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Billy Banx Jr. (ビリー・バンクス Jr. (ジュニア), Birī Bankusu Junia)[1] is a member of the Pipers of Wing Bind and Noel Niihashi and Ninny Spangcole's commanding officer. He was briefly a member of the Sabres until he was demoted for laziness.[2]


Billy is a middle-aged man with shaggy black hair and a thick horseshoe mustache. He wears a green hat with a bill on the front, a green jacket over a white dress shirt and orange tie, white gloves with an orange patch on the back of the hand, and red-and-black plaid pants. He is commonly seen with a crooked cigarette in his mouth.[3]

After being promoted to the Sabre Squad, Billy wore a black cape with a Scorpio zodiac sign emblazoned in the center.[4]


Billy is a very laid-back and casual man, easily brushing off Ninny Spangcole's jabs at him with snide commentary and frequently teasing her with tongue-in-cheek comments about her duties.[5] However, he takes his job seriously, immediately calling Ninny and Noel Niihashi off of their harvesting job to go exterminate a Dragon in London upon learning it had appeared and realizing that the Sabres were busy training in the north;[6] he also understands Noel and Ninny well enough to preemptively clear them for overtime pay so they would be motivated to help Balgo Parks with Osushi.[7] Additionally, he is not above lamenting about his personal woes even when they are self-inflicted, such as being demoted from the Sabres due to his laziness.[2]


Billy is promoted to the Sabres.

As Noel Niihashi and Ninny Spangcole walk into the Wing Bind headquarters, Billy greets them and notes they are having fun as usual before having them stamp their attendance sheets. Leading them to their mounts, Billy informs Noel and Ninny that they will be going to Ninebrook Pastures, which he says is a fun place; upon Ninny furiously reminding him that he said the same thing about a location full of bugs, Billy merely says such a place would be fun if one were a frog.[5] Later, Billy learns that a Dragon has appeared in Stonebrook and sends Noel and Ninny to exterminate it, as the Sabres are currently training in the north.[6] After the incident is resolved, Billy is promoted to the Sabres for his commendable decision to deploy Noel and Ninny as temporary exterminators. Some time later, he informs Noel and Ninny of this before revealing that they will be looking after Balgo Parks, who has become a Dragonclad after living with and being bitten by a Dragon. Ninny attempts to chase him down, but Billy quickly disappears from her sight, to her shock and confusion.[8]

Billy is mocked by Noel and Ninny for his demotion.

A month later, after being demoted from the Sabres due to laziness, Billy finds Noel and Ninny purposefully ignoring Balgo being dragged around by a partially-transformed Osushi, to his chagrin. After being mocked by Noel and Ninny for his demotion and being told by Ninny that they will not perform extra unpaid jobs in addition to their standard duties, Billy reveals that he predicted this and approved them for overtime pay, leading Noel and Ninny to depart to help Balgo, with Billy being perturbed by Ninny's proclamation that they are doing so for selfish reasons.[9] Shortly afterward, Billy is shocked to learn that Noel incapacitated a Dragon in Reverse London and that she wants extra payment for doing so. When the Dragon reveals itself to be a Dark Dragon, Billy sets up an emergency blockade on the street at Ninny's request.[10]

Billy calls in Noel and Ninny to find an illegally-reared Dragon.

The Saturday after Noel and Ninny defeat the Dark Dragon, Billy contacts them at their residences to request that they come into work despite it being their day off and entices them by revealing that they will be paid five times more than usual for this. Once Noel and Ninny arrive, Billy evades Ninny's questioning about whether he is also getting paid five times as much just for meeting them here and explains that they will be apprehending an illegally-reared Dragon whose presence Wing Bind was alerted to in the west district before instructing Noel and Ninny to bring Balgo along as well.[11]

Sullivan Squire informs Billy of Bruno Bangnyfe's conflict with his subordinates.

Some time later, Billy attempts to sneak into the Top of Horns meeting room, but is caught by Sullivan Squire and Arkvine, where he claims that he returned in order to formally bid farewell to Sullivan after his demotion from the Sabres. Though Sullivan initially assumes that Billy has really come here because he learned of the conflict that Noel and Ninny are embroiled in, she is disappointed when a confused Billy denies this. After informing Billy of Balgo being designated for elimination and warning Billy to protect his subordinates from Bruno Bangnyfe since he knows of the latter's extreme methods, Sullivan departs with Arkvine, leaving Billy to muse on the messy situation.[12]

Billy muses on having killed Cinderella.

That night, with a fully-grown and molted Cinderella briefly halted by the sight of Balgo's sword while attacking Noel and Ninny, Billy fires a powerful Magic beam through the window of a break room in Wing Bind headquarters that pierces Cinderella's Crown-Shaped Horn, killing her. The next day, Billy awards Noel and Ninny five pounds and five points each for their work due to their pay being heavily docked for the property damage caused by their battle, to Ninny's chagrin. After bringing in Macy Baljure and revealing that she is another Dragonclad whom Noel and Ninny will be looking after, Billy informs them of Balgo's Punitive Dragon designation being removed.[13]

Powers & Abilities

Magic Master: Billy is extremely skilled in the use of Wing Bind's spells, having killed Cinderella, one of the most powerful and durable Dragons in recorded history, with a single well-placed energy beam to her Crown-Shaped Horn.[14]

Master Marksman: Billy is a highly capable marksman; when he killed Cinderella by shattering her Crown-Shaped Horn with a beam of energy, he pierced the exact center of the protrusion from miles away using only his finger with no external aids to his vision.[14]


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