along the way. Suddenly, Yammy releases his Resurrección, Ira and his number suddenly changes from 10 to 0. Yammy states that he is the only Espada whose number changes by charging his power and releasing a Resurrección. Yammy re-introduces himself as the Cero Espada, Yammy Llargo. Rukia and the others are shocked by the drastic turn of events and are quickly overwhelmed. After sensing the sudden burst of Reiatsu, Byakuya charges further to assist his sister.

Now out of breath, Rukia and the others have been quickly defeating by the Espada, with Rukia now being a captive of Yammy. Yammy notes that it is difficult to crush someone who is "puny." Rukia continues to struggle in her attempts to break free of the Espada's grasp, while Yammy contemplates how he will kill Rukia. Suddenly, Ichigo appears and states that Yammy has gotten much bigger since the last time they met. Yammy recognizes his opponent and declares that he will kill Ichigo.

Meanwhile, Byakuya continues to defeat his opponents on his way to rescue Rukia. Back at the base of the 5th Tower, Ichigo and Yammy are ensued in battle. Yammy attempts to taunt Ichigo by telling the Substitute Shinigami to take a look at his number. Furthermore, Yammy states that no other Espada is stronger than him. The Espada's taunts are ineffective, and Ichigo states that he does not care about the differences in their strength and vows to defeat Yammy. Yammy is enraged by this and attacks Ichigo once more.

SRYammy captures

Ichigo is captured by Yammy.

SRByakuya confronts

Byakuya arrives.

Not long after, Ichigo has been captured by the Espada and Yammy prepares to kill him. Byakuya appears and fires Sōkatsui at the Espada, freeing Ichigo. Byakuya begins to attack once again, enraging Yammy even further. Suddenly, Kenpachi also appears on the scene and tells Byakuya to stay out of the fight. Byakuya is perplexed to what the 11th Division captain is talking about and states that he was the first on the scene and that Kenpachi is the one who should stand back. Ichigo is surprised about the sudden appearance of the two captains and Byakuya orders Ichigo to stand back. Kenpachi further states that Ichigo gets "his ass handed to him" everywhere he goes, and that he is an embarrassment and should leave at once. Ichigo is at a loss for words and Byakuya states that the Substitute "has no business here." Byakuya orders Ichigo to return to the World of the Living and further tells Ichigo to "know his place." Byakuya further states that as a Captain of the Gotei 13, he would never require Ichigo's assistance. Byakuya tells Ichigo that his duty is to protect Karakura Town. Ichigo leaves and Byakuya and Kenpachi eventually defeat Yammy.

SRYammy is defeated

Byakuya defeats Yammy.

Episode 12: Divine Power

The player now gets control of Yoruichi Shihōin with her special gauntlets. She fights through the Fake Karakura before taking on Sōsuke Aizen in his chrysalis form.

Episode Summary :

The Gotei 13 has gained ground in the battle against the Aizen and the Espada. The tables soon turn, when Aizen draws his sword and engages the Gotei 13. Aizen manages to easily defeat the captains one-by-one, when suddenly Ichigo arrives from Hueco Mundo and prepares to attack Aizen. Ichigo manages to find an opening in Aizen's defense and wounds him. The attack, however, is not fatal. The strike is ineffective due to the power of the Hōgyoku (now embedded in Aizen). Aizen taunts Ichigo and states that Ichigo had gone through his last opening and failed to kill him. Ichigo states that wounding him is enough. Aizen retorts and states that his injury is not a wound, and his injury heals instantly. Ichigo is shocked and states that it is instant regeneration. Aizen replies and states that it is not instant regeneration, rather it is a defense mechanism of the Hōgyoku to protect its master. Aizen taunts Ichigo by stating that he had planned everything in Ichigo's life as a Shinigami and set up all of his battles, and further states that Ichigo's growth is due to his own influence rather than Ichigo's own skill. Aizen further states that Ichigo was special from the moment he was born and prepares to reveal that he is a child of a Human and a Shinigami, when all of a sudden, Isshin Kurosaki appears.

Ichigo is shocked to see his father and is stunned to learn that his father is a Shinigami. Soon, Kisuke Urahara and Yoruichi Shihōin arrive at the scene. The group reveals to Ichigo that they have been preparing for Aizen's invasion, and soon begin attacking the ex-captain.

Yoruichi fights hollows sr episode 12

Yoruichi fights her way throughout the Fake Karakura Town.

The group splits up and Yoruichi pursues Aizen throughout the ruins of the Fake Karakura Town. Along the way, Yoruichi in confronted by countless Hollows and Arrancar. Meanwhile, while fighting Urahara, Aizen comments how the name meaning of the Hōgyoku (orb of destruction) is a fitting name. Aizen further explains the the Hōgyoku destroys all boundaries between those who are gods and those who are not. Urahara notes that in has been a while since their last meeting over a century ago, and that Aizen has managed to fuse with the Hōgyoku. Aizen “corrects” Urahara by stating that he did not fuse with it, rather he mastered it.

Yoruichi confronts Aizen episode 12 sr

Yoruichi confronts a transformed Aizen.

Eventually, Yoruichi manages to defeat her opponents along the way, and confronts Aizen, who has “evolved” due to the power of the Hōgyoku. Yoruichi notices the change in Aizen's appearance, in which Aizen replies that “we all look unsightly in the process of evolution.”

Aizen prepares to attack Yoruichi SR episode 12

Aizen prepares to attack Yoruichi.

Aizen continues to taunt Yoruichi as the two former captains battle. Yoruichi continues to struggle against Aizen until Kisuke Urahara intervenes. Isshin also arrives on the scene at notes that Aizen has become so powerful that his Reiastu is undetectable. The three team up and Yoruichi manages to land on blow on Aizen. Unfortunately, Aizen is unfazed by the blow and attacks Yoruichi.

Episode 13: Awakening

A straight boss battle. Ichigo takes on the ever mysterious Gin Ichimaru in a one on one confrontation.

After Ichigo fails to injure Aizen, Aizen reveals that he has planned all of Ichigo's battles from the very beginning. Ichigo is shocked at this revelation, when his father, Isshin intervenes. After a short exchange of words, Ichigo regains his composure and confronts Gin Ichimaru.

SRGin smiles

Gin grins.

When Ichigo arrives, Gin asks if Ichigo remembers the last time they fought and Gin states that he remembers Ichigo as a "weird kid." Ichigo professes that he does not remember their battle. Ichigo further explains that he does recall Ichimaru's sword, but doesn't recall his heart. In response, Gin simply smiles and the battle begins.

During their battle, Ichigo further clarifies his statement and explains that when he fights someone, he can "see" what they are thinking. Ichigo states the stronger the opponent, the more he can read their thoughts. Gin rebuts and states that Ichigo is rather creepy. Gin then asks Ichigo if he knows what the range of his Zanpakutō, Shinso is. Ichigo states that he doesn't know and Gin declares that Shinso has a range of one-hundred sword lengths and states as a child his nickname was "hundred swords."Ichigo replies saying that he never asked that question. Gin then asks Ichigo what Shinso's range is in Bankai. Ichigo declares that he didn't come to be quizzed. "Disappointed," Gin reveals that the actually range of his Bankai is thirteen kilometers. Gin then releases his Bankai, Kamishini No Yari and continues his battle with Ichigo.

SRGin activates

Gin releases Bankai.

After a struggle, Aizen appears in his first evolved form and tells Gin "it is time." Gin tells Ichigo it is all over and everyone, including Ichigo, will die. Ichigo states he will never let that happen and the battle continues. Eventually, Gin overpowers Ichigo and suddenly Aizen appears in front of Ichigo. Aizen commands Gin to open the Senkaimon, to which Gin obeys.

SRAizen's second form

Aizen's new form.

Aizen's "cocoon" shatters and Aizen evolves into another form. Ichigo is left in shock as Aizen leaves the Fake Karakura town and prepares to invade the Real Karakura Town in Soul Society.

SRAizen and Gin depart

Gin and Aizen leave Fake Karakura Town.

Episode 14: To Protect

After Ichigo finished his training with Tensa Zangetsu, he arrives in Soul Society, in his Final form, and heads through the rubble outside of Karakura town to confront Aizen and defeat him once and for all.

  • Note This level does not allow one to use an Ignition attack.

Episode Summary :

After Aizen fully fuses with the Hōgyoku, Aizen and Gin Ichimaru prepare to invade the Real Karakura Town in Soul Society. Ichigo is overwhelmed by his failure to stop Aizen, but Isshin encourages his son to fight on. Isshin takes Ichigo to the Precipice World and tells Ichigo that there is one last hope to defeat Aizen…the Final Getsuga Tenshō.

Meanwhile, in Soul Society, Gin betrays Aizen, seemingly defeating the ex-captain. Unfortunately, the Hōgyoku revives Aizen, and Aizen evolves yet again. Aizen easily overcomes Gin. Suddenly, Ichigo appears in Karakura Town. Having completed his training, Ichigo vows to defeat Aizen once and for all. After seeing Ichigo's newfound strength, Gin is confident that Ichigo will win, and the ex-captain passes away. Ichigo and Aizen take their battle elsewhere, and the final fight begins.

Ichigo defeating hollows episode 14 SR

Ichigo fights hollows on his way to defeat Aizen.

On his way to defeat Aizen, Ichigo is confronted by various species of Hollow, and easily defeats them.

Ichigo confronts evolved Aizen episode 14 SR

Ichigo confronts Aizen.

Eventually, Ichigo makes his way to Aizen, and the battle ensues.

Evolved Aizen episode 14 SR

Aizen's new form.

Upon his arrival, Aizen transforms once more into a grotesque form. Aizen converses with the Hōgyoku and “understands” that he cannot be “second” to a “mere human.” In response, Ichigo demands that the two finish their fight, and Ichigo declares that their battle will be brief. Aizen states that his new form transcends both Hollows and Soul Reapers, and that Ichigo will be the test subject for his newfound abilities. After awhile, Aizen asks the substitute Soul Reaper if he is “really Ichigo Kurosaki.” Ichigo is confused by Aizen's remarks, and Aizen clarifies himself. Aizen states that if Ichigo is who he says he is, then he is a great disappointment. Aizen further remarks that he can’t feel any of Ichigo's spiritual pressure and that Ichigo has “failed in his evolution” by wasting the “last chance” that he had given the boy in becoming stronger. In one final insult, Aizen states that he has become bored with Ichigo and that he will now die at the hands of a “transcendent” being.

Ichigo Final Getsuga Tensho episode 14 SR

Ichigo reveals the Final Getsuga Tensho.

Ichigo is unimpressed by Aizen’s words and reveals the true power of his training.

Mugetsu released episode 14 SR

Ichigo releases Mugetsu.

Ichigo transforms into his Final Getsuga Tenshō form to a startled Aizen. Ichigo explains that the Final Getsuga Tenshō will cost Ichigo all of his Soul Reaper powers and releases his final attack…Mugetsu. Aizen is easily overpowered and is defeated by Ichigo. Ichigo's powers finally begin to fade away and Ichigo looks towards the sky, finally bringing an end to Aizen's war.

Ichigo defeats Aizen episode 14 SR

Ichigo emerges victorious.

Mission Mode[]

Mission mode allows players to take on 28 different missions in different environments with the character of their choice. Missions can range from the standard travel through the level and defeat the boss to taking out a certain amount of enemies. Missions are unlocked after defeating all the previously unlocked ones. Once unlocked, missions do not need to be played in order. Higher level missions require certain letter ranks on lower missions.

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Soul Attack Mode[]

Soul Attack mode lets the player take on a variety of objectives in increasing difficulty levels to earn the high score. Modes range from the standard move through the level to time based missions to taking out the most enemies in a time limit. Players can once again choose any character they would like for this mode.

Collection Mode[]

The player can watch the unlocked character models and hear their voices in this mode.


Trophies can be unlocked by completing certain challenges or achievements.

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  • trophy I Will Transcend: Earned when all trophies are obtained.
  • trophy I'll Try!: Earned when player completes one story episode.
  • trophy What a Wonderful Power: Earned when player completes story mode.
  • trophy Don't Be Scared: Earned when player beats all episodes on HARD.
  • trophy This is It for You!: Earned when player beats all episodes on VERY HARD.
  • trophy You are Simply Outclassed: Earned when player beats all episodes on with Rank S.
  • trophy I Wish You Luck: Earned when player completes one mission.
  • trophy I'll Be Okay Now: Earned when player completes ten missions.
  • trophy Woohoo!: Earned when player completes all missions.
  • trophy Not Bad!: Earned when player completes all missions on VERY HARD.
  • trophy Render All Things in the Universe to Ashes!: Earned when player completes all missions with Rank S.
  • trophy Is That It?: Earned when player completes all missions with every character.
  • trophy Aren't We Your Friends?: Earned when player completes one battle with all characters unlocked.
  • trophy Amazing!:Earned when player completes one battle with all collections unlocked.
  • trophy I'm Espada's Strongest!: Earned when player maxes out one character's levels.
  • trophy I Was Waiting For This!: Earned when player maxes out ten characters' levels.
  • trophy Now Do You Understand?: Earned when player maxes out all characters' levels.
  • trophy I'll Take Care of It!: Earned when player saves 30,000 Soul Points for one character.
  • trophy Want an Allowance?: Earned when player obtains a total of 1,000,000 Soul Points.
  • trophy I've Completely Analyzed You: Earned when player defeats every type of enemy.
  • trophy You're Pretty Good: Earned when player obtains over 8,000 Soul Points in Soul Attack.
  • trophy Hmph, Too Slow: Earned when player finishes Time Attack in less that 90 seconds.
  • trophy Come at Me!: Earned when player defeats over 350 enemies in Beat Attack.
  • trophy Don't Beg for Your Life: Earned when player completes one battle in Soul Attack Mode.
  • trophy I am the King!: Earned when player completes all battles in Soul Attack Mode.
  • trophy Devour, Glotoneria!: Earned when player defeats 33,650 Hollows.
  • trophy Come On!: Earned when player defeats 10,000 Soul Reapers."
  • trophy Hueco Mundo is a Treasure Trove!: Earned when player defeats 10,000 Arrancars.
  • trophy Stand Behind Me!: Earned when player destroys 10,000 environmental objects.
  • trophy You Can't Read My Movements: Earned when player performs 100 Counters.
  • trophy Raaaaagh!: Earned when player Power ups 300 times.
  • trophy What…?!: Earned when player sees the Game Over screen 20 times.
  • trophy More! More!: Earned when player obtains 1,000 items.
  • trophy Amor!: Earned when player completes one battle over 50 hours of gameplay.
  • trophy I Can Fire 1200: Earned when player performs a 1,000 Slash combo.
  • trophy This is Art!: Earned when player preforms a 2,000 Slash combo.
  • trophy Then What is Justice?!: Earned when player completes one battle without destroying any objects.
  • trophy You Think You Can Catch Me?: Earned when player completes one battle without taking damage.
  • trophy Your Spiritual Power is Mine: Earned when player completes one battle without using Spirit Pressure attacks.
  • trophy What a Pain in the Ass: Earned when player defeats 300 enemies in one battle.
  • trophy The Shark Will Destroy You: Earned when player uses Ignition Attack five times in one battle.
  • trophy Did You Read This Week's Jump?: Earned when player jumps 100 times in one battle.
  • trophy Snap Out of It, Baldy!: Earned when player uses Air Recover 30 times in one battle.
  • trophy I'll Kick Your Butt!: Earned when player completes one battle with a final body count of 69.
  • trophy Que Suerte!: Earned when player completes one battle with identical Soul Point digits.
  • trophy Cough! Cough!: Earned when player completes one battle while near death.
  • trophy Mornin' Ichigo!: Earned when player defeats a boss using a dash charge.
  • trophy Victory!: Earned when player defeats a boss using an Ignition Attack.
  • trophy All of Heaven is Under My Command!: Earned when player stays airborne for 30 seconds.
  • trophy You Got Weird Tastes: Earned when player watches the opening movie 3 times without skipping.
  • trophy No Need to Thank Me: Earned when player watches the credits once without skipping.


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