"I just keep practicing
Saying goodbye to you"
Cover Izuru Kira
Ichigo Kurosaki & Rukia Kuchiki (alternate cover)
Volume 15
Pages 186
Anime Episodes 44 - 47
Release Data
Print (J) December 3, 2004
ISBN (J) 4-08-873682-6[1]
Print (US) October 3, 2006
ISBN (US) 1-4215-0613-0[2]
Chapter List
Shueisha 124. Crying Little People

125. Insanity & Genius
126. The Last of a Void War
128. The Great Joint Struggle Union
129. Suspicion [for Assassination][3]
130. Suspicion2 [of Tears][4]
-17. 逸れゆく星々の為の前奏曲[5]

Viz Media 124. Crying Little People

125. Insanity & Genius
126. The Last of a Void War
128. The Great Joint-Struggle Union
129. Suspicion (of Assassination)
130. Suspicion 2 (of Tears)
-17. Prelude for the Straying Stars</ref>

Volume 15 alternate cover

BEGINNING OF THE DEATH OF TOMORROW is the fifteenth volume of the Bleach manga series.

Publisher's summary

During a bloody confrontation with a sadistic Shinigami, Uryū Ishida chooses a path that will temporarily grant him enormous power, at great personal cost. Meanwhile, Ichigo Kurosaki races to master a powerful technique that will help him fight Captain Byakuya Kuchiki and, hopefully, save Rukia Kuchiki from execution.

Bleach All Stars

涅 ネム
Nemu Kurotsuchi
Ep29MayuriCharaPic 夜一
Ep200NemuCharaPic 涅 マユリ
Mayuri Kurotsuchi

Ep269UryuCharaPic 斬月
石田 雨竜
Uryū Ishida
Ep233ZangetsuCharaPic 黒崎 一護
Ichigo Kurosaki


124. Crying Little People

Ishida demonstrates a unique power.

Summary :


Cover of 124. Crying Little People

Mayuri wonders how Ishida can still stand after he paralyzed his limbs with Ashisogi Jizō. He then realizes that Ishida is using a technique called Ransōtengai. By forming lines out of countless spiritrons and attaching them to his paralyzed body, Uryū regained his ability to move. That technique was originally designed for elderly Quincy to fight Hollows with their clumsy old bodies. Dislocated joints and broken bones are meaningless against this technique as it allows the Quincy to fight until his body is pulverized into dust. It's the most powerful technique for the Reishi-manipulating Quincy. Mayuri thought the technique was long lost and only existed in historical documents. He states that in the 2661 subjects that he studied, not one subject was able to use this, yet Ishida is able to use it at such a young age. That is what he would calls a genius.

Ishida recalls a conversation in the past with his father. His father scolded him for seeing his grandfather. His father said that there's no point in saving the dead, that's a Shinigami's job, and Ishida should learn how to save the people who are alive. His father told him that he has no interest in it, and Uryū has no talent in it; he goes on to say that the Quincy will become extinct with his grandfather's generation. Ishida asked his dad why did he hate being a Quincy so much. His father replied that because you can't make a living from it. Then Uryū went to see his grandfather. His grandfather said that what his father said is true, you can't fill your stomach by being a Quincy, and it's an important factor since he has a family, but Uryū is right too. Uryū, crying, said that he saw Hollows attacking people, so he knows that the Shinigami can't take care of everything on their own. His father must have seen it too, so why did he still say stuff like that. Uryū told his grandfather that he wants to become a strong Quincy, so that he can protect everyone from Hollows, then his father will definitely agree with the way of the Quincy. His grandfather, upon hearing that, thanked him.

In the present, Mayuri starts to find Uryū interesting, so he will keep him alive, and then together with Orihime, they will become his test subjects. Uryū remembers when his grandfather told him that he hoped Uryū can understand his father's reasons. His grandfather said that if the thing Uryū wanted to protect is different, then the sense of justice would be different too. Uryū then asked what is the thing his father wants to protect,. His grandfather patted his head, said that he will know some day, and when he does, he will also know what he wants to protect. In preparation for that day, his grandfather entrusted something to him. He says that when Uryū understands his father's heart and find the thing he wants to protect, if he still wants to be a Quincy after that, then he will definitely face unavoidable battles. Battles that he needs to give his all for and battles require power greater than what he possesses. When that happens, he will use that thing he gave him. Uryū apologizes to his grandfather, admitting that he still doesn't understand his father's heart, nor does he knows what he wants to protect, but he knows what is utterly unforgivable. The thing his grandfather gave him is the Sanrei Glove. His grandfather told him to wear it and train for 7 days and 7 nights, then he will reach the peak of the Quincy power. But once he wears it, he can't never takes it off. If he does, he will lose all his power as a Quincy. Uryū apologizes to his grandfather, saying that he will have to disobey him again. Then he breaks the Sanrei Glove. Suddenly, a huge amount of Reiatsu bursts out from him. Mayuri is very surprised, asking what just happened. When the smoke clears, he sees Uryū in a strange outfit, holding a different bow and has a large wing made of Reishi behind his back.

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125. Insanity & Genius

Ishida and Mayuri's fight comes to an end.

Summary :


Cover of 125. Insanity & Genius

The Sanrei Glove is a glove with a very powerful ward that deflects spiritrons. A normal Quincy would have difficulty forming a bow after wearing it. But if the Quincy forms a bow while wearing it, keeps the bow from disappearing for 7 days and 7 nights, he will reach the peak of his power. But if the Quincy does get to that point, then they must never take off the glove, because at that point, their ability to collect spiritrons would be beyond their, much like how one gets burned if one handles a flame too great to control. If a Quincy takes it off, they will get an immense amount of power for a short while, but will lose all Quincy powers shortly afterwards.

Mayuri is shocked at this turn of events, asking what is that outfit that Uryū is wearing, and why did his Reiatsu inflate like that. He's never heard of anything like that. Suddenly, Uryū starts absorbing surrounding structures to his wing. Mayuri then thinks, because everything in Soul Society is made of spiritrons, Uryū can split spiritrons molecules and absorb them. Mayuri realizes Uryū has complete dominance over Spiritrons and tells him that he has gone way beyond the limit of power for Human. Ishida gives no response, and makes an arrow out of the large spiritrons wing behind his back. Mayuri is surprised, and he jumps back. Ishida fires that arrow at him. Mayuri comments that it's fast, but he can still dodge it, but then he sees Uryū right above him. Uryū fires another arrow, which cause a huge explosion. Ishida tells Mayuri that he has to apologize to everyone and never appear in front of him again, then he will spare his life. If he doesn't do it, Uryū will shoot him again with 3 times as much power as the last shot. Mayuri gets out of the smoke, badly wounded, and screams that Uryū shouldn't get too cocky. Mayuri at how a puny little Quincy like Uryū could speak to him like that, and he will return the favor by attacking with the same level of power.

He activates his Bankai, Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō. His sword turns into a giant creature with a baby's head. Mayuri explains that the poison his Bankai releases would surely kill Uryū, and it's a pity since he can't use Uryū's brain for experiments. Ishida states that his arrow will reach Mayuri long before his Bankai's fatal poison can be released. Mayuri sends his creature charging at Ishida, who fires his arrow and causes a huge explosion.

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126. The Last of a Void War

Ishida fails to kill Mayuri and is later apprehended by Tōsen.

Summary :


Cover of 126. The Last of a Void War

Nemu looks on in concern, as smoke engulfs Mayuri. When the smoke clears, Mayuri stands alive, but with a part of his body blown away to the point that bits of his spinal cord can be seen. His Bankai, Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō, is also split in two. He curses Uryū as he takes his Zanpakutō and stabs himself through the neck, shocking the Quincy. As Mayuri's body liquefies, Uryū wonders if that was one of the abilities of his Zanpakutō. However, as Mayuri starts to taunt him, Uryū realizes that it is an escape strategy and draws his bow once again, but Mayuri tells him that it is pointless. While Mayuri cannot attack in that liquid form, neither can he be attacked. He tells Uryū that he will be like this for several days before reforming, but Uryū himself will die. Uryū then realizes that despite his best efforts, he had taken a fatal dose of Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō's poison. Uryū panics and wonders what he can do when Nemu calls out to him and tells him that there is a vile of antidote under her insignia.

Uryū helps Nemu sit up and offers Nemu the antidote first, but Nemu explains that as her blood is the same as that of Mayuri, she won't be effected by the poison. She wonders if Uryū is thinking that the antidote is some sort of a trap and offers to drink a few drops to prove to him that it is not. Uryū says that it is okay and there is nothing to be gained by trapping a man who is already dying. As he drinks the antidote, Nemu thanks him for not killing Mayuri. Saying that Uryū could have killed Mayuri had he aimed for the head and the antidote was all she could do to thank him for not killing her father. Uryū says that, that was a fluke and that he had shot with the intention to kill. Nemu thanks him again for not killing Mayuri, Uryū offers no further protest, but wonders why Nemu wants to save a father like that. Nemu says that she doesn't understand it herself, but that when she realized that he was alright, she was happy. She encourages Uryū to leave as other members of the 12th Division would soon be here, after seeing Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō. Ishida thanks her for the antidote and leaves.

As he is making his way up the steps of Senzaikyū, Uryū comments that he must hold out until the others get there. He also expresses a desire to rescue Rukia before Ichigo, just to annoy him. However, as he reaches the top step, he finds his path blocked by Captain Kaname Tōsen. Tōsen tells him that it is nothing personal, but that for the sake of the peace, he must stop him. He then activates his Shikai, Suzumushi and knocks Ishida out. Telling Ishida to sleep and says that this pointless struggle is about to come to an end. As he says this, he sheds some tears.

Else where, Yoruichi looks down upon a prone Ichigo, telling him to get up as he still has a long way to go.

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Ichigo has to defeat Zangetsu in his Bankai training.

Summary :



Yoruichi tells Ichigo to stand up and he's wasting time. Zangetsu says that it's fine. If Ichigo can't get up by himself, he will just force him to get up.

Earlier, Yoruichi showed Ichigo a large white doll, which she said that it's called Tenshintai, a rare artifact of the Onmitsukidō; it can forcefully materialize the soul of a Zanpakutō. Ichigo asked what that has to do with Bankai. Yoruichi said that it's obvious, you need communication and synchronization with your Zanpakutō to achieve Shikai. For Bankai, you need the materialization and submission of the Zanpakutō. Materialization means the opposite of getting dragged into the Zanpakutō's world in your conversation with it, so instead, you need to summon the Zanpakutō's soul into our world. It usually takes 10 years or more to achieve it.

Even though it ended in a draw, Ichigo managed to fight Kenpachi Zaraki until the end, so he must be subconsciously at the materialization level. Ichigo remembered it, which Yoruichi said that he has experienced it before, so he just needs to stabbed his Zanpakutō onto the Tenshintai and it will forcefully materialize the soul, then Yoruichi will use her power to keep it materialized. But Ichigo only has one chance at it, and the time limit is 3 days. Yoruichi said that before the time is up, he must beat Zangetsu into submission. Yoruichi begins to explain what happens if he fails to, but Ichigo stabs his Zanpakutō onto the Tenshintai, and says that he doesn't want to know, since there's only one way to end this: it's to go all the way to the end. Zangetsu appears right behind Ichigo, and comments that Ichigo recovered pretty fast. Yoruichi asks if he heard everything, then tells Zangetsu that he can choose the training method, so he can begin immediately. Zangetsu touches the ground, which makes countless swords rise from it. He explains that one of these swords is the real Zangetsu, only that can defeat him; if Ichigo wants Zangetsu to submit himself to him, he must find it and defeat him with it before Zangetsu kills him. Ichigo and Zangetsu each grab a sword, and charges at each other.

In the holding cell, Renji breaks out out. Hinamori puts Aizen's letter in her pocket, then faced her cell guard with a very determined look. Kira is scratching on the wall in his cell, telling himself that he's despicable for holding his sword against Hinamori. Suddenly, he hears a noise, which turns out to be his Captain, Gin Ichimaru. Ichimaru tells him that he looks so frail, and asks him if he wants to be saved. Then he tells Kira to come with him.

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128. The Great Joint Struggle Union

Hanatarō is brought before his captain as Kenpachi decides to assist Orihime.

Summary :


Cover of 128. The Great Joint Struggle Union

Sentarō and Kiyone bring Hanatarō before Unohana and read out the report of Ukitake, who arrested Hanatarō. Ukitake begs for lenience from Unohana on the grounds that Hanatarō was mentally and physically coerced. However, Unohana is unswayed and says that given Hanatarō's position and the damage the Ryoka have done, she cannot overlook Hanatarō's actions.

Uryū awakens in the cell of the 4th Division and is greeted by a bandaged face. Uryū freaks out before Ganju identifies himself. As he wonders why they have been healed, Chad explains that a captain has been killed and they don't know who killed him. They deduce that they are being kept alive for interrogation and that they are most likely the prime suspects in the murder. Ganju notes that shackles on their arms seal-up their spiritual power. However, Ishida thinks about how he no longer has any power regardless of the shackles. Chad notes that given Orihime's lack of combat ability, she has most likely been captured already, so they must now all rely on Ichigo. Chad states his resolve to simply wait for Ichigo and take the time to heal, so that when Ichigo rescues them, they can be of assistance to him.

Ichigo continues to battle Zangetsu, trying to find the real Zangetsu from the multitude of swords that Zangetsu had summoned. Ichigo picks up a sword that resembles Zangetsu the Zanpakutō, but it is not the real one. Zangetsu reiterates that all the summoned Zanpakutōs are pieces of Ichigo's soul and the purpose of the exercise is to find that piece of Ichigo's soul that was meant for fighting. The Zanpakutō Ichigo picked up represents his fragile spirit that tries to rely on Zangetsu. Zangetsu tells Ichigo to try again and reminds him that he doesn't have time to waste. Ichigo says that he knows that and picks-up another Zanpakutō as Yoruichi watches on.

In the 11th Division barracks, Aramaki comically tries reassure everybody that he is happy that Yachiru found him with Orihime. Yachiru explains that she detected Orihime's Reiatsu and upon realizing it was similar to that of Ichigo, came to to check it out and found him with her. As Orihime looks on at the interaction between Yachiru and Aramaki, Ikkaku asks her if Ichigo is alright, as Yumichika comments how beautiful Orihime is. Orihime tells Ikkaku that she hopes he is alright. Kenpachi confirms that Ichigo is fine and that he is trying to get stronger. He then tells Orihime that he will help her because by sticking with her, he has a chance to meet Ichigo again.

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129. Suspicion [for Assassination]

Renji, Hinamori and Kira have escaped from their cell. Ichigo continues training. Hinamori is looking for her captain's murderer.

Summary :


Cover of 129. Suspicion [for Assassination]

Rangiku Matsumoto dreams of the time she and Gin Ichimaru met. She was lying on the ground and dying from hunger, when Gin appeared and gave her food. Gin told Rangiku that if she can collapse due to hunger, she must have Reiryoku. She asks him if he too has Reiryoku, he confirms that he does. He then introduces himself to her, she tells him that Gin is a weird name.

Rangiku wakes up and Hitsugaya asks her if she slept well. She wonders what Hitsugaya is doing in her room, but Hitsugaya tells her the office is not her room. Hitsugaya tells her to take the paperwork to her desk and finish them. Rangiku asks him how long she slept and he replies her it doesn't matter. She starts to talk him about her colleague, Captain Gin Ichimaru, but is interrupted by Kōkichirō Takezoe, who reports that vice-captains Renji Abarai, Momo Hinamori, and Izuru Kira have escaped from their cells.

Meanwhile, Ichigo Kurosaki continues searching for the real Zangetsu. The materialized spirit of Zangetsu counts the swords Ichigo finds. Zangetsu repels Ichigo, tells him not to look away from his opponent and also tells him that was his 52nd sword. Yoruichi Shihōin is surprised to see how Ichigo fights Zangetsu. As Hitsugaya and Rangiku's search for Hinamori, they come to Hinamori's cell in her own division, only to find out she escaped and someone apologizing to them for letting Hinamori escape. Afterwards, they see a large hole in the grates and in the wall and Hitsugaya tells Rangiku to go back to the 10th Division barrack's, while he himself is going to chase and help Hinamori. Hinamori chases her Captain's murderer as revealed in the letter left to her by Aizen.

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130. Suspicion2 [of Tears]

Hitsugaya confronts Ichimaru.

Summary :


Cover of 130. Suspicion2 [of Tears]

Ichigo and Zangetsu fight each other in the underground training area, as Yoruichi watches on. She notes that Ichigo has been fighting with the same sword for five minutes and it still hasn't broken, however, she notes, that the mechanism by which Zangetsu is being materialized has reached its limit. As Ichigo goes in for another attacks, Zangetsu disappears and the Tenshintai falls limply to the ground. As Ichigo wonders what's going on, Yoruichi tells him to put the sword down and that day one of his training has come to an end.

Ichigo soaks in a hot spring that was located in the training area and comments on how he can't tell the passage of time in the cave and had no idea that it was night already. He also realizes that the water of the hot spring is making him heal faster. As he takes a mouthful of water to try and heal a cut inside his mouth, Yoruichi comes up behind him and asks him how the water is. Ichigo says that its fine and so Yoruichi decides to join him. As Ichigo freaks out about that, Yoruichi enters the water in her cat form, going on to tease Ichigo about being disappointed that she didn't enter in her Human form. Ichigo threatens to drown her before they both settle down. Ichigo then tells Yoruichi that the training grounds is reminding him of the training room below Urahara's shop. Yoruichi says that, that training room was modeled after this place and that this was originally built by Urahara and herself as a secret play ground, under the Sōkyoku. Ichigo wonders how such a place can be built in secret, and Yoruichi replies that Urahara has always had a talent for mischief. She tells him that it is an old story and that, as children, she and Urahara played here everyday. Saying that when she joined the Onmitsukidō and Urahara the Gotei 13, they trained here together to improve themselves. The revelation that Urahara was in the Gotei 13 prompts Ichigo to ask Yoruichi who he really is. Yoruichi realizes that Urahara has not told Ichigo everything and informs him that Kisuke Urahara is the former Captain of the 12th Division and the founder and 1st President of the Shinigami Research and Development Institute.

Elsewhere, Kira dutifully follows behind his Captain as the two are confronted by Hitsugaya. He tells them that he had a feeling that they would be together, given that Kira's cell was the only one opened from the outside. He tells Ichimaru that he was careless. Ichimaru counters that it was deliberately done because he wanted Hitsugaya to know. Hitsugaya tells him that he is glad he found him before Hinamori and that he will kill him before Hinamori gets here. Just as he says this, Hinamori arrives and says that finally she has found him. She moves towards Ichimaru and starts to draw her sword as Hitsugaya tells her that's Ichimaru is too strong, but then suddenly she points her blade at Hitsugaya and accuses him of killing Captain Aizen.

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-17. 逸れゆく星々の為の前奏曲

Izuru, Momo, Hisagi, and Renji go out to practice Konsō in the Human World during their time at the Shin'ō Academy.

Summary :


Cover of -17. 逸れゆく星々の為の前奏曲.

Hinamori says goodbye to Tōshirō as she leaves for the Shinigami Academy, while Izuru prays at his parents' graves while he also prepares to leave for the academy. As he turns away, Renji falls out of a nearby tree and vomits, while Rukia stands up out of a bush, presumably where they both spent the night, much to Izuru's surprise. At the academy, Izuru, Renji, and Momo are put into a class for the best new trainees together, and are welcomed by the teacher, Gengorō Ōnabara.

Two months later, Renji finds Rukia in the hall and kicks her. As she begins to reprimand him, she notices that he and the other Shinigami he's with are carrying equipment. They are going to the Human World for a training session, but because Rukia is not in the accelerated class for the top-performing trainees, she sadly watches them leave without her. While Renji and Izuru get instructions from the sixth-year students about their training mission, Izuru explains to Renji why Shūhei is so famous, although Izuru snidely adds that because Shūhei failed the entrance exam twice, he may be even more talented than Shūhei. Kanisawa then explains how they should organize into groups, and Hinamori, Izuru, and Renji end up on the same team.

In the Human World, as the training session comes to a close, Kanisawa is killed by a Hollow. Aoga goes to her aid, but is quickly killed as well. As a result, Shūhei orders the first-year students to run away while he tries to head off the Hollow and call for aid from the Soul Society. While fleeing, Hinamori notices the danger Shūhei is in, and she, Renji, and Izuru return to his aid. He is attacked in the face, giving him the scars he presently has over his right eye, and use Shakkahō to stop a Hollow. However, many more Hollows arrive, surrounding them. Before the Hollows can attack, though, they are killed by the then-Lieutenant of the 5th Division, Gin Ichimaru. Aizen and Gin then go take out the rest of the Hollows, much to Hinamori's, Izuru's, and Renji's admiration. Hinamori wonders if they'll ever be like that, which Renji says he won't, while Izuru promises to show him that he can. Shūhei, now with his eye bandaged, then calls them back to the Soul Society.

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Author's Notes

Volume 15 Intro Image
I judge any new anime by its opening sequence. The one for Bleach was better than I expected. I was so happy, I burned a DVD of it so I can watch it over and over. Actually, I watch it every night before I go to bed. For those of you out there who love Bleach and think you're its biggest fan - sorry, but that's probably me!!!
-Tite Kubo


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