Beat the Invisible Enemy!
Kanji 見えない敵を殴れ!
Romanji Mienai teki o nagure!
Episode Number 5
Manga Chapters Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12
Arc Agent of the Shinigami arc
Previous Episode Cursed Parakeet
Next Episode Fight to the Death! Ichigo vs. Ichigo
Japanese November 2, 2004
English October 7, 2006
Theme Music
Opening *~Asterisk~
Ending Life is Like a Boat
Episode 5 Screenshots

Beat the Invisible Enemy! is the fifth episode of the Bleach anime.

Shrieker is defeated and Yūichi Shibata is sent to the Soul Society.


The Hollow tells Rukia Kuchiki that if she allows him to eat her, he will tell her what she wants to know. Rukia swiftly delivers a knee in the Hollow’s face, then uses Hadō #33: Shakkahō. This, however, has little effect on the Hollow – Rukia's powers have yet to return. Ichigo Kurosaki, as he runs to Rukia's aid, wonders how long it has been since he saw Karin Kurosaki cry. Until their mother’s death, Karin and Yuzu Kurosaki had been crybabies. Yuzu, strong and capable, tried to fill the gap left by her by doing the housework. Karin, not as capable as Yuzu, was only able to reduce her family’s worries by not crying, no matter what the circumstance. He promises Karin to fulfill her wish.


Shrieker pins Rukia.

The Hollow begins to strangle Rukia, asking her to shed the Human shell. By some stroke of luck, help arrives for Rukia. Yasutora Sado lands a punch to the Hollow’s cheek, sending the Hollow flying. Rukia is shocked that Chad hit the Hollow, thinking that he can see ghosts. However, she changes her mind when she sees him standing not far away, punching the air. The Hollow is relieved that Chad's punch was merely a lucky one, but is soon punched again by Chad, who is pleased. Rukia wonders how Chad is able to hear the Hollow if he cannot see it, and hence, how he is able to calmly and fearlessly confront an enemy he cannot discern.


Sado prepares to swat Shrieker.

The Hollow curses, then jumps into the air, wings spread wide. He ridicules them for their inability to reach him, and Rukia shouts for Chad to run. Chad merely blinks and asks if the “Transfer Student” can see ghosts. Rukia replies that it does not matter, as they cannot hit it when it is flying. Chad asks where the Hollow is, then tears off most of a telephone pole with his brute strength whilst the Hollow continues to scorn at them. With Rukia giving directions, Chad swings the pole down in front of him, smacking the stunned Hollow to the ground. Rukia runs up to the Hollow and tells it to give up, as someone able to get rid of him will arrive soon. Laughing, the Hollow props himself up, telling Rukia that that is the reason why so many Shinigami are beaten by Hollows: they underestimate them.


Sado frees himself.

Little blue creatures jump over the walls and pin both Chad and Rukia to the ground. The Hollow decides that he shall eat Rukia first before Chad, but Chad, to the shock of both Rukia and the Hollow, flexes his muscles and all the squeaky Stitch-like creatures go flying. As the Hollow asks if he plans on letting his muscles do the talking, Chad does just that by trying to punch him again. He misses, but continues punching the air as the Hollow comments that his intuition is amazing. Rukia instructs Chad to kick over her, and he does, once again sending the Stitch-like creatures flying.


Rukia's idea to reach the flying Shrieker.

The Hollow rises into the air once again, so Rukia tells Chad that she has an idea. Chad, poised to “shoot” Rukia into the sky, asks if she is sure this plan will work. Rukia replies that it will – a combination of his strength and her abilities. Chad comments that the idea seems rather dumb, but is shut up by Rukia, who tells him to shoot her in “Tiger direction”. Chad, however, does not know what she means, so Rukia has to tell him that it means the left. As the Hollow gloats that being so high, a telephone pole will be unable to hit him, Chad launches her in that direction, and as Rukia flies towards the Hollow, she tells him to give up.


Shrieker unleashes his leeches.

The Hollow says that it will give up, but a few seconds later withdraws that and a Stitch-like creature appears on his shoulder. The creature spits out purple things in a green liquid at Rukia, who begins to fall to the ground below. Chad runs towards her and manages to catch her, who apologizes for being caught off-guard. Rukia tries desperately to remove the purple things from her body, but fails as they are leeches that do not come off easily. The Hollow tells her that they are also his targets, and rings his tongue, exploding the leeches. The leeches are in fact mini-bombs that resonate with the sound of the Hollow’s tongue and explode.


Shrieker holds Yūichi hostage.

Chad walks up to the Hollow, ready to challenge him. The Hollow then reveals his captive – Yūichi Shibata the cockatiel, who he had bought time earlier to capture. Yūichi apologizes for getting caught, and the Hollow tells Rukia to run around so that he can have fun hunting her alone. Rukia stands and tells Chad not to move or the birdcage will be exploded; then, telling Chad not to worry as she had promised not to slip up, takes off in the opposite direction. A large number of Stitch-like creatures chase her, followed by the Hollow himself.


Rukia evades the leeches.

The creatures catch up with her, and shoot leeches at her, but she jumps and tries to evade them. She is, however, covered in the leeches, which are exploded by the Hollow. Rukia begins to bleed, and the Hollow says that he likes the cute blood-stained look, then produces more of the creatures and leeches, all of which Rukia dodges. The Hollow asks her how long she will run, and says that if she likes, she can attack him. She stops suddenly at a fence, and the Hollow interprets that to mean she is giving up. Rukia replies that she is not, but merely has no more reason to run. She will take on the counterattack offer.


Ichigo stands on Shrieker's head.

Ichigo arrives and steps on the Hollow’s head. Ichigo asks Rukia why she has slipped up this much despite her promise, but Rukia replies that what Ichigo had said were words from someone who was at least a little worried. The Hollow moves slightly and yells at Ichigo, asking how long he plans to stand on his head, then stands up fully when Ichigo jumps off his back. Ichigo introduces himself as a “Substitute Shinigami”, and tells the Hollow that if he were looking for someone to play tag with, he found the wrong person. The Hollow, hearing that Ichigo is a “Substitute Shinigami”, curses, saying that he should have went after him from the beginning. Rukia pulls on her glove and, while the Stitch-like creatures shoot out leeches and the Hollow rings its tongue, pushes Ichigo's soul out of his body in time for him to attack the Hollow. The Hollow comments that Ichigo smells the tastiest, and Ichigo asks him if he had used the bombs to tie down Chad so he could have fun chasing Rukia.


Ichigo demands answers.

Chad arrives with the birdcage in his arms, and the first thing he sees is Rukia watching what seems to be nothing and an unconscious Ichigo at her feet. Worriedly, he calls out to Ichigo, but Rukia stops him, telling him that right now, Ichigo is fighting. She also instructs him to take Ichigo's empty body and Yūichi to somewhere safe. Meanwhile, Ichigo kills Stitch-like creature after Stitch-like creature, cutting them in half and spilling their insides (which are leeches). The Hollow laughs and compliments him, but reminds him that despite his slaying the creatures, the bombs are still able to be detonated. To prove his point, he sticks out his tongue and rings it, exploding them all at once. His glee is short-lived, for Ichigo jumps out of the smoke, and swings his sword down on him. Catching him on the neck, Ichigo asks him if he was the one who murdered Yūichi's parents. Yūichi tells Chad and Rukia that all this is his fault, because he wanted to bring his mother back to life. Hearing this, Rukia asks if someone had told him he could bring his mother back to life. The Hollow tells his life story to Ichigo, saying that when he was alive, he was a feared and famous serial killer.


Yūichi explains his ties to Shrieker.

Yūichi's mother, who ran around frantically trying to protect Yūichi to the end, was his last victim. However, as he cornered them on the veranda, he ended up dying a stupid death – Yūichi had pulled his shoelaces, causing him to fall to his death. Therefore, to punish Yūichi, he shoved his living soul into the cockatiel and told him that if he could run around like that for 3 months, he would bring his mother back to life. The Hollow mocks Yūichi, as he knows full well he cannot bring a dead person back to life. The most fun part of the punishment was that he got to kill every Human who tried to protect Yūichi, who would whine. However, he would brighten the moment he was reminded of the eventual “reward” – the return of his mother.


The gates of Hell.

Ichigo begins to tremble, allowing the Hollow an opening to push away his Zanpakutō and jump back into the air. He launches two more of his leech-spewing creatures, but Ichigo catches and squishes them with his hand. He runs to the Hollow and smashes the Hollow’s front teeth, such that his hand along with the leeches are in the Hollow’s mouth. He asks the Hollow if he still plans to explode the leeches, and to try ringing his tongue. The Hollow does nothing, so Ichigo claims the tongue by yanking it off and jumping away. As the Hollow reels in pain, Ichigo jumps towards him once more, this time his Zanpakutō is ready. He cuts the Hollow’s mask, but the Hollow does not disappear as most Hollows would. A green light shoots out of the wound and a door with two skeletons on it appears. Ichigo is taken aback by what he sees, and Rukia explains to him that it is the The Gate to Hell. Zanpakutō only wash away sins committed after death, but not those before. For those that have committed mortal sins in life, the doors of Hell will open. For this Hollow, the doors do just that, the chains on them breaking one after the other. The doors break open fully, and Hell appears to be a fiery place. A strong wind blows as the Hollow now screams as his mask dissipates. A sword, held by a big blue hand, appears from hell and pierces the Hollow. The doors then slide shut once more and shatter.


Yūichi's spirit bids farewell.

Later, Rukia reports that Yūichi's Chain of Fate has been severed and there is no trace of it. Therefore, he will be unable to return to his body. Seeing Yūichi's sad face upon hearing the news, Rukia tries to comfort him, saying that Soul Society is not a bad place, but rather, a place where you never get hungry, your body is as light as a feather, and it is 80-90% better than the Human World. Ichigo comments that at least if Yūichi goes to Soul Society, meeting his mother would be of higher possibility. Since they cannot bring his mother back, the best thing to do would be for him to go to her. Yūichi's crestfallen look is lost immediately, and he looks at Chad and thanks him, as he had carried him while running around and thus he did not get hurt. Chad says that it is nothing, and Yūichi leaves the cockatiel's body. Chad requests that should he die and go to Soul Society too, as he would like to carry him and run around again. After Yūichi agrees, Ichigo commences the soul burial, successfully fulfilling Karin’s wish. Karin, at home in bed asleep, thanks Ichigo, as a black swallow-tailed butterfly flutters to the moon.

Next Episode Preview

Kisuke Urahara introduced himself as the owner of the Urahara Shop and promises to do his best to preview the next episode. As he begins to detail the origin of his store, Ichigo demands to know what he is talking about and reminds him that they do not have much time for this preview.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Rukia Kuchiki
  2. Shrieker
  3. Ichigo Kurosaki
  4. Karin Kurosaki
  5. Yuzu Kurosaki
  6. Yasutora Sado
  7. Yūichi Shibata (parakeet form)


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