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Bleach: Official Invitation Book The Hell Verse is the first promotional book to be released in conjunction with a movie's release, containing information pertaining to the 4th Bleach film. The invitation book contains information such as character sketches, promotional posters, the one-off Hell manga special, as well as the layout of Hell.

Content List

  • Chapter 1: Special Manga
  • Chapter 2: Invitation Guide
  • Chapter 3: Characters
  • Chapter 4: Bleach Chronicle 2001-2010
  • Chapter 5: BLEACH Extra Goods Volume 1
  • Chapter 6: BLEACH Extra Goods Volume 2
  • Chapter 7: BLEACH Extra Goods Volume 3

Sample of Content

Sample Pages
THVIBPoster sketches.png THVIBSkull-Clad Ichigo.png THVIBPage 34.png
Kubo's design sketches of the movie poster. Tite Kubo Information Note for the Skull Clad form. The Layout of Hell
Color Spreads
THVIBColor Spread 1.png THVIBColor Spread 2.png
Color Spread 1 Color Spread 2

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