Battle of the Females? Katen Kyōkotsu vs. Nanao!
Kanji 女の戦い?花天狂骨vs七緒!
Romanji Onna no tatakai? Katen Kyōkotsu VS Nanao!
Episode Number 264
Manga Chapters None
Arc Beast Swords arc
Previous Episode Imprisonment?! Senbonzakura & Zabimaru
Next Episode Evolution?! The Menace of the Final Sword Fiend
Japanese March 30, 2010
English July 29, 2012
Theme Music
Opening Anima Rossa
Ending Tabidatsu Kimi e
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Battle of the Females? Katen Kyōkotsu vs. Nanao! is the two hundred sixty-fourth episode of the Bleach anime.

8th Division Lieutenant Nanao Ise tries to relate to the violet-haired girl while they battle a Tōjū.


264Shunsui relaxes

Shunsui relaxes with Katen Kyōkotsu.

In the Seireitei, the violet-haired woman plays a shamisen under a plum blossom tree as 8th Division Captain Shunsui Kyōraku rests nearby. As the violet-haired woman tunes the shamisen and continues to play, the violet-haired girl watches the plum blossoms fall as 8th Division Lieutenant Nanao Ise walks up.

264Nanao confronts

Nanao confronts Shunsui over his laziness.

When Nanao draws his attention, Shunsui asks her what took her so long, prompting Nanao to demand to know what he means by this before asking Shunsui if he needed her here to help him enjoy his downtime, prompting Shunsui to state he is simply drinking as he views the plum blossoms.

264Shunsui suggests

Shunsui suggests Nanao take his two Zanpakutō Spirits with her.

Sitting up, Shunsui says he is not viewing the cherry blossoms because it is too early for them to bloom. Looking at the plum blossoms, Nanao states they have clouded Shunsui's brain before saying he will have time to view them after the Tōjū have been dealt with. When Nanao tells him they have to go, Shunsui states he will pass on this one before asking Nanao to go in his place, prompting Nanao to say this is completely ridiculous. When Shunsui suggests Nanao take his two Zanpakutō Spirits with her, the violet-haired woman sarcastically states this is very generous of him and asks Shunsui why she should have to leave a drinking party to perform back-breaking work.

264Nanao and Katen Kyokotsu walk

Nanao and the violet-haired girl head out after receiving orders from Shunsui.

When the violet-haired woman suggests he send the violet-haired girl instead because she appears to have nothing better to do, Shunsui admits this is a good plan before telling Nanao she and the violet-haired girl can run off and take care of the problem. Expressing surprise, Nanao looks at the violet-haired girl, who continues to watch the plum blossoms fall. Later, Nanao and the violet-haired girl walk along a corridor. Looking at the violet-haired girl, Nanao sighs and expresses disbelief at Shunsui forcing her to babysit the violet-haired girl. Asking the violet-haired girl how she is, Nanao addresses her as Katen Kyōkotsu.

264Nanao dodges

Nanao dodges the violet-haired girl's unexpected attack.

Noting this is not correct because there are two of them, Nanao asks the violet-haired girl if she has a name which she prefers to be addressed by. When the violet-haired girl remains silent, Nanao expresses surprise and demands to know if the violet-haired girl is listening to her before attempting to grab her shoulder. Turning around, the violet-haired girl swings the wakizashi of Katen Kyōkotsu at Nanao, who leaps back and asks the violet-haired girl what she is doing. As the wakizashi disappears from her hand, the violet-haired girl turns around and walks away, prompting Nanao to attempt to walk after her as 10th Division Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto puts her hand on Nanao's shoulder.

264Nanao explains

Nanao explains the reason why she is with the violet-haired girl to Rangiku.

When Nanao turns around in surprise, Rangiku asks her if she is feeling okay. As Nanao apologizes, Rangiku sees the violet-haired girl and asks Nanao who she is before wondering if she is Shunsui's lovechild. When Nanao reveals she is one of Shunsui's Zanpakutō Spirits, Rangiku says she knows this and states she does not live in a cave before asking Nanao if Shunsui is making her babysit the violet-haired girl. Denying this, Nanao admits it feels this way and reveals Shunsui sent them out to hunt the Tōjū in his place because he felt lazy before seeing the violet-haired girl is no longer behind her.

264Shunsui and Katen Kyokotsu discuss

Shunsui and the violet-haired woman discuss Nanao's involvement.

Turning to see the violet-haired girl running down the corridor, Nanao demands to know where she believes she is going and expresses surprise before narrowing her eyes and wondering what this strange Reiatsu is. Meanwhile, the violet-haired woman continues to play the shamisen before asking Shunsui if he is sure she will be alright on her own. Confirming this, Shunsui says the violet-haired girl is competent before stating they are both part of his Zanpakutō Spirit, prompting the violet-haired woman to say this is not who she meant. When violet-haired woman states she is talking about Nanao, Shunsui drinks his sake before saying Nanao will be fine.

264Bearded Toju is left

The Bearded Tōjū is left wounded by the violet-haired girl's attack.

When Shunsui states there is nothing to worry about, the violet-haired woman says she hopes he is right before resuming her playing of the shamisen. Elsewhere, Nanao walks along a corridor and notes the Reiatsu is definitely around here before expressing surprise upon hearing a man yell. Looking at a nearby building, Nanao sees the violet-haired girl and a bearded Tōjū on the roof and expresses annoyance. As the Bearded Tōjū points his scythe-like staff at her, the violet-haired girl disappears as the Bearded Tōjū is slashed on his left shoulder. As the violet-haired girl appears behind him, the Bearded Tōjū clutches his shoulder and curses.

264Nanao binds

Nanao binds the violet-haired girl with Bakudō #4. Hainawa.

Asking the violet-haired girl what she is waiting for, the Bearded Tōjū asks her if she is going to finish him off as Nanao realizes the violet-haired girl is simply toying with the Bearded Tōjū. As Nanao notes the violet-haired girl has no emotions and sees this as a game, the Bearded Tōjū is attacked once more and groans in pain. As the violet-haired girl stands before the Bearded Tōjū, Nanao uses Bakudō #4. Hainawa, causing a rope of yellow energy to wrap itself around the violet-haired girl. Standing on a nearby rooftop, Nanao states slaying Tōjū is not a game and tells the violet-haired girl she will be forced to end this for her if the violet-haired girl does not administer the finishing blow.

264Katen Kyokotsu exerts

The violet-haired girl exerts her Reiatsu after being stopped by Nanao.

When the violet-haired girl closes her eyes and relaxes, Nanao expresses surprise before smiling, prompting the violet-haired girl to break the yellow rope and leap toward the Bearded Tōjū. Telling the violet-haired girl to stop it, Nanao fires Hadō #4. Byakurai, which hits the roof between the violet-haired girl and the Bearded Tōjū. Looking at Nanao, the violet-haired girl closes her eyes and exerts her Reiatsu, prompting Nanao to narrow her eyes. When the Bearded Tōjū notes this escape opportunity is very convenient, Nanao expresses surprise and tells him to wait, only for the Bearded Tōjū to move away.

264Nanao reports

Nanao reports to Shunsui after the Bearded Tōjū escapes.

Looking at Nanao, the violet-haired girl turns around and moves away. Later, Nanao finishes her report to Shunsui and apologizes, prompting Shunsui to say they cannot do anything about it if the Bearded Tōjū got away. Noting the Tōjū likely did not get very far if it was wounded in the way which Nanao described, Shunsui states he is sure there is nothing to worry about, prompting Nanao to say she hopes so. Stating he knows Nanao pretty well after all this time, Shunsui says there is something which she is keeping from him, prompting Nanao to express surprise. When Shunsui notes it is more than the Bearded Tōjū and states she is bothered by his Zanpakutō Spirit, Nanao looks down.

264Nanao decides

Nanao decides to finish the mission with the violet-haired girl despite their differences.

Saying it is alright, Shunsui tells Nanao to proceed on her own if she prefers to do so and states she can decide and do whatever is most comfortable for her. When Shunsui says she may find working together on a team with other people does not suit her, Nanao asks him if this is so, prompting Shunsui to confirm this. When Nanao states she and the violet-haired girl can work together, Shunsui expresses surprise as Nanao says she was given an order and intends to complete the mission with her partner. As Shunsui begins to tell her to not feel compelled in any way to team up with the violet-haired girl, Nanao asks him to excuse her and walks away.

264Katen Kyokotsu explains

The violet-haired woman explains the violet-haired girl's personality.

When Shunsui sighs and notes Nanao is very stubborn, the violet-haired woman stands on the balcony and tells Shunsui he is confusing stubbornness with pride before stating Nanao is confused about the dynamic here. Saying Nanao is all business in battle, the violet-haired woman points out how the violet-haired girl approaches battle as a type of game. Explaining how the violet-haired girl will cruelly harm various insects she captures, the violet-haired woman states she can be innocent, ingenuous, merciless, and cruel at the same time. Saying she likes to enjoy the finer things in life, the violet-haired woman states the violet-haired girl is different.

264Nanao finds

Nanao finds the violet-haired girl, who nearly attacks her on instinct.

Noting the violet-haired girl tends to be very dark and malicious, the violet-haired woman states it would be hard to accept her after seeing what she is capable of and says this is especially true for Nanao before pointing out how the violet-haired girl belongs to Shunsui. As the violet-haired woman states he cannot really blame Nanao for being confused, Shunsui chuckles and says they are both very dear to him when all is said and done. Meanwhile, the violet-haired girl stares at a tree branch without any blossoms on it as Nanao calls out to her. When the violet-haired girl whirls around with her sword raised, a surprised Nanao states it is just her.

264Nanao contemplates

Nanao contemplates her assignment with the violet-haired girl.

Noting the violet-haired girl goes into unquestioning fighting mode as soon as someone approaches her, Nanao admits what happened earlier was partially her own fault and steps forward before saying there are some issues with the way the violet-haired girl fights as well. Looking down, Nanao states she would still like to work together with the violet-haired girl to slay the Tōjū and looks up, only to see the violet-haired girl has vanished once more, prompting her to express anger. Later, Nanao sits by a window and sighs before wondering why she had to insist she could work with the violet-haired girl. When Rangiku pokes her, Nanao screams.

264Rangiku and Nanao discuss

Rangiku and Nanao discuss Nanao's relationship with the violet-haired girl.

When a shocked Rangiku tells Nanao to not scare her like this, Nanao points out how Rangiku is the one who scared her. Apologizing, Rangiku asks Nanao what the problem is before noting she looks like she has a lot on her mind. When Rangiku asks her if it is a man, Nanao vehemently denies this. Later, Rangiku and Nanao sit on a bench under a plum blossom tree as Rangiku asks Nanao if she is still having trouble with the violet-haired girl. Confirming this, Nanao says she is not sure she can find a way to get along with the violet-haired girl, prompting Rangiku to state she understands before noting it is like a bride and her mother-in-law.

264Rangiku decides

Rangiku decides to help the violet-haired girl open up to Nanao.

Nanao says this is far from it, prompting Rangiku to ask her if it is more like a daughter and her step-mother. When Nanao states this is not even close, Rangiku asks her if it is like a current and ex-girlfriend, prompting Nanao to say she is getting much colder. Stating it sounds bad, Rangiku asks Nanao why she has not excused herself from the mission. Proclaiming she has her pride, Nanao says she refuses to be defeated by a Zanpakutō. Sighing, Rangiku tells Nanao to back away and let her take care of this before stating she is very good at getting difficult children to open up and work well with others, prompting Nanao to express disbelief.

264Rangiku attempts

Rangiku attempts to talk to the violet-haired girl after finding her.

Elsewhere, as the violet-haired girl stares at a near-barren tree branch, Rangiku stands behind her with Nanao and calls out to the violet-haired girl before asking her what she is up to. Looking at Rangiku, the violet-haired girl faces the tree branch once more, prompting Rangiku to note she is not very friendly. As Nanao says this is what she has been telling her all along, Rangiku states she thought the violet-haired girl would be a lot more outgoing because she is Shunsui's Zanpakutō Spirit before saying Shunsui is a charming individual as Shunsui sneezes. When the violet-haired girl turns and begins to walk away, Rangiku tells her to wait.

264Katen Kyokotsu refuses

The violet-haired girl refuses to wear a blue kimono.

When Rangiku states they want to invite the violet-haired girl to have fun with them, Nanao asks her why she is referring to both of them. When Rangiku tells her she is coming as well, Nanao says she is not going because it is Rangiku's idea. Later, the violet-haired girl stands before a mirror while wearing a light blue kimono as Rangiku proclaims she is very cute. When Rangiku asks her if she agrees, Nanao states she does not think it worked and draws Rangiku's attention to the violet-haired girl walking away without the kimono on. Saying this is odd, Rangiku notes most of the girls whom she takes shopping are thrilled to dress up and walk around in high-end fashion.

264Katen Kyokotsu incapacitates

The violet-haired girl incapacitates the Shinigami with their own Zanpakutō.

Hearing this, Nanao states Rangiku is projecting her own personal fantasies onto the violet-haired girl. Later, four handsome male Shinigami stand before the violet-haired girl and say they are at her service. Watching from the side alongside Nanao, Rangiku states this is sure to work and says young girls respond very well to the opposite sex if given the right opportunity even if they are shy. When Rangiku states this is true for both Shinigami and Zanpakutō, Nanao says this is an interesting theory and states the violet-haired girl can date the Shinigami once they get out of the hospital as Rangiku sees the violet-haired girl has incapacitated the Shinigami with their own Zanpakutō.

264Rangiku, Nanao, and Katen Kyokotsu eat

Rangiku, Nanao, and the violet-haired girl sit and eat ice cream.

Later, at a candy shop, Rangiku, Nanao, and the violet-haired girl sit and eat ice cream. Proclaiming this is her best idea yet, Rangiku asks Nanao if she has ever met a woman who did not have a sweet tooth. Saying the ice cream is delicious, Nanao sees the violet-haired girl walking away as Rangiku sighs and admits defeat. Stating the violet-haired girl does not respond to anything, Rangiku tells Nanao she should give up and continues to eat her ice cream as Nanao watches the violet-haired girl walk away and expresses sadness. Elsewhere, the violet-haired girl watches a plum blossom fall apart and blow away from a branch as Nanao walks along a path nearby.

264Nanao realizes

Nanao realizes the violet-haired girl has a connection with the blossoms.

Seeing the violet-haired girl staring at the plum blossom branch, Nanao realizes something. Recalling how the violet-haired girl was watching the plum blossoms fall, Nanao wonders if she has the same connection with the blossoms and notes she is Shunsui's Zanpakutō Spirit before expressing surprise. The next day, Shunsui, Nanao, and the violet-haired woman and girl stand under a barren cherry tree as Shunsui expresses surprise at the mention of a party. Asking Nanao why she wishes to have a party under a cherry tree which has not even blossomed yet, the violet-haired woman says Nanao does not know how to appreciate the beauty of things.

264Shunsui agrees

Shunsui agrees to have a party under the barren cherry tree.

As Nanao asks the violet-haired woman to forgive her, Shunsui states these seem like minor details in the grand scheme of things and says Nanao wanting to throw a party is good enough for him. As Shunsui states it will be very satisfying to drink with her, Nanao tells him he is a drunk, prompting Shunsui to express confusion and say he did not hear this. Stating it was nothing important, Nanao tells Shunsui to try to not drink too much at the party, which Shunsui agrees to do. As the violet-haired girl stares at the cherry tree branches, Nanao looks at her. In the past, Rangiku asks Nanao why she is so concerned about the violet-haired girl.

264Nanao admits

Nanao admits to feeling somewhat sorry for the violet-haired girl.

Saying Nanao only has to worry about destroying the Tōjū, Rangiku states the violet-haired girl's involvement should not matter to her. Saying she understands what Rangiku is saying, Nanao admits she thought the violet-haired girl was creepy at first before revealing she gradually began to feel sorry for her. When Rangiku asks her why this is so, Nanao states the violet-haired girl is a Zanpakutō Spirit and has never experienced any real emotions because she was born to fight before saying it feels very sad. Admitting she does not understand Nanao's concern, Rangiku states Nanao should help the violet-haired girl if she believes she can do so.

264Shunsui, Nanao, and Katen Kyokotsu sit

Shunsui, Nanao, and Katen Kyōkotsu sit under the cherry tree.

In the present, the violet-haired woman refers to Nanao as "young lady", prompting an irritated Nanao to tell the violet-haired woman to call her by her real name. When the violet-haired woman holds up a sake bowl and asks her to pour some more sake, Nanao expresses surprise and says the violet-haired woman has had a little too much already. Asking Nanao to pour some for him as well, Shunsui states she is very generous and says he can always count on her drinks to do the trick, prompting Nanao to state Shunsui does not have to worry about the portions because he is already drunk. Turning to the violet-haired girl, Nanao asks her if she is too young to drink.

264Katen Kyokotsu looks

The violet-haired girl looks at a near-barren plum blossom branch.

Getting up, the violet-haired girl turns around and walks away, prompting a surprised Nanao to ask her to come back. As Shunsui laughs at something the violet-haired woman said, Nanao asks the violet-haired girl to not leave and walks after her, prompting Shunsui to express surprise. Elsewhere, the violet-haired girl looks at a near-barren plum blossom branch before whirling around and assuming a battle stance to face a surprised Nanao, who says she did not mean to startle the violet-haired girl. When the violet-haired girl relaxes and turns around to face the plum blossom branch, Nanao sighs before expressing surprise.

264Nanao puts

Nanao puts the last plum blossom in the violet-haired girl's hair.

When the last plum blossom on the branch falls off and drifts toward the ground, Nanao catches it before looking up to see the violet-haired girl looking at her. Realizing the violet-haired girl likes flowers, Nanao walks up to her and begins to put the blossom in the violet-haired girl's hair while stating they will add an accessory. Removing her hands, Nanao steps back and says she is finished. As the violet-haired girl stands with the blossom in her hair, Nanao states she looks cute and asks her if she likes it, only for the violet-haired girl to turn and run away as Nanao expresses surprise. Later, the violet-haired girl stands in a grove of trees.

264Nanao shows

Nanao shows the violet-haired girl a peach blossom tree.

Walking up, Nanao asks the violet-haired girl why she came out here before realizing she wishes to see more flowers. Telling the violet-haired girl to come with her, Nanao grabs her arm and says she will show the violet-haired girl a place where there are many flowers before running off with the violet-haired girl in tow. Later, Nanao and the violet-haired girl stand before a peach blossom tree as the violet-haired girl gasps. As Nanao explains how the peach blossoms begin to bloom when the plum blossoms fall, the violet-haired girl raises her wakizashi over her head, prompting a shocked Nanao to grab her arm.

264Katen Kyokotsu gives

The violet-haired girl gives Nanao her wakizashi after being asked to do so.

Asking the violet-haired girl what she is doing, Nanao tells her she can leave her wakizashi because she will not need to use it here, prompting the violet-haired girl to hold out her wakizashi. Taking the sword, Nanao notes the violet-haired girl is very cooperative when treated decently. As Nanao lays the sword down on the ground, the violet-haired girl reaches toward the peach blossoms, prompting Nanao to realize she wants the peach blossoms. Stating she will pick one for the violet-haired girl, Nanao reaches up and picks a peach blossom before giving it to the violet-haired girl, who looks at it. As Nanao smiles, a strong wind blows, causing the blossom to float away.

264Katen Kyokotsu realizes

The violet-haired girl realizes she does not have her wakizashi.

When something slices her, Nanao expresses surprise and sees her elbow has been cut. As Nanao falls to her knees and expresses pain, the Bearded Tōjū laughs and says it is very nice to see Nanao again. Appearing before Nanao, the Bearded Tōjū states he wishes to show his appreciation to Nanao for saving him from the violet-haired girl and says he will pay her back by having some fun before he kills her. Reaching for her wakizashi, the violet-haired girl expresses surprise upon seeing her wakizashi lying on the ground several feet away as Nanao realizes she had the violet-haired girl give up her weapon.

264Bearded Toju attacks

The Bearded Tōjū attacks the violet-haired girl with his scythe-like staff.

The violet-haired girl runs toward her wakizashi, only for the Bearded Tōjū to move in front of her and proclaim this is not a good idea before slashing at her. As the violet-haired girl leaps back, the Bearded Tōjū picks up the wakizashi and asks the violet-haired girl if this is what she was looking for. Stating they will see what the violet-haired girl can do without her weapon, the Bearded Tōjū says he will give it back to her after he is finished cutting her up. Tossing the wakizashi away, the laughing Bearded Tōjū rushes toward the violet-haired girl and slashes at her several times with his scythe-like staff, only for the violet-haired girl to dodge each attack.

264Bearded Toju holds

The Bearded Tōjū holds the violet-haired girl up by her collar.

When one of the Bearded Tōjū's attacks destroys the plum blossom in her hair, the violet-haired girl expresses surprise, prompting the Bearded Tōjū to proclaim there is more where this came from before slashing the violet-haired girl across the chest. As the violet-haired girl falls to the ground, the Bearded Tōjū walks up to her before picking and holding up the violet-haired girl by her collar. Stating he will not kill her yet, the Bearded Tōjū says he had to survive the violet-haired girl's torture last time and proclaims it is his turn to put her through the same pain before stating they will see if the violet-haired girl finds it just as enjoyable.

264Katen Kyokotsu prevents

The violet-haired girl prevents the Bearded Tōjū from attacking Nanao.

Nanao fires Hadō #31. Shakkahō, which hits the Bearded Tōjū in the back, causing him to drop the violet-haired girl. As Nanao notes this was the most force she could muster in her weakened condition, the Bearded Tōjū notes she is still interfering and says he was planning to let Nanao live because she was kind enough to save him last time before proclaiming he will have to change his plans because she is being so rude. Rushing toward Nanao, the Bearded Tōjū prepares to attack her, only for the violet-haired girl to catch his arm. As Nanao expresses surprise, the Bearded Tōjū proclaims the violet-haired girl is in his way before punching her away.

264Shunsui defeats

Shunsui defeats the Bearded Tōjū and saves the violet-haired girl after saving Nanao from being killed by the Bearded Tōjū.

As the violet-haired girl smashes through a nearby wall, the Bearded Tōjū tells her to not go away and states he will be back to play with her in a few minutes before turning to face Nanao. Telling Nanao to say goodbye, the Bearded Tōjū attacks her. When nothing happens, Nanao opens her eyes to see Shunsui blocking the Bearded Tōjū's staff with his sword. As Nanao expresses surprise, Shunsui says it is unpleasant to see a fight under the peach trees and states it mars their beauty. Demanding to know who Shunsui is, the Bearded Tōjū leaps back and points his staff at the violet-haired girl before proclaiming he will kill her if Shunsui tries anything. As the Bearded Tōjū begins to tell him to back off, Shunsui appears next to him. Expressing surprise, the Bearded Tōjū is slashed across the chest.

264Nanao explains her realization

Nanao explains what she realized about the violet-haired girl.

As the Bearded Tōjū wonders why and falls over, Shunsui holds the violet-haired girl in his arms and says his girls are very busy today before stating the only games they play are at his house. At night, several Shinigami and their Zanpakutō Spirits talk and drink under the peach blossom trees. Sitting next to Nanao, Rangiku leans over and asks her how it worked out. When Rangiku asks her if she got the violet-haired girl to change at all, Nanao denies this before saying she realized it was more important for the violet-haired girl to be true to herself. Expressing surprise, Rangiku states Nanao at least tried to make sense of the violet-haired girl, prompting Nanao to smile.

264Katen Kyokotsu puts

The violet-haired girl puts a peach blossom in Nanao's hair.

Getting up, the violet-haired girl walks over to a peach tree and stares at the blossoms as the wind blows. When Nanao walks up behind her, the violet-haired girl turns around and holds out her hand to a surprise Nanao, who sees she is holding a peach blossom. Reaching up, the violet-haired girl put the blossom in Nanao's hair as Nanao notes it is her turn. Asking the violet-haired girl how it looks, Nanao says it is very nice and thanks the violet-haired girl. Watching from several feet away, the violet-haired woman smiles and looks away. Smiling, Shunsui prepares to drink his sake, only to chuckle upon finding a peach blossom petal in his bowl.

Arrancar Encyclopedia

264Baraggan plays

A video feed of Baraggan playing chess with Tōsen appears onscreen as Gin explains what the Espada have been doing.

Stating he will be revealing how the Espada have been spending time ever since the studio executives put them on break, Gin Ichimaru points to the screen behind him and reveals Coyote Starrk has been sleeping as a video feed of Starrk and Lilynette Gingerbuck sleeping appears onscreen. Admitting this is not surprising, Gin reveals Baraggan Louisenbairn has been playing chess as a video feed of Baraggan and Kaname Tōsen playing chess appears onscreen. Saying they are very serious, Gin begins to reveal what Tier Harribel has been doing, only to stop in surprise when a video feed of a silhouette taking a shower appears onscreen. As the silhouette turns into Gin, Harribel appears onscreen and tells Gin he will get hurt if he intrudes into a lady's private life, prompting Gin to promise to be more careful.


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