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Bala (虚弾 (バラ), bara; Spanish for "Bullet", Japanese for "Hollow Bullet") is an Arrancar-exclusive offensive technique.


While similar in function to a Cero, a Bala is not nearly as powerful, but, thanks to its composition, its speed is 20 times faster, allowing it to be fired in quick succession. In addition, it possesses more concussive force than a typical Cero does.[1] The overall speed and power of a Bala varies depending on the Arrancar using it; while the power of Yammy Llargo's version is equated with a particularly powerful punch, Ulquiorra Cifer's can blast large holes into an enemy's body.[2]

Bala Color Variations[]

Though the majority of Bala are crimson in color, a number of Arrancar have exhibited colors which differ from this.

Bala Colors
Color User(s) Picture
Crimson Ulquiorra Cifer, Yammy Llargo, Dordoni Alessandro Del Socaccio, Loly Aivirrne, Emilou Apacci Ep224ApacciUsesBala
Pink Wonderweiss Margela Ep139WonderweissBala
Indigo Findorr Calius 219Findorr's Bala
Violet Muramasa (Hollowfied) Ep253MuramasaBala


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