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Asuka Katakura (片倉 飛鳥, Katakura Asuka) was the 6th Seat of the 3rd Division of the Gotei 13.[1] His captain was Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi.


Asuka has shoulder length, black hair, formed into a bang on the right side of his face. Under his Shinigami robes, Asuka sports a white shirt and a collar.


The Thousand-Year Blood War arc

Bazz-B kills Asuka and Taketsuna.

Along with Lieutenant Izuru Kira and his fellow Third Division officers, he is present near the base of one of the pillars of blue flame created by the Wandenreich. When Taketsuna Gori complains that he is tired of waiting and hopes that the enemy emerges soon, Asuka criticizes him. After a member of the Reishi Investigation Team tells them there is a Quincy inside the flame, Izuru orders them to attack. However, Izuru is heavily wounded before he can do anything. Third Seat Rikū Togakushi orders the remaining Shinigami to use their Shikai to attack. Asuka quickly releases his Shikai, but is immediately overpowered and was slammed head first into the ground by the Wandenreich member.[2]

Powers & Abilities


Katakage (片陰, One-Sided Shadow; Viz "Summer Shade"): Although largely unseen, in its sealed form, it appears to resemble a normal katana with a rectangular tsuba.[3]

  • Shikai: Its release command is "Drown Out" (打消せ, uchikese). While almost entirely obscured, upon activation, the blade forks into two distinct prongs near the sword's tsuba.[3]


  • Like his fellow Third Division seated officers — Rikū Togakushi and Taketsuna Gori — the name of Asuka's Zanpakutō is a poetic, seasonal word. "Katakage" (片陰, One-Sided Shadow) is a term used to describe to "(place in the) shade" from the sun, especially on summer evenings.


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