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BATTLE FIELD BURNING is the seventy-third volume of the Bleach manga series.

Publisher's summary

Facing a powerful opponent, the mysterious Kisuke Urahara is forced to reveal his Bankai for the first time. Meanwhile, Ichigo Kurosaki finally makes it to Yhwach's throne room, but what can he do against an enemy whose power is omnipotence?!

Bleach All Stars

647Gerard profile.png 日番谷 冬獅郎
Tōshirō Hitsugaya
508YhwachPortalPic.png ジェラルド・ヴァルキリ
Gerard Valkyrie

648Askin profile.png 浦原 喜助
Kisuke Urahara
Askin Nakk Le Vaar
614UraharaPortalPic.png 黒崎 一護
Ichigo Kurosaki


664. The Gift

Askin Nakk Le Vaar traps and injures Kisuke Urahara, forcing him to activate his Bankai.

The cover pages of 664. The Gift.

Askin explains that if Yoruichi Shihōin's Reiatsu changes itself 48 times per second, then it only takes one second to experience all 48 variations, meaning that he only needs to survive Yoruichi's attack for a single second using his Vollständig, Hasshein. As Kisuke watches him in a cold sweat, Askin says that he could probably change Reiatsu in other ways, but it would be useless now since his Hasshein can adapt to changes in an element's properties. Thus, no matter now many changes an element goes through, he would be immune to it as long as it has the same base. Askin tells Kisuke that none of them could land another hit on him no matter how much they change their Reiatsu, but challenges Kisuke to give him another surprise like he expects.

Askin uses Gift Bereich, surrounding him and Kisuke in an impenetrable energy field in order to prevent the Shinigami from escaping. However, Kisuke tells Askin that he does not seem to be acting out of pure loyalty. Askin replies that he had a lot of loyalty, but Yhwach also interests him. Askin states that Yhwach is going to destroy the Human World, Soul Society, and Hueco Mundo and make something new from the destruction. There would be few others that would try to change the world like this, and Askin asks Kisuke if he too would not be curious to see Yhwach's creation. Kisuke slashes at Askin, but the Quincy dodges it as he compliments Kisuke's ability to move that fast in the Gift Bereich. Kisuke tells him that he had no interest in seeing this new world, although Mayuri Kurotsuchi may share Askin's vision. However, Kisuke notes that Mayuri would still have no interest in seeing this world, because as true scientists they would want to create new worlds themselves.

Askin likes Kisuke's answer, but is still unswayed in his opinion as a Gift Ring expands around his arm. He throws it toward Kisuke, but it disappears in front of the Shinigami. Suddenly, the ring reappears inside his right eye and destroys it, forcing Kisuke back. Askin says that Gift Ring is used for opponents too strong for The Deathdealing to work on, and it puts the ability into one focal point and instantly destroys it. Askin tells Kisuke he only has the option of mutilating the former captain's organs one by one, but Kisuke responds by activating his Bankai: Kannonbiraki Benihime Aratame.

Characters in order of appearance:

665. The Princess Dissection

Urahara demonstrates the power of his Bankai before Grimmjow crushes Askin's heart.

The cover pages of 665. The Princess Dissection.

Noting that Askin is not leaving him much of a choice if he is earnestly trying to kill him, Urahara activates his Bankai, Kannonbiraki Benihime Aratame. When Askin admits that he does not have any intel on his Bankai, Urahara states that this is the first time he has used it in front of the Quincies, prompting Askin to wonder what kind of power it possesses. Urahara points out how this is a very personal question before telling Askin that he will be experiencing its power soon enough as Askin's arm is suddenly split open. As Askin leaps back, his arm is sown up, prompting Urahara to praise him for realizing that his Bankai has a range before revealing that its power is to restructure anything it touches as the hands of Kannonbiraki Benihime Aratame repair his eyes. Slashing Askin across the chest, Urahara turns around and crosses blades with him as Askin expresses surprise at Urahara being able to see. Urahara restructures his other hand and grasps his sword before sending Askin flying through several buildings. However, Askin manages to recover and laments how this is turning into a battle of brute force before increasing the power of his Gift Ball Deluxe to incapacitate Urahara. As Askin admits that he does not want to deal with Urahara's Bankai, Urahara notes that he forgot one thing as Askin is impaled by a hand through his chest. Pointing out how Askin never said his Gift Bereich was impenetrable, Urahara reveals that he made a path inside and thanks Grimmjow, who crushes Askin's heart in his hand.

Characters in order of appearance:

666. 空っぽ、傀儡、伽藍堂

As he dies, Askin takes out Kisuke and Grimmjow. Meanwhile, Kenpachi arrives to battle Gerard.

The cover page of 666. 空っぽ、傀儡、伽藍堂.[2]

As Askin collapses, he expresses his shock that Grimmjow can still move despite being poisoned, and Grimmjow is surprised that Askin is still alive. Kisuke reveals that he healed the Arrancar on his way here due to knowing that their Reiatsu becomes Hollow Reiatsu when they use Resurrección, and he thought that it would be useful during battle. Askin is incredulous that Kisuke had planned that much, but the Shinigami simply replies that he always has a large amount of possible scenarios in his head so he can be ready for them. Askin comments that that is extreme, but Kisuke says that this is a fight for survival. Askin starts to understand Kisuke's will, but he is cut off when Grimmjow impales him again, sick of hearing the Quincy talk.

Grimmjow tells Kisuke that their agreement is complete due to Askin being dead, but the air thickens as the Espada collapses to the ground. Still clinging to life, Askin reveals that when he dies the power of his Gift Ball Deluxe magnifies. He apologizes to Kisuke for putting him in this situation, but wonders if the Shinigami will find a way out. Askin collapses as his Gift Bereich constricts, and Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck watches from the outside. Nelliel remarks that it will be difficult to rescue four souls and get through the tiny entrance, but leaps toward it regardless as Kisuke apologizes for leaving everything in Ichigo and Rukia's hands. He and his Bankai marionette then collapse.

Meanwhile, Gerard breaks out of the ice encasing his arm and roars. Hitsugaya thinks of a backup plan as Gerard reaches toward him, but his arm is suddenly blocked by Senbonzakura. Byakuya states that Hitsugaya will need help to defeat Gerard as the Quincy attacks Hitsugaya once again. Suddenly, his arm is severed as Kenpachi arrives and criticizes the two Shinigami for their banter.

Characters in order of appearance:


Kenpachi begins fighting Gerard one-on-one.

The cover page of 667. BIGGER, LOUDER, STRONGER.

In the past, Kenpachi wakes within his healing pod and wonders where he is before kicking the door off, allowing him to step outside.

In the present, Ikkaku and Yumichika express shock at their captain standing in front of them as Gerard regenerates his severed arm, which he claims is now even stronger. As Byakuya explains Gerard's ability to regenerate from any damage and become even more powerful, with Hitsugaya noting that he must have been much smaller at the beginning of the fight, Kenpachi decides to dice up Gerard and see what happens, only for Hitsugaya to intercept his slash while berating him for not considering the damage Gerard would do if he fell down to the Seireitei. When Gerard stomps on him and Hitsugaya, Kenpachi merely grabs his foot before pushing him back, sending Gerard flying into the center of Wahrwelt. Kenpachi leaps after Gerard while proclaiming that he wants to see what the inside of his head looks like, but Gerard deflects his subsequent attack by blowing Kenpachi back with his shield before drawing his Spirit Weapon, Hoffnung, which he claims is worth letting rust a bit for a man like Kenpachi. Having been sent crashing through several buildings, Kenpachi merely states that this only makes him want to cut Gerard more as he releases his Shikai, Nozarashi, before blocking Gerard's enormous slash. Kenpachi manages to repel Gerard and leaps into the air as Gerard reveals he has managed to nick the blade of Hoffnung. Suddenly, Kenpachi receives a large cut in his torso.

Characters in order of appearance:


Kenpachi, Hitsugaya, and Byakuya continue their fight against Gerard.

The cover page of 668. BIGGER,FASTER,STRONGER.

As blood spurts from his wound, Kenpachi wonders what just happened, prompting Gerard to claim that The Miracle gives form to the desires and emotions of the masses, which is what increased his size and made Hoffnung unbreakable. Hitsugaya notes that reason does not seem to apply to The Miracle as Kenpachi ridicules Gerard for acting like a cliched villain, only for Gerard to ridicule him in turn for not yet having realized the gap between them. As a stunned Hitsugaya states that the two seemed made for each other as opponents, Kenpachi and Gerard begin clashing, with the two of them complimenting each other's speed and reflexes. Hitsugaya attempts to intervene, but Kenpachi smashes him to the ground below and tells him to stay out of this, with Byakuya agreeing, prompting Hitsugaya to point out how Kenpachi considers Gerard enough of a threat to have already taken off his eyepatch. With Byakuya noting everyone is running low on time due to their exhaustion, Hitsugaya formulates a plan to shatter Gerard with Senbonzakura after freezing him completely solid.

Meanwhile, Kenpachi and Gerard continue clashing, with Kenpachi slowly but surely being overwhelmed as Gerard points out the waning power behind his strikes. After beating back Kenpachi once again, Gerard intercepts Senbonzakura in the air behind him and smashes his sword into Hitsugaya before proclaiming that he is the strongest and greatest warrior who has been bestowed with everything. Suddenly, Yachiru Kusajishi appears before Kenpachi and tells him that the fun has only just started. As energy begins flowing down Kenpachi's arm from where she touched him, Yachiru notes that Kenpachi would be able to cut down anyone if he used her properly before revealing this is the power known as Bankai.

Characters in order of appearance:

669. 刃 II

Kenpachi's Bankai is activated, allowing him to swiftly overwhelm Gerard.

The cover pages of 669. 刃 II.[3]

As Yachiru tells Kenpachi that the power he is feeling is Bankai, a massive wave of energy erupts outward from him, startling Byakuya, Hitsugaya, and Gerard, before clearing to reveal Kenpachi, who has gained red skin and a differently shaped sword. As Ikkaku and Yumichika express shock at their captain's appearance, Gerard claims to be disappointed that this is all Kenpachi's Bankai amounts to and proclaims that he is not worth striking down with Hoffnung before attempting to punch Kenpachi, who responds by biting down on Gerard's knuckle and rip the whole arm off. Gerard reminds Kenpachi that cutting off his arms will accomplish nothing, but Kenpachi merely leaps into the air before slashing at Gerard, who has his left forearm cut off along with half of his shield when he attempts to block the strike. Kenpachi punches Gerard in the chin, sending him flying back off the edge of Wahrwelt as he wonders what this power is. Suddenly, Gerard activates his Quincy: Vollständig and flies up while proclaiming that a Shinigami cornering him like this could not occur even in his worst nightmare, but Kenpachi swiftly cuts him in half vertically.

Characters in order of appearance:

670. The Perfect Crimson

Kenpachi falls in battle against Gerard as Hitsugaya's Bankai reaches maturity.

The cover page of 670. The Perfect Crimson.

As Gerard's two halves fall down, Byakuya and Hitsugaya watch Kenpachi from afar while noting that they should stay away due to his bestial mannerisms. Suddenly, Kenpachi leaps back and roars as Gerard's two halves rise and form a Quincy Zeichen with their blood before fusing together, resulting in Gerard appearing with his Quincy: Vollständig, Aschetonig active as he fires a beam from the tip of Hoffnung. The beam destroys a large portion of the city, prompting Hitsugaya to freeze much of the rubble in place before it can fall to the Seireitei below, only for Gerard to blast the same area again before proclaiming that he is the most noble of God's knights and will still wield his sword even in the face of his own mortality. Kenpachi prepares to resume his battle, but his right arm suddenly shatters and breaks open as Yachiru notes that she released more power than his body could handle. After slashing through Kenpachi, Gerard destroys the building Hitsugaya is standing on, prompting Byakuya to catch him with his blade petals before imploring him to deactivate his Bankai because he is at his limit. However, Hitsugaya reveals that the last of the petals disappearing from his Bankai signifies that it has reached full maturity as he suddenly gains the appearance of an adult.

Characters in order of appearance:

671. The Perfect Crimson 2

Hitsugaya, Kenpachi, and Byakuya team up to take down Gerard.

The cover pages of 671. The Perfect Crimson 2.

Hitsugaya informs Byakuya that his power was not mature enough to use his Bankai to its full potential before stating that he had to grow up a bit in order to use it properly. Wondering what the purpose of this transformation is if Hitsugaya is already in Bankai, Gerard proclaims that this is how their fight should be and slams his sword down while claiming that Hitsugaya is better suited to fight him as an adult. When Gerard throws his shield at him, Hitsugaya freezes it in place in midair before reprimanding Gerard for throwing around large objects that could fall on Seireitei like that. Gerard slashes at Hitsugaya, who cuts through the blade of Hoffnung before stating that its power has ceased to work because it is frozen, prompting Gerard to summon his Heilig Bogen while proclaiming that he will simply crush Hitsugaya with a torrent of power instead. However, Hitsugaya notes that he summoned his bow a second too late as Gerard is frozen solid by Shikai Hyōketsu, which Hitsugaya explains is the result of his Bankai being able to freeze anything before it in four seconds. Suddenly, Gerard breaks free of the ice and grabs Hitsugaya while proclaiming that he cannot be bound by the elements of this world, only to suddenly be toppled by Kenpachi grabbing and pushing his feet. As Gerard's arm is frozen due to touching Hitsugaya, Byakuya summons the Senkei form of his Bankai before using its secret technique, Ikka Senjinka, to send the blades flying into Gerard's head.

Characters in order of appearance:

672. Son of Darkness

Gerard regenerates into another new form as dawn breaks, causing Yhwach to wake up as Ichigo confronts him.

The cover page of 672. Son of Darkness.

Byakuya's Ikka Senjinka attack destroys Gerard's head, and Hitsugaya freezes Gerard's torso and shatters it. He then collapses from exhaustion and is caught by Byakuya, revealing that he is barely hanging on to consciousness. Suddenly, energy begins forming above Gerard's legs as his body regenerates, which astounds Hitsugaya. Gerard adopts a new form, with a helmet-shaped head and a spike on each shoulder.

Meanwhile, Yhwach has a dream where Ichigo approaches him in his sleep and slashes him down the middle, and he immediately wakes up as the sun rises. As he regains The Almighty, Yhwach remarks that his dream was so wonderful it could have been a nightmare.

Down below, Haschwalth redirects a Heilig Pfeil that Uryū shot at him and remarks that it is morning already. Uryū states that the Sternritter missed his chance to take him down before the sun rose, but Haschwalth is incredulous at the statement, stating that the blood-soaked Uryū is a tamed animal drenched in blood. However, Haschwalth says that his plan to take Uryū out before morning was miscalculated, as his powers are better suited for combat than Yhwach's, and he fires a blast of energy from his sword at Uryū.

Meanwhile, Ichigo and Orihime approach the doors to the throne room, and they sense Yhwach's spiritual energy. Ichigo tells Orihime that she will be his defense and tells her not to let him down, and she agrees in surprise. Orihime is happy that she is now able to fight with Ichigo and protect him as they enter the throne room, and Yhwach greets Ichigo, saying that he had been patiently waiting for the arrival of his "son of darkness."

Characters in order of appearance:

673. Father

Ichigo begins battling Yhwach.

The cover page of 673. Father.

As they ascend the rubble, Rukia and Renji are startled by a barrage of energy and see Gerard towering above them in his new form, prompting Renji to wonder what he is. When Hitsugaya warns them to tread carefully because Gerard is far more powerful now than he was when they faced him, a confused Renji wonders who he is, leading Rukia to claim that he must be Hitsugaya's older brother, to Byakuya's bemusement. Suddenly, the Shinigami and Uryū look toward the central palace of Wahrwelt as they sense Ichigo confronting Yhwach.

Meanwhile, Ichigo stands before Yhwach, who notes that Ichigo's newly-attained true power is causing his Reiatsu to become visible around him before revealing that he is not using The Almighty to predict Ichigo's moves because he wants to savor this reunion. When Yhwach claims that Isshin Kurosaki was merely a surrogate father for him, Ichigo decries him being his parent because he is the one who killed Masaki Kurosaki. As Yhwach claims Ichigo is still a petulant brat, Ichigo leaps toward him and fires a Getsuga Tenshō, which Yhwach blocks with a torrent of black energy that attacks Ichigo, prompting Orihime to block it with Santen Kesshun. When the energy pushes past the barrier, Ichigo cuts through it with his shorter sword before leaping toward Yhwach once more, only for the energy to stop his assault as Yhwach claims that Masaki died so he could create Ichigo. Proclaiming that Ichigo should not sulk because there is no greater honor than this, Yhwach flings him into a wall before standing up as he prepares to demonstrate his true power.

Characters in order of appearance:

674. Father 2

As Ichigo continues to fight Yhwach, Byakuya sends Rukia and Renji to assist him. Meanwhile, Ryūken Ishida and Isshin Kurosaki arrive in Wahrwelt.

The cover pages of 674. Father 2.

As Ichigo emerges from the wall he was thrown into and charges at Yhwach again, Yhwach himself decides to display his power and begins assaulting Ichigo with black energy, while asking him to stop rushing this fight. Noting that it took a lot of effort to create Ichigo and claiming that his power never belonged to him alone, Yhwach tells Ichigo to release all of his power and die so it can return to him.

Meanwhile, as Rukia and Renji make their way through the battlefield, Gerard swipes at them with his hand. However, Byakuya grabs and moves the two of them to a safer location before telling them to join Ichigo, whom he points out is on Yhwach's level of power. Blocking an incoming strike from Gerard with his Bankai, Byakuya claims that he merely does not need their help here, prompting Rukia and Renji to thank him before leaving. Byakuya leaps down next to Hitsugaya, who states that Rukia and Renji saw the underlying concern in Byakuya's order before explaining how Shinigami who attended the Shin'o Academy were taught to fight for their friends and humans, rather than for their superiors or families, to the best of their abilities, and that Rukia and Renji are Ichigo's close friends while the two of them are merely his acquaintances, making it more appropriate to fight alongside him.

On one of the lower floors of the castle, Haschwalth claims that all people divide their experiences onto a scale that makes up who they are as he stands over an incapacitated Uryū. Noting that he cannot see the real Uryū, Haschwalth asks him if his earnest desire is really to risk his life for selfish Humans, only for Uryū to claim that he cannot tell Haschwalth who the real him is until all of the Wandenreich are dead as he forms a new bow.

Elsewhere, as they arrive using a Gate of the Sun, Ryūken and Isshin discuss how Sōken Ishida used the same portal to escape when he was exiled decades ago, with Isshin criticizing Ryūken's slandering of his own father.

Characters in order of appearance:

Author's Notes

Volume 73 Intro Image.png
The motifs of the top four Quincies are based on different eras of war: ancient, medieval, modern, and current.

The reason I can base them on this is because we are now in peacetime.

-Tite Kubo


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