Bleach: Can't Fear Your Own World II
Bleach Can't Fear Your Own World Volume 2.png
Type Novel
Pages 516
Author Ryōgo Narita (Primary)
Tite Kubo (Co-writer credit)[1]
Illustration Tite Kubo
Cover Character Hikone Ubuginu
Release Date
Japan November 2, 2018[2]
English November 3, 2020[3]
ISBN 978-4-08-703464-6[4]

Bleach: Can't Fear Your Own World II is the second of three volumes in a series of Bleach novels by Ryōgo Narita, with input from Tite Kubo,[1] that centers on Shūhei Hisagi.[5]


Hisagi continues his investigation as fighting breaks out in Soul Society between the Arrancar, Quincy and Shinigami, while the Fullbringers look on from the sidelines. Hisagi encounters the leader of the new Xcution cult, the powerful Aura Michibane. And Yourichi and Suì-Fēng confront Tokinada Tsunayashiro.



At some point in the past, a young Tokinada asks his father about the Soul King. The father replies that the Soul King is the lynchpin that holds the worlds together and that without it, they would collapse on each other. When Tokinada asks what the world was before the Soul King, his father gets furious and says that there was no history prior to the Soul King's birth, and that the Shinigami should be happy a being so wise and powerful exists in the first place. Tokinada pretended to be satisfied, but secretly bided his time.[6]

Many years later, Tokinada uncovered records about the true history of Soul Society and the greatest sin of the Tsunayashiro family. Laughing, Tokinada now realizes that the million-year history of Soul Society is based upon deception, and that there is no excuse for him or anyone to behave any differently. Tokinada vows that, until the inevitable end of Soul Society, he will act with completely justified malice and evil.[6]

In the present day, in Karakura Town, Shūhei Hisagi is talking to Kisuke Urahara. Urahara attempts to sell Hisagi a priceless, authentic replica of a historical Guitar, that he modified to be able to act as a Zanpakutō scabbard. As Ururu Tsumugiya and Jinta Hanakari watch with pity, Hisagi allows himself to get scammed again by the store owner.[6]

Chapter 6

Urahara and Hisagi.

In Karakura Town, which is noted to have been the Jūreichi for as long as one can remember, Hisagi starts his interview with Urahara. As the two discuss Urahara's history in Karakura Town, the topic of Isshin Shiba and Masaki Kurosaki's relationship is brought up, with Hisagi understanding that Soul Society is not yet ready to know about Ichigo Kurosaki's Quincy heritage. After some banter, the two get to the core of the matter: Urahara's involvement in the events of the Soul King Palace. While Urahara tries to greatly downplay his actions during the conflict, Hisagi realizes that the man is dodging the issue intentionally, and decides to press on about Urahara's past.[7]

The two are temporarily interrupted by the eavesdropping Ururu and Jinta, and after Urahara sends them on an errand, decides to talk about the two children instead. Urahara confirms Hisagi's suspicions that the two are indeed artificial beings similar but not identical to Nemu Kurotsuchi, and mentions that Ururu is three years older than Jinta.[7]

Meanwhile in Soul Society, Mayuri is studying the three Fullbringers living in the Rukongai, when Akon asks if he is using the Visuals Department's surveillance for it. Despite the Visuals Department's immense resources and surveillance operations, Mayuri reveals he decides to stop cooperating with them, much to Akon's surprise. Mayuri explains that he no longer considers the Visuals Department reliable, as their primary allegiance lies with the Nobles, particularly the Tsunayashiro family.[7]

Mayuri explains that, just as the Shihōin Clan is responsible with handling and storing armaments supposedly created by the Soul King, the Tsunayashiro Clan is responsible for documenting the history of Soul Society. Suddenly their equipment finds the Fullbringers' location, and Mayuri departs to oversee their capture, leaving Akon in charge.[7]

At the same time, in the Rukongai, Ginjō, Tsukishima, and Giriko realize they're being watched. Wondering if the Shinigami plan on silencing them for talking to Hisagi, they suddenly find themselves attacked by Candice Catnipp.[7]

In the Urahara Shop, Urahara continues to dodge Hisagi's questions, forcing Hisagi to switch tactics. Hisagi decides to ask a more personal question to Urahara and brings up his encounter with Hikone. After hearing everything that happened, Urahara first divulges what he knows about Seinosuke. He admits that while Seinosuke is an exceptional physician who takes his profession very seriously, he also has a disturbing lack of ethics when it comes to performing his duties; not only did this cause a lot of friction between him and the late Unohana, but also is the reason Seinosuke was forced to retire.[7]

Moving on, Urahara asks Hisagi about Hikone's strange Reiatsu, and Hisagi confirms that the child's Reiatsu felt like a "patchwork combination" of Shinigami, Hollow, and Quincy, as well as that Hikone used Garganta to travel rather than a Senkaimon. Hearing this, Urahara becomes lost in thought until Hisagi says that he never felt Reiatsu like it. Urahara turns to him and says that Ichigo Kurosaki, while far more subtle, has such Reiatsu as well. Shocking Hisagi, Urahara reveals that there is a third person with such Reiatsu as well: Kūgo Ginjō, the first Substitute Shinigami.[7]

Chapter 7

In the Rukongai, Candice is fighting the Fullbringers while she curses how she got into her current situation. Candice reminisces about how she was captured by Torue and others of the Twelfth Division shortly after being depowered by Yhwach's Auswählen, and how she was turned into a test subject and "hunting dog" by Mayuri Kurotsuchi.[8]

Several days earlier, in the Research and Development Institute, Candice was imprisoned in a large tank with numerous pieces of equipment connected to her. Surprised at her continued defiance, Mayuri merely says that she should feel privileged to be a specimen. Candice retorts that treating her injuries will not make her feel grateful after everything that has happened, to which Mayuri replies that they did not exactly treat her so much as they "rebooted" her corpse after the autopsies were completed.[8]

Mayuri continues, saying she should indeed be grateful to be rescued from a cruel master who tried to devour his pets and then throw them away, but Candice merely retorts that it still will not make her choose the Shinigami as her new master. Ignoring her, Mayuri explains that his research on Quincy had reached their conclusion some time ago and that even his research on the "original species", Yhwach, could only go so far. Confused, Candice wonders why she was not disposed of before threatening to kill every Shinigami she encounters, especially Ichigo Kurosaki.[8]

Switching tactics, Mayuri turns the conversation towards the surviving Sternritter that eluded him, and reveals to Candice that Liltotto and Giselle are still alive. While Candice processes the information, as well as her friends' attempt to get revenge on Yhwach, Mayuri reaches his point: if Candice will work for him, Mayuri might be willing to let the Quincy in his possession go free.[8]

In the present, Candice makes it clear to herself that she doesn't trust Mayuri's word at all, but decides to play along for now in the hopes of finding a way out. To her own regret, she realizes that she never paid much attention to Liltotto's explanation of what Fullbringers actually are, so Candice has next to no idea what she is dealing with. Adding to this, the Fullbringers' continued resistance angers her, to the point that she is losing control of her temper and seemingly kills them with the full power of The Thunderbolt.[8]

Due to this, Mayuri plans to intervene, but quickly becomes annoyed when his other thralls, Charlotte Chuhlhourne, Dordoni Alessandro Del Socaccio, Cirucci Sanderwicci, and Luppi Antenor voice their own opinions. In response, Mayuri uses a device implanted them to give them painful shocks. After explaining why he brought them along, as well as who the Fullbringers are, Mayuri is pleasantly surprised to find the Fullbringers are still alive.[8]

Candice, meanwhile, is shocked to find her lightning strike, which she believes no ordinary person could have survived, was redirected towards a large tree that did not exist there previously. Overcoming her shock, Candice barely manages to avoid a Getsuga Tenshō from Ginjō and recognizes the attack from her battle with Ichigo. Ginjō turns towards Tsukishima, who reveals that he used his Book of the End on a small tree, changing the plant's past to allow it to grow far more so it could function as a lightning rod in the present.[8]

As Candice grows even angrier at being foiled, Ginjō and Tsukishima wonder if the Quincy's attack is related to their recent investigation into the new XCUTION cult in the Human World. At the same time, NaNaNa Najahkoop is using The Underbelly to study the fight, and upon hearing the fighters are Fullbringers, realizes this is why their Reiatsu pattern is mixed with that of a Hollow.[8]

In Karakura Town, Hisagi wonders why Urahara brought up Ginjō's name, revealing he recently met Ginjō in the Rukongai. Urahara decides to explain the concept of Fullbringer to Hisagi, revealing that among the intelligent races in the worlds, Fullbringers are, in essence, a forced change derived from Humans. When Urahara gives Orihime and Yasutora Sado as examples of known Fullbringers, he explains that while the process was different with those two, as the Hōgyoku was involved, the principle remains the same.[8]

Urahara further details that Fullbringers are born when a Human fetus survives a Hollow attack on its mother while still in the womb; the infusion of Hollow Reiatsu in the fetus allows it to awaken the Fullbring powers in itself in the future. While Hisagi expresses how lucky they must be to have survived a direct Hollow attack, Urahara expresses his suspicion at the fact that Shinigami or Quincy always arrived at a critical moment to save them, and wonders how much more Soul Society knows about Fullbringers then it lets on.[8]

Urahara reveals that for the Shinigami's supposed knowledge of future Fullbring births, Nayura Amakado confirmed that the Daireishokairō is surprisingly devoid of almost all information about the subject. This causes Urahara to suspect the involvement of the Visual Department, and by extension the Tsunayashiro family, in withholding the information. Due to this, Urahara asks Hisagi to use his position as a journalist to dig further into what he can find. While initially reluctant, Hisagi agrees.[8]

Back in the Rukongai, Candice is unleashing her power on the Fullbringers once again when the tree Tsukishima used is uprooted by Meninas McAllon. Surprising the Fullbringers with her strength, Meninas throws the tree at them before calming down Candice and reminding her of Mayuri's orders. To the Quincy's own surprise, Giriko activates Time Tells No Lies to empower himself and throw the tree back at them.[8]

Giriko explains that he sacrificed the time Tsukishima inserted into the tree's past to empower himself beyond his previous limits, evidenced by the tree returning to its original, smaller size. In response, Meninas activates The Power and bulges up her muscles and attacks Giriko. As the battle escalates, and Ginjō plans to give Tsukishima an opening to use his Book of the End on the Quincy, all the combatants and observers are distracted when a Garganta suddenly opens up nearby.[8]

As Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez emerges from the Garganta, he lunges towards the battle site, only to voice his disappointment that the immense hybrid Reiatsu he sensed was not that of Ichigo. Regardless, Grimmjow makes it clear he is only here to find and fight Hikone.[8]

Chapter 8

In the remains of Las Noches, Tier Harribel and Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck are informed by Rudbornn Chelute that Grimmjow has left for Soul Society. While Nelliel is worried that Grimmjow wants to attack Ichigo to satiate his bloodlust, neither Harribel nor Rudbornn believe that even Grimmjow is that impulsive, especially since Grimmjow's strong animalistic instincts compel him to protect his territory, Hueco Mundo. They suspect Grimmjow is after Hikone instead, as he recognizes the child as a threat, though Harribel is still wary about Hikone's mysterious Zanpakutō.[9]

In Soul Society, Shinji Hirako recognizes the immense Hollow Reiatsu as that of Grimmjow. While Momo Hinamori informs him that the Twelfth Division assured them that everything is under control in that area, Shinji is unconvinced. Knowing how dangerous Grimmjow is, Shinji heads out there himself and tells Momo to inform the Captain-Commander about his decision.[9]

At the same time, Luppi recognizes Grimmjow's Reiatsu as well, and despite Dordoni and Cirucci's warnings, leaves to confront him. To the others' surprise, Mayuri does not shock them, as he is intrigued by this turn of events. However, he also remembers that Grimmjow made a deal with Urahara during the Wandenreich invasion and cannot help but wonder if Urahara is once again meddling with his affairs.[9]

At the Urahara Shop, Hisagi asks Urahara if he still has contact with the Arrancar. Urahara merely replies that he believes maintaining peace with them is essential, especially since Harribel and Nelliel are far more reasonable than the rest of their kind and currently lead Hueco Mundo. Urahara also expresses his belief that, while very hostile, Grimmjow is not a mindless killer like most Hollows or Arrancar are either.[9]

Hisagi argues that while, yes, Arrancar are not absolute evil as the Shinigami are usually taught, it still does not change the fact that most of them sided with Aizen to destroy the Shinigami. Urahara explains that powerful Menos-class Arrancar are an aggregation of thousands upon thousands of souls, and while he is not sure if the resulting personality and beliefs are either an amalgamation of those souls, or a single one that dominates the others, it does not change the fact that they are still just as capable of reasoning as Shinigami are, which should allow for peaceful dialogue.[9]

As the conversation shifts towards Hisagi's killing of the Hollowfied Tōsen, and his subsequent regret and issues, Urahara suddenly jumps up and grabs his Zanpakutō. He asks a confused Hisagi if he can arrange a Gentei Kaijo before revealing that he senses the entirety of Karakura Town is surrounded and isolated by an unidentified force.[9]

Meanwhile, in the Seireitei, Tokinada senses Grimmjow's appearance as well and summons Hikone. As the healed Hikone guarantees Tokinada that they will not fail him again, Tokinada reveals that he planned for Hikone to lose against the Arrancar so that the child could learn and grow stronger. While Hikone does not understand, the child is nonetheless excited that it did not fail Tokinada's expectations. As Hikone voices the desire to have an equal relationship with Tokinada someday, they are interrupted by the voice of Ikomikidomoe, who seems insulted by the idea of someone like Tokinada being on the same level as his wielder.[9]

As Hikone silences Ikomikidomoe and apologizes, Tokinada reassures the child that they should not expect anything else from an inherited Zanpakutō; since it was not born from imprinting upon an Asauchi, it takes time for Ikomikidomoe to fully accept its new master. Tokinada also says that it is not like he can ever wield Ikomikidomoe, as that can only be done by beings like Hikone, Ichigo, and Ginjō.[9]

Tokinada then orders Hikone to attack the Arrancar, Fullbringers, and Quincy in the Rukongai, expecting the child to actually win this time. As Hikone leaves, Tokinada returns his attention to Karakura Town, happy that since Ichigo is away now, his plans for the Jūreichi can continue.[9]

In the First Division barracks, Momo delivers her report to Shunsui Kyōraku. While Nanao Ise confirms that the Twelfth Division received permission to conduct experiments there, Shunsui is unconvinced that with Grimmjow's presence the situation is still under control. Shunsui orders Genshirō Okikiba to tell the Second Division to investigate something for him, as he contemplates the immense pressure the knowledge and responsibilities of Captain-Commander put upon him. Shunsui silently wonders how much that same pressure affected Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto.[9]

In the Human World, Hisagi is shocked to learn that Ichigo, his family, and his friends are currently out of Karakura Town for unrelated reasons. As Urahara says that Ichigo is gone for several days, and will not be able to quickly return on short notice, the two of them realize that the event in Karakura Town, as well as Ichigo's sudden departure, were planned. However, since Urahara reveals he was suspicious from the beginning, he decided to stay as not to leave Karakura Town unprotected.[9]

All of a sudden, the two Shinigami are contacted by Yukio Hans Vorarlberna, who uses his Fullbring to communicate with them from a distance. As Urahara reminds Hisagi who Yukio is, the store owner demands an explanation from the Fullbringer.[9]

Chapter 9

In the Rukongai, Ginjō wonders who Grimmjow is, and Tsukishima explains that he is an Arrancar and the former Sexta Espada in Aizen's army, and was easily defeated by Ichigo. When Ginjō is confused, Tsukishima reveals that he gained this knowledge when he used Book of the End on Orihime. When Ginjō contemplates convincing Grimmjow to join them against the Quincy, Grimmjow reveals that he heard what Tsukishima said due to his sensitive ears, and is angered at the reminder of his earlier defeats.[10]

Grimmjow proceeds to attack Ginjō, but is surprised when the man uses his sword to block it, wondering if Ginjō is a Shinigami. As Tsukishima wonders how Grimmjow moved so fast, Ginjō explains that Sonído allows Arrancar and Hollows to bypass Reiatsu sensing. Tsukishima attacks Grimmjow with Book of the End, but even after inserting himself in Grimmjow's past, he still finds himself attacked by the bloodthirsty Arrancar. When Ginjō responds by launching a Getsuga Tenshō, both he and Grimmjow realize that the other knows Ichigo, to their surprise.[10]

Luppi releases Trepadora.

Meanwhile, Meninas and Candice observe the fight, and wonder what Tsukishima's power is. Meninas speculates it might be similar to PePe's The Love, causing them to wonder why Mayuri never told them about it and what the analytical Liltotto would advise them to do. This causes Candice to realize Mayuri is just using them to study the effects of the Fullbringers' powers on them. Before they can devise a strategy, however, Luppi interrupts them and makes his desire to kill "the leopard" more than clear. Luppi proceeds to exert his Reiatsu and unyielding killing intent, intimidating the two Quincy, and enters his Resurrección, Trepadora.[10]

At the same time, Charlotte, Dordoni, and Cirucci realize that Luppi wants nothing more than to satiate his desire for revenge, but wonder if he can actually win, considering Grimmjow took him by surprise when killing him. However, Mayuri interjects to reveal that aside from continuing on Szayelaporro Granz's work, he significantly improved upon it, making the zombified Arrancar and Quincy stronger than they used to be.[10]

As Grimmjow senses an incoming Hollow Reiatsu, he wonders if he was pursued out of Hueco Mundo, but realizes the Reiatsu does not belong to anyone there. Just as Grimmjow starts to recognize it as Reiatsu belonging to supposedly dead prey, he notices a large spike in it and barely manages to dodge a Gran Rey Cero fired by Luppi. Grimmjow is surprised to find Luppi alive before him, to which the latter expresses his relief that Grimmjow remembers him and states his intentions to kill his usurper.[10]

Ginjō, who just managed to avoid the attack as well, wonders what happened, and Tsukishima uses the knowledge he gained from Grimmjow's past to explain, noting it is also the first time Grimmjow has ever seen Luppi use a Gran Rey Cero. Meanwhile, Grimmjow and Luppi proceed to exert their Reiatsu to show dominance while taunting and insulting each other. Eventually the two come to blows, and after trading a few hits Grimmjow uses a Gran Rey Cero of his own on Luppi, hitting him directly.[10]

As Ginjō, Tsukishima, and Giriko study the fight, they wonder what to make of this new development. Suddenly, Ginjō senses the Reiatsu of a Shinigami and another one eerily resembling that of Ichigo rapidly approaching them from different directions.[10]

Grimmjow, meanwhile, is surprised to find that Luppi survived his attack while only losing a few of his tentacles. As he notices the surgical scars on Luppi's body, he concludes that Szayelaporro, Urahara, or someone similar must have revived and augmented his rival. Delighted at his own increased power, Luppi strengthens his resolve to kill Grimmjow.[10]

In the Seireitei, Shinji is hurrying towards the battle happening in the Rukongai, and curses Mayuri for allowing the events to escalate so much. Suddenly, he senses another Reiatsu heading towards the fight as well. Recognizing it as more similar to a Visored's Reiatsu than that of a Shinigami, Shinji heads toward it only to find an unfamiliar childlike Shinigami.[10]

The child recognizes Shinji as a Gotei 13 captain, and gleefully introduces themselves as Hikone Ubuginu. While Shinji is relieved the child is not hostile, he is still on guard because of the strange and massive Reiatsu Hikone is emitting. Suspicious, Shinji subtly asks Hikone who they work for, as they're not wearing a Gotei 13 insignia, and Hikone answers that they are the retainer of Tokinada Tsunayashiro.[10]

Recognizing the name as both that of a Noble and a person associated with Tōsen's history, Shinji becomes even more suspicious. As Shinji shifts the conversation to the battles happening at their mutual destination, he is shocked to hear Hikone not only knows the Arrancar fighting there, but has even fought them before in Hueco Mundo when trying to become the realm's king. When Shinji asks how a Shinigami could become the king of Hueco Mundo, Hikone nonchalantly replies that they're supposed to become the new Soul King, and because of that Hikone is to be respectful towards the Royal Guard and the Gotei 13, as they will be protecting them in the future.[10]

This alarms Shinji, especially as he realizes Hikone is actually telling the truth. Hikone further says that Tokinada commanded them to use brute force against anyone who stands against the idea. Deciding to shift the conversation, Shinji bluntly inquires about Hikone's gender, to which Hikone replies that they have no gender. Tokinada explained that, since Hikone will be the beginning and the end, they have no need for reproductive capabilities. Shinji can only decide that Hikone is not malicious by nature, but that it only makes the child even more dangerous.[10]

As Luppi continues battling Grimmjow, he reminisces of how ever since his death and resurrection, he has felt nothing but an unquenchable thirst for Grimmjow's blood. Increasing the ferocity of his attacks, Luppi puts Grimmjow on the defensive, forcing the latter to enter his own Resurrección, Pantera.[10]

Meanwhile, in Hueco Mundo, Harribel and Nelliel open a Garganta to Soul Society with the intent to recover Grimmjow. As Harribel leaves the Tres Bestias in charge during their absence, Sung-Sun expresses her worries, due to her mistress' earlier capture at the hands of Yhwach. Harribel assures them that she is only going to avoid their truce with Soul Society from evaporating, but silently admits to herself she does not want the mysterious child from earlier to become another Yhwach.[10]

As the two Espada leave, their departure is observed by Liltotto and Giselle. Liltotto concludes that the Arrancar's destination must be Soul Society, and decides to follow them in the hopes of recovering their allies.[10]

At the 1st Division Barracks, Shunsui informs Nanao of his intention to pay a visit to the Central 46. While she is initially confused, Shunsui explains that the recent events have made him uneasy. As he reminisces of his academy days with Ukitake, Shunsui says that his late friend always saw the best in people, even in remorseless monsters like Tokinada. Shunsui darkly says that he regrets not killing Tokinada in the past and plans to rectify that mistake.[10]

Before Nanao can inquire further, Okikiba appears and announces that Hisagi has requested a Gentei Kaijo. While Shunsui wonders what would be grave enough for that, Okikiba also reports that all of their communications in and out of Karakura Town have ceased, as if the entire town has been isolated from the outside world. Shunsui sends both Nanao and Okikiba to collect as much information as they can, before silently wondering if Tokinada has taken the initiative by striking first.[10]

Chapter 10

In Karakura Town, the phenomenon that isolates it from the rest of the world also blocks all forms of electronic signals. While the Human residents assume it is just a conventional power failure of some sorts, Tessai Tsukabishi, Ururu, and Jinta are suspicious and hurry back towards the Urahara Shop. Meanwhile, a young Shinigami in charge of a city west of Karakura studies the barrier that surrounds the town. Noticing that Humans can easily pass through the barrier without noticing it, he decides to do the same. However, instead of passing through it, he is teleported to the eastern border of Karakura where he finds another Shinigami studying the barrier. As the two decide to report to Soul Society, they assure themselves that Ichigo and Isshin would be able to handle the situation, unaware that the two are outside of town.[11]

At the Urahara Shop, Yukio ignores the confused Hisagi and begins to address Urahara directly. After some joking banter from the exiled Shinigami, meant to study Yukio's reactions, Urahara wonders what he wants as there is no hostile intent from the Fullbringer. This alerts Hisagi, who openly wonders why Yukio isolated Karakura Town if he is not hostile. Yukio confirms that he did this, but cryptically states that the hostility is not from him.[11]

Suddenly, several masked Human-like figures armed with batons appear and approach them. While Hisagi is suspicious, he tries to use Shunpo to incapacitate the Humans, but is shocked when they can sense him. When they move to attack, Hisagi finds himself weakened and slowed down, which Urahara notices and speculates may be some sort of Soul manipulation powers, like a Fullbring.[11]

When Hisagi realizes Urahara is not being attacked, he confronts Yukio about it. However, the Fullbringer states again that he only has business with Urahara. Hisagi wonders if Yukio plans to kill the exiled Shinigami, but Yukio denies this, saying he is far more pragmatic than to do it so openly. When Hisagi mentions Yukio's potential loyalties to Ginjō, the Fullbringer is intrigued that Hisagi knows him, and even more when Hisagi reveals that he is not a foe of Ginjō and recently interviewed him.[11]

Aura appears.

Trying to get away from the assailants, Hisagi moves to the skies and wonders if they may all be Fullbringers. Suddenly, he finds himself face-to-face with a mysterious and beautiful woman, whose Reiatsu he cannot sense at all. When Hisagi asks her if she is a Fullbringer too, she acknowledges this, and to Hisagi's shock addresses him by his rank while saying "Exacta". As Hisagi remembers this is a word that was often uttered by Findorr Calius, he wonders how much about him and his battles the woman knows.[11]

Before Hisagi can get further distracted by the mysterious woman's bewitching beauty, Urahara's voice snaps him out of it. The woman expresses her disappointment that she failed at using her charm to avoid conflict, and Hisagi decides to distract himself by thinking of Rangiku Matsumoto. The woman then introduces herself as Aura Michibane, a "maid for the gods who govern death".[11]

Hearing this, Hisagi wonders if she is referring to the Shinigami, when he suddenly notices the Reiatsu in the air changing. As the batons of the masked men suddenly change into tentacled vines, they race towards Hisagi. As Hisagi tries to fend off the tentacles, he notices that every time they touch his Zanpakutō his own Reiatsu starts weakening and feeling numb. Changing his demeanor, Hisagi sternly turns towards Aura and makes it clear he now sees her as an enemy.[11]

Aura merely replies that if Hisagi swears not to be an obstacle to them she will cease her attack on him at once. Hisagi asks why she is attack them in the first place, but Aura reveals that this is merely a "preparation". When Hisagi inquires further, Aura mentions that Karakura Town is the greatest Jūreichi in the world. Alarmed, Hisagi asks if they are planning on forging an Ōken like Aizen tried to do, but Aura replies that she has no intention of doing that or sacrificing the innocent people in it. Rather, the plan is to make Karakura Town the new capital of "The King".[11]

A shocked Hisagi wonders who this king might be. After thinking of Aizen and Yhwach, he remembers his earlier conversation and can only utter Hikone's name. Hearing this, Aura's calm demeanor falters and she demands to know how Hisagi knows that name. Hisagi replies by asking if Aura is a subordinate of Tokinada, which she confirms.[11]

As Urahara intently follows the conversation, Yukio asks him if he plans on helping Hisagi, but Urahara merely says that he is confident Hisagi is too tough to kill. Urahara directs his attention towards the masked figures and cryptically reveals to Yukio that he knows what they are, to Aura's surprise. Aura asks if Urahara discovered her special abilities and he replies that he knows it is the opposite; Aura is a Fullbringer who has no special abilities.[11]

Meanwhile, at the edge of Karakura Town, Ryūnosuke Yuki and Shino wonder what to do now that they have lost contact with Soul Society. When their attempts to pierce the barrier prove fruitless, they suddenly find themselves surrounded by several masked Human-like figures. As the masked figures attack them, the two Shinigami find themselves overwhelmed when their Reiatsu starts weakening from the attacks. However, they are saved by the arrival of Hiyori Sarugaki. While Hiyori shows her characteristic anger at helping Shinigami, she agrees to bring them to the Urahara Shop, realizing that it is the right call in this situation.[11]

At the Urahara Shop, Aura is surprised and intimidated that Urahara managed to discern so much about her from so little information. Urahara says that he could not ignore the sudden rise of the XCUTION cult shortly after the Quincy war, and he already knew that Aura was the cult's leader. Aura says she expects as much from the man who created the Hōgyoku, and emphasizes they want Urahara on their side at all costs.[11]

When Hisagi demands to know what the Hōgyoku has to do with anything, Aura threatens to remove him by force if he keeps interfering. In response, Hisagi has his Zanpakutō at her throat before she can even react and threatens her instead, to her shock and admiration. Aura says that she expects as much from a Shinigami whose sense of justice is strong enough to cut down his own mentor. However, Hisagi is not baited, saying that compared to Aizen, she cannot provoke him so easily. Aura asks if Hisagi wants to join them instead, but he says that the only reason he has not killed her yet is because he wants her to lift the barrier first.[11]

While Hisagi is still confused that he cannot sense Aura's Reiatsu, she changes the subject. Confirming that she has indeed been assembling a religious organization, she says that most of their followers were not initial believers, but rather heathens who converted. Saying that the XCUTION cult has over seven hundred and seventy thousand followers, Aura asks Hisagi how he thinks they managed to grow so quickly in such a short time. When Hisagi does not speculate, Aura impales herself on his Zanpakutō and decapitates herself, to his shock.[11]

As Aura's head falls, it says that she merely preformed miracles in front of the people, before her body catches her head and reattaches it. Hisagi asks if she is a form of Hollow with High-Speed Regeneration, and Aura says that while she's a Fullbringer, that indeed means there's a Hollow involved.[11]

In response, Hisagi releases Kazeshini and attacks her, noting that each cut makes the Reiatsu of Kazeshini feel more dull. When Aura complements Hisagi's prowess and Kazeshini supposedly being a rare dual-type Zanpakutō, Hisagi corrects her and says that Kazeshini is in fact not a dual-type. As Hisagi presses his attack on Aura, he eventually tries to confine her with the chains of Kazeshini and Bakudō #62 Hyapporankan.[11]

However, to Hisagi's surprise, Aura's body turns intangible and she frees herself. When Hisagi tries to address Urahara, the shopkeeper has already appeared behind him and injects Hisagi with a syringe. While Hisagi is confused, Urahara explains that the injection will release Hisagi's Gentei Kaijo, allowing him to fight at full power. Urahara then says that thanks to Hisagi he could confirm what Aura's powers are.[11]

Urahara explains that while Aura is a Fullbringer, she does not possess a specific Fullbring; rather, she only has access to the generic powers all Fullbringers have, but magnified to far greater degrees. This allows Aura to manipulate the souls of any form of matter, such as air, earth, blood, and bones, to unseen levels. When Hisagi does not understand, Urahara compares Aura to a Shinigami without a Zanpakutō that can use Kidō and Hakuda at Aizen's level.[11]

Aura applauds Urahara's insight, and explains this is exactly why they want him: to create a new Hōgyoku to ascend Hikone to godhood.[11]

As Yukio observes the situation, he laments his powerlessness and can only hope the both of them will do their best as he moves into action.[11]

Chapter 11

As Luppi and Grimmjow continue their fight, Luppi remembers when he first attained the rank of Sexta Espada. Back then, Szayelaporro speculated that Luppi was only chosen to be promoted because of his destructive nature, like Grimmjow, and that their similarities are the true reason the two cannot stand each other. Back in the present, in the Rukongai, Grimmjow and Luppi acknowledge that they try to kill each other for the same reason, but find themselves unable to gain an advantage over the other.[12]

As Ginjō and Tsukishima study the battle intently, they acknowledge to remain prepared to retreat should the situation escalate beyond their control. Meanwhile, as Grimmjow believes he has landed a critical blow on Luppi, he finds himself poisoned and paralyzed by the chemicals Mayuri left inside Luppi. Luppi reveals the same poisons were able to incapacitate the zombified Rangiku during their battle in the war, and prepares to deal the finishing blow on Grimmjow. However, to Luppi's shock, Grimmjow overcomes the paralysis.[12]

Mayuri, meanwhile, is also surprised to find Grimmjow resistant to his own poison, and theorizes that Grimmjow must have build up a resistance after being exposed to far worse substances. Indeed, as he keeps resisting the poison, Grimmjow remembers his fight with Askin Nakk Le Vaar and realizes that exposure to the Sternritter's powers left his body far more resilient than it was before.[12]

Growing tired, Luppi and Grimmjow decide to finish their fight once and for all, as Luppi charges eight Gran Rey Ceros from his tentacles while Grimmjow prepares to unleash his Desgarrón. Both Ginjō and Candice realize that the impact of two such highly destructive attacks would likely kill all of them and prepare to flee, when suddenly a new arrival appears between Grimmjow and Luppi.[12]

Surprised by the presence of Hikone, Grimmjow and Luppi pause their attacks, and Luppi demands to know who dared intervene in their duel. As Hikone once again introduces themselves, the child says they are here for Grimmjow on Tokinada's orders. Now even more confused, Grimmjow asks if Tokinada is the Shinigami's leader, only for another arrival, Shinji, to deny this. Both frustrated and relieved, Grimmjow wonders if everybody is here just to be killed by him, and asks if Ichigo is coming as well.[12]

Hearing that name, Hikone mentions that Ichigo is currently in the Human World, and is too busy fighting to protect his sisters to come. This alarms Shinji, and he demands to know what happened in the Human World. Losing his remaining patience, Grimmjow just fires Ceros at Hikone, Shinji, and Luppi. While he is not bothered that the latter two dodged it, he is surprised that Hikone did not do so yet remained unharmed.[12]

Hikone draws Ikomikidomoe.

As Hikone draws their Zanpakutō, Shinji says that he saw the child's sword swallow up the Cero, and Grimmjow and Luppi sense a powerful Hollow Reiatsu emanating from Hikone's mysterious white Zanpakutō. As Hikone says that the sword was given to them by Tokinada, the Zanpakutō suddenly starts talking to everyone present. As the Zanpakutō reveals its disdain for how weak the two Arrancar are, it asks them about Baraggan Louisenbairn's status. When Shinji wonders how the sword is talking, it takes offense and tries to introduce itself. However, it finds itself unable to speak its own name, and curses the Shinigami for an unknown reason.[12]

Before the sword can say more, Hikone apologizes for its behavior, but immediately decides to fight everyone present to prove their worthiness as King. Promising to do their best, Hikone releases their Zanpakutō: "Jot down their funeral - Ikomikidomoe".[12]

As a massive surge of Reiatsu flows from Hikone, Grimmjow notes that the child used a different release command than when they fought back in Hueco Mundo. Back then, Hikone said "Orbit The Stars", which caused Ikomikidomoe to transform into a massive Hollow arm that could attack on its own initiative. As Grimmjow realizes Hikone's Reiatsu is also greater than before, the surge of Reiatsu halts and everybody is left speechless at the form Ikomikidomoe takes.[12]

The Hollow form of Ikomikidomoe.

When Ginjō breaks the silence by wondering what they're looking at, Ikomikidomoe has fully transformed into a gargantuan Hollow around the size of the Espada Yammy Llargo's Resurrección or the Gillian fusion Hooleer, while simultaneously possessing the same Reiatsu density of a Vasto Lorde. While Meninas wonders if Ikomikidomoe's Hollow form is even bigger than Sajin Komamura's Bankai, Candice notes that there is something far more disturbing about it. As they fearfully observe Hikone sitting on top of Ikomikidomoe's head, both Quincy agree that Hikone's Reiatsu has a disturbingly familiar pattern to it.[12]

As Mayuri Kurotsuchi observes the events, he orders NaNaNa to use his powers to study Hikone to the fullest extent. While Mayuri is glad that Hikone and Tokinada took the bait, he does wonder if Tokinada is aware that it is a trap.[12]

Meanwhile, in a secret underground facility in the Seireitei, Tokinada is using surveillance equipment to study the fight when he is confronted by Suì-Fēng and the Executive Militia of the Onmitsukidō. When Tokinada asks what their intentions are, Suì-Fēng explains that since an earlier attempt on Tokinada's life was made, he is going to be taken in by her for his own protection.[12]

However, Tokinada easily sees through the excuse and lets Suì-Fēng know that he is aware that Shunsui wants to stall him as much as possible. When Suì-Fēng plays ignorant, Tokinada tries to provoke her by mentioning her brothers that died in his family's service. When that fails, Tokinada brings up her loyalty to the Shihōin clan, by suggesting taking Yoruichi as his wife. Before Suì-Fēng loses her composure, Yoruichi herself appears and mentions she'd rather flee to Hueco Mundo and die there than stay married to him.[12]

In response, Suì-Fēng says she would want to accompany Yoruichi in such an event, and remains unfazed and grateful even when Yoruichi herself jokes about Suì-Fēng's blatantly unhealthy obsession with her. Turning her attention back to Tokinada, Yoruichi says that she will also enter protective custody alongside him, as she might be targeted as well. In response, Tokinada mocks how Yoruichi doesn't have a Zanpakutō and needs protection from him, and asks if Shunsui revealed what his own Zanpakutō's powers are. Yoruichi retorts that while she does have a Zanpakutō, she is far stronger when using Hakuda and Shunkō instead. Though she does admit that her Zanpakutō regularly sulks due to its lack of use.[12]

Just as Tokinada relents to be protected by them, several unidentified Shinigami assassins appear around them. While Yoruichi and Suì-Fēng are surprised and wonder if Tokinada set them up, Tokinada draws his Kuten-kyōkoku and says he has no choice but to fight alongside "lesser nobles".[12]

Chapter 12

Several years earlier, Aura Michibane was born from a Fullbringer father and a Human mother, making her an extremely rare second generation Fullbringer. While Aura was still in the womb, her mother was attacked by a Hollow, and though her father managed to repel the creature, her mother was gravely wounded. While she survived to give birth to Aura, the injuries resulted in her dying during the childbirth. Since then Aura's father believed it was his powers that attracted the Hollow in the first place and kept trying to rid himself of his Fullbring and feared that his daughter would suffer the same tragedies as him.[13]

Around a dozen years later, Aura's father approached her with joyful news. A Substitute Shinigami named Kūgo Ginjō was gathering all the Fullbringers he could find in order to extract the Hollow powers out of them, rendering them normal Humans. However, Aura did not understand it, and started to contemplate what it meant to be "normal". This is due to the fact that her father left her locked up in a basement for her entire life. While Aura's father did love her, he felt an obsessive need to protect all he had left from his late wife, and has isolated her completely from the outside world. All he did was teach her in basic reading, writing, and physics, and train her Fullbring powers to defend herself.[13]

In Aura's own world devoid of color, sounds, smells, and freedom, her father's company and cooking was the only enjoyment she ever knew. However, the day after her father brought the news about Ginjō he left and never returned again. When Aura was dying from hunger in her isolation, her Fullbringer powers first manifested and tore open the walls, allowing her to escape. However, due to her lack of attachments to anything at all, she never developed a specific Fullbring. Fortunately for her, she was quickly found by the police and placed under protection. While her story did break the news for a while, eventually it faded into obscurity yet again and with it Aura herself.[13]

Eventually, she was taken in by relatives of her late mother, the Michibane family. For several years Aura slowly integrated into the outside world, and grew into a very beautiful woman, but she remained apathetic to the rest of the world due to her lack of attachment. Her father, the only person she knew and trusted growing up, was constantly slandered by people for his horrific actions.[13]

Aura and Tokinada first meet.

At some point in her life, Aura was approached by a mysterious Shinigami after she killed several Hollows in defense. When the Shinigami asks about her, she replies that her Fullbring is everything to her, before revealing her knowledge of Shinigami by mentioning Kūgo Ginjō. Intrigued, the Shinigami reveals himself as Tokinada Tsunayashiro, and says that he killed Aura's father on his family's orders.[13]

As Aura struggles to process the information, she asks why he did it, and Tokinada says that he merely wanted to retrieve something that belongs to his family. He further reveals that he knows about her existence, and asks if she wants to thank him or if she wants vengeance. When Aura reveals her disinterest in either, Tokinada is even more intrigued and proposes that she becomes one of his pawns in his plan to create a new world.[13]

When Aura is hesitant, Tokinada rather cryptically mentions about while "the Left Arm" and "the Heart" have returned to the Quincy, he says that Aura possesses something of equal value within her. Namely, Aura is the host of the Saketsu of the being known as the Soul King.[13]

Chapter 13

At some point between the two Wandenreich invasions of Soul Society, Kensei and Mashiro are brutally sparring with Hisagi to get him to achieve Bankai. While the process of achieving Bankai can be shortened, it is usually very dangerous on the body of the user. However Kensei is convinced Hisagi is able to do it, and decides to motivate him by insulting the late Kaname Tōsen. During a small break in their sparring, Hisagi realizes Kensei's intent and apologizes for getting angry, and proceeds to ask about Bankai in general due to Kensei's decision to train in a remote area.[14]

As Hisagi wonders if his own Bankai is a dangerous one, like Shinji's supposedly is, Kensei says that Kazeshini is certainly a powerful Zanpakutō, but that it may not yield that easily. Opening up, Kensei mentions that he is surprised Hisagi has not achieved Bankai yet, as he achieved Shikai rather easily. While Hisagi confirms this, as well as his ease at entering his Inner World, he does say that the Spirit of Kazeshini rarely wants to talk to him and prefers to appear as a black shadow or a black tornado.[14]

In response, Kensei asks if Hisagi tried a different approach, such as showing his dedication to understanding his Zanpakutō spirit, but Hisagi cannot help but show his fear of his own Zanpakutō. As realization starts to dawn on Kensei, he halts their break and summons his Hollow mask, proceeding to attack Hisagi again. Due to this, Hisagi recalls his earlier fights against Hollows such as Ayon, and he becomes afraid again, for which Kensei chastises him. Kensei tells Hisagi that he'll never become stronger if he cannot shed his fear, which goes contrary to Tōsen's very teachings.[14]

Back in the present, Hiyori arrives at the Urahara Shop with Yuki and Shino and find it surrounded by the mysterious masked men while Urahara and Hisagi are fighting Aura, who has manifested countless massive, dark red eastern dragons out of her own blood and iron. As Urahara confirms that Aura's powers are nothing unique to her, rather they are basic Fullbring powers used at unseen levels, he releases Benihime. As Urahara tests several of Benihime's powers on the blood dragons to no effect, he realizes that both Benihime and Kazeshini are ill-suited for a fight like this.[14]

Switching tactics, Urahara uses a full incantation Hadō #91 Senju Kōten Taihō on Aura, and although this does leave the shopkeeper slightly winded, it manages to hurt Aura even after she formed the nitrogen in the air into a barrier. While Urahara says he is impressed that he had to use the same Kidō spell he used against Aizen, Aura cryptically mentions that she knows that it is a lie. As Urahara falls silent, Aura brings up the Hōgyoku again, and mentions that if Urahara had given it to Ichigo instead, something different would have happened.[14]

Smiling sadly, Urahara confirms this, and asks how much Aura actually knows. Aura responds by saying they should not speak in front of the confused Hisagi, as he is still a reporter. Urahara, however, thinks that Hisagi has the right to know everything. Turning to Hisagi, Urahara says that he will hear things that nobody is allowed to know, and wants to be sure Hisagi will still be able to follow the path of justice no matter what he may hear. Urahara gravely says that Hisagi still has the right to walk away from everything now that he has the chance.[14]

Urahara casts Goryūtenmetsu.

Taking it all in, Hisagi nods, and Urahara says he will continue the conversation later after they have dealt with Aura. In response, Aura uses her Fullbring to turn the moisture in the atmosphere into a giant water dragon, while simultaneously creating a dragon made out of magma. As both elemental dragons converge upon Urahara and Hisagi, Hiyori and Tessai look at the sight and remain confident that the shopkeeper can handle it. In response to Aura's attack, Urahara uses Hadō #99 Goryūtenmetsu, and the two attacks collide.[14]

As the smoke clears, Hisagi is awed by what he just witnessed, especially as Goryūtenmetsu is a forbidden Kidō due to the fact that it draws Reiatsu from its surroundings to empower itself. However, this time Urahara had Goryūtenmetsu draw its power from Aura's own dragons, which she is impressed by. It is then that Hisagi realizes that Urahara's Reiatsu has vanished, and as the Shinigami looks around in panic he hears Yukio talk to Aura, who confirms that he succeeded in their mission. When Hisagi demands to know what they did to Urahara, Yukio reveals that he used his Fullbring, Invaders Must Die, to trap Urahara in his pocket dimension. Before Hisagi can do more, Yukio also transports Aura away, leaving Hisagi behind and feeling responsible.[14]

Chapter 14

In the Rukongai, everyone remains shocked at the mere presence of Ikomikidomoe, as the Hollow Zanpakutō seemingly defies all known logic. While size does serve as an indicator of a being's Spiritual Power level, especially in Hollows, the strongest of Hollows such as Vasto Lorde are humanoid because they compress their Reiatsu to enormous degrees. Ikomikidomoe, however, is gargantuan in size yet still has the same compressed Reiatsu as Vasto Lorde's tend to have.[15]

As the mere roars of Ikomikidomoe cause the entire area to shake, Shinji cannot help but express his amazement and terror at the Zanpakutō. Hikone, who is still sitting on the head of Ikomikidomoe, is happy at the compliment and assures Shinji that the Zanpakutō is completely under their control. Hikone also notes that, if necessary, they and Ikomikidomoe can fuse together. Shinji, meanwhile, does wonder if he should intervene or not, as the Shinigami have orders not to restart hostilities with the remaining Arrancar.[15]

As if in response, a Garganta opens up nearby and Harribel and Nelliel emerge from it. Harribel surveys the area, and is confused to find Luppi alive, as well as Quincy and Shinigami fighting a gigantic, unknown Hollow. While Nelliel voices her disappointment that Ichigo is absent, Harribel recognizes Hikone on top of the Hollow's head and realizes the Hollow is the child's strange Zanpakutō. Meanwhile, Ikomikidomoe notices the new arrivals and addresses them, asking the female Arrancar if they are "misstresses" of Baraggan. When an insulted Nelliel counters that Baraggan is dead, Ikomikidomoe reminisces about the former King of Hueco Mundo and lets out another massive roar.[15]

In the secret underground facility, Suì-Fēng, Yoruichi, and Tokinada fight against the groups of assassins after them as Suì-Fēng studies Tokinada's fighting style and Zanpakutō, noting that Kuten-kyōkoku seemingly has the power to reflect incoming attacks back, like a mirror. However, Suì-Fēng remembers that Shunsui warned her about Kuten-kyōkoku, as he doubts that repelling attacks is all the ancestral Zanpakutō can do. Such as how the Kuchiki clan Zanpakutō, Muramasa, has the power to dominate other Zanpakutō.[15]

As Yoruichi laments on how much of their own Onmitsukidō troops are dying, Tokinada merely laughs, saying that many more died against the Quincy. When Yoruichi retorts that most of the Nobility sat out the war, Tokinada ignores her and mocks on how the Eleventh Division captain did not even go through proper training, and just stole an Asauchi from a random Shinigami.[15]

At the same time, in another area of the Seireitei, Yumichika Ayasegawa and Ikkaku Madarame sense a large amount of Reiatsu emanating from the First District. As Ikkaku remembers that Marechiyo Ōmaeda told him the Onmitsukidō were dispatched there, he wonders who the Reiatsu belongs to. They are then joined by Kenpachi Zaraki, who notices the Reiatsu too and relishes a fight since he was bored.[15]

In the Rukongai, Meninas and Candice look at Ikomikidomoe and wonder what they should do. Eventually, Meninas decides to give Candice an opening to use The Thunderbolt on the Hollow without hurting the Fullbringers. Meninas sneaks up on Ikomikidomoe and attacks its legs with her strength, after which Candice fires several Heilig Pfeil and lightning bolts at it. While it has no effect on the Hollow, it does force Shinji to take cover, for which he curses Mayuri. In response, Ikomikidomoe spawns a horde of winged Hollows that attack the two Quincy.[15]

As the Quincy are overwhelmed, Shinji realizes that Ikomikidomoe is too dangerous and wonders why Tokinada gave such a thing to Hikone. Candice tries to stop the Hollows with her Galvano Javelin, but is rescued by the arrival of Liltotto, who devours several of the Hollows. As the Quincy women reunite, alongside Giselle and Bambietta, Liltotto tries to negotiate with Mayuri. Liltotto says that she will cooperate with his experiments if he lets Meninas and Candice go free. After some negotiating, Liltotto realizes that Mayuri wants something more valuable than mere Quincy, and Mayuri tells her that if they can subdue Hikone for him, he might let his Quincy subjects go.[15]

While Giselle objects, Liltotto agrees and sends Bambietta after the Hollows. As Shinji takes cover from the explosions, he wonders if he should confront Mayuri or contact Shunsui. Meanwhile, the Fullbringers took advantage of the chaos and retreated. As Tsukishima wonders if they should leave, Ginjō is more intrigued by Hikone's desire to be "King", which is something the XCUTION cultists were also talking about. Ginjō reveals the XCUTION cult knew exactly about the existence of Shinigami and Soul Society, about Hollows and Hueco Mundo, as well as Hell, and even terms such as Konsō are known to them.[15]

However, one thing about the XCUTION religion does diverge from the reality, a prophecy about a "King" that says "A new king shall be born from the shadows of a war spanning over more than a millennium; this king shall reign over the three worlds". As Ginjō wonders what this means, he notices one of the Quincy approaching Hikone.[15]

Liltotto proceeds to address Hikone and tries to draw information from the child, asking if Hikone really will become King. Hikone clarifies that Tokinada will still rule over them as the true King, and says that they will gladly die for Tokinada. While Liltotto realizes that Hikone is a fanatic, she does find something about the child's voice and behavior eerily familiar. Liltotto then thinks back about the childlike Sternritter Gremmy Thoumeaux, who's godlike powers made him the strongest of them all. As Liltotto recalls Gremmy losing against Kenpachi Zaraki, which caused the Sternritter to lose his will to live and stopped imagining anything, Gremmy's remains had mysteriously disappeared after the fight.[15]

Assuming Hikone might be a creation of Gremmy, Liltotto asks the child if they happen to know that name. In response, Hikone becomes excited and confirms that yes, Gremmy's remains were used to create them.[15]

Chapter 15

In the Sereitei's Central Pharmaceutical Institution, Shunsui visits Seinosuke for information. While Seinosuke does thank Shunsui for taking care of Hanatarō, he makes it abundantly clear he won't forgive the Captain-Commander for sacrificing Unohana's life, a fact which Tokinada divulged to him.[16]

Eventually, Seinosuke asks why Shunsui came to visit him, and the Shinigami reveals that he wants Seinoskue to tell him everything he knows about Hikone Ubuginu. While Seinosuke says that he cannot divulge such private information, Shunsui says that he can if his patient's life is at stake. Adding to this, Shunsui reveals that he knows Hikone is not actually part of the Ubuginu family, who were a bloodline of retainers to the Tsuyanashiro family that died out some time ago.[16]

Seinosuke admits that he is not fully aware of Tokinada's schemes, and appears to relent. Bringing up how the late Ukitake was a host to Mimihagi, a fragment of the Soul King, Seinosuke admits that Hikone is an artificial being made from all the Soul King fragments that Tokinada managed to acquire, as well as thousands of Shinigami, Human, and Quincy souls. Shunsui then interjects, saying that the only people able to construct artificial souls of that caliber are Kisuke Urahara, Senjumaru Shutara, and Mayuri Kurotsuchi, none of whom would have helped Tokinada. Seinosuke acknowledges this and says that, initially, Hikone was very unstable and barely alive.[16]

As Seinosuke recalls, despite his best efforts all he could manage was for Hikone to live, nothing else. The child was unable to speak or move in any way. That is, until Tokinada acquired something that that could not only stabilize Hikone, but serve as the very core of its being: the brain of Gremmy Thoumeaux.[16]

Realizing Seinosuke's actual motivations, Shunsui takes it all in as the medic gloats that Shunsui's sacrificing of Unohana to make Kenpachi Zaraki stronger is what ultimately allowed Tokinada to initiate his plans.[16]

Several months earlier, during the Wandenreich war, Gremmy was released from his secure cage deep inside the Silbern. A cage that was personally created by Yhwach himself to contain the immensly powerful and unpredictable Quincy. As Gremmy leaves his prison, he is approached by the one person he notes does not show fear or apprehension for him, the Sternritter Liltotto. As Liltotto exchanges playful banter with Gremmy, she notes her hunger, to which Gremmy uses The Visionary to create several pastries and sweets for her.[16]

As Liltotto enjoys her gift, she invites Gremmy to indulge in some himself, after he has defeated the Shinigami. While Liltotto thanks him for "saving her life", saying she genuinely wants to repay him somehow, Gremmy just asks her to leave as he believes the Sternritter are all selfish, including Yhwach. Liltotto agrees that what Yhwach does to Gremmy is cruel and hopes that after the war ends he can be free. When Gremmy reveals he has no idea what to do with his freedom should he ever get it, Liltotto suggests he learns to cook so he can taste a wider variety of foods.[16]

Eventually the two Sternritter part ways amicably, Liltotto leaving with Bambietta and Gremmy with Guenael Lee, unaware that it is the last time they will ever speak again.[16]

In the present, Hikone affirms that, according to Tokinada, Gremmy's brain is inside their head, functioning as their core. In response Liltotto curses Tokinada and proceeds to fire several Heilig Pfeil at Hikone, who deflects them with a combination of Blut Vene and Hierro. Shinji notices this, and wonders how Hikone can use Quincy and Hollow powers at once, as those essences tend to be extremely incompatible. Shinji dreadfully wonders if the Hōgyoku is somehow involved, while Hikone wonders what they have done that made Liltotto so furious at them.[16]

At the same time, the remaining Arrancar and Quincy continue to fight against Ikomikidomoe's legion of winged Hollows. As Nelliel demands an explanation from Grimmjow, Luppi assumes they are here to help him against Grimmjow while Harribel recognizes Shinji from the fake Karakura Town battles and wonders what is going on.[16]

Meanwhile, Hikone is desperately apologizing to Liltotto, begging to know what they did wrong. Liltotto calmly responds that Hikone did not to anything bad, but she is still going to kill them and especially Tokinada. Hikone merely responds that it is impossible to kill Tokinada, before using a combination of Shunpo, Sonído, and Hirenkyaku to appear in front of Liltotto and knock her away. Liltotto is caught by Meninas, however, and Hikone innocently says they will stop anyone trying to kill Tokinada. Hikone also adds that they believe Tokinada to be stronger than them.[16]

In the secret underground facility, which has been reduced to rubble, the assassins have been defeated and Yoruichi confronts Tokinada with something she found; a small case containing a Human fetus fused with Hollow parts. Yoruichi says she found much more of them and will present them as proof to Shunsui. Tokinada merely refers back to the earlier conversation they and Byakuya had about the Soul King, and asks if Yoruichi is genuinely against his proposal. Yoruichi responds that while she does not know what Byakuya will decide, she does not want to trouble Kūkaku.[16]

Yoruichi further says that she would even tolerate Aizen ruling over her rather than someone as despicable as Tokinada, which Tokinada takes as a compliment. Tokinada adds that Yoruichi is a head of one of the Five Noble Families like him, but Yoruichi responds that she does not care about her ancestors or his lineage and family's sins.[16]

As Suì-Fēng listens, she wonders what the two are talking about, before deciding that the conversation is irrelevant. She is merely a servant to the Shihoin family and it is not her place to question them. Speaking up, Suì-Fēng declares her intentions to take Tokinada into custody, and Yoruichi tries to probe him further about his "new Soul King". Tokinada merely decides to use his secret weapon, and before Yoruichi can subdue him, uses a Soul Ticket he stole from the First Division to escape towards the Human World.[16]

At the same time, in the Central Pharmaceutical Institution, Seinosuke gives Shunsui all the data he has on Hikone. Shunsui knows that this is enough to incriminate Tokinada, but also acknowledges that Seinosuke's medical skills give him protection from numerous other nobles. Seinosuke brings up the fact that Tokinada didn't try to have him silenced, nor did he stonewall Shunsui's request to talk to the medic. As Shunsui realizes that this can only mean Tokinada is ahead in the game, he reveals he was just contacted by the Onmitsukidō about Yoruichi's encounter with Tokinada. While Tokinada may be ahead, Shunsui still has metaphorical cards up his sleeve. After all, Shunsui was the one who let Aizen out of Muken during the war.[16]

In the Rukongai, Hikone suddenly stops fighting when they pull a glowing red card from their shihakusho. Panicking, Hikone returns Ikomikidomoe back to its sword form, saying that Tokinada urgently needs them. Preparing to leave, Hikone yells out to Ginjō and says they are sad they could not have a fight together. When Ginjō is confused, Hikone says that, according to Tokinada, Ginjō was another Soul King candidate like them.[16]

Hikone bows to everyone present and opens a Garganta to leave, while Luppi and the Quincy try to stop them. In response, Hikone fires a Gran Rey Cero at them, though both Nelliel and Liltotto intercept it, with Nelliel using her Cero Doble while Liltotto just uses The Glutton to swallow it. Despite their efforts, Hikone successfully escapes, and Liltotto voices her intrigue at Nelliel's similar ability to her own.[16]

While both are tired, Nelliel affirms that if the Quincy leave Hueco Mundo alone, she sees no reason for continued hostilities, which Grimmjow disagrees with. In response, Luppi agrees with Nelliel to spite Grimmjow which only furthers their tension, to Shinji's dismay.[16]

Before the situation can escalate once again, Nanao arrives with news from Shunsui. Despite being intimidated by the powerful Arrancar and Quincy, she remains steadfast and announces her rank, saying that the Captain-Commander requests all of to come. While Grimmjow remains hostile, Harribel forces him into complacency regardless, which Nanao is grateful to her for.[16]

Studying the events from afar, Mayuri comments that he could have solved Shunsui's problems much faster if the Captain-Commander had only asked him to, revealing that he knew about Hikone as he was monitoring Giselle the whole time. While NaNaNa wonders if Mayuri just used them as bait, he reveals what he learned from his observations of Hikone's Reiatsu. Mayuri is not impressed, and while he agrees to let Candice and Meninas go free, he decides NaNaNa is still too useful to leave yet. Mayuri then wonders who will win, the nobles or the Gotei 13.[16]

Chapter 16

In an unknown area, Tokinada is admiring a perfect replica of the Soul King Palace, and congratulates Aura for its construction. While Hikone apologizes for not being there for Tokinada, Aura wonders what exactly the strange place is they're currently in. Tokinada explains to her the existence of the Dangai, and how the dimension they're currently in, the Valley of Screams, emerged from it. He muses about how the Valley of Screams was used by the Five Families to exile the Ryōdoji Family, and Aura wonders what Tokinada would have done had the same happened to him.[17]

Tokinada asks her if she would want to make an enemy of the Gotei 13, to which Aura responds no, as she saw what Kisuke Urahara alone was capable of. As Tokinada muses how to make Urahara suffer for his enjoyment, Aura mentions Hisagi's presence during the encounter. Recognizing Hisagi as the late Kaname Tōsen's protege, Tokinada relishes the chance to kill him. Regardless, Tokinada realizes that with Mayuri's help Shunsui will find them soon, and therefore has Hikone prepare to exterminate them all.[17]

At the Urahara shop's underground facility, Yuki is hysterical due to Urahara's kidnapping, which causes Shino to angrily subdue him and tell him that now, of all times, he should remain strong. Shino tells Yuki he should act more like his older brother, Rikichi Yuki of the Sixth Division. Hiyori, meanwhile, begrudgingly admits that if it wasn't for Urahara, the world would have already been destroyed. Behind her, Hisagi cannot form words and feels solely responsible for what happened, which causes Hiyori to turn her anger towards him.[17]

The group is then interrupted by Tessai, and while Hisagi tries to apologize to the former Kido Corps commander, Tessai tells him that if Aura could actually push Urahara, there is nothing Hisagi could have done anyway. Regardless, Hisagi's self-loathing is too strong, and he believes he'll never be able to face Kensei and Tōsen due to his continuous weakness and failures. While Hiyori is angered at the mention of the traitor, Tessai tells Hisagi that he is blaming himself needlessly.[17]

While Hisagi believes he is just a coward because of his fear, Tessai merely tells him that everyone, even Ichigo, has fear. However, while Ichigo casts his fear aside, Hisagi clings to that fear. This causes Hisagi to think back to his fight with Tōsen, and his self-doubt merely increases. In response Tessai sternly tells Hisagi that Ichigo had faced despair, fear, and grief over and over again in his very short life, yet the Substitute Shinigami always managed to overcome it and turn his mistakes into strengths.[17]

Reinvigorated, Hisagi thanks Tessai and the group heads back upstairs. There, they find one of Urahara's typical blood messages in the shop, saying that if they read this, he is likely longer present as he is pursuing Aura and her followers. While Hiyori screams at Urahara's signature sense of humor, Hisagi merely strengthens his resolve to finish his fight.[17]

Meanwhile, at Kūkaku Shiba's residence, the Fullbringers Ginjō, Tsukishima, and Giriko, the Shinigami Shinji, Nanao, and Yoruichi, the Espada Grimmjow, Nelliel, and Harribel, the Quincy Candice, Meninas, Liltotto, Giselle, and Bambietta, and Mayuri and his Corpse Unit consisting of Dordonii, Cirucci, Luppi, Charlotte, and NaNaNa have all assembled.[17]

As Yoruichi explains the situation to Kūkaku, the tensions between the different groups are high. NaNaNa is resentful towards the other Quincy, Grimmjow and Luppi still want to murder each other, and Mayuri has no patience for the insubordination of his Corpse Unit and gives them painful shocks regardless of who did something. Fed up, Kūkaku furiously exerts her Reiatsu and demands that everybody behave in her house, which earns her the respect of both Nelliel and Harribel.[17]

As Yoruichi and the Fullbringers try to calm everyone down, Kenpachi, Ikkaku, and Yumichika appear after being summoned as well. While Grimmjow recognizes Kenpachi as the Shinigami that killed Nnoitra Gilga, the Sternritter become weary, and Giriko becomes anxious. Before the situation can escalate once again, Shunsui himself appears and subtly exerts his own Reiatsu to calm everyone down. Declaring his relief that everyone he summoned came, Shunsui starts their meeting concerning the Four Great Houses.[17]

Chapter 17

In the Shiba residence, Shunsui has just finished explaining all he knows about Tokinada and Hikone, to which Yoruichi realizes that Hikone is the biggest threat out of them. However, as both realize, Tokinada has too much influence over the nobility for Shunsui to blatantly arrest him. Due to this, Liltotto realizes Shunsui wants the Quincy and Arrancar to defeat them for him, which Shunsui compares to the cease-fire they had when both sides tried to defeat Yhwach.[18]

Despite this, Ginjō makes it clear he still considers all sides his enemy, to which Mayuri responds that he is just tolerating them. In response, Tsukishima pulls out Book of the End in its bookmark form, but quickly realizes that the Mayuri before them is just a remote controlled puppet, and thereby nigh-immune to his Fullbring.[18]

Both Grimmjow and Kenpachi start to lose their patience and demand to know why they all have to tolerate each other, which causes both to gain an interest in fighting the other to gauge their power. Shunsui calms them down and turns towards Ginjō, suggesting a formal apology for everything Soul Society did to the Fullbringers. Turning to everybody present, Shunsui makes it clear he knows that most of them hate the Shinigami, especially since Shunsui is strong-arming them into solving his own problems. As Shunsui says he'll take full responsibility, he does say he believes a truce is the only way for all factions to move forward.[18]

While most present believe Shunsui is earnest, Grimmjow is still sceptical and asks for permission to fight Ichigo as a sign of good faith. Shunsui remains neutral on this, and asks the rest what he can do to prove himself. In response, Harribel asks him to swear upon the memory of Coyote Starrk. While Grimmjow does not understand, Shunsui is impressed that Harribel caught on to their mutual respect, and his words to the Espada that during war, both sides are in the wrong. Shunsui does what she requests, but still remains adamant that he cannot decide in Ichigo's place.[18]

At the same time, in the Urahara shop's underground facility, Hisagi is studying the unconscious forms of numerous rows of Humans that Tessai brought in from the local hospital. Although they all appear to be ordinary Humans, Hisagi notes that their Reiatsu feels strange. While Tessai denies that they are Fullbringers, nor that they are controlled by some sort of Hollow, he discovers several strange amulets on each of the Humans. Tessai reveals the seemingly ordinary religious amulets are in fact made out of prohibited spiritual technology. Technology that had the ban on them removed during the fight against Aizen. As Hisagi recalls that Aura mentioned his fight against Findorr in the Karakura Town, he realizes that the amulets are miniature Tenkai Kecchu.[18]

Back in the Shiba residence, Mayuri reveals the same information to everyone present, as he recognizes the devices that Suì-Fēng confiscated from Tokinada's hidden facility. When Mayuri mentions that creating such devices are well beyond Tokinada's skills, Shunsui reveals that the miniatures are mass-produces versions of the original prototype that Kisuke Urahara invented. A prototype that was originally confiscated by the late Yamamoto.[18]

When Shinji wonders what Tokinada plans to do with them, Shunsui confirms that Tokinada is planning on using them to swap the real Karakura Town with something else. Shinji suggests informing Ichigo, but Shunsui reveals that the entire town was mysteriously closed off from the surrounding area, and that they are unable to contact anyone inside. Shinji orders a concerned Kensei to contact Hachigen Ushōda to try and break the barrier from the outside, but they are unable to contact him. When Shunsui doubts that any Kidō will be able to breach the barrier, Ginjō and Tsukishima realize that the only person they know of that can perform such a feat is Yukio. However, since Yukio's power is not strong enough to encompass such a large area, Ginjō theorizes their former comrade must have had help from another powerful Fullbringer.[18]

As Shunsui listens to them, Mayuri interjects and says that he managed to recover the transfer coordinates from one of the devices. According to him, the devices are configured to transfer something high in the sky. An alarmed Shunsui asks if Tokinada plans to transfer the Soul King Palace, but Mayuri doubts it, as Senjumaru Shutara would have certainly created safeguards against such an incursion. However, Mayuri reveals that the surveillance bacteria on his Corpse Unit were transferred over to Hikone, allowing the scientist to trace the child's location. According to Mayuri's intel, Hikone has moved to one of the largest Valleys of Screams inside the Garganta. In response, Mayuri prepares to open a gateway to that specific location.[18]

Concurrently, in the Urahara shop Tessai has managed to come to the same conclusion as Mayuri has, and informs Hisagi about it. Hisagi remembers the amount of followers Aura said she had, and Tessai calculates that 770,000 miniature Tenkai Kecchu could indeed roughly encompass an area the size of Karakura Town. Making a decision, Hisagi asks Tessai to send him to the coordinates on the other side. Tessai is initially reluctant, as Hisagi alone is unprepared against what he might encounter.[18]

While Hisagi realizes Tessai is correct, he assures Urahara's assistant that he is not desperate to the point of suicide to right his mistakes. Hisagi even assures Tessai and Hiyori that rescuing Urahara is not his top priority, rather it is maintaining the balance. When Hiyori demands to know why Hisagi truly wants to go, the Shinigami is not sure himself, but realizes that if he tries to escape the fear he has, Tōsen's memory will die as well. In response, Yuki volunteers to accompany Hisagi, to Shino's surprise.[18]

While Yuki admits that he is terrified, he believes that he can still be of use to the lieutenant and Hisagi accepts his company, alongside that of Shino. While Hiyori wants to accompany them as well, Tessai stops her and explains that he needs her Hollow powers to help open the portal to the Valley of Screams instead. As the three Shinigami are sent to their destination, Tessai thanks Hisagi.[18]

Chapter 18

Back in Aura's past, when she was recruited by Tokinada, she reveals that she went along with his plans because of her sheer apathy towards the world. Not having any motivations or the will to offer resistance, she blindly followed his orders, starting with fighting Hollows to train her Fullbring powers. Yet despite the immense power she had, she never aspired to anything, and just kept going with the flow. Eventually, Aura stole the Tenkai Kecchu prototype from Urahara on Tokinada's orders, after which the noble mass produced them and decided he needs thousands of followers. Thus, Aura formed the XCUTION cult by converting people with her "miracles". Then, Tokinada ordered her to use her powers to construct a massive, floating castle in the Valley of Screams.[19]

When Aura finally asked him who the followers, castle, and throne were for, Tokinada told her she would know soon enough. Eventually when the Wandenreich invaded Soul Society, Aura protected Tokinada's home from several Quincy attackers while the Shinigami noble broke into the Hōōden to steal Ikomikidomoe. With all the pieces in place, Tokinada put his grander plan into motion and explained to Aura that he wanted her to create a body for the King.[19]

While Aura initially assumes she'll have to give birth to a child, Tokinada amusedly assures her he is not such a misogynist and compares it to a toy she can build and break to her whims. Eventually, Tokinada grants her access to the corpses of countless Shinigami, Quincy, Humans, and Fullbringers that he has collected, and tells her to use them however she sees fit. He explains that she does not need to worry about the brain, as they already found a suitable one. Finally, he explains that that as long as the Saketsu and Hakusu are functional, the body can be kept alive under any circumstances.[19]

In the present day, Tokinada senses the arrival of his enemies, and is pleasantly surprised to discover Shunsui himself is amongst them. He informs Aura that he will go and welcome his visitors, as they will not be able to leave anymore regardless.[19]

Back in the Shiba residence, Mayuri realizes the group has entered a trap. As he explains to Kūkaku and Ganju, Tokinada should have been able to disrupt the portal on his side, but chose not to do so. Likewise, Mayuri realizes that all communication with he group is blocked, and deduces that a barrier prevents them from leaving again. While Ganju is worried, Kūkaku assures him that Shunsui and Yoruichi are more than able to handle what happens. Changing the topic, Mayuri curiously asks Kūkaku why they chose not to follow Tokinada, as he could have had the Shiba family reinstated. Kūkaku replies that neither she, her brother Kaien, nor her uncle Isshin were interested in that life anymore.[19]

Meanwhile, in the Valley of Screams, Shunsui also realizes they are trapped, mostly due to the thousands of Hollows surrounding them. Shinji recognizes them as the same Hollows spawned by Ikomikidomoe earlier, and Liltotto senses that the Hollows' Reiatsu fluctuates and spikes seemingly at random. Harribel explains that these Hollows must be drawing Reishi from their surroundings, which Nelliel notes can be a problem as the Reishi in the air of the Valley of Screams is far denser than Soul Society or even Hueco Mundo.[19]

Shinji notices a copy of the Soul King Palace in the air above them, and Ginjō suggests the group split up, though he does demand a multitude of answers from Shunsui afterwards. In response, Shunsui says that Tokinada probably has more answers to the questions than he does. Eventually, Giriko activates Time Tells No Lies, explaining that he set a timer for 20 seconds during which the Hollows are not allowed to attack.[19]

As the Fullbringers disappear from view, Kenpachi decides to ignore the Hollows and head straight for the palace. In response the Hollows try blocking his path by multiplying even further, to which Candice and Grimmjow join the fray. As more and more Hollows keep swarming them, Shinji assures the group he will handle them himself and releases Sakanade.[19]

From their hidden position, Ginjō observes the fight, before yelling out to Yukio. Immediately, Yukio's visage appears and he greets his former comrades. As Ginjō explains that he sensed Yukio's Reiatsu, he demands that the boy explain everything to him, such as what the new XCUTION truly is. In reponse, Aura appears behind them and Ginjō realizes she is the leader of the religious sect. While Aura confirms this, she notes that XCUTION is less of a sect and more an organization meant to change the world.[19]

Shinji faces off against the horde of Hollows.

Meanwhile, Shinji uses Sakanade to confuse the hordes of Hollows by changing the perspective of each of them. In response, the Hollows try to use echolocation and Reiatsu sensing to find him, but Shinji still manages to keep them disorganized, revealing that Sakanade can also invert the hearing of its victims. As Shinji mentions that he likes to increase Sakanade's potential even more, such as inverting the sense of temperature, the Hollows keep accidentally attacking each other. Eventually the horde realizes that Shinji is a dangerous enemy, and adapts their strategy; deciding to multiply even more. When Shinji realizes that this is something that Sakanade cannot help with, he seemingly grows nervous and tries to flee, causing the Hollows to pursue him en masse.[19]

As Liltotto realizes that the Hollows are rapidly increasing in number even more, Nanao becomes worried for Shinji's safety. However, Shunsui assures her that everything is under control and cryptically references his own Bankai. Immediatly catching on, Nanao asks if Shinji's Bankai is really that dangerous and Shunsui confirms it. Increasing his pace, Shunsui reveals that that Shinji's Bankai, like his own, does not differentiate between friend and foe and instead affects everyone within its radius. Shunsui then urges everyone increase their distance before Sakanade will kill all of them.[19]

Eventually, Shinji senses he has put enough distance between himself and the others and drops his terrified act. Ridiculing the approaching Hollows for their stupidity, Shinji reminisces about his encounter with Gerard Valkyrie and philosophically muses about the nature of miracles, such as how they can reverse even despair itself. Declaring he will perform a miracle of his own, Shinji activates his Bankai, Sakashima Yokoshima Happōfusagari.[19]

Interlude 2

Aizen and Tōsen talk.

At some point after Kaname Tōsen swore his allegiance to Sōsuke Aizen, Tōsen thinks back of how he initially viewed Aizen with great suspicion, due to Aizen claiming to be Shinigami, but now views Aizen as a sort of "absolute king". While for some time Tōsen believed that Aizen only recruited him because the blind man was immune to Kyōka Suigetsu, Tōsen quickly came to realize the difference in power between the two was too great for Kyōka Suigetsu's weakness to matter.[20]

Tōsen recalls that Aizen once explained that the true reason he recruited Tōsen was because Tōsen is a fearful person who has experiened true despair. Since both concepts are utterly alien to Aizen, he required someone like Tōsen to help him understand them. In turn, Tōsen realized that Aizen is a being who transcends the duality of good and evil, considering both sides equally unworthy in the pursuit of justice.[20]

As Aizen realized Tōsen still had doubts concerning his own grudges, Aizen went to reassure Tōsen by revealing that his plan was to expose and tear down the "original sin" of the world. Continuing, Aizen clarifies that he does not wish to revert the world like the Quincy progenitor tried to do hundreds of years earlier as that would remove the purpose of life itself. Aizen then proceeds to explain the concept of Fullbringers to Tōsen, and reveals that few Shinigami know about the existence of Fullbringers. This is due to their true nature being kept a secret the Tsunayashiro family.[20]

While Tōsen takes in the information, Aizen brings up his Hōgyoku, and how he was stealing soul fragments of Rukongai citizens to empower it. As Aizen reveals, his Hōgyoku was barely reacting to the countless soul fragments he sacrificed to it, until one day it reacted unusually strongly to a piece he stole from a seemingly random girl, a girl who strangely still possessed enough power to become a high-ranking Shinigami. Upon further study, Aizen discovered that said extracted soul fragment was infused with a fragment of the Soul King; the same fragments that give Fullbringers their powers, which Aizen calls the "Nails".[20]

After hearing the truth about the Soul King from Aizen, Tōsen became utterly convicted to tear down the Shinigami, even if it meant sacrificing his own life. When Aizen asked how he could repay Tōsen's loyalty, the blind man proceeded to mention the one wish he would like Aizen to grant him.[20]


Bleach: Can't Fear Your Own World II features a number of existing characters, as well as original characters created for this series of novels. They include:


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