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This article contains information from video game sources that were not written by Tite Kubo and therefore are not considered canon material by the wiki.

Bleach: Brave Souls is an action game based on Bleach for Android and iOS devices. It was published by KLab Global Pte. Ltd in 2015. Initially, the game goes through the story of Bleach up to the Lost Agent arc, with several key characters from the Thousand Year Blood War arc being playable. Subsequently, story expansions and playable characters for post-manga novel contents have been released. A collaboration with content from BURN THE WITCH has been announced to come to the game, as well as Bleach: Spirits Are Forever With You. [1] [2]

Playable characters

Playable characters are rated by a rarity range from one to six stars, one star being the most common, and five stars being the rarest and hardest to obtain. Once maxing out a five stars soul tree and level you can evolve it to six star. Six stars could also be obtained in a summon gacha once and haven't been in a summons since then but they might come back in a future gacha.

At the beginning of the Story mode, the player starts with a two-star Ichigo Kurosaki and gets one random five star character for free. If the player earns gift boxes during a quest, they can receive various characters from it (one to certain five stars, depending on the quest). Characters can also be unlocked by using Summon in the Shop/Summon mode. Summoning one character, which costs 25 Spirit Orbs, will grant the player a random character. The player can also choose to summon ten characters at once, for a cost of 250 Spirit Orbs. Doing this will guarantee at least one of the summoned characters being four star character. Some special events will also give the player Normal Summons Tickets and Premium Summons Tickets, which can be redeemed for a free summon. A Normal Ticket will grant the player a character from one to two stars, while a Premium Ticket will grant the player a character from three to five stars. Since April 2016, other variations of Summoning Tickets have arrived. The Brave Souls tickets grants a random character from three to five stars, in which summoning five stars has a slightly increased rate, while the 4/5* Tickets guarantees a four- or rarely a five-star characters.

As of January 2020, the summoning system has been revamped. Unlike the previous system which follows a no guarantee and singular rates, the new system is mirrored on the game's Anniversary Step Up system. The first step on every banner is a double chance with a discount price (150 orbs). At every 5th multi pulled, the player is guaranteed a random 5* from the pool. After that, the gacha ends on the final step which is repeatable indefinitely.

All character progression are based on leveling, ascension, and Soul Tree progression. Leveling in the same way as traditional leveling of characters in MMO/RPGs. Ascension is a process where the player must use a series of fodder characters to increase a leveling limit point. The Soul Tree progression focuses on a complex RPG stat tree where players must increase each nodes of several stats (Attack, Defense, Stamina, Focus, Spiritual Pressure) using crystals (for one to five stars) or Jewels (for six star characters). Players can get Crystals and Jewels from the Story mode, Coop, or from the Urahara Training Grounds.

Since the first of July 2016, the Awakening System has been released to the game. Awakening involves taking a level 100 and 100% Soul Tree five star character and fusing it with a special Jewel called the Hōgyoku. The amount of Hōgyoku required for Awakening where gacha characters requires three Hōgyoku, while free five star characters require five Hōgyoku. After Awakening, the rarity of the selected five star becomes a six star. In addition to Awakening, the level is reset back to 1 and the Soul Tree is changed to include Skill Nodes, which used to physically enhance a character's certain skill. Skill Nodes requires raid characters (which can be dropped from the raids), skill keys (appears in special events), orbs (not recommended), or jewels (seasonal characters and frenzy characters are the only characters that only require jewels).

As of early June 2017, after a player reached 6* Lv150 and 100% Soul Tree on their character, they are granted the option to Release them. Release is a process of unlocking more levels on a maxed out 6* character to further enhance their stats. To Release a character, the player is required to use Hōgyoku's Will, which are found rarely in Character Raids, given guaranteed as Orders rewards, and through high-tier PVP rankings. After the character is Released, the Soul Tree is expanded to show unlockable Level nodes. The nodes are unlocked using Droplets, which are found only in Raids and sometimes rarely in the Inheritance Zone. A new zone ,that is moderately hard, called the Enriched Zone can give you droplets of each color in few amounts. This event comes out rarely. Gacha characters require 3 Hogyoku's Wills, while free characters require 5 Hōgyoku's Wills. Droplet for Releasing characters are varied, but all Released characters can increase their level up to 200.

As of September 2018, select characters who have been fully Released (6* Lv200) now have the option to Resurrect. It allows the character to gain a second Soul Trait and a random new Skill remake after re-Releasing to lv200. To Resurrect a character, the select character must enter a challenge where they fight a fully Resurrected version of themselves. A successful victory grants the character the Resurrect. However, during the challenge, the character won't be equipped with any accessories nor links. Furthermore, their Soul Bomb is disabled to prevent any exploitable abuse. Upon reaching lv150 after Resurrecting, players gain a 2nd Soul Trait node which is unlockable using Resurrection Rings, which are found in Kon Medal Exchange or Resurrection Ring trials. Resurrected characters also have one notable difference to their weaker counterparts: the color of the Rarity Stars on their portraits are changed from golden to red.

As of late September 2019, the Transcendence system will be made available to all 6☆ characters. Transcendence is based on the characters' Special Move level, which can only be increased by feeding it with its identical dupes. There are max number of 5 levels allowed for Transcendence, with the first one unlocked immediately for free. Players can only choose one stat for each levels, and the levels can be upgraded using gold, Hogyokus, and Transcendence Scrolls. Each level slot greatly increases the base stat permanently by a huge margin. The sixth slot unlocks after the 5th level is reached, and is a rerollable stat booster. By feeding using dupes or Transcendence points (acquired by selling characters), the extra bonus stat is given by a random type and amount. The way to tell if a character has been successfully Transcended is by their character level color: it changes from white to green to purple. Transcendence was met with mixed views regarding how it was implemented, with the major concern being how the game is slowly shifting towards a pay-2-win model. Changes have been implemented over time, with December 2019 update seeing a new material called Special Move Level item, which allows the player to bypass a character's Special level without having to pull for that character's dupe. Transcendence points can also be earned by augmenting or selling characters. Players can earn more selling points if the character sold has higher Special Move Level.

As of April 2021, all 6* characters' Link Slots can be further levelled to 20. Each slot now gives 30% stats, totalling to 90%. At level 15 and 20, players can unlock certain additional bonus skills for their characters, further enhancing their usability. Links Slots were released in June 2017, and were powered up from level 0 to 10 with only using Link Slot Potions, which can now be acquired in various means, mostly in the Inheritance Zones. With the new Bonus Ability update, Link Slot Levels from 11 to 20 are powered up with Droplets, Link Slot Potions, and Super Link Slot Potions. The last latter can be acquired from Epic Raid shop and Inheritance Trials, although at a limited amount. Players can only choose one bonus skill on Level 15 and 20, and they cannot be the same.

Some characters from the Bleach universe are available across multiple rarities and attributes, along with some also being available in certain "event" versions (New Years, Valentine's Day, and White Day, among others). Currently, the following characters are playable:[2] [3] [4]

Character Form 1 Form 2 Form 3 Form 4 Form 5 Form 6
Aaroniero Arruruerie Base Hōgyoku Fusion
Akon Base
Ashido Kanō Base
Ashisogi Jizo Base
Askin Nakk Le Vaar Vollstandig
Aura Michibane Base
Abirama Redder Resurrección
Bambietta Basterbine Vollstandig
Baraggan Louisenbairn Base Resurrección Hōgyoku Fusion
Bazz-B Base (The Heat)
Bruno Bangnyfe Base
Byakuya Kuchiki Shinigami Captain (Sealed, Shikai, Bankai, Gōkei, Senkei), Shūkei: Hakuteiken fusion Post-Timeskip version (Lost Agent arc & Royal Guard Cloak (Bankai secret technique)) Senbonzakura duo New Year, Swimsuit, White Day, Cacao Society, and Yokai (Halloween) Youth Beyond Bankai
Candice Catnipp Vollstandig
Charlotte Chuhlhourne Resurrección CFYOW (Corpse Unit)
Chōjirō Sasakibe Gonryōmaru duo Thousand-Year Blood War (Bankai)
Cirucci Sanderwicci Base CFYOW (Corpse Unit)
Coyote Starrk Base Resurrección (Twin Guns, Twin Swords) Cacao Society Hōgyoku Fusion
Cyan Sung-Sun Base Japanese Parasol
Don Kanonji Base (SAFWY) w/ Picaro
Dondochakka Birstanne Base
Dordoni Alessandro Del Socaccio Base CFYOW (Corpse Unit)
Edrad Liones Base Resurrección
Emilou Apacci Base Swimsuit
Findorr Calius Resurrección
Franceska Mila Rose Base
Ganju Shiba Base
Ganryū Base
Gantenbainne Mosqueda Base
Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto Shinigami Captain (Sealed) Shikai, Post-Timeskip (Bankai) Hakuda One-armed (Reigai Arc) Ryūjin Jakka duo Beyond Bankai
Ggio Vega Resurrección
Gin Ichimaru Shinigami Captain (sealed, Shikia & Bankai) Hueco Mundo (Bankai) White Day Party Time Yukata, Yokai (Halloween), Cacao Society, and Halloween
Ginrei Kuchiki Base
Giriko Kutsuzawa Ichigo's Fullbring Absorbed Muscular Form
Gremmy Thoumeaux Base
Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez Base Resurrección Post-Timeskip (CFYOW) Japanese Parasol, White Day, Cacao Society, Party Time, Yokai (Halloween), and Halloween Arena Hōgyoku Fusion
Hachigen Ushōda Base (Kidō & Masked)
Haineko Base
Hanatarō Yamada Base Hisagomaru duo Christmas, New Year's
Hikone Ubuginu Base Bankai-Resurreccion
Hisagomaru Base
Hiyori Sarugaki Visored (Sealed and Shikai) Shinigami (Lieutenant) Christmas
Homura & Shizuku Base (Fade to Black version)
Hōzukimaru Base
Hyōrinmaru Base
Ichigo Kurosaki Shinigami (Sealed, Shikai, Bankai, Final GT, Mugetsu, & White Ichigo duo) Hollowfication (Visored, partial & full Hollow form), Hybrid Fusions (Quincy-Hollow-Shinigami, Fullbring-Hollow-Shinigami) Post-Timeskip (Shikai, Bankai, True Shikai, True Bankai), Adult form (Bankai) Movie version (Memories of Nobody & Hell Verse Skull-Clad) New Year, Swimsuit, Halloween, Desert Society & Spirit Society Artworks
Ichibē Hyōsube Royal Guard (Shikai)
Ikkaku Madarame Base (Sealed, Shikai & Bankai) Hōzukimaru duo (Shikai, Bankai) Post-Timeskip (Shikai & Bankai)
Ikumi Unagiya Base
Isane Kotetsu Base
Isshin Kurosaki Shinigami Thousand-Year Blood War (Shikai)
Izuru Kira Base (Sealed, Shikai, Wabisuke duo) Shin'ō Academy Machine Society Gin Ichimaru duo Thousand-Year Blood War (Revived Undead version)
Jackie Tristan Base Fullbring Ichigo's Fullbring Absorbed
Jinta Hanakari Base
Jugram Haschwalth Base (The Balance)
Jūshirō Ukitake Base (Past & Soul Society arc) Captain (Sealed, Shikai), Sōgyo no Kotowari duo Post-Timeskip version Japanese Parasol and Christmas Beyond Bankai
Kaien Shiba Base (Sealed & Shikai) New Year and Yokai (Halloween)
Kaname Tōsen Shinigami (Sealed, Shikai & Bankai) Hueco Mundo (Shikai) Fake Karakura Town (Hollowfication)
Karin Kurosaki Base
Katen Kyōkotsu Base
Kazeshini Base
Kenpachi Kuruyashiki Shinigami (Captain)
Kenpachi Zaraki Shinigami (Power sealed & released, Kendo) Post-Timeskip (Lost Agent arc with power released, Yachiru Kusajishi "duo" ) Thousand Year Blood War (Shikai/Bankai (special only)) White Day Arena Novel (Beyond Bankai, SAFWY, and CFYOW timeskip)
Kensei Muguruma Shinigami (Captain) Visored (Sealed, Shikai & Bankai) Post-Timeskip Captain
Kirio Hikifune Royal Guard
Kisuke Urahara Shinigami (Captain haori, Reiatsu Sealing Cloak) Hat-and-Clogs (Sealed & Shikai) Post-Timeskip (Bankai), Can't Fear Your Own World Christmas, Cacao Society Movie version (Fade to Black) Beyond Bankai
Kiyone Kotetsu Base
Kōga Kuchiki Shinigami (Shikai) Muramasa Past duo After Being Freed
Kokutō Base
Kon Base Karakura-Raizer
Kūgo Ginjō Base (Cross of Scaffold) Enhanced Cross of Scaffold, Bankai Can't Fear Your Own World (Cross of Scaffold) The Lost
Kagerōza Inaba Shikai
Kūkaku Shiba Base Swimsuit Orient Society
Kukkapūro Base
Lille Barro Base
Lilynette Gingerbuck Base Halloween
Lisa Yadōmaru Shinigami Lieutenant (Shikai) Visored (Sealed and Shikai) Christmas, Spirit Society
Loly Aivirrne Base Machine Society
Love Aikawa Shinigami Captain Visored (Sealed & Shikai)
Luppi Antenor Base Resurrección Post-Timeskip Zombie Modified Resurrección (CFYOW)
Makoto Kibune Base (Shikai)
Marechiyo Ōmaeda Base (Shikai) Gegetsuburi duo
Masaki Kurosaki Thousand-Year Blood War (youth)
Mashiro Kuna Visored Shinigami Lieutenant Machine Society
Mayuri Kurotsuchi Soul Society Arc (Sealed, Shikai & Bankai) Hueco Mundo Arc (Shikai) & Post-Timeskip (Modified Bankai) Ashisogi Jiōz duo New Year's Can't Fear Your Own World (Shikai)
Moe Shishigawara Base Arena
Momo Hinamori Base (Sealed & Shikai) Tobiume duo Shin'ō Academy Halloween, Valentine's Day, Cacao Society, & Christmas
Muramasa Base
Nanao Ise Base Japanese Parasol, Cacao Society (Valentine's Day), & Christmas Thousand-Year Blood War (Shikai)
Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck Nel Tu (Child) Espada (Sealed) Resurrección, Post-Timeskip (CFYOW) Seasonal (Swimsuit, Valentine's Day, Japanese Parasol, & Christmas) Hōgyoku Fusion Orient Society
Nemu Kurotsuchi Base Swimsuit 1 & 2, Machine Society Christmas Post-Timeskip
Ninny Spangcole Base Christmas
Nnoitra Gilga Base Resurrección (4 & 6 arms) Japanese Parasol Hōgyoku Fusion
Noel Niihashi Base Christmas
Nozomi Kujō Base (Shikai)
Nirgge Parduoc Resurrección
Ōetsu Nimaiya Royal Guard
Ōko Yushima Base (Shikai)
Orihime Inoue Soul Society Arc, "Leekhime" Hueco Mundo Arc Post-Timeskip (Lost Agent arc) and TYBW Arc School Uniform, Swimsuit (anime canon, Pool Water Battle, & Summer Vacation), New Year, Christmas Halloween (Frankenstein Bride & Pumpkin Potato) Orient Society
Pesche Guatiche Base
Rangiku Matsumoto Base (Sealed & Shikai) Haineko duo Valentine's Day, Halloween, Yokai (Halloween), & Christmas Swimsuit New Year
Renji Abarai Base (Sealed, Shikai, Bankai & Zabimaru duo) Post-Timeskip (Shikai, True Bankai) Shin'ō Academy Swimsuit New year, Halloween
Retsu Unohana Base (Past, Sealed & Shikai) Minazuki duo The First Kenpachi (Bankai) Swimsuit, Christmas, and Machine Society Beyond Bankai
Riruka Dokugamine Love Gun Ichigo's Fullbring Absorbed Swimsuit Christmas, Halloween, Cacao Society, and Machine Society
Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi Shinigami Captain (Shikai) Visored
Rukia Kuchiki Base (Sealed, Shikai, Kidō & Sode no Shirayuki duo) Shin'ō Academy Post-Timeskip (Shikai, Bankai), EoS Captain (Bankai) Dark Rukia, Tiny Devil Version, Swimsuit, Plush New Year, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Yokai, New Years 2, & Desert Society
Ruri'iro Kujaku Base
Rurichiyo Kasumiōji Base
Ryūken Ishida Base Thousand-Year Blood War (youth)
Sajin Komamura Masked (Sealed) Unmasked (Shikai, Bankai, & Tenken duo) Fake Karakura Town (Bankai) Post-Timeskip Humanification Technique (True Bankai) Christmas
Seinosuke Yamada Base
Senbonzakura Base
Senjumaru Shutara Royal Guard
Senna Base (Shikai) Scarlet Wish
Sentarō Kotsubaki Base
Shawlong Koufang Base
Shinji Hirako Shinigami Captain (Past, Post-Timeskip) Karakura High School uniform (Sealed) Yukata, Spirit Society Visored (Sealed, Shikai) Post-Timeskip Bankai (CFYOW) Beyond Bankai
Shūhei Hisagi Base (Sealed, Shikai & Kazeshini duo) White Day Christmas Party Time Post-Timeskip Bankai (CFYOW)
Shūkurō Tsukishima Base Cacao Society Can't Fear Your Own World (Book of the End) Arena
Shunsui Kyōraku Shinigami Captain (Past, sealed, Shikai) Thousand Year Blood War (Bankai) and CFYOW Katen Kyōkotsu duo Japanese Parasol Beyond Bankai
Shuren Base Scarlet Wish
Shūsuke Amagai Base (Bankai) Bakkōtō
Sode no Shirayuki Base
Sōgyo no Kotowari Base
Sōjirō Kusaka Base (Shikai)
Sōsuke Aizen Shinigami Lieutenant Shinigami Captain (Sealed & Shikai (no glasses)) Hueco Mundo arc (Shikai) & Post-Timeskip (Muken) Hōgyoku Fusion ("Cocoon", "Phantom", & "Butterfly" forms (2nd, 3rd, & 4th fusions)) White Day and Japanese Parasol & Party Time Zanpakutō-Hōgyoku Fusion
Sōya Azashiro Shinigami (Urozakuro duo)
Suì-Fēng Base (Sealed, Shikai, Bankai & Suzumebachi duo) Shunkō & Post-Timeskip Shunkō Post-Timeskip (Bankai) Valentine's Day, Cacao Society, Halloween, & Christmas Swimsuit (anime canon & Pool Water Battle) Beyond Bankai
Suzumebachi Base
Szayelaporro Granz Base Resurrección Christmas and Japanese Parasol Hōgyoku Fusion
Tatsuki Arisawa Swimsuit version School Uniform
Tenjirō Kirinji Royal Guard
Tenken Base
Tesra Lindocruz Base
Tessai Tsukabishi Urahara Shop Worker Kidō Corps Captain
Tetsuzaemon Iba Base (Shikai)
Tier Harribel Base Resurrección, Post-Timeskip (CFYOW) Cacao Society (Valentine's Day), Halloween, Christmas,& Japanese Parasol Swimsuit 1 & 2 Hōgyoku Fusion
Tobiume Base
Tokinada Tsunayashiro Base
Tōshirō Hitsugaya Base (Sealed, Shikai & Bankai) Post-Timeskip (Shikai, Bankai with petals, Adult Matured Bankai, & Zombie) Hyōrinmaru duo (Shikai, Bankai) White Day, Swimsuit, Christmas, and Machine Society The Diamond Dust Rebellion (Shikai) Halloween and Party Time
Ulquiorra Cifer Base Resurrección Resurrección Segunda Etapa White Day, Cacao Society, and Machine Society Arena Hōgyoku Fusion
Ururu Tsumugiya Base Christmas (Post-Timeskip)
Uryū Ishida Agent of the Shinigami Arc Sanrei Glove, Ginrei Kojaku, & Quincy: Letzt Stil Hueco Mundo Arc Post-Timeskip (Lost Agent arc) Halloween Post-Timeskip (TYBW arc)
Wakame Ambassador Base
Wonderweiss Margela Base
Yachiru Kusajishi Base (Sealed) Post-Timeskip (Shikai) Valentine's Day and Halloween
Yammy Llargo Base Arena Hōgyoku Fusion
Yasutora Sado Base (no powers) Brazo Derecha de Gigante Defensive Shield Form Post-Timeskip (Defensive Shield and Lost Agent arc) Spirit Society
Yhwach Base, the Almighty (special)
Yin and Yang Base
Yoruichi Shihōin Cat and Past Present day (Base, Shunkō, and Anti-Hierro Armor) Post-Timeskip (Shunkō Thundercat form) Seasonals (Swimsuit, Halloween, Cacao Society, MAchine Society, Christmas, Summer Vacation, & Desert Society) Soi-Fon duo Beyond Bankai
Yukio Hans Vorarlberna Base Fullbring Ichigo's Fullbring Absorbed
Yumichika Ayasegawa Base (Sealed, Shikai) Ruri'iro Kujaku duo
Yylfordt Granz Base
Zabimaru Base
Zangetsu "Old Man" (Shikai) Youth form (Bankai) Merged Hollow Form
White Ichigo Shikai Bankai Full Hollow Form Cacao Society, Spirit Society
Zennosuke Kurumadani Base
Zommari Rureaux Resurrección Hōgyoku Fusion

Transformation characters

Certain playable characters have a "Transform" mechanic where they are deployed in base form by default, but after using their Special button, they can be played in their enhanced form, where the effect only last for a fixed amount of time. In their enhanced form, their appearance is altered drastically based on the "power-ups" they received in the manga; their damage magnification on their strong attacks are also boosted; and their gameplay also changes depending on the character.

The following characters have a transformation skill in the game:

  • Sajin Komamura (TYBW version): Partial transformation. Deployed in his Human Transformation technique as base form. After special activates, the last string of the Normal Attack summons Kokujo Tenken Myou's giant arm. Effect lasts until death.
  • Kenpachi Zaraki (TYBW version): Deployed in Shikai as base form. After Special activates, transforms into his oni-like Bankai form. Increased damage magnifications and strong attacks have a more 'fiery'-like visual. Effect last only 30 seconds.
  • Yhwach: Deployed in his First Invasion Wandenreich uniform. When in base mode, his normal and strong attacks are his Spirit Weapon abilities. After special activates, transforms into his Soul King absorbed form, where he uses many of the Almighty's abilities infused with the Soul King's powers. Gains a Blut Vene Anhaben shield which protects him and his teammates from attacks for 1 hit (3 for Yhwach). Effect lasts for 30 seconds.
  • Yoruichi Shihoin (TYBW version): Deployed in her Shunshin Chōhengen form as base. After special activates, transforms into her Shunryū Kokubyō Senkei form (commonly referred as 'Thundercat'). When in this form, her Movement is greatly boosted with her Normal attacks, allowing her to lunge forward per every strike. Effect last for 30 seconds.
  • Ichigo Kurosaki (TYBW True Bankai): Deployed in True Bankai as base form. Second strong attack is a boost that also transforms him into his Merged Quincy-Hollow Form (also referred as the Horn of Salvation). In this form, the visuals stay the same, but the damage magnifications are boosted. After special activates, his sword is 'shattered' to reveal the True Zangetsu within. Depending on whether he has or hasn't used his Merged Hollow form, the True Zangetsu form can playabe in either. Effect last for 30 seconds.
  • Shinji Hirako (Karakura Battle version): Deployed in his Shikai as base. After activating Special, he is playable in his Vizard Mask form. The strong attack damage magnification is boosted, and their visual colors also changes from light blue to golden yellow. The 3rd strong attack also adds a vertical slash after the Shikai completes a 'clock spin', dealing extra damage towards enemies. Effect last for 30 seconds.
  • Nnoitra Gilga (CFYOW Beyond Resurrection version) His SA2 causes his yellow Reiatsu "wings" to grow larger, revealing to be scythe blades. Increases his Strong and Normal attacks damage magnification by a margin. Effects lasts for 10 seconds due to lack of Enhancer skills
  • Soi Fon (TYBW version): similar to CFYOW Nnoitra, the 2nd strong attack causes her Shunkō 'wings' to appear larger. Increases her Normal and Strong damage magnification by a margin, but unlike Nnoitra, the effect last longer due to the Enhancer skill.
  • Tokinada Tsunayashiro (CFYOW version): In base form, he fights using Kuten-Kyōkoku's abilities as well some Kidō attacks. His special has him releasing his true Zanpakutō: Enrakyōten. In this form, his attack visuals are completely altered, showing to use multiple Shinigami abilities at once.
    • Normal Attack: Byakuya's Senbonzakura, Rangiku's Haineko, Shuhei's Kazeshini, and Sajin's Tenken
    • SA1: Tōshirō's Hyōrinmaru and Rukia's Sode no Shirayuki
    • SA2: Renji's Zabimaru and Shunsui's Katen Kyōkotsu
    • SA3: Yamamoto's Ryūjin Jakka
  • Kenpachi Zaraki (Soul Society version): Deployed with Eyepatch Seal. His special has him removing the seal to release a massive wave of reiatsu, follow by a huge slash across a building. The animation is based from Ichigo's fight against Kenpachi.
  • Sōsuke Aizen (Soul Society version): Deployed in his fake persona. The special has him removing his glasses, revealing his true persona, and entering the Garganta to Hueco Mundo. The shield SA2 visuals also change; originally, he starts off using Dankū, but after transform, it is changed to the Negación. The animation is based from Aizen's Betrayal scene, one of Bleach's most iconic moments.
  • Ichigo Kurosaki (Soul Society version): Deployed in his old Shikai state. His special has him releasing his Bankai. His attack visuals are also altered; in Shikai state, Ichigo's attack colors are light blue, and after transforming to Bankai, it becomes dark red, using the powers of his Hollow side. The animation is based from Ichigo's final fight against Byakuya.
  • Rukia Kuchiki (10 years Epilogue version): Deployed in her base captain form. Comes with a "Character Transformation" button which allows her to swap between her base and Bankai form.


Most playable characters are deployed only in a single named unit. However there are a handful of characters who are deployed in a "two-in-one" fashion. These characters are called "Tag-Team" units. The concept behind this mechanic is to demonstrate the synergy of "bondage" between the characters. In Tag-Team units, both character behaviors will depend on the type of duo forms used. There are three forms of duo characters: the initial Tag-Teams, Tag-and-Switch, and Double Character Teams.

Tag-Teams (original duo) Behavior: In this setup, the base character is the "master", and throughout the gameplays, only he/she are playable. However, in their strong attacks, the secondary character will appear to preform their own abilities, or help the base character enhance their own strong attack effects.

Tag-and-Switch Behavior: in this form, both characters are on display in their idle stance, but in gameplay, one of the characters is playable (usually the first named character in the unit). During gameplay, each character can use their own abilities in their SA1 and SA2, but in SA3, a flash of AoE appears to "Switch" out to the other "hidden" character. The characters can switch back and forth any time as long as the SA3 cooldown has been fully reset.

Double Character Team Behavior: in this form, both characters simultaneously appear as active characters. However, only one will act as a playable while the other acts as an assist AI. When the active character uses a strong attack, both characters will unleash their attacks together. Players can switch control between both characters via a small "duo swap" button.

Status Ailments

All characters' attacks do raw damage. However there are a large handful of units whose attacks can inflict elemental damage or effect. These types of attacks are called status ailment. Status ailments are locked behind a very small RNG chance to proc, thus in order to consistently proc enough Status damage, characters' attacks need to have a lot of hitbox to increase the probability of triggering. When the Status ailment has been successfully proc, the effect is gated by a hidden timer. Certain Awakening skills can help increase the effect of the Status. While characters can have different Status in their attacks, only one Status can proc at a time.

  • These are the available Status Ailments in characters' attacks:
    • Burn: procs Fire Dmg-over-Time
    • Poison: namesake given, Dmg-over-Time
    • Freeze: character or enemies are trapped in ice, inflicts dmg only once.
    • Paralysis: same effect as Freeze, except characters/enemeies are stunned in electric shock
    • Weaken: When proc, characters/enemies have a dark blue aura around them. Their stats are reduced to 1, allowing oppenents to deal massive damage. Characters can still attack, but the damage number will always be at 1 until the ailment is lifted.
    • Slow: character/enemies movements are reduced, characters cannot use any attacks for the duration.
    • Confusion: characters/enemies run in opposite directions. If they attack, only inflicts reduced dmg towards themselves.
    • Lacerate: procs Bleed DoT. Characters' strong attack and Special are temporarily disabled.
    • Insta-kill: Special-only skill. has a 5% proc. Enemies that are hit with this instantly dies. Visually, they turn purple, and white Reishi-like particles can be seen flying out as they fall to the ground.

Awakening Skills

After a 5☆ character becomes a 6☆, they gain multiple special nodes in their Soul Tree. These are called Awakening Skills and are primarily served to greatly enhance each character's gameplay experience. Skills varies from increased movement to offensive/defensive buffs to status ailment enhancements. Some characters have unique skills, but many others share similar set of skills depending on the nature of their attack types. The following is a list of all the common skills:

Movement Types

  • Sprinter: Increases number of flash steps.
    • NOTE: in some characters, Sprinter+ means they gain a greater amount of flash step compared to others.
  • Long Stride: Increases flash step distance.

Normal Attack types

  • Adrenaline: Increase Normal Attack speed (now defunct in newer characters)
  • Bruiser: Increases Normal Attack damage
  • Long Reach: Increases Normal Attack range
  • Flurry: Increases Normal Attack hits
  • Guard Break: Normal and Strong Attacks ignore enemies defense 'guard'

Strong Attack type

  • Berserker: Increases Strong Attack damage
  • Havoc: Increases Strong Attack range
  • Frenzy: Increase Strong Attack hits

Special Attack type

  • Devastation: Increases special damage
  • Blast Zone: Increase special AoE (defunct in newer character)
  • Bombardment: Increases special hits
  • Weaken Defense: adds an Ignore Defense debuff towards enemies via Special, significantly increasing all damage potentials from the player
  • Weaken Attack: adds an Attack debuff towards enemies, reducing the amount of damage taken.

Status Ailment

  • Debilitator: increases the duration of the said status effect (only found on characters that proc it). EX: a character with Debilitator +5 of Freeze can proc Freeze for 5 seconds longer than normal.
  • Disabler: greatly increases the chance of status proc
  • Status type Immunity: gains resistance to whatever the status ailment name says. For example, Burn Immunity means the character is 100% resistant to ONLY Burn damage. They will STILL take normal damage from being hit on contact, but they cannot be burned afterwards.


  • Poise: Negates stagger when taken hit. Does not work against crowd control-type status ailment such as Freeze and Paralysis.
  • Black Hole: increases vortex attack damage. (Defunct in newer characters)
  • Enhancer: increases boost skill duration.
  • Medic: Healing characters can now heal other teammates

After a 6☆ character gets Resurrected, some of their Awakening skills will change or be modified.

Character Affiliations

All playable characters have an affiliation ingame. The affiliations are based on which faction the character belong to according to the manga. Affiliations are also used to determine the Killer effect, which are found in every 6* character. Killers increase the damage of all of a character's attacks towards a specific group it matches to. For example, Mind attribute of Ulquiorra Cifer has Soul Reaper killer, meaning he will deal an extra +20% damage against Soul Reaper enemies.

In the PVE environments, several enemy mobs are divided into their respective Affiliation groups. They can be found in various maps regardless of their factions. Shinigami consists of the Gotei 13's juniors (foot soldiers), seniors (veterans), ninjas (rogues), Kido specialists (range magical casters), and the elite henchmen (Duelists and Champions). Hollows have the same army structure as Shinigami but in forms of various monsters, including the Menos Grande. Arrancar consist of the Exequias squadrons and Szayelaporro Granz's Fracciónes/Arrancar experiments. No Affiliations mobs consists of various groups not belonging in any factions. These include Riruka's plush toys, Yukio's Invaders Must Die, and the assassins from the Kasumiōji Clan. Human mobs consist of Aura's Xcution cultists. in the limited-time Thousand-Year Blood war event storyline, the new Quincy mobs are based of the Soldat from the Wandenreich.

The following is a list of available affiliations for all playable characters:

  • Shinigami: characters belonging to the Gotei 13 faction. Zanpakuto Spirits are also considered this affiliation due to being a manifestation of the Shinigami's power
    • Captains: notable Gotei 13 characters that currently hold the captain position as of character model's time. i.e. Shunsui Kyoraku
    • Squad Zero: for the 5 members of the Royal Guard. i.e. Ichibē Hyōsube
  • Hollows: given to Shinigami characters that have Hollow powers. i.e. Shinji Hirako (Note:Hogyoku Aizen also appear to fall in this category despite being a transcendent being beyond SRs and Hollows)
  • Arrancar: for characters that roam in Hueco Mundo
    • Espada: Arrancar that resides in Las Noches with an Espada position.
  • Humans: characters that resides in the World of the Living. These include Fullbringers, Karakura High School characters, and certain Quincy.
    • Quincy: for certain Human characters with active Quincy powers.
    • Sternritter: for notable Quincies who are affiliated to the Wandenreich.
  • No Affiliations: contains characters that do not fall in any allegiances of factions. These include Dark Rukia, Kon, Urahara Shop members (Jinta & Ururu), the Shiba Clan, Light Novel-exclusive characters (Tokinada & Hikone), the Quincy AU version of Ichigo, and Movie characters like Kokutō. (note: despite being a Quincy, Yhwach is also classified as NA due to manga rights limitations)

Limited Characters

Most characters in Bleach: Brave Souls are placed in the Premium pool, meaning they can be summoned outside of spending orbs through gacha, via standard tickets. However, there are other characters that aren't placed in the same pool, and can only be summoned when they are featured in their own banners. These are called Limited characters. Like seasonal characters which are locked to only their own respective season availability, Limited characters are considered exclusive due to various reasons such as manga licensing issues and other promotions. Players can only summon them once KLab decides to feature them in their own banners, and they cannot be pulled using standard summon tickets (with exception to TYBW tickets).

The following is a list of all the Limited characters available in Bleach: Brave Souls (not counting seasonal characters):

Promotional Giveaway (One-Time only)

  • Ichigo Kurosaki (old Shikai version): JP/Global 1st Anniversary exclusives
  • Kon: same as above
  • Renji Abarai (old Bankai version): from Orders achievement (defeat 10000 enemies)

Thousand-Year Blood War arc tie-in

  • Round 1: Eyes Wide Open
    • Shunsui Kyoraku: Captain-Commander Bankai version
    • Toshiro Hitsugaya: Adult Mature Bankai version
    • Sajin Komamura: Human Transformation technique
    • Byakuya Kuchiki: Royal Guard Bankai
  • Round 2: The Thirst
    • Yachiru Unohana: the First Kenpachi version
    • Kenpachi Zaraki: Shikai/Bankai version
    • Yachiru Kusajishi: Shikai version
  • Round 3: A Brief Glimpse
    • Ichigo Kurosaki: Oken Clothing True Shikai version
    • Renji Abarai: Oken Clothing True Bankai version
    • Rukia Kuchiki: Oken Clothing Bankai version
  • Round 4: The Future
    • Kisuke Urahara: Bankai version
    • Yoruichi Shihoin: Thundercat version
    • Ichigo Kurosaki: True Bankai version
    • Yhwach
  • Round 5: The Incomparable
    • Sōsuke Aizen: the Muken version
    • Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto: Bankai East/South version
    • Sui-Feng: Myuku Shunko version
  • Round 6: Evolutions
    • Mayuri Kurotsuchi: the Modified Bankai version
    • Nemu Kurotsuchi
    • Toshiro Hitsugaya: the Zombified Bankai version
  • Round 7: Founders
    • Ichibe Hyosube: Royal Guard Shikai version
    • Oetsu Nimaiya: Royal Guard Sayafushi version
    • Orihime Inoue: Thousand-Year Blood War battle outfit
  • Round 8: Quintessence
    • Tenjiro Kirinji: Royal Guard Shikai version
    • Kirio Hikifune: Royal Guard "chubby" version
    • Senjumaru Shutara
  • Round 9: the Sternritters
    • Askin Nakk Le Vaar: Vollstandig version
    • Bambietta Basterbine: Vollstandig version
    • Candice Catnipp: Vollstandig version
  • Round 10: Separation (Sternritters round 2)
    • Uryū Ishida: Sternritter successor version
    • Jugram Haschwalth: base
    • Bazz-B: base version
  • Round 11: Lifelong Desires (Sternritters round 3)
    • Nanao Ise Shinken Hakkyoken
    • Gremmy Thoumeux base version
    • Lille Barro base version
  • Round 12: Heart & Fire
    • Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto Bankai North/West version
    • Chojiro Sasakibe Bankai version
    • Izuru Kira Revived Undead version
  • Round 13: Tomorrow (EVERYTHING BUT THE RAIN pt1)
    • Isshin Shiba: past Captain version
    • Masaki Kurosaki: youth version
    • Ryūken Ishida: youth version
  • Round 14: Inheritance
    • Rukia Kuchiki: Captain Version
    • Ichigo Kurosaki: Adult Version

Can't Fear Your Own World novel tie-in

  • Novel canon character(s)
    • Hikone Ugubinu
    • Tokinada Tsunayashiro
    • Kisuke Urahara
    • Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck
    • Tier Harribel
    • Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez
    • Luppi Antenor
    • Shinji Hirako
    • Kenpachi Zaraki
    • Shunsui Kyoraku
    • Seinosuke Yamada
    • Shūhei Hisagi
    • Aura Michibane
  • The Alternate Rebirth (Beyond Resurrection Hogyoku-Espadas)
    • Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez
    • Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck
    • Nnoitra Gilga
    • Yammy Llargo
    • Zommari Rureaux
    • Coyote Starrk
    • Szayelaporro Granz
    • Aaroniero Arruruerie
    • Baraggan Louisenbairn
    • Tier Harribel

Spirits Are Forever With You tie-in

  • Round 1: New Star
    • Uryū Ishida
    • Don Kanonji (with Picaro)


  • Bleach: The Hell Verse
    • Ichigo Kurosaki: Movie 4 SkullClad Armor version
    • Kokuto: Movie 4 bandaged version
    • Shuren

Frenzy Characters

(not to be confused with the Frenzy skill in 6* characters)

Frenzy characters are special limited event characters that are available during their own respectable events, through completing Part 1 of the event. All Frenzy characters begin as a 5* character, and can be Awakened to 6*. However, they can only be powered up with their own event crystals. For example, Frenzy Ichigo can only be powered using Ichigo Power-Up Crystals. The Crystals can be used as power up materials again after the Frenzy character is Awakened to 6*. Frenzy Characters are mostly based off of models from their base character form, with exception to Frenzy Ulquiorra and Aizen. Due to their nature as freebie reward characters, they have a noticeable lower stats, limited skills, and mediocre gameplays compared to the normal characters from gacha banners. However, Frenzy characters can be useful as links, given they have double soul traits by default (unlike Resurrected characters, which can only unlock after they reach lv150 with 100% Soul Tree). In each Frenzy events, players may also receive a 4* of the respective character. They are meant to be maxed for orbs, then used as a quick bonus Ascension fodders for Frenzy characters. New Frenzy characters are released once every two months. Each event starts from the middle of the month and last until release of the next midmonth banner. For every new Frenzy character release cycle, in between is a re-release of an older Frenzy character.

The following is a table of all available Frenzy characters, from the oldest to the latest version.

Character Star Rating Form Soul Trait Attribute Powered up materials Affiliation Killer
Byakuya Kuchiki ☆☆☆☆☆/☆ Soul Society arc Captain (Bankai) Strong Attack Damage +18%/Strong Attack Recharge Time -10% Power Byakuya Crystals Shinigami/Captain Hollow killer
Mayuri Kurotsuchi ☆☆☆☆☆/☆ Hueco Mundo arc (Superhuman Potion) Paralysis duration -60%/Poison duration -55% Heart Mayuri Crystals Shinigami/Captain Arrancar killer
Ichigo Kurosaki ☆☆☆☆☆/☆ Soul Society arc (Bankai) Normal Attack Damage +18%/Strong Attack Damage +16% Mind Ichigo Crystals Shinigami Arrancar killer
Orihime Inoue ☆☆☆☆☆/☆ Hueco Mundo arc Stamina Recovery +18%/Dodge Rate +9% Power Orihime Crystals Human Arrancar killer
Tōshirō Hitsugaya ☆☆☆☆☆/☆ Soul Society arc (Bankai) Freeze duration -55%/Strong Attack Damage +18% Technique Tōshirō Crystals Shinigami/Captain Arrancar killer
Ulquiorra Cifer ☆☆☆☆☆/☆ 1st Resurrección Strong Attack Damage +18%/Dodge Rate +9% Heart Ulquiorra Crystals Arrancar/Espada Shinigami killer
Sōsuke Aizen ☆☆☆☆☆/☆ Hueco Mundo Strong Attack Damage +18%/Stamina Recovery +16% Speed Aizen Crystals Shinigami Shinigami killer
Renji Abarai ☆☆☆☆☆/☆ Soul Society arc (Bankai) Normal Attack Damage +18%/Strong Attack Recharge Time -10% Tech Renji Crystals Shinigami Captain killer
Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez ☆☆☆☆☆/☆ Base Form Strong Attack Damage +18%/Normal Attack Damage +16% Mind Grimmjow Crystals Arrancar/Espada Shinigami killer
Rukia Kuchiki ☆☆☆☆☆/☆ Hueco Mundo Arc (Shikai) Freeze Duration -60%/Fire Duration -55% Speed Rukia Crystals Shinigami Hollow killer
Yoruichi Shihōin ☆☆☆☆☆/☆ Soul Society Arc Strong Attack Damage +16%/Strong Attack Recharge Time -11% Heart Yoruichi Crystals Shinigami Hollow killer
Szayelaporro Granz ☆☆☆☆☆/☆ Base Form Poison Duration -60%/Fire Duration -55% Mind Szayelaporro Crystals Arrancar/Espada Captain killer
Gin Ichimaru ☆☆☆☆☆/☆ Soul Society Arc Normal Attack Damage +18%/Stamina Recovery +16% Technique Gin Crystals Shinigami/Captain Hollow killer
Uryū Ishida ☆☆☆☆☆/☆ Soul Society Arc Stamina Recovery 18%/Strong Attack Recharge Time -10% Heart Uryū Crystals Human Arrancar killer
Kisuke Urahara ☆☆☆☆☆/☆ Soul Society Arc Crystal/Jewel Drop +16%/Coin Drop +13% Speed Kisuke Crystals Shinigami Shinigami killer
Suì-Fēng ☆☆☆☆☆/☆ Soul Society Arc Damage Taken -14%/Strong Attack Damage +16% Mind Suì-Fēng Crystals Shinigami/Captain Hollow killer
Yasutora Sado ☆☆☆☆☆/☆ Soul Society Arc Last-Ditch Survival +85%/Damage Taken -12% Technique Chad Crystals Human Shinigami killer


Accessories are obtainable items used to give bonuses or other effects to characters. They can be obtained by playing story quest, event, co-op, as well as summon tickets and accessory gacha. Higher grade accessories can be obtained via summon tickets or accessory fusion, which is where two lower grade accessories must be leveled-up and then combined to make a new higher grade accessory. Certain high-grade accessory are unobtainable by fusion or quest farming means, things like Shihoin Shield, the Spirit Core, and the Gold Chappy Dispenser; they can only be gained by summoning. Certain limited accessories are only available during events such as the Anniversary Coin, which increases all stats to 10%.

The lowest grade starts at 1*, with the highest possible being 5*. Some Accessories can only go up to 3*. At 3*, in order to move to the next tier stage, the player must level up two 3* accessories and then combine using Fusion, which rolls into a random 4* accessory from a select pool. Leveling is done by feeding unwanted accessories and Power Hearts (obtained from events and Orders), and is do-able in all grade. To upgrade a 4* to a 5*, the player must participate in the Fusion Trial coop, which will have a chance to drop Evolution Powders and Book of Secrets. Both materials are required for 4* evolution to 5*, and Fusion Trials are limited to select Attribute cycle per day (Heart, Power, Speed, Tech, and Mind), with all Attributes available during the weekends. At 5*, Accessories will gain a Secondary effect, which adds a random bonus stat effect to the character. Secondary Effects are changeable, AKA "reroll", meaning that the player may choose to roll for another random stat to their content. Rerolling is done by mixing another 5* to the current 5* accessory. Alternatively, certain limited events will drop a 5* Reroll Brush, which can be used to reroll the accessory in the same fashion.

If the accessory equipped to the character matches their color attribute, the character gains a x2 bonus from the Accessory's effect. However, to prevent abuse, the characters cannot equip two or more of the same accessory at the same time.

The following is a list of obtainable Accessories, as well as their max given effects

1*-3* accessories

  • Gokon Tekko: increases ATK (attack for Normal ATK) (20%)
  • Cookie: increases STA (stamina for HP) (20%)
  • Memory Replacement: increases FCS (Focus for Crit ATK rate) (20%)
  • Cape: increases DEF (defense) (20%)
  • Shinten: increases SP (Spiritual Pressure for Strong ATK) (20%)

2*-5* accessories

  • Seireitei Bulletin: increases EXP (20%)
  • Hojiku-Zai: Boost Healing effect (only applies when a character is being healed) (100%)
  • Headband of Justice: Attribute Weakness reduction (protect the character from sustaining extra damage due to the enemy's Attribute Advantage) (20%)
  • Karakurizer Watch: Increases Coin drops (20%)

3*-5* accessories The followings are Accessories in which the effects require matching certain Affiliation to the character it's equipped on to take effect.

  • Captain Robe: Shinigami and captains' STA increases (40%)
  • Enraku (Teddy Bear): Humans' STA increases (40%)
  • Incomplete Hogyoku: Arrancar and Espada's STA increase (40%)
  • Isshin's Charm: No Affiliation characters' STA increase (40%)

4*-5* accessories

NOTE: some 4* accessories cannot be obtained through normal Fusion means. They can only be found through summoning tickets and Accessory gacha.

Fusion-able accessories

  • Chappy Dispenser: All Stats increase, SP reduced to 0 (30%)
  • Yuki Dispenser: SP and STA increase, FCS reduced to 0 (20%)
  • Pupples Dispenser: ATK and STA increase, FCS reduced to 0 (20%)
  • Tenshintai: Special effect increases. (100%)
  • Hollow Bait: ATK and STA increase, STA reduced (30%)
  • Fortification Pill: SP and STA increase, STA reduced (30%)

Summon-only accessories

  • Shihoin Shield: Range attack dodge rate (30%)
  • Spirit Core: Status Ailment duration reduction (30%)
  • Seireitei Bulletin (Special Edition): Massively increases EXP (50%)

5* Accessories (summon only)

Because Fusion is limited up to 4*, the following are only obtainable through summoning.

  • Gold Chappy Dispenser: All Stats increase, SP reduced to 0 (36%)
  • Gold Yuki Dispenser: SP and STA increase, FCS reduced to 0 (30%)
  • Gold Pupples Dispenser: ATK and STA increase, FCS reduced to 0 (30%)

Game modes

  • Story: A playthrough of the entire story of Bleach up to the Fullbring arc. With each completed quest, the story progresses. Each quest will use one Soul Ticket, and if the player uses all their Soul Tickets, they must wait until a certain amount of time passes or buy more with Spirit Orbs. During Story mode, temporary quests will appear that task the player to complete a specific objective.
  • Brave Battles: The player pits their three-character team against another player's team. The player can choose what characters to use and attributes to strengthen their characters with in order to gain the advantage, but otherwise the battle is completely automated. Winning battles will increase the player's score and allow them to be promoted from the seated officer class to lieutenant, and then to captain.
  • Co-Op Quests: The player can team up with one to three other players to complete cooperative challenges. They can join an existing room or create a new one. During challenges, players can set pre-existing chat phrases to communicate with the others.
  • Shop/Summon: Where the player can summon new characters and new accessories. Players can also purchase Spirit Orbs, Coins, Packs, Soul Tickets, EXP Boosters, Character Slots, and Accessory Slots with real money.
  • Edit: Where the player can edit their character teams and view character statistics. They can also augment their characters' strength in several ways: by performing an Ascension, which fuses the character with selected unused characters to gain EXP, by equipping them with accessories, or by linking them with other characters. There is also the Soul Tree, which has various stat boosts that can be bought with coins.
  • Inventory: The player can view their accessories, characters, and crystals, and can equip their characters with accessories.
  • Friends: The player can befriend other users in the game and view their game statistics. The player can also befriend others through social networks.
  • Orders: Where the player can view various achievements and collect rewards for completing them.
  • Gift Box: Where the player can collect gifts, Characters, Soul Tickets, and Friend Points for completing various objectives in the game.
  • Options: Where the player can alter various game settings and look at the help menu.
  • Chat: The player can chat online with other game players. Whilst a user is in play, they can then choose to switch rooms by clicking the change room button.
  • Login Bonus When a player logs into the game daily they will receive the following items: Soul Tickets, Coins, Spirit Orbs, rare medals, Medium stamina crystals, and tickets. After retrieving these items they will be sent to the Gift Box where they can be collected.
  • Events When a player accesses the game, they can take part in various events where they can earn characters and various other things. Events can have Normal, Hard, Very Hard, or Nightmare modes. Usually harder modes give out better rewards.
  • Guilds Here a player can join, form, recruit, and view a group of like-minded online players. If a player is in a Guild, they will receive benefits such as coin discounts, increased PVP damage, etc. The player who host coops can also have access to a "Guild Call" button where they can summon guild members to help them in coop rooms. In addition, there is a new Guild Quest feature where players can compete with other players and guilds over a timed mob dungeon raid. Player's scores are calculated based on user skill performance, as well as meeting multiple bonus criterias such as building combo and taking zero damage; these scores are gathered and used to determine the Weekly Guild Rankings.
  • Senkaimon Quests In other words, the game's "Tower Mode" content. Players fight through waves of mobs on each floor to earn various rewards, one being Senkaimon Medals, which can be used to purchase items such as characters and summoning tickets. Every floor has a rule or restriction, so the player must have a variety of characters to be able to successfully complete the Senkaimon. Certain floors will seal the character to prevent them from further use, unless another character is sealed on the same floor. For the top 46-50th floors, if the player completes each stage in under a minute, they will unlock 'Bonus Stages' which contain many unique challenges for certain characters. As of January 2019, after the player completes Floor 50 in Tower of Forging (Senkaimon Normal Mode), they will unlock a new difficulty called 'Tower of Ordeals'. The floors in this difficulty are significantly harder than the Tower of Forging's most challenging stages, and also contains a new 'Trap' mechanic where a character's specific attack type will be disabled throughout the given floor.
  • Epic Raid: a new 6-player coop mode where players must take down a huge boss. The setting consist of an unknown giant Colosseum with a huge stationary boss in the center. The mode is time-limited, but will only consume one Soul Ticket per participants if the boss is defeated. The players must defeat the boss (while it is performing various map-sized one-shot mechanics) before the time runs out, or the team loses. Also the boss fight is divided into 3 phases, with each phases the boss's attacks become more complex, faster, and more destructive. The player's team is given a specified number of revival according to the difficulty of the mode. In the Epic Raid prep room, the player can configure their characters the same way as Senkaimon Quest. Epic Raid is divided into five attributes: Mind, Heart, Power, Speed, and Tech, with three difficulties per stage: Very Hard, Nightmare, and Ultimate. As of April 2019, clearing the Epic Raid will reward the player a "pet" based on the featured boss of the Raid. The Raid Boss used so far are a Menos Grande, Fishbone D, Acidwire, and Grand Fisher.


  • In English versions of the game, several characters are listed with alternate spellings of their names, like Suì-Fēng and Yylfordt Granz.
  • The game also does not include the macrons in characters' names that distinguish the long vowels in the spelling.
  • Bleach: Brave Souls is the first Bleach game to have official licensing for character animation and voice acting for the Thousand-Year Blood War arc, as well as the post-manga novel series Can't Fear Your Own World. To celebrate this collaboration, select characters from the manga have been made playable in-game. However, due to manga rights licensing terms, only a small selection characters are available, and they appear as exclusive characters. This means they cannot be summoned from the Premium pool unlike other characters (excluding seasonals).
    • Bleach: Brave Souls is also the first Bleach game to feature official alternate universe characters created by the author Tite Kubo. These characters are created as commemorative promotion for the game's each anniversaries. As of 2019, there are currently thirteen unique characters available: Fully-Mastered Hollowfied Ichigo (2nd Anniversary), Hōgyoku Resurrección Ulquiorra (JP 3rd Anniversary), Quincy Ichigo (Global NY Anniversary 2019), and Hōgyoku Resurrección Grimmjow, Nelliel, Yammy, Nnoitra, Zommari, Starrk, Szayelaporro, Aaroniero, Baraggan, and Harribel (The Alternate Rebirth).


The game received mixed reviews, earning an average of 3.8 out of 5, from about sixteen thousand users, on the Google Play Store after the first week of its English release. Customers praised its gameplay, but criticized how the game was unable to be downloaded on rooted devices. According to the game's official website, as of May 2019, Bleach: Brave Souls has been downloaded forty million times worldwide.[5]

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