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Bleach: Official Character Book MASKED is the second databook to be released for the Bleach manga, containing information that covers its storyline from the beginning of the Arrancar Arc to the end of the Turn Back The Pendulum Mini-Series. It includes profiles for many of the characters that appeared during that part of the story, as well as elaborations on important events that occurred.

Content List in Order of Inclusion

  • Collection of Bleach Color Illustrations
  • Chapter 1: Karakura
    • Character Correlation Diagram & Index
    • Detailed Profiles of Karakura Town's Residents
    • Chapter Kon: Collumn #1
      • Bleach Popularity Polls
  • Chapter 2: Shinigami
    • Detailed Explanation
      • List of Kidō and their Properties
    • Character Correlation Diagram & Index
    • Detailed Profiles of Shinigami from the Gotei 13
    • Chapter Kon: Collumn #2
      • Female Characters
  • Chapter 4: Visored
    • Character Correlation Diagram & Index
    • Detailed Explanation
    • Detailed Profiles of the Visored
  • Chapter 5: Extra
    • Historical Facts
    • Explanation on Used Terms
    • Tite Kubo Interview of Arrancar, Visored Naming and Secret Topics
    • Bonus Scene
    • Preview of Future Chapters
    • Author's Note

Sample of Content

Color spreads
MASKEDCaptains and Lieutenants.png MASKEDOfficer Descriptions.png MASKEDIchigo in Bankai.png
The Gotei 13 in Turn Back the Pendulum Details of the Gotei 13 in Turn Back the Pendulum Ichigo Kurosaki in Bankai
Character Profiles and Explanations
MASKEDSui-Feng spelling.png MASKEDPage 230.png MASKEDSoul Reaper explanation.png
Character profile for Suì-Fēng Profile of the 10th and 11th Divisions Explanation of Shinigami


  • Lilynette was listed in this databook as Starrk's Fracción, though it was later revealed that she is actually another part of his soul.
  • This databook was released on the same Japanese date as the forty-sixth volume, BACK FROM BLIND.
  • In the color illustration, "The Ten Blades Accompanying Aizen", Aaroniero, the 9th Espada, appears to be missing.