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Auswählen (聖別 (アウスヴェーレン), Ausuvēren; German for "Select", Japanese for "Holy Selection"; Viz "Consecration") is a unique technique used by Yhwach.


As an extension of his ability to distribute pieces of his soul to others, Yhwach can forcibly take the power of other Quincy; 9 years ago, he used this technique to regain his power during his revival. After selecting Quincy whom he deems impure, including those with mixed blood, Yhwach can steal their powers and make them his own. This process is fatal to its victims, particularly those who are already weak.[1]

The Auswählen takes the form of a beam of light engulfing its target.

The true nature of Auswählen, however, is power redistribution; the power of the Quincy deemed to be useless is collected and redistributed to the ones who need it, and those that it is given to are reborn stronger; after being revived, Lille Barro had a weaker form of his Quincy: Vollständig automatically activated and gained access to the true power of The X-Axis.[2] Yhwach can use Auswählen to revive fallen Quincy by stealing the powers and life of other Quincy, which he does by engulfing his targets in massive columns of light while his hands glow with light; Quincy targeted in this manner have their powers stolen even if they manage to avoid the light.[3]

Yhwach briefly loses his powers upon making contact with the Still Silver produced by Auswählen.

Despite some Quincy dying instantly upon impact,[4] others have managed to survive having their powers absorbed.[5] Any Quincy who is targeted by Auswählen as a sacrifice but manages to evade direct contact with its light will still be stripped of their ability to use Quincy: Vollständig.[6] The Quincy who are targeted by the Auswählen have a clot formed in their heart made of Still Silver (静止の銀, Seishi no Gin; Viz "Silver of Stillness"),[7] which is what kills them if their flesh is not completely stripped from their bones by the light.[8] However, if this silver makes contact with Yhwach's blood, Yhwach briefly loses all his powers.[7]

The Auswählen transfers not physical accumulations of Reishi, but pure energy. As such, even Kirio Hikifune's Cage of Life, which blocks all spiritual matter, cannot prevent its use.[2]


Quincy Victims
Name Name Name Name
Masaki Kurosaki Kanae Katagiri Robert Accutrone Liltotto Lamperd
Bazz-B Giselle Gewelle Meninas McAllon Candice Catnipp
NaNaNa Najahkoop Jugram Haschwalth Gerard Valkyrie


  • Uryū Ishida is the only Gemischt Quincy to have survived the Auswählen nine years ago[9] and completely retained his powers.[10]


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