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This article contains information from movie sources that were not written by Tite Kubo and therefore are not considered canon material by the wiki.

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Bleach: Memories of Nobody is the first feature film based on the Bleach manga. Directed by Noriyuki Abe and written by Masashi Sogo, the film was first released in Japanese theaters on December 16, 2006. The DVD was released in Japan on September 5, 2007. To promote the film, the opening and closing credits for episodes 106-109 of the Bleach anime use footage from the film. The film's theme music is Sen no Yoru wo Koete (千の夜をこえて, Overcome the Thousands of Nights) by Aqua Timez. The film exists outside of the main Bleach continuity, and is not intended to fit into the existing storyline.

This movie had a limited theatrical run in the US for two nights only on June 11th and 12th, 2008, and was released on DVD on October 14, 2008. It later aired on US television on Adult Swim on September 5, 2009 in Bleach's normal time slot.


  • One hour remains until the world collapses. (世界崩壊まで残り一時間。, Sekai hōkai made nokori ichijikan.)
  • Shinigami, protect the world. (死神たちよ、世界を護れ。, Shinigami-tachi yo, sekai o mamore.)
  • Shinigami, release your spirits. (死神たちよ魂を解き放て。, Shinigami-tachi yo tamashii o tokihanate.)


Trouble in the Dangai

The Shinigami Research and Development Institute researchers monitor the two worlds.

In the SRDI, as its researchers monitor a screen displaying the two worlds, 12th Division 3rd Seat Akon enters the room and asks one of them what the status is. Noting that the space is still expanding, the researcher states that they have sent the Onmitsukidō in to investigate and that they will begin the infiltration shortly. Rin Tsubokura reveals that he has found them and notes that they will pass through the Dangai in ten seconds to enter the new dimensional space. As Rin opens communication lines, an Onmitsukidō member exclaims that something has happened to the exit, alerting a concerned Akon.

The panels indicate that the Onmitsukidō members have been killed.

The panels displaying the Onmitsukidō members' current status flip to reveal they are in danger, the Keigun on the line declares they have an emergency because infiltration of the target has failed. As the Keigun calls for backup, Rin confirms that they have received their SOS and promises to send backup while researchers shout orders to one another. Suddenly, screams are heard from the Onmitsukidō as Akon asks if they can hear them and why they cannot get into the space, and the panels slide again to reveal the Onmitsukidō members have been killed, leaving the researchers to stare at the screen in horror.

A New Shinigami

Ichigo Kurosaki severs the Hollow's forearm with his Shikai, Zangetsu.

Meanwhile, in the Human World, as Humans go about their day in a park, a female Plus runs through the trees while an unseen presence roars. One of the Humans notices something, and a tree falls over onto the sidewalk as Ichigo Kurosaki, Rukia Kuchiki, and Kon run towards it. As Rukia states it is coming, Ichigo pulls his Substitute Shinigami badge out of his pocket as Rukia pulls out her Gikon dispenser. Running towards the dust cloud, Ichigo enters his Shinigami form and jumps forward as Rukia follows suit. When a Hollow emerges from the dust, Ichigo severs its forearm with his Shikai, Zangetsu, cutting its gauntlet in half as well.

Ichigo blocks the Hollow's attack.

The combatants land on the ground as the Hollow leaps away, prompting Ichigo to tell it to come back. As the Hollow jumps from tree to tree, the curious Humans watch from the ground despite being unable to see it. While the roaring Hollow continues to leap, Ichigo chases it and cuts its tail off in midair, causing it to fall and crash through several trees. Despite this, the Hollow continues to charge, but Ichigo stands in its path and effortlessly blocks its subsequent attack with Zangetsu. When the Hollow jumps back, Ichigo leaps into the air and cuts it in half.

Ichigo performs Konsō on the nervous Plus to send her to Soul Society.

As the purified Hollow fades away, Rukia approaches with the nervous Plus and Kon while noting the Hollow was after the Plus. Ichigo looks at the Plus, who recoils in fear as Rukia assures her that he only looks scary, and tells her that it is time to go. While Rukia promises her that Soul Society is not a scary place and that it is where all departed Souls go to live, the Plus begins to protest, but Ichigo points out that more Hollows will come after her if she stays here. Placing the glowing hilt of Zangetsu against the Plus's forehead, Ichigo performs Konsō, turning the Plus into a ball of light which ascends into the sky and fades in a twinkle.

Ichigo and Kon gag in unison.

Shortly afterward, as Ichigo, Rukia, and Kon walk down the steps at the park, they are greeted by Chappy in Rukia's Gigai. Returning to her Gigai, Rukia tells Ichigo to not use his badge so recklessly and elbows him in the ribs. As he clutches his side in pain, Rukia grabs Kon and forces his lips to Ichigo's, causing them both to gag. Rukia reminds Ichigo he has Kon and states she is tired of him tossing his body all over the place while leaving her to take care of it. When Ichigo asks why, Rukia demonstrates how someone would react if they saw his body lying on the ground.

Ichigo bolts up in his body.

As Rukia claims the commotion always means more work for her, they see an ambulance and a crowd of people around Ichigo's body, which is on a stretcher, while a doctor states he is going into cardiac arrest. A bemused Rukia says she told him so as Ichigo frantically runs towards his body. Returning to his body, Ichigo bolts up, shocking the people around him, and says he is fine. When the doctors try to restrain him, an exasperated Rukia uses her Kikanshinki, which glows before creating an explosion of pink smoke to wipe the memories of the onlookers.

Rukia throws Kon at Ichigo.

Ichigo, Rukia, and Kon run out of the park while Rukia states it is lucky they had the Kikanshinki handy to deal with the spectators. Calling Kon over, Rukia throws him at Ichigo, who asks why she did so, prompting her to state it would be pointless if he did not keep Kon with him. As Ichigo asks why he has to carry him, Kon complains about being stuck with Ichigo, who throws him on the ground and stomps on him while telling him to shut up. Hearing her Denreishinki beep, Rukia pulls it out and sees multiple red dots covering the screen.

Ichigo and Rukia run toward the source of the intense and mysterious Reiatsu.

When a perplexed Ichigo asks Rukia if it is another Hollow, Kon jumps on his face, prompting Ichigo to angrily claim that Kon got dog feces in his mouth, which Kon says makes them even as Ichigo resumes stomping on him. Rukia tries to get his attention, but Ichigo asserts that he is not done kicking Kon yet, only to suddenly stop as he senses a large and intense Reiatsu. Running down the street shortly afterward, Rukia states that it is near the station as Ichigo follows her while carrying Kon. Ichigo asks Rukia why there is such a large amount of Reiatsu, but Rukia admitsthat she does not know because she has never felt anything like it.

Rukia exits her Gigai.

Arriving at the station, Ichigo and Rukia see a mass of white figures with pink, conical heads roaming about. When Ichigo accidentally bumps into one, it and several others look at him before moving away, prompting him to wonder what they are. As Kon claims they are white ghosts, Rukia notes the people at the station cannot see them, Rukia concludes that they must be Souls, though Ichigo points out that they do not have Chains of Fate on their chests. Stating they have no choice, Rukia exits her Gigai once more and Rukia tells Ichigo to use Kon when he pulls out his badge.

Ichigo attempts to perform Konsō on one of thefigures, but nothing happens.

Ichigo pulls Kon's pill out of his plushie and wipes it off on his shirt before swallowing it and exiting his body. Following Rukia, Ichigo tells Kon to hide somewhere, prompting a nervous Kon to tell Ichigo to not just leave him here before being surrounded by the figures. Contacting Soul Society, Rukia tells Ichigo to see if he can perform Konsō on the figures and begins to explain the situation. Ichigo draws Zangetsu and states he will give it a shot, but when he presses the hilt against one of the figures, nothing happens, and the figure moves past him. When Ichigo tells her it does not work, Rukia reveals she has lost the connection to Soul Society.

The Shinigami cuts through the figures at high speed in a powerful and swirling wind.

As the wind picks up, the heads of the figures turn red, and they begin advancing towards Ichigo and Rukia. Seeing Rukia being grabbed by one of them, Ichigo pushes them out of the way and runs towards her while Kon struggles to keep them back. Ichigo knocks the figures out of the way and assumes a fighting stance as Rukia wonders what they should do. Suddenly, a tornado forms behind the figures as a female Shinigami moves through the crowd while cutting through the figures. While Ichigo wonders who she is, the Shinigami jumps over them and continues cutting through the figures behind them as Rukia asks what she is doing.

The Shinigami prepares to release her Shikai, Mirokumaru, to deal with the figures.

The Shinigami is lifted into the air by a tornado as Kon, freeing himself from one of the figures' body, sees a man standing in front of him. As the Shinigami spins in midair, Rukia realizes she is going to release her Zanpakutō, but Ichigo appears in front of her as she calls out the release command, which stops the release. While Rukia calls out to him, Ichigo asks the Shinigami what she is doing and points out how the figures are not Hollows. Telling Ichigo to be quiet, the Shinigami kicks him to the ground and begins to spin once more as Ichigo yells at her for stepping on his face. The Shinigami releases her Shikai, Mirokumaru, and creates a tornado.

The Shinigami celebrates her victory over the figures behind Ichigo and Rukia.

While the tornado destroys the crowd of figures, Kon wonders what is happening as he gets up and notices the man is gone before being knocked down by the figures. As the Shinigami continues to destroy the figures, her tornado creates gusts of wind, which affect the Humans nearby. When the wind dies down, Ichigo is surprised to see the figures are gone, prompting Rukia to wonder what happened. Suddenly, the Shinigami, now in a Gigai, appears behind them and happily exclaims that she won before noticing Ichigo and Rukia. Demanding to know when she entered her Gigai, Ichigo asks what she is, prompting her to state she is a Shinigami.

Ichigo's lifeless body lies on the ground with Kon's Mod-Soul pill and three police officers next to it, with the citizens assuming that he is dead.

When Ichigo says he knows this, the Shinigami states he should introduce himself before asking so many questions. After Ichigo introduces himself, the Shinigami introduces herself as Senna and prepares to leave. Ichigo asks her why she wiped out the figures, prompting Senna to state it should be obvious. As Rukia asks her if she knows something about the figures, Senna runs over to a store window and states yellow does not suit her. Ichigo continues to attempt to get her attention, only for Senna to point out his body lying on the ground with three police officers next to it, one of which is reporting to the police station. As a shocked Ichigo notices Kon's pill on the ground, Senna states she has to get going, but Ichigo grabs her by the arm and pulls her along while Rukia calls him a fool.

Trouble in the Seireitei

Ikkaku Madarame drinks sake.

In the Seireitei, 11th Division 3rd Seat Ikkaku Madarame drinks sake before tossing the bottle to 7th Division Lieutenant Tetsuzaemon Iba and asking if he has had enough. As Iba tells him to not be ridiculous, Ikkaku asks if it is okay for a lieutenant to be drinking sake at noon, prompting Iba to state he has had so little he might as well be drinking water. Iba shakes the bottle and notes they are out of sake, leading an irritated Ikkaku to remind Iba that he drinks too much. When Iba tells him to calm down, Ikkaku grabs Hōzukimaru and asks if he wants to fight again.

Ikkaku prepares to resume his sparring with Tetsuzaemon Iba.

Declaring that the loser buys the next round of sake, Iba moves to the rooftop. When Ikkaku complains about him moving to high ground again, Iba states it is first come, first serve. As he tells Iba to prepare himself, Ikkaku sees something and stops mid-sentence, prompting Iba to ask what is wrong. Looking at the sky above Iba, Ikkaku asks what is going on as he sees a Human World city through a hole in the sky, which continues to expand.

Meeting of the Shinigami

Rukia is left exasperated by Senna not knowing what division she belongs to.

At the fairground in the Human World, Senna notes they have a Ferris wheel and decides that she wants to ride it next. When she asks Ichigo and Rukia what they wanted to talk about, Rukia demands to know which division she is in, prompting Senna to remind her that she cannot keep track of things like this. As Senna tries to remember the number, Rukia notes there is no doubt of her being a Shinigami because she wielded and released her Zanpakutō before asserting that she must belong to a division and that there is no way she could forget which one she is in. Senna asks why Rukia is here, but when Rukia begins to explain, Senna runs off laughing.

Rukia states she cannot contact Soul Society and is concerned about what they witnessed earlier.

As Rukia tells her to wait, Senna states her division does not matter. Denying knowledge of what the figures were when Ichigo inquires about it, Senna notices a dog and asks his owner if she can pet him. As she pets the dog, Senna states she felt like she needed to do what she did and claims it was a hunch. While Ichigo wonders what is up with her, Rukia tells him she is going back to Soul Society because she cannot contact them and is concerned about the things they witnessed earlier. When Rukia tells him to not let Senna out of his sight, an irritated Ichigo tells her to not order him around. Kon begs her to not leave again, but Rukia throws him at Ichigo.

Kon tells Ichigo that Senna left.

Rukia states she is counting on him and heads off while Ichigo wonders why she is acting so serious. Kon gets Ichigo's attention, prompting him to tell Kon to not shout in public, and points out Senna is gone. Shortly afterward, as Ichigo runs towards her, Senna notes he is persistent and runs off as Ichigo tells her to wait up. While Ichigo chases her through a nearby mall, Senna claims that Ichigo said he would listen to what she has to say if she answered his questions, but Ichigo denies saying this or anything like it as Senna decides to play tag.

Tōshirō Hitsugaya and Rangiku Matsumoto approach Ichigo in a pavilion.

Angrily running into a pavilion with a small theater, Ichigo tells Senna to come back as 10th Division Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya approaches him with his lieutenant, Rangiku Matsumoto, and questions what Ichigo is doing here. Ichigo recognizes and addresses them informally, prompting an annoyed Hitsugaya to tell him to address him as Captain Hitsugaya, and wonders what they are doing here. As a small child runs past, Hitsugaya asserts that they have to talk, and when Ichigo claims that he is busy, Hitsugaya walks away and tells him to come with them. While frantically running after him, Ichigo tells Senna he will be right back.

Ichigo, Hitsugaya, and Rangiku meet with Kisuke Urahara at the Urahara Shop.

While a child points out that Ichigo is talking to himself, Senna darts past him. Soon afterward, at the Urahara Shop, Ichigo, Hitsugaya, and Rangiku sit in the back room with Kisuke Urahara, who notes that he understands before revealing Rukia went to Soul Society and they just missed her. When Urahara questions where they begin, Hitsugaya explains how a town in the Human World appeared in the sky above the Seireitei, the communications office simultaneously detected a massive disturbance in the Human World's spiritual waves, and one minute after this occurred, they lost contact with everyone.

Tessai illustrates the explanation.

Ichigo asks what this means, leaving Hitsugaya annoyed at him not knowing, but Urahara tells him to calm down and states he will simplify it for Ichigo. As Tessai Tsukabishi holds up a sketchbook, Urahara explains how there are the two worlds, the Human World and Soul Society, and how the Dangai lies between them and keeps them from touching. While Tessai reveals pictures illustrating Urahara's explanation, Urahara notes Ichigo has been in the Dangai before and reveals a new dimension formed in the Dangai about three days ago.

Hitsugaya reveals he is in charge.

Stating this dimension grew bigger and bigger until it connected to both worlds, Urahara details how it now acts as a lens, leading to the Human World appearing in the sky above Soul Society, and notes it resembles a mirage more than anything. Hitsugaya reveals they sent the Onmitsukidō in to enter the new dimension, but the mission ended in complete failure, and asserts the only option left to them was to investigate the influx of new spiritual waves into the Human World before revealing he is in charge of this mission, which is why he and Rangiku came here.

Urahara notes Ichigo's description of the strange figures is referring to the Blanks.

When Ichigo questions why Hitsugaya was chosen, Rangiku admits that all the other captains refused, which an irritated Hitsugaya claims does not matter. Hearing this explanation, Ichigo realizes it must have been them, and when Hitsugaya wonders if he saw something, Ichigo recounts how they were overrun by the strange figures earlier. As Urahara notes he is referring to the Blanks, Hitsugaya realizes the Valley of Screams must be involved. Going over the process of death and reincarnation, Urahara reveals some Souls are ejected from the cycle after having accidents while in the Dangai as Tessai illustrates this.

Urahara explains how the Valley of Screams and Blanks are created.

Detailing how the Souls wander aimlessly until they inevitably reach a certain spot, Urahara states this gathering creates a new dimensional space known as the Valley of Screams and that the Souls therein have their energy and memories separated in preparation for returning to the normal cycle. After confirming Ichigo is still with him, Urahara reveals the figures Ichigo saw are known as Blanks, Souls which have been separated from their memories. When Ichigo asks where their memories go, Urahara reveals they merge into one entity and return to the Human World, and this entity is known as the Shinenju.

Kon recounts seeing the armor-wearing man in the midst of the Blanks.

Urahara states the Valley of Screams' appearance is a naturally occurring phenomenon and they have seen it happen many times before noting this one is a problem because it is connecting the Human World and Soul Society. When Ichigo asks if this is really so out of the ordinary, Hitsugaya compares this to two stars being connected and says both situations are equally unusual before theorizing someone is doing this intentionally. Hearing this, Kon hops down from Ichigo's shoulder and recounts seeing the mysterious man in the midst of the Blanks. As Hitsugaya takes note of the man wearing armor, Urahara asks Kon if he can remember specifics.

Tessai tells Ichigo that he will take Kon's Mod-Soul pill in for memory analysis.

While Kon tries to remember, Urahara puts on a Gokon Tekkō and knocks Kon's pill out of the plushie. Picking up the pill, Tessai tells Ichigo he will take it in for analysis, which Urahara thanks him for as he leaves. Urahara notes that this is being done for evil purposes if it was intentional, and when Ichigo wonders what the perpetrators want, Urahara theorizes they are searching the Human World for the Shinenju. Asserting that they will work on learning about the enemy, Urahara tells Ichigo to continue watching over Karakura Town, as he is certain the enemy will appear again, and to find the Shinenju if possible.

Senna Remembers

The two men pull off the jacket and pants of the announcer as the culmination of their skit.

Later, Ichigo notes this is easier said than done and bumps into a woman, whom he apologizes to before running into a pavilion. As Ichigo wonders where he goes from here, Senna notes he really did come back. Seeing her on the second floor balcony, Ichigo states he still has a lot to ask her about, but Senna claims he is it and runs off as Ichigo tells her to listen to him and runs after her. While Ichigo continues to chase her, an announcer tells the crowd to prepare to see an amazing feat. A man drinks an entire bottle of juice while another man counts down from ten, and when the announcer says this happened too fast, the two men pull off his jacket and pants.

As she walks along the string of bulbs above the audience, Senna comments on how it is nice being up here.

Looking around, Ichigo sees Senna standing on top of a roof as a nearby strings of bulbs light up. While the crowd below wonders what she is doing, Senna puts her foot onto one of the lines and begins walking along it, prompting a nearby film director to order a man to aim the spotlight at her. Senna continues to walk along the rope and states this is nice before falling off the line. As the crowd watches in horror, a flurry of autumn leaves are stirred up where she lands, and while people wonder where she went, Senna appears behind Ichigo and dances as the crowd cheers. Senna asks the crowd how it was, but Ichigo grabs her hand and pulls her away as the man on stage complains about them stealing the show.

Senna asks Ichigo what the Shinenju looks like.

Later, at a restaurant, Senna eats a sandwich and claims that she would have answered everything if Ichigo had told her he would treat her to dinner. Wondering if she has any money, Ichigo asks Senna if knows anything about the Blanks and the Shinenju, but Senna states that this is the first time she has heard of them and asks who the people looking for the Shinenju are. Ichigo says that this is what he wants to know, and when Senna questions why they want it, Ichigo states that he does not know. When Senna asks what the Shinenju looks like, Ichigo admits he has no clue, prompting Senna to note that this will not work.

Senna explains her preference.

Saying Ichigo will have to wait for the Blanks to return, Senna states she will help him on the condition that he takes her for a ride on the Ferris wheel. As Ichigo claims he is not going to fall for this, Senna stands on her chair, prompting Ichigo to note she likes high places. Senna explains how everything becomes crystal clear when one is up high, and Ichigo comments on her hair ribbon, only for Senna to say red looks better on her, Ichigo asks where she got it. Senna reveals she tried it on in a store and forgot about it, prompting Ichigo to bring her back to the store.

Ichigo returns Senna's ribbon to her after returning to the store and buying it.

Ichigo pays for the ribbon while refuting the clerk's inquiry about it being for his girlfriend. Exiting the shop, Ichigo offers the packaged ribbon to Senna, who expresses her shock at Ichigo having gone back and paid for it before claiming that he is more virtuous than he looks. Ichigo tosses her the package and tells her to shut up because he hates stuff like this. Thanking him, she asks if they will go on the Ferris wheel. When he denies this, Senna calls him a cheapskate, prompting Ichigo to remind her that high school students are not very rich. As she walks away, Senna says that she is going to the bathroom.

Senna puts the ribbon on in front of the mirror and muses on Ichigo having a kind side.

Moments later, Senna puts the ribbon on in front of the mirror while noting Ichigo has his good points. Walking out of the bathroom, Senna sees a river through a window and recalls a girl running alongside the river towards her father. Welcoming him home, she reaches for him, but tumbles to the ground as he dissipates around her hand. After recalling a graveyard at which a funeral is being held for the man, Senna sees a family eating dinner together. Meanwhile, Ichigo leans against a wall and complains about Senna taking too long. Trying to find her, Ichigo notes the place was crowded a moment ago before sensing something.

Encounter in the Graveyard

Senna exits her Gigai to confront Jai upon encountering him in a graveyard.

As a traffic light blinks, Senna enters the graveyard she saw in her memories. Walking through it, she looks at the headstones and once again sees the funeral procession. Upon seeing her face on the portrait of the deceased, Senna realizes it is her own funeral and notices her mother and father as a Blank tries to grab her. Senna backs away from it, and as more Blanks materialize, she continues to do so before she dodging a surprise attack from Jai. Back-flipping away, Senna asks who he is. While Jai notes she is sharper than he thought, Senna exits her Gigai and demands to know what he wants.

Jai lifts Senna up by the throat and begins to choke her into submission.

When Jai claims she needs to come with him because their leader, Ganryū, commands it, Senna states that she does not know who he is talking about. As Jai says she does not need to, Riyan reminds him to only say what is necessary while Benin comments on him jumping out on his own, prompting Jai to state he will capture her in a second. Autumn leaves swirl around Senna as she clashes with Jai, who comments on her attacking without warning before punching her away. As Senna looks up, Jai lands on her while Benin tells him to not squash her. With Riyan telling him to hurry, Jai lifts Senna up by the throat and asks if she is ready to go.

Ichigo cuts off Jai's arm.

Suddenly, Ichigo tells Jai to wait and asks where he is going. As a surprised Jai asks where he came from, Ichigo draws Zangetsu and cuts his arm off, freeing Senna while Jai yells in pain. Ichigo asks Senna why she wandered off, prompting her to tell him she can do what she wants. Saying she cannot do so yet because she has not kept her promise, Ichigo sees Jai struggle to his feet and sarcastically apologizes for cutting off his arm. As Jai proclaims he will not forget this and promises to get revenge, Riyan tells him to stop and claims the time has not come yet.

Senna reveals that she has memories from when she was alive and wants to follow up on them.

Riyan and the others vanish in darkness, prompting Ichigo to wonder what they mean by time as a cursing Jai vanishes as well. When Senna tries to move away, Ichigo stops her and asks her why she ran away after he treated her to dinner, only for her to state she did not run away. As Ichigo asks why she is here, Senna reveals her family is buried here, and when Ichigo tells her to quit with the stories, Senna insists it is true and claims she can remember it all. Asserting that they are memories from when she was still alive, Senna says her house used to be around here and promises to help Ichigo tomorrow before preparing to leave, only for Ichigo to stop her and ask if she is going to ignore how she was just attacked.

Meeting the Kurosaki Family

Karin and Yuzu welcome Senna.

At the Kurosaki Clinic, Isshin Kurosaki stands in shock as Karin Kurosaki states Senna being attacked by bad guys sounds fishy. Saying this is how it is, Ichigo reveals he told Senna she can stay the night. As Senna introduces herself, Yuzu Kurosaki introduces herself in return and welcomes her to their home. Senna thanks them for letting her stay there while Ichigo walks up to his room and asks if Senna can sleep in Yuzu's bedroom and use their bath. When Karin asks Isshin what is wrong, he and Yuzu creep up the stairs as Karin expresses shock at Yuzu joining in.

Senna informs Ichigo of how her attackers were saying that they wanted to bring her back to their leader.

In Ichigo's room, Ichigo states he will kick Senna out once they prepare her room while Senna claims boys' rooms are boring before noting that Ichigo's family members seem like fun people. When she compares them to her father, Senna recalls a man hitting her. Noticing her pained expression, Ichigo asks if something is wrong, which Senna denies. As Ichigo asks why those men attacked her and if they said anything, Senna states they mentioned a man named "Gan-something" wanted her brought to him, and when Ichigo asks if there was anything else, she states there was not before claiming she would have heard more if he had not come, she might have heard more. Senna falls back and kicks her shoes off as Ichigo tells her to not sleep in his bed.

Isshin and Yuzu eavesdrop.

As Ichigo and Senna continue to argue, Yuzu listens through the door along with Isshin with a shocked expression and tells Karin how Senna said she would sleep in his bed. When Karin points out that Ichigo is a guy, Yuzu puts her hands over her ears in horror while Isshin wonders if he should stop his son or let nature take its course. Pushing the door open, which sends Isshin and Yuzu flying, Ichigo demands to know what they are doing as Karin notes he is angry now. Yuzu tells Ichigo the bath is ready, prompting him to tell Senna to take a bath and get to bed.

Ichigo talks to Urahara.

When Senna does not respond, Ichigo looks into his room and sees her fast asleep on his bed. Later, Urahara contacts Ichigo and asks if he learned anything about the Shinenju. Admitting he has not, Ichigo reveals he ran into the people whom Kon saw, prompting Urahara to ask if he is hurt. Ichigo assures him that he is fine and states that the attackers ran away as soon as he showed up. Revealing they have learned a few things, Urahara details how their analysis of Kon's memory led them to the true identity of the armored man Kon saw in the crowd of Blanks.

Urahara notes it is rare for a Soul to remember its Human life.

Urahara goes on to explain how they determined he belongs to a clan which was exiled from Soul Society after a territorial dispute and notes that this explains their motives for attacking, but that their true goal remains a mystery. Recalling Senna stating she has memories from when she was alive, Ichigo asks Urahara if it is common for Shinigami to retain their memories from their Human life, but Urahara notes it is exceedingly rare before asking Ichigo what this is about, prompting him to say he was just wondering.

Reuniting Father and Son

Ichigo notes the size of the crowd.

The following day, at the station, Senna asks if the Blanks are going to appear again. Admitting he does not know, Ichigo states that their only clue is the Blanks appearing here. While Senna complains about it being boring, Ichigo notes there are many more people here than usual, and as Senna walks away, he states it is usually quiet around this time. Upon recalling how sensed something at the mall, Ichigo tells Senna to stay close to him. When he does not receive a response, Ichigo sees Senna is no longer there and begins frantically calling for her.

Ichigo consoles the young Plus.

Suddenly, Senna appears at the corner behind him and calls him over. Running over to her, Ichigo tells her to not just run off before seeing a crying Plus. As Ichigo asks what is wrong, Senna stops him, introduces herself to the Plus, and asks what his name is. When the young Plus reveals his name is Tomoya, Senna asks him to tell her what is wrong, and when he says his father is gone, Senna asks if he was with him. Confirming this, Tomoya states they were driving to a festival when he fell asleep, but when he woke up, his father was gone.

Ichigo carries Tomoya.

As Ichigo says his father must be in the afterlife now, Tomoya emphatically states he is not and claims his dad is looking for him, prompting Senna to say they should all look for him together. As Tomoya tells her where to go, Ichigo stops Senna and begins to tell her they cannot go because they are busy, only for her to state there are no more clues here. When Senna and Tomoya head off, Ichigo sighs in exasperation and follows them. As they walk all over town and up a hill in search of Tomoya's father, Ichigo carries Tomoya on his shoulders and asks how long they will do this.

Senna says that they will find a festival for Tomoya so his last memory can be happy.

As Ichigo reminds her that there is no festival this way and that Tomoya's father cannot possibly still be here, Senna asserts that they will find a festival and points out that Tomoya will have to leave this world soon while facing a long journey ahead of him. Noting that it would be sad if they did not grant him one last wish first, Senna says that she cannot perform Konsō on him while he is like this, causing Ichigo to recall performing Konsō on the Plus in the park during the previous day, and turns to Ichigo while privately admitting that she wants Tomoya's last memory in the Human World to be a happy one.

Ichigo suddenly sees a festival.

When Tomoya calls to her, Senna asks him what is up and runs over as Tomoya pulls her into an enclosed area. Running after them, Ichigo enters the enclosed space and sees a traditional festival in the pavilion, to his surprise. Tomoya points out his father is not here, but Senna tells him to not worry and states they will keep looking. As they walk, Senna says she is glad the festival is still here and claims that she came here a lot when she was a kid. Ichigo begins to say something, but they are suddenly interrupted upon hearing a man calling Tomoya's name.

Tomoya reunites with his father.

Realizing it is his father, Tomoya runs toward him and tearfully hugs him. Tomoya's father apologizes to him for the two of them getting separated and thanks Ichigo and Senna. As Senna states they are welcome, Tomoya's father says this is all thanks to her, prompting her to state she did not do anything. Noting Senna has not noticed, Tomoya's father reveals the souls gathered here led him to this place. As Tomoya notes Senna led him here in the same way, Tomoya's father says it is time to go, and they fade away as Tomoya bids them farewell.

Senna wonders why people around her keep disappearing.

Looking behind him, Ichigo sees the area has returned to normal, with Human shops and shopkeepers. Seeing a man walk by, Ichigo confronts him and sees his face, which reminds him of the Blanks. As Ichigo lets go of him, a distraught Senna wonders why people around her keep disappearing and tries to tell Ichigo the truth about herself. Attempting to comfort her, Ichigo is distracted when a Senkaimon suddenly appears.

Shinigami vs. Dark Ones

Several Shinigami and Keigun confront Ichigo and Senna in the pavilion.

As Rangiku, Hitsugaya, Rukia, 6th Division Lieutenant Renji Abarai, 2nd Division Captain Suì-Fēng, 13th Division Captain Jūshirō Ukitake, and several Keigun appear, Ichigo asks Ukitake what is wrong before asking Rukia what happened. Rukia begins to explain, but Renji steps forward and states they have top-priority orders from the Central 46 before telling Ichigo to hand Senna over, which leaves Ichigo surprised. Rukia reveals that even after going through all the files of the Gotei 13, the Onmitsukidō, the Kidō Corps, and the Shin'ō Academy, they did not find a single person named Senna.

Senna is shocked by there being no records of her existence within Soul Society.

As Senna expresses shock at this revelation, Rukia reveals that her Zanpakutō, Mirokumaru, was lost in the Dangai one hundred years ago when its owner was absorbed by the Valley of Screams and further states that they no longer exist. Senna asks her what she is trying to say and asserts that she is a Shinigami, prompting Renji to ask her when she came to the Human World. Claiming that she woke up by the riverbank, Senna asserts that she remembers her name clearly and recalls how she used to play by the river as a child, only for her memories to suddenly start overlapping with each other.

Senna is confused by the conflicting memories of her past running through her head.

Senna clutches her head and nervously wonders why she was alone, prompting Renji to point out how her head is full of all kinds of different memories. Admitting that he can scarcely believe it himself, Ukitake reveals that the Shinenju they have been looking for all this time is Senna herself. As Senna expresses surprise at this claim, Hitsugaya notes that it has been twenty-four hours since the Valley of Screams appeared and informs Ichigo and Senna that they have determined Ganryū's ultimate goal is the destruction of the Human World and Soul Society before clarifying that the Shinenju is the key to his plan.

Ichigo stops a panicking Senna.

Addressing Senna as Shinenju Senna, Hitsugaya states she will be hereby be detained by Soul Society for an indefinite period of time as Rangiku, Renji, and Suì-Fēng grab their Zanpakutō. As she wonders what they are talking about, Senna tries to state what she is as she begins to panic. However, Ichigo stops her with a calming hand on her shoulder and states that he does not like this. While a surprised Rukia asks him what he is doing, Ichigo says whatever Senna is does not change her being here now before pointing out how she still experiences anger, happiness, and pain.

Ichigo demands to know if the Shinigami will ignore Senna's humanity.

Ichigo demands to know if the Shinigami are going to ignore all of this and lock Senna up anyway before proclaiming that they are no better than the people trying to capture her if they do so. When Ichigo firmly states that he cannot hand Senna over to them, Ukitake apologizes and says that this is not the time to discuss this, and Renji sternly orders Ichigo to get out of their way. However, Ichigo quickly moves in front of Senna and emphatically refuses to do so, prompting the Shinigami and Keigun present to assume battle stances and prepare to attack him. Suddenly, Ichigo notices something in the area around them.

The Blanks reveal themselves.

The attackers from the graveyard appear once more as Riyan fires several projectiles, prompting a shocked Rukia to wonder what this is. As one of the projectiles hits the ground and creates an explosion, Renji, Hitsugaya, and Rangiku emerge from the dust cloud. When Renji is attacked by Bau, Rangiku calls out to him before being attacked by Riyan, who is attacked in turn by Hitsugaya, prompting him to leap back. While the dust clears, Ichigo and Senna see the people around them that had previously filled the pavilion transforming into Blanks.

Ichigo attacks Jai in the pavilion.

As Ichigo notes it is them again, Senna tells him to watch out just as Jai suddenly attacks them. Ichigo and Senna roll away as Ichigo swallows Kon's pill and enters his Shinigami form. Getting up, Jai proclaims he is back and that he will be taking the Shinenju this time. While Ichigo mockingly asks Jai if he wants to lose his other arm, Senna calls out to him, prompting Ichigo to tell Kon he is counting on him. With Kon and Senna running away from the battle, Ichigo attacks Jai, who blocks Zangetsu with a black chakram that he generates from thin air.

Blanks reform Jai's arm.

Several Blanks enter Jai's right sleeve and form a new right arm attached to his shoulder, which he uses to create another chakram before attacking Ichigo. As Jai forces him back, a surprised Ichigo notes he is completely different from when he met him yesterday before moving behind Jai with Shunpo and slashing at him, only for Jai to effortlessly deflect the attack. Meanwhile, Suì-Fēng and Benin clash on top of a roof nearby. Slashing at Benin, who jumps away, Suì-Fēng commands the Keigun down in the pavilion to defend the Shinenju.

Riyan counters Hitsugaya's attack.

While the Keigun are overwhelmed and overrun by the Blanks, Hitsugaya releases his Shikai, Hyōrinmaru, and slashes at Riyan, creating an ice dragon that hurtles toward him. Drawing his blade, which separates into three blades, Riyan counters the attack by spinning the blades before thrusting his weapon at Hitsugaya, who moves behind him with Shunpo, only to be attacked by Riyan's projectiles, which explode as they follow him. Elsewhere, Renji runs from Bau before releasing his Shikai, Zabimaru, and slashing at him from afar with the blade-whip.

Ukitake blocks Mue's strike.

Bau deflects Zabimaru with his tetsubo, to Renji's visible shock, and leaps into the air before smashes Renji down with his tetsubo. Elsewhere, Ukitake releases his Shikai, Sōgyo no Kotowari, and blocks a close-quarters attack from Mue while telling Rukia to go. Standing with Senna, Kon frantically tells the Blanks surrounding them to go away before Rukia appears and slashes one of them. While Kon hugs her in relief, Rukia uses Hadō #33. Sōkatsui, engulfing multiple Blanks with an energy blast, before telling Kon to get off of her.

Senna slumps over Ganryū.

As Rukia elbows Kon several times, Senna runs away from them, prompting a surprised Rukia to tell her to wait. Proclaiming that she is also a Shinigami, Senna exits her Gigai in a flurry of autumn leaves and jumps towards Ganryū while preparing to release her Shikai. However, Ichigo frantically tells her to stop, and as Senna releases Mirokumaru, a smirking Ganryū punches her hard in the stomach, defeating her instantly and knocking her out. While Senna slumps over Ganryū's arm, his companions stop fighting the Shinigami and return to his side.

The Blanks suddenly detonate.

Noting it is true, Ukitake reveals that the assailants are the exiled members of a once-noble clan attempting to take their revenge, prompting Ganryū to claim Ukitake would not know the truth of the matter before proclaiming they are the Dark Ones. When multiple Blanks leap into the air and fly past the Shinigami, Hitsugaya asserts that they are not getting away, but is stopped when the converging Blanks explode. As Suì-Fēng dodges an exploding Blank, the Blanks surrounding the Keigun explode as well, and Ukitake and Rukia move away, with Rukia carrying Kon.

Ichigo points his sword at Ganryū.

Watching the explosions, Ganryū turns and says they will go, but Ichigo, having activated his Bankai, Tensa Zangetsu, rushes toward them and speeds through the group before turning around to confront them. As Ichigo taunts them as being slow, Senna regains consciousness and starts beating on Ganryū's chest while demanding that he let her go. Calling out to Senna, Ichigo declares that he is he is coming and points his sword at the group, prompting the other members to attack. Proclaiming that he will not let them take Senna away, Ichigo swiftly outmaneuvers each member.

Ichigo is impaled by Ganryū.

Ichigo moves in front of Ganryū and prepares to attack while claiming that he has him, but Ganryū reveals he is holding a spear, which extends to impale Ichigo. As Senna calls out to him, the spear retracts, and Ichigo reaches out to her before falling to the ground below. Senna screams Ichigo's name as Ganryū vanishes, and Ichigo continues to fall as the Shinigami move past him. Seeing him fall, Rukia catches Ichigo as he loses consciousness.

Search for the Entrance

Ichigo is healed by Orihime Inoue.

Later, at the Urahara Shop, Orihime Inoue heals an unconscious Ichigo with Sōten Kisshun while he lies on a mat. As the aura fades, she tells Uryū Ishida, Jinta Hanakari, Rukia, Tessai, Ururu Tsumugiya, and Yasutora Sado, who are gathered around Ichigo, that he is okay, to their visible relief. Rukia thanks Orihime and states her arrival saved Ichigo. As Jinta claims Ichigo needs to stop slacking, Urahara enters the room and reminds Jinta that this was inevitable because not only was Ichigo ambushed, but even three captains were not able to fend off the attackers.

Uryū wonders what happens next.

When Rukia asks him how the others fared, Urahara states that they lost sight of the enemy. Uryū asks if they have learned anything new, prompting Urahara to reveal the Dark Ones' plan is to somehow use the power of the Shinenju to cause the Human World and Soul Society to collide, to the shock of those present. When Uryū questions how they can do this, Urahara admits it is hard to believe before asserting that it is the only theory which makes sense to him. When Sado asks what Soul Society is doing, Urahara notes that they are working on their next plan.

Ichigo grabs Zangetsu and leaves upon learning there is an entrance somewhere in the Human World.

Urahara reveals the Valley of Screams cannot be infiltrated from Soul Society, prompting Orihime and Rukia to express shock as he says there is no way in because there is no entrance. When Sado asks him if there is another way, Urahara states there should be an entrance in the Human World close to where the Shinenju first appeared. Asking if this is so, which surprises everyone present, Ichigo sits up with the help of Orihime and says they can follow them if they can find the entrance, which Urahara confirms. Ichigo states he is going and grabs Zangetsu as he gets up. As Ichigo walks out with Rukia following him, the others agree to start looking as well.

Ichigo picks up Senna's ribbon.

Shortly afterward, Ichigo jumps from roof to roof with Rukia following him and arrives at the site of the attack. As a policeman states there is none of the normal residue which explosives leave behind, another wonders what happened here. Walking through the area, Ichigo sees something and runs towards one of the buildings as Rukia follows. Ichigo goes up to the porch and finds Senna's red hair ribbon on one of the crates. As he picks it up, Rukia begins to apologize before Ichigo assures her that it is not her fault, as she did what she felt was right.

Ichigo blames himself for Senna's capture and abduction since he could not save her.

Ichigo notes that Senna is too strong-willed and that she moved out on her own before recalling how she was trembling. Slamming his hand on the crate, Ichigo blames himself for not being able to save her when she was in such a vulnerable state. As he looks at the ribbon, Ichigo recalls Senna's words regarding her hair ribbon and how being up high clears her thoughts. Wondering why she said this, Ichigo pockets the ribbon and walks away. When Rukia asks him what is wrong, Ichigo tells her to come with him, and the two move to the fairground that Ichigo and Senna were at the previous night.

Ichigo jumps off the top of the Ferris wheel.

At the Ferris wheel, Ichigo and Rukia stand in one of the passenger cars as it moves towards the top. Stepping forward, Ichigo recalls Senna telling him her house used to be around here and sees something, which prompts him to tell Rukia to move to the river. As Ichigo and Rukia Jump off, they move to the bridge and see a large circle of light in the water. While Rukia wonders what it is, Ichigo sees a location filled with rocks in the circle, which Rukia realizes is the same place which can be seen in Soul Society. Noting they can get in through here, Ichigo tells Rukia to contact Urahara.

Ichigo falls to the entrance.

When Rukia tells him he cannot go in alone, Ichigo declares that he will definitely rescue Senna. As Rukia calls after him, Ichigo falls toward the entrance and draws Zangetsu before slashing at the circle, which creates a hole that he moves through. While a large amount of water splashes into the air from the impact, Rukia looks on with concern.

The End Begins

Senna hangs on a pole.

In the Valley of Screams, an unconscious Senna lies strapped to a post with several purple orbs rotating around her. As Ganryū, Riyan, and Bau approach her, Senna regains consciousness and wonders where she is. When Senna asks if they want her to do something, Ganryū states that they just need to use her to make their wish come true, prompting Senna to sarcastically ask him what this means. While Ganryū walks closer, Riyan angrily tells her to watch her tone and declares that Ganryū is a noble and virtuous man who will rule over Soul Society.

Ganryū tells Riyan to relax.

However, Ganryū merely tells him to relax as they no longer need to adhere to formalities. Ganryū details to Senna how their clan was exiled from Soul Society 1000 years ago due to its unjust laws and was forced to wander in the Dangai as punishment. Bitterly noting how they were constantly forced to run from the Kōtotsu, which absorbed anything it touched, Ganryū reveals that they somehow managed to survive and taught themselves to use the Blanks as a power source before claiming that they have an infinite number of them at their disposal.

Blanks swirl around Senna.

Ganryū snaps his fingers, which causes multiple Blanks to swirl around Senna, and explains how the Blanks come together to form a new dimension known as the Valley of Screams, which consists of countless Blanks, and how the memories of the Blanks merge into one object and return to the Human World. Revealing this object is the Shinenju, Ganryū asserts that it is Senna, who reacts with surprise. Meanwhile, At a captains' meeting in Soul Society, 12th Division Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi reveals the Blanks' wandering is not entirely without purpose.

Mayuri generates a hologram.

Stating that the Blanks seek out their own memories for a time, Mayuri beckons with his hand, which creates a holographic projection of the Valley of Screams, and says the problem begins here. Mayuri elaborates that putting the Shinenju in the center of the Valley of Screams causes the Blanks to push against one another in an effort to get closer, which makes them multiply rapidly, and reveals that the energy released is so incredibly powerful, it could draw the Human World and Soul Society together and force them into a massive collision.

Ganryū raises his sword.

As Ukitake expresses shock at the idea of such a cataclysm, 8th Division Captain Shunsui Kyōraku notes that it sound dangerous. While Mayuri reveals that this reaction has already begun, Ganryū creates a sword, which he raises above his head in preparation. When 11th Division Captain Kenpachi Zaraki says they have talked enough and asks what exactly will happen, Mayuri asserts that even though he is not sure of the specifics, the collision of two worlds which must not touch would certainly result in the destruction of one or both of those worlds.

The tornado of Blanks around Senna intensifies and begins to form a cocoon.

While the tornado around Senna intensifies by drawing more and more Blanks, Ukitake inquires about how much time they have left, prompting Mayuri to admit that they do not have enough data to draw a scientific answer before hazarding a guess that they have about an hour. When Suì-Fēng states that she will mobilize her forces to enter the Valley of Screams immediately, Mayuri warns her that this is a waste of time because there is no Senkaimon in Soul Society which connects to the Valley of Screams while Senna is bound completely by the Blanks, creating a cocoon entrenched in the Valley of Screams.

Senna is struck by lightning.

Asserting that they cannot enter, Mayuri claims there will not even be a speck of dust left in either realm regardless of what they do. As the cocoon unfurls to reveal Senna floating in a detailed gate, Captain-Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto declares that this is a top-level emergency. Senna is struck by lightning as Yamamoto orders the captains to prepare to fire the Kidō Cannon. While Senna screams in pain, Yamamoto states that they must try to disengage the Valley of Screams from Soul Society by firing at its adhesion point.

Rukia interrupts the meeting.

As the lightning in the Valley of Screams intensifies, Ukitake states that firing the Kidō Cannon in such a manner will cause great damage to both worlds. While Ganryū smiles, Yamamoto firmly asserts that they have no other options. Hearing a sudden commotion, the captains turn to face the door at the end of the hall as a Shinigami outside the meeting room tells someone they cannot go in. As the doors open, Rukia struggles with the guards outside, prompting Yamamoto to asks what the meaning of this is and order the guards to stand down.

Rukia reveals Ichigo's discovery.

Rukia gets on her hands and knees and apologizes, telling Yamamoto that if he wishes to discipline her, she will accept it without question, before declaring that she has information which she must share with everyone first. As Rukia reveals Ichigo has found an entrance to the Valley of Screams in the Human World, Ichigo runs along the rocky cliffs in the Valley of Screams while the lightning continues to intensify. Revealing to the captains that Ichigo has entered the Valley of Screams to save Senna, Rukia begs them to send reinforcements to help him.

Rukia is refused by Yamamoto.

However, Yamamoto states that he cannot fulfill this request, prompting a stunned Rukia to ask why he cannot. Yamamoto clarifies that he does not mean to belittle Ichigo's power before noting that they only have one hour left and there no proof of the Gotei 13 being able to mobilize their troops, enter the Valley of Screams, defeat their enemies, and retrieve the Shinenju in this time. Asking Rukia to not think badly of him, Yamamoto declares the meeting is over and proclaims that the divisions will begin emergency procedures and prepare the Kidō Cannon.

Rukia and Renji watch the preparation of the Kidō Cannon.

Shortly afterward, as the Kidō Cannon is prepared, Rukia watches from afar before she is approached by Renji. When Rukia begins to say something, Renji cuts her off and says he is going too, as Ichigo should not get all the action. In the Valley of Screams, as the lightning dies down, the clouds begin to converge at a point and fall.

Ichigo Arrives

Ichigo cuts the threads in two.

As more threads of Blanks surround Senna, Riyan tells Ganryū that the Blanks are uniting. Noting this, Ganryū sees a large cut appear in the wall behind Senna as the threads binding are suddenly cut in two. While the Dark Ones move away, Ganryū claims that they have another rat as Ichigo calls out to Senna, who sees him standing on a pillar in the valley. Declaring that he is coming, Ichigo moves towards her before being confronted by Ganryū, who slashes him. Falling to the ground below, Ichigo attacks Ganryū, who effortlessly blocks his attack.

Ichigo clashes with Ganryū.

When Ganryū mockingly asks if he has come for another crushing defeat while crossing blades, Ichigo angrily demands he and the rest of the Dark Ones give Senna back, but a smirking Ganryū blocks his attack and forces him back while the rest of the Dark Ones appear nearby. As Ganryū claims Senna has finally been awakened as the Shinenju, dozens of Blanks rise from the ground behind the Dark Ones. Ganryū declares Senna will endure a great amount of pain and suffering because of Ichigo, and Senna is surrounded by more threads of Blanks while she calls out to Ichigo.

The Blanks constrict Senna.

As Ichigo frantically calls out to her in turn, Senna is further constricted by the threads of Blanks. Angrily telling the Dark Ones to get out of his way, Ichigo fires a Getsuga Tenshō, which courses through the Valley of Screams. Back in the Human World, Sado, Uryū, Orihime, Urahara, Tessai, Jinta, and Ururu stand on the bridge near the entrance to the Valley of Screams. When Orihime asks if they have to follow Ichigo, Urahara states they cannot because the Valley of Screams is a spiritual world like Soul Society, so Humans cannot enter it.

Rukia and Renji emerge.

Suddenly, a Senkaimon opens on the road behind them as Rukia and Renji emerge. As Orihime and Uryū greet them, Urahara asks them how it went, prompting Rukia to detail how Soul Society plans to use the Kidō Cannon to destroy the Valley of Screams' dimension. When Orihime begins to exclaim Ichigo will die if they do this, Renji assures her that they will finish the job before the Kidō Cannon fires. As Rukia asserts that they will do something to help, Hitsugaya flatly states that they do not stand a chance on their own, to the surprise of those present.

Hitsugaya sits under the bridge.

As Orihime looks over the railing and sees him under the bridge, Hitsugaya reveals that they have gathered several people and states they will finish the fight together. While Rangiku declares that she is coming as well, Hitsugaya notes they are running out of time and tells the others to go before jumping into the entrance. After Orihime asks Rukia to take care of Ichigo, prompting her to say she will, Rukia and Renji flip over the side of the bridge and fall into the entrance. In the Valley of Screams, Ichigo clashes with Jai and leaps away from an attack.

Ichigo dodges throwing knives from Benin.

As Jai throws his chakram after him, Ichigo runs past some Blanks and deflects one of the chakram before dodging the other, only for them to attack him in midair. Landing, Ichigo is restrained by several Blanks. As Ichigo struggles and tells the Blanks to let go, Bau attacks him, prompting Ichigo to leap away. As he lands, Ichigo blocks an attack from Mue and dodges throwing knives from Benin.

Shinigami vs. Dark Ones: Round Two

Kenpachi falls from the sky above.

Preparing to clash with the Dark Ones once more, Ichigo hears laughter from above and looks up to see a laughing Kenpachi falling from the sky. As he glows with yellow Reiatsu, Kenpachi smashes into the ground, destroying the surrounding area, prompting Ichigo to call out to him. While 11th Division Lieutenant Yachiru Kusajishi waves to Ichigo, Kenpachi tells him he is standing in a dangerous spot as the ground around him fractures and begins to sink from the force of the impact. Quickly leaping to solid ground, Ichigo notices something nearby.

Hitsugaya recalls the ice dragon.

As he wonders who Kenpachi was, Riyan is attacked by the Shikai of Hyōrinmaru, forcing him to dodge. Snaking through the air, the ice dragon returns to Hitsugaya, who tells Ichigo to stop wasting time. While Ichigo sees Hitsugaya has been joined by Ikkaku, 11th Division 5th Seat Yumichika Ayasegawa, Rangiku, 9th Division Lieutenant Shūhei Hisagi, Iba, and 3rd Division Lieutenant Izuru Kira, Ikkaku tells Ichigo they are not letting him have all the action, and Yumichika claims they want their chance as well because there has not been a "party" like this for a while.

Ikkaku runs down a slope.

As Rangiku claims everyone else joined in after she simply mentioned it and declares that it can be left to them, Hitsugaya tells Ichigo to hurry. Thanking them, Ichigo runs off toward Senna, prompting Bau and Jai to quickly follow him in pursuit. After Hitsugaya tells the assembled Shinigami to move out, the Shinigami move away with Shunpo. Running down a slope toward the Blanks, Ikkaku releases his Zanpakutō, Hōzukimaru, and cuts through several Blanks while Rangiku does the same with her sealed Zanpakutō before being confronted by Benin.

Benin blocks Rangiku's attack.

When Benin blocks Rangiku's sword with her dagger, a smirking Rangiku releases her Zanpakutō, Haineko, prompting Benin to leap away as the ash cloud whirls around and destroys several Blanks caught in its path. Running along the side of a structure shaped like a window pane, Izuru releases his Shikai, Wabisuke, and strikes the platform four times, causing it to fall to the ground below due to its heavily increased weight. Elsewhere, Iba and Hisagi fight off and destroy the Blanks with their Shikai and sealed Zanpakutō, respectively.

Benin aims at Yumichika.

Appearing on a cliff overlooking the fight, Benin aims a crossbow at Yumichika, who is also fighting off the Blanks with his sealed Zanpakutō. Benin fires the bolt, but when it does not hit Yumichika, she wonders what happened before having her attention drawn to Suì-Fēng, who holds the crossbow bolt in her hand. Asking if Benin is looking for this, Suì-Fēng breaks the bolt in two, and as she begins to draw her Zanpakutō, Benin throws a knife at her, which she dodges. Suì-Fēng runs discards her haori and runs towards Benin with her Zanpakutō drawn.

A Hōmonka appears on Benin.

As Benin draws her daggers, the two clash. Dodging Suì-Fēng's subsequent attack, Benin slashes at her, and Suì-Fēng jumps to avoid this before kicking at Benin, only to be blocked by her dagger. After continuing to fight and clash repeatedly, the two separate. Landing on a rock formation, Benin is surprised to see a Hōmonka appear on her midsection, with Suì-Fēng having released her Shikai, Suzumebachi, in the previous skirmish and landed a hit with it. As Benin leaps into the air, Suì-Fēng appears behind her and kicks at her, but Benin catches her foot with her daggers.

Benin is killed by Suì-Fēng.

Benin throws Suì-Fēng off and kicks her downwards. As Suì-Fēng rolls down the slope, Benin's chain catches her by the throat. Swinging Suì-Fēng up to herself, Benin begins to strangle her with the chain, but Suì-Fēng moves out of the chain with Shunpo, to Benin's shock. Suì-Fēng kicks Benin high into the air and jumps after her before stabbing her once more with Suzumebachi in the center of the Hōmonka on her midsection. As the Hōmonka glows a bright red from the point of the stab wound, a screaming Benin is cut completely in half and fades away.

Kenpachi's face is cut by Mue.

Elsewhere, in a tree-like area, Kenpachi walks along a thick branch with his Zanpakutō over his shoulder. Looking around, Kenpachi is surprised when his face is suddenly cut, and after deflecting subsequent attacks, Kenpachi catches one of the projectiles. Upon seeing it is a two-pointed shuriken, Kenpachi calls it is ridiculous and throws it. Mue sees it fly past him, cutting the tree he was hiding behind in the process, and is startled into stepping back, only to bump into Kenpachi, who states he is not too bad at chasing people even though he hates it.

Mue slashes Kenpachi across the chest after revealing a smaller hidden blade.

As Mue moves away and runs along a branch, a giggling Yachiru runs beside him. When Mue jumps away, Yachiru tells Kenpachi to get him. Landing, Mue sees Kenpachi, who inquires if he can cut him yet, and leaps toward him before stabbing at Kenpachi, who catches the blade of the sword with his hand. However, Mue detaches the blade from the hilt to reveal a thin, segmented golden blade underneath before slashing Kenpachi across the chest. Watching blood spurt from his wound, a grinning Kenpachi states that he can have some fun with Mue as an orb of yellow Reiatsu forms around him.

Kenpachi leaps towards Mue after withstanding the explosion created by his electricity.

Kenpachi swiftly strikes at the branch Mue is standing on as the latter jumps away, and when Kenpachi leaps after him, Mue fires the segments of his blade at Kenpachi. Deflecting them with a single slash, Kenpachi catches Mue and punches him away, but as he lands on a branch below, Mue holds up the hilt of his sword, which is attached to Kenpachi's Zanpakutō by a wire, and sends electricity along the wire towards Kenpachi, which results in an explosion. However, as the smoke clears, Kenpachi, having been shielded by his orb of Reiatsu, leaps towards Mue, destroying the branches around him in the process, and cuts him in half.

Riyan fires explosive projectiles.

Elsewhere, Hitsugaya releases his Shikai and sends the resulting ice dragon at Riyan, who fires his explosive projectiles back at him. As the ice dragon is destroyed by the explosions, a chuckling Riyan tells Hitsugaya to not try to outlast him while Blanks flow into the rocketpacks on his back and replenish his projectiles. Declaring Hitsugaya's energy will not outlast his own, Riyan promises that he will fight as long as Hitsugaya likes before firing more projectiles at him. When Hitsugaya jumps to avoid them, the projectiles follow him into the air.

Hitsugaya activates his Bankai, Daiguren Hyōrinmaru, to withstand the attack.

Destroying some of the projectiles with slashes of his Zanpakutō, Hitsugaya moves away as the rest follow him. When Hitsugaya is caught by one of them, which explodes, a laughing Riyan forms more projectiles within his rocketpacks and fires them at him. As Hitsugaya runs, Blanks continue to flow into Riyan's rocketpacks while Riyan fires several dozen more projectiles. When one of the projectiles seemingly hits Hitsugaya, Riyan confidently declares that he got Hitsugaya, only to be shocked when the smoke clears to reveal Hitsugaya withstood the attack and has activated his Bankai, Daiguren Hyōrinmaru.

Riyan is killed by Hitsugaya.

Expressing surprise at Hitsugaya having this much energy left, Riyan realizes there is ice sealing off his rocketpacks that has formed underneath and behind him. As Riyan screams in terror, the ice dragon behind Hitsugaya launches itself forward and crashes into him, creating a large amount of ice and killing Riyan. Getting up, Hitsugaya looks towards the tree in the center of the Valley of Screams. In Soul Society, a member of the Kidō Corps informs Yamamoto that the 3rd Division is in place and that preparations for firing the Kidō Cannon are complete.

Bau appears behind Ichigo.

Stating that the latest status reports indicate the dimension will pass the critical point within five minutes, the Kidō Corps member moves away with Shunpo. When Ukitake begins to say something about the situation, Yamamoto assures him that they will wait until the very end to act. In the Valley of Screams, Ichigo dodges an attack from Bau. When Jai throws his chakram at him, Ichigo deflects them, only for Bau to suddenly appear behind him and smash him into the ground. As Jai says he will not get the Shinenju, Renji tells Ichigo to hold on.

Renji activates his Bankai.

As a tornado forms behind Ichigo, Renji's Bankai, Hihiō Zabimaru, lunges out of the top and hurtles towards Ichigo. Crashing into the ground where he is standing, it moves away with Ichigo clinging to the side of its head. Hihiō Zabimaru speeds past Bau and Jai as Ichigo looks back and calls out to Renji, who stands next to Rukia while telling him to go. Ichigo jumps off of Hihiō Zabimaru, which turns around and crashes into Bau and Jai. As Renji declares that he is not letting them go after Ichigo, he and Rukia jump to avoid Jai's chakram.

Jai attacks Rukia.

As Rukia deflects the blades, Jai runs along the wall and attacks her before claiming that they will just kill them first. Emerging from the dust cloud with Bau in its mouth, Hihiō Zabimaru slams him into a wall and keeps pushing him through the rock for dozens of meters. Shortly afterward, Bau emerges and smashes his tetsubo into the segments of Hihiō Zabimaru. As the rest of Hihiō Zabimaru flies towards him, Bau strikes its head, creating an explosion.

Senna's Rescue

Ichigo lands on a branch.

Landing on a tree branch, Ichigo looks at the trees in front of him and screams Senna's name. When Ganryū asks if he still believes the Shinenju can be saved, Ichigo declares that he is going to get Senna out of here. Jumping away to avoid a stream of Blanks rushing at him, Ichigo lands on another branch nearby watches the stream turn into a branch. Ganryū claims Ichigo is too late because the Shinenju has begun to merge with the Valley of Screams, which he proclaims no one can stop now. Telling Ganryū to shut up, Ichigo promises Senna he will get her out of here.

Several Blanks emerge from the branch behind Ichigo in an attempt to swarm around him.

As Blanks emerge from the branches behind Ichigo, Ganryū asks Ichigo if the latter cannot comprehend his words before mocking him as speaking of the impossible. When Ichigo fires a Getsuga Tenshō that obliterates the assembling Blanks, an unharmed Ganryū reveals himself in the torrent of energy, and as the branches behind him are cut in half by the force of the attack, Ganryū curses Ichigo. Noting that Ganryū has finally shown himself, Ichigo pointing Zangetsu at him as he declares that he will beat him and save Senna. With Ganryū daring him to try, Ichigo tells him to get ready and activates his Bankai, Tensa Zangetsu.

Ganryū generates several daggers from thin air to fire at Ichigo.

As the dust clears to reveal him, Ichigo attacks Ganryū. Moving away, the two clash repeatedly in midair. As Ichigo lands on a branch, Blanks trap his legs and Ganryū generates a stream of Blanks which surround Ichigo, only to crack and break when Ichigo attacks it. Moving behind Ichigo, Ganryū attacks him, prompting Ichigo to dodge and move away, and follows Ichigo as he continues to clash with him. When Ichigo moves away once more, Ganryū generates several daggers from thin air that fly forward and follow Ichigo, who destroys most of them before suddenly being hit in the abdomen by one.

Ichigo is hit by more daggers.

The dagger, with a stream of Blanks attached to the hilt propelling it forward, pushes Ichigo back and pins him to a tree. Landing on the branch in front of Ichigo, Ganryū recounts how his clan was forced to live in the Dangai for 1000 years and claims they endured the hardship so they could one day obliterate Soul Society, a wish which is about to come true. As the other Shinigami present notice the Valley of Screams shaking, Ganryū proclaims that he will not let anyone stop him and throws four more daggers at Ichigo, one of which strikes him in the chest.

Ichigo coughs up blood.

While Ichigo coughs up blood in pain, Ganryū asks why he is so desperate, as the Shinenju is simply a condensed mass of thoughts and memories, and claims that calling it a living thing is too much. However, Ichigo claims this is not true and declares Senna is here now. Pulling the dagger out of his abdomen, Ichigo angrily tells Ganryū that a nervous and scared Senna just wanted someone to help her. As he proclaims that he swore on his soul to protect her, Ichigo releases a large amount of Reiatsu, causing a band of yellow light to travel to the center of the tree.

Ichigo frees himself.

Deep within the tree, Senna regains consciousness and recalls her encounters with the Blanks as her shihakushō turns white. Finally accepting her existence as the Shinenju, Senna calls out to Ichigo as a bright light shines from her location. As he continues to release Reiatsu, Ichigo frees himself from the Blanks on the tree in an explosion. In Soul Society, as a Shinigami frantically reports that they will pass the critical point in the Valley of Screams in two minutes, Ukitake wonders what the Shinigami in the Valley of Screams are doing.

Black lightning crackles.

Declaring that time is up, Yamamoto orders the Kidō Corps to fire the Kidō Cannon at the Valley of Screams. Flames ignite around the Kidō Cannon, which fires blasts shaped like various animals at the Valley of Screams. As a section of the Valley of Screams is destroyed, dark ooze begins dripping through the hole while black lightning flashes. As the various Shinigami watch this from a nearby cliff, Hitsugaya notes it has been released and confirms that Soul Society has pulled the trigger, which means the dimension is going to collapse soon.

Bau is killed by Hihiō Zabimaru.

Meanwhile, Bau expresses shock as Hihiō Zabimaru reforms after seemingly being broken apart. Claiming his Zanpakutō is very thick-headed, Renji declares that Bau will not even put a dent in him if this is all he has. As Hihiō Zabimaru rushes towards him, a screaming Bau is crushed and killed under the head as the ground underneath him shatters from the impact. Elsewhere, as Rukia stands on a platform, Jai jumps towards her and says she is not getting away. When Rukia states she does not have to run, Jai says he will grind her to dust.

Jai creates clones of himself.

When Rukia releases her Shikai, Sode no Shirayuki, Jai declares that it is no use as he dives at her. Using Some no mai, Tsukishiro, Rukia encases Jai in a large column of ice, which shatters. As she stands up, Rukia is surprised when the multiple chakram in the air around her begin to bubble and transform before transforming into clones of Jai, one of whom reminds Rukia that he said resisting is pointless. However, as the clones move to attack her, Rukia notices cherry blossoms floating near her arm as she assumes a battle stance and prepares to fight.

The clones are obliterated by Byakuya's Bankai, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi.

Suddenly, two long rows of giant blades rise up from the ground as 6th Division Captain Byakuya Kuchiki tells Jai to be proud about being destroyed by his Bankai before obliterating the clones with Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, which masses over them in a storm of blade petals. Moving to Rukia, Byakuya states that they are leaving, which a flustered Rukia agrees with. Elsewhere, Ichigo moves toward Senna's location and calls out to her while dodging multiple streams of Blanks from different directions. As Ichigo lands on a nearby tree branch, Ganryū swiftly does the same and creates a sword from thin air before pointing it at Ichigo.

Ganryū is killed by Ichigo.

As Ichigo generates a large amount of Reiatsu, Ganryū does so as well and tells Ichigo to make his move. Jumping towards Ichigo, who fires a Getsuga Tenshō at him, Ganryū cuts through the blast and continues charging toward Ichigo, who generates another Getsuga Tenshō in his blade and leaps towards him. As the two clash, an explosion rips through and destroys the branches around them. While the smoke clears, Ichigo stands behind a bifurcated Ganryū, who slowly turns to ash and fades away. Seeing Senna among the cleared branches, Ichigo tells her she is awfully quiet.

Ichigo returns with Senna.

When Ichigo asks her what happened to her usual energy, a smiling Senna tells him to shut up. In the Human World, Uryū, Sado, Orihime, Urahara, Tessai, Jinta, and Ururu stand on the bridge next to the entrance to the Valley of Screams. As Urahara notes they are coming, the Shinigami burst out of the water, and as Orihime looks over the railing, Ichigo bursts out of the water with Senna. In Soul Society, a Kidō Corps member tells Yamamoto the Shinenju has been rescued and the Valley of Screams is collapsing while Shinigami all over the Seireitei cheer.

The Shinigami cheer.

Ichigo, Senna, Renji, and Rukia land on the bridge in the Human World. As Orihime welcomes them back, Kon runs towards Rukia, who stomps on him. As Uryū tells Ichigo he did it and Sado gives him a thumbs-up, Urahara congratulates them all for having done well. As Orihime expresses her gratitude for all of them being safe, Ichigo thanks Rukia and Renji, the latter of whom claims he did not do it for Ichigo.

A Bittersweet Victory

Senna's ribbon floats away.

As Jinta says Renji did good for a freeloader and has earned his dinner tonight, Senna looks over the railing. Telling Senna he found her hair ribbon, Ichigo is surprised when it floats away in the wind. In the SRDI in Soul Society, Mayuri wonders why the alarm has not stopped as a researcher reveals the Valley of Screams has expanded beyond the final critical point. Detailing how the Valley of Screams's gravitational pull has linked it to the Human World and Soul Society, the researcher declares that the three have started to merge due to this linkage.

Rukia is forced to her knees.

As Yamamoto looks up in shock, Rukia is forced to her knees and wonders what the meaning of this is while Renji realizes it did not stop. Orihime wonders what will happen as a worried Urahara notes this is not good. Suddenly, Senna leaps into the air, prompting Ichigo to tell her to wait. Joining her in the air over the entrance to the Valley of Screams, Ichigo wonders why this is happening. As whirlwinds tear through the Seireitei, Kenpachi observes that they are in trouble now. While Hitsugaya wonders if they were too late, violent waves crash around the entrance.

Senna admits she is scared.

Looking at the entrance, Senna grabs Ichigo's arm and tells him she is scared. As Ichigo expresses concern over her words, Senna declares that she will not let this world go and explains her view of the Human World as a wonderful place. After assuring Ichigo that it will be okay, Senna reveals the Blanks are still close to her, and if she uses their energy, she can return both worlds to normal. As Ichigo sees Senna in her Gigai clothes and expresses confusion, Senna points out that Ichigo would also disappear if the world ended and declares that she does not want this to happen.

Senna begins to glow.

As she does this, Senna begins to glow. When Ichigo tells her to stop, Senna admits that she would rather sacrifice herself than let him die. As Senna is enveloped by a whirlwind, Ichigo yells her name and reaches for her, only to be enveloped by the wind as well. A green column of light grows brighter as Rin reveals they have reports of countless spiritual explosions in the Dangai, and the Human World and Soul Society are both stabilizing because the fusion has stopped.

Last Farewell

Ichigo carries Senna through a graveyard in order to find her parents' gravestone.

Some time later, as Senna informs him that she has a favor to ask, Ichigo carries her on his back next to the river to the graveyard where they first met the Dark Ones days ago. While Ichigo carries her through the rows of gravestones, Senna reveals that she wants to check her family grave because they were here yesterday and states that she knows she once lived in this town. Claiming that she had parents and was alive, Senna asserts that her name must be on the gravestone. Stopping in front of one of the gravestones, Ichigo asks her if this is it, prompting Senna to clarify that it is four stones from the end.

Senna tells Ichigo she is happy.

When Ichigo arrives at the gravestone, Senna asks if there is a name on it and claims to have something in her eye, but Ichigo sees two names on the gravestone, neither of which are hers. However, when Senna asks if her name is there, Ichigo calmly tells her that it is. Standing up, he assures Senna that she used to live in this town and had a family. Crying, a smiling Senna says she is happy to have learned this. As she begins to fade, Senna states she feels warm and asks Ichigo if she will see him again, and Ichigo promises her that she will.

Senna slowly fades away.

Settling in Ichigo's arms, Senna fades away completely. As Ichigo kneels, Rukia approaches him and states the Blanks' energy is about to run out, and when it does, everything related to Senna will disappear from their memories because one cannot remember something which should not have existed in the first place. Getting up, Ichigo says even though it may only last for a few more seconds, he can still hear her voice. Later, on the bridge, a strong wind causes the pedestrians to stop in their tracks. Walking along, Ichigo sees a red hair ribbon floating in the wind.

Ichigo grabs the hair ribbon.

As Ichigo grabs the ribbon, he realizes something while a girl tells her friend to shut up and states it will be the same either way. As her friend says they will be late, the girl says she will pass and runs past Ichigo while bearing a striking resemblance to Senna. Smiling, Ichigo continues walking.

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1. ^ In all promotional print and video, the film's title is preceded by the label "theatrical edition" (劇場版, gekijō-ban).


  • In the film, the special ability of Suzumebachi is different than its canonical counterpart, as Kubo had not yet shown what happened to victims upon receiving the second strike. In the manga and anime, the victim's body is obliterated by a butterfly-shaped crest; however, when she is stabbed a second time, Benin is bifurcated, and she fades away instead of being destroyed.

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