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This article contains information from anime sources that were not written by Tite Kubo and therefore are not considered canon material by the wiki.

Bakkōtō (獏爻刀, Baku-Crossing Sword/Fused Tapir Sword) is a rare type of weapon used by Gyōkaku Kumoi's assassins. This type of weapon differs from the Zanpakutō in several ways. While the Zanpakutō is a symbiotic being, working and growing more powerful as the Shinigami develops a relationship with the sword's inner avatar, the Bakkōtō is more of a parasite, gradually consuming the user as it grows in power, until it starts to affect his/her mind and eventually devours him/her. The only way to suppress the devouring properties is to have a sufficient level of spiritual power. Also, the Bakkōtō do not have any sort of known release states, instead evolving with the user's Reiatsu. Finally, while Zanpakutō can only be wielded by their respective Shinigami, a Bakkōtō can be wielded by any person with Reishi, and varies in power and ability depending on its wielder. Bakkōtō are forged through a secret technique of the Kasumiōji Clan. Rukia Kuchiki notes that the Bakkōtō are highly illegal.

Bakkōtō take the form of weapons with an organic component, which consists of an eye (shown to be its nucleus) and a mass of flesh resembling the innards of a mollusc, which extends along the user's body as they feed it with more of their Reiatsu. A Bakkōtō is also just a type of consuming flesh. The weapons have to be attached onto the Bakkōtō. A Bakkōtō can also grow in power when fed the nuclei of other Bakkōtō.

List of Named Bakkōtō

Named Bakkōtō
Name Owner(s) Information Picture
Saiga (砕我, Ego Breaker) Unnamed Assassin, Hanza Nukui Saiga has the ability to momentarily paralyze opponents by reflecting moonlight into their eyes, leaving them unaware that any time has passed. If the user's Reiatsu is great enough, it gains the ability to create an alternate dimension in which the opponent is left conscious but unable to move. If the user still channels more Reiatsu into the weapon, he/she can create illusions based on the targets' memories, trapping them until their souls are crushed. It is displayed by Ichigo Kurosaki, that if enough Reiatsu is released, then the victim may break free of Saiga's power. At full power, it is able to shoot energy bolts similar to Getsuga Tenshō blasts. Ep174HanzaBakkotoSaiga.png
Kakuyoku (角翼, Horned Wings) Unnamed Assassin, Genga Kakuyoku appears as an oversized guandao. When swung, it fires energy blasts which solidify into rock walls. It also allows the user to merge with the walls and hide for a surprise attack. Ep176GengaBakkotoKakuyoku.png
Retsurai (烈雷, Furious Thunder) Jinnai Dōko Retsurai takes the form of a "reaper" scythe, with protrusions over the edges. Eating a piece of its blade causes blades to form on the user's back which can be fired at will. If eaten again, it will refill/add to the blades. At all times, it causes spikes to grow from the user's body, and seems to increase their speed tremendously. Ep176JinnaiBakkotoRetsurai.png
Shiragiri (白霧, Pale Mist) Kuzuryū Shiragiri takes the form of a "normal" katana with protrusions along the edge of the blade. Shiragiri has the ability to create mist, and can use Mugen Kairō to turn the user into mist as well as solidify so it can attack. Ep176RyuBakkotoShiragiri.png

Unnamed Bakkōtō

Unnamed Bakkōtō
Owner(s) Information Picture
Makoto Kibune The nucleus of Kibune's Bakkōtō grows on his left arm, while the rest of it covers his Zanpakutō, allowing him to telekinetically control the blade at any direction and spin it like a saw blade. Ep185KibuneBakkoto.png
Shūsuke Amagai Amagai's Bakkōtō takes the form of a tuning fork with the nucleus at the hilt. When used it emits large waves of Reiatsu powerful enough to destroy one of the dimensional cleaners in the Dangai. Its true form, however, is shown where it covers the right arm and shoulder in black armor. When in use it extends down and forms a blade of highly concentrated Reiatsu, otherwise it wraps around his chest and forms a tail. When the blade is stabbed into the ground, the special abilities of Zanpakutō in the area other than the user's are negated for a while. This ability operates by sealing a Shinigami off from their connection to spirit energy, effectively cutting them off from their Zanpakutō's power. However, this ability's effectiveness is reduced against beings with Hollow powers. Ep187AmagaiBakkotoTrueForm.png
Unnamed Assassins The hilts of the Bakkōtō used by the unnamed assassins are made of the tentacle like substance that the other Bakkōtō are known for. Their blades are similar to a normal Zanpakutō but have an odd spike going down from the tip of the blade. Their ability is to possess the assassins' bodies, forcing them to fight even after a fatal blow. The only known way to stop the possessed assassins is to destroy their bodies.