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Balgo Ywain Parks (バルゴ・パークス, Barugo Pākusu)[2] is a Human who became a Dragonclad (ドラゴン憑き, Doragon-tsuki) after living with Shelby for 10 years and being bitten by him. He is currently looked after by Noel Niihashi and Ninny Spangcole.


Balgo wears a Piper mantle.

Balgo is a tall young man with dirty-blond hair. As a Human, he wears a dark jacket over a light-colored shirt with the word "SLAVE" emblazoned on it, dark pants with a thin belt, and dark dress shoes. As a Dragonclad, he wears a light hoodie with the word "SLAVE" emblazoned on it over a light shirt, and has a collar around his neck that is attached to a chain.[3] When assigned to track down an illegally-reared Dragon with Noel Niihashi and Ninny Spangcole, Balgo is given a Piper mantle and pipe to illustrate to bystanders that he is working with them.[4]


Balgo is very perverted, constantly hounding Noel for the chance to look at her panties while being open of his affection towards her,[5] and can come off as very shallow in his desires.[6] However, he has a much more sensitive and mature side that only comes out under duress; when being attacked by Osushi in his Dark Dragon form, Balgo (who could not see him and thus was not aware of Osushi's true nature) promised to protect him.[7] Later, when Shelby revealed himself to be a Disguiser and attacked Ninny in an attempt to devour her and gain immortality, Balgo instinctively moved to protect her with his body despite not even knowing her.[8] Moreover, despite knowing Shelby was a Dragon who had merely been masquerading as his childhood friend for a decade, Balgo still considered him his friend and tried to talk him out of hunting the Witches.[9]


When Balgo was 7, he and his friend Shelby were hit by an oncoming train, with Shelby dying in the process of protecting Balgo with his body.[10] Two months prior to becoming a Dragonclad, Balgo bumped into Macy Baljure, giving her the ability to see Dragons and leading her to discover Cinderella.[11]


Balgo protects Ninny from Shelby's attack.

When Noel Niihashi comes across Osushi sitting on the ground and prepares to give him a dog treat, Balgo accosts her in an attempt to see her panties as usual. After being incapacitated by Noel, Balgo is bewildered to see her enter a phonebooth and drop into the ground below.[12] Later, Balgo sits with his friend Shelby and complains about the events of the day.[13] Some time afterward, Balgo brings Shelby to the area where Noel disappeared, where Osushi suddenly transforms into an enormous Dark Dragon.[14] When Noel and Ninny Spangcole arrive, Shelby reveals himself to be a Disguiser and attacks Ninny, intending to eat her and gain immortality, but Balgo protects her.[15]

Noel and Ninny learn that Balgo is being left in their care due to becoming a Dragonclad.

Balgo reveals that he is doing so because he still believes Shelby is his friend, only for Shelby to attempt to devour them both. However, Noel kicks him away and admits that Balgo was cool for a moment there before destroying Shelby with Absolute Dragon Shatter, to Balgo's shock. Later, Noel and Ninny learn that they have been given Balgo to take care of after he became a Dragonclad due to being bitten by a Dark Dragon after living with it for 10 years. When Osushi, now a dog again, asks to see Noel's panties, she chases after him and Balgo.[16]

Noel and Ninny stop Osushi's rampage and save Balgo.

A month later, now living in Reverse London, Balgo goes for a walk with Osushi when the latter suddenly sprouts wings and a long tail before pulling him on a rampage, leading to several buildings being damaged. As Balgo apologizes profusely to a man whose apartment Osushi busts a hole into, Noel and Ninny arrive and grab them both, with Noel successfully calming Osushi down while Ninny berates Balgo for not putting the Fence Collar on Osushi. However, when Balgo explains what happened, Noel realizes that Osushi transformed because he sensed danger just as they are attacked by a large Dragon, which quickly reveals itself to be another Dark Dragon. Moved out of harm's way by Noel and Ninny, Balgo watches in silent astonishment as they prepare to fight the Dark Dragon.[17]

Balgo cuddles with Osushi in Noel's residence.

The Saturday after Noel and Ninny defeat the Dark Dragon, now staying at Noel's residence for a week, Balgo cuddles with Osushi in his cordoned-off room and praises how cute his dog is. When Noel tosses her cell phone to him and answers it, Balgo is hesitant to do so because Ninny is currently calling, but is handed the newspaper as well and has Noel perform a Magic Scan so he can read the articles about Reverse London, where he sees that Noel is on the front page as a Wing Bind Headliner. Though impressed by this, Balgo finds Ninny yelling at him for being cocky enough to pick up Noel's phone after this and learns from Noel that she handed him the phone specifically so this would happen.[18]

Balgo accompanies Noel and Ninny to the west district.

Soon afterward, Noel and Ninny are tasked with tracking down an illegally-reared Dragon in the west district and bring Balgo along at Billy Banx Jr.'s request. With Balgo overjoyed to be able to cling to Noel on the back of Wordsworth despite her warnings, he is given a Piper mantle and pipe to illustrate to civilians that he is with them. Suddenly, "The Realist's" office is rocked by an explosion in the distance, leading the three of them to investigate it. As he looks at the crowd gathered outside, Balgo informs Ninny of her being featured in a story claiming that she is feuding with her former co-singer Macy Baljure and is shocked when she takes off on Marshall to enter the building.[19]

Noel saves Balgo from the Inks.

A few minutes later, a perplexed and concerned Balgo finds himself accosted by the Inks, who set up a Dragon barricade and attempt to detain him. However, Noel blasts the Inks away and saves Balgo, though she refuses to acknowledge doing so on purpose while he celebrates this. After Noel and Ninny bring Balgo, Osushi, and Macy to a radio tower that Noel obscures from view with Cloth, Balgo listens solemnly as Macy explains why she left Cecile Die Twice and how she came to raise Cinderella in order to feel special. Suddenly, Bruno Bangnyfe crashes through the barrier on Rickenbacker's back and reveals that Balgo is now designated a Punitive Dragon marked for elimination, to his confusion.[20] Balgo is uncertain as to why Bruno would hunt him and is further intimidated by Bruno's fierce facial expression accompanying his fearsome words.[21]

Noel and Ninny flee from Cinderella's Star Ash after the latter molts into her true form.

With Bruno mocking her and Ninny not having informed a confused Balgo of this yet, Noel formulates a plan with Ninny to split up and take Balgo and Macy in separate directions, though Bruno points out that there is nowhere safe in Reverse London for them to take Balgo. Suddenly, Cinderella attacks Bruno and uses Stealth Scale to evade him, shocking Noel and Ninny, who watch as Cinderella proceeds to molt under the moonlight and assume her true form. Noel and Bruno proceed to identify Cinderella as one of the Märchen, with Noel elaborating on their legendary status and the justification behind Cinderella's name to Balgo before being startled when Cinderella's Star Ash detonates across and heavily damages dozens of buildings near her. After Bruno takes off on Rickenbacker to confront Cinderella, Noel and Ninny are forced to flee from the building with Balgo, Osushi, and Macy when some of Cinderella's Star Ash reaches their location as well.[22]

Noel embraces Balgo after learning of his Punitive Dragon status being released.

Shortly afterward, with Cinderella having rebuffed Noel, Ninny, and Bruno's attacks and attacked the building Balgo and Macy are located on, Balgo, who had been instructed by Noel to clutch his Pipe, finds a sword blade comprised of energy sprouting from the end, stunning Noel and Ninny. Incredulous at how illogical this development seems, Noel turns around and sees that Cinderella has stopped attacking right before Billy shoots her through the head with a Magic beam all the way from Wing Bind Headquarters, piercing her Crown-Shaped Horn and killing her. The next day, Noel learns from Billy that Balgo has been released from his status as a Punitive Dragon, prompting her to run off and find Balgo, whom she embraces tenderly while informing him that something good happened.[23]

Powers & Abilities

Balgo's energy sword.

Energy Sword: By clutching the Pipe given to him by Wing Bind, Balgo can form a double-edged energy blade that sprouts from the opening. The blade is roughly a meter long and widens outward on both sides near the base to form two points. This sword exerts a calming and controlling effect on Dragons regardless of size and power: when first activated, Osushi immediately began licking Balgo while Cinderella, a Märchen in her fully-grown and molted form, abruptly stopped attacking Balgo's group and was left staring intently at the blade.[24]

Dragon Sight: Upon becoming a Dragonclad due to Shelby biting him, Balgo gained the ability to see Dragons.[25]


  • (To Shelby after learning of his true nature as a Dragon) "If it's been you in there since we were seven, then that makes ten years we've been hanging out, right...? Which is longer than the real Shelby was alive, maybe I'm just an idiot, but before the accident, and ever since, too, you've always been so kind, and I've never stopped seeing you as my best when you start talking about eating people, I can't just stay quiet and walk away, got it?!"[26]
  • (To Noel Niihashi) "I feel joy from the delight of knowing my predisposition will serve you, Noel, and I feel the warm aura above my arm from the possibility that I'll graze your boob if I shift a little bit...I just feel so blessed!"[27]
  • (To Ninny Spangcole) "Getting the chance to wear what Noel does is just like feeling her embrace. It's the best!"[28]


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