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Bleach: Official Invitation Book The Hell Verse is the first promotional book to be released in conjunction with a movie's release, containing information pertaining to the 4th Bleach film. The invitation book contains information such as character sketches, promotional posters, the one-off Hell manga special, as well as the layout of Hell.

Content List[]

  • Chapter 1: Special Manga
  • Chapter 2: Invitation Guide
  • Chapter 3: Characters
  • Chapter 4: Bleach Chronicle 2001-2010
  • Chapter 5: BLEACH Extra Goods Volume 1
  • Chapter 6: BLEACH Extra Goods Volume 2
  • Chapter 7: BLEACH Extra Goods Volume 3

Sample of Content[]

Sample Pages
THVIBPoster sketches THVIBSkull-Clad Ichigo THVIBPage 34
Kubo's design sketches of the movie poster. Tite Kubo Information Note for the Skull Clad form. The Layout of Hell
Color Spreads
THVIBColor Spread 1 THVIBColor Spread 2
Color Spread 1 Color Spread 2

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