Assault on Trip at Sacred Ground!
Kanji ぶらり霊場突撃の旅!
Romanji Burari reiba totsugeki no tabi!
Episode Number 10
Manga Chapters Chapter 27, Chapter 28, Chapter 29, Chapter 30, Chapter 31, Chapter 32
Arc Agent of the Shinigami arc
Previous Episode Unbeatable Enemy
Next Episode The Legendary Quincy
Japanese December 7, 2004
English November 11, 2006
Theme Music
Opening *~Asterisk~
Ending Life is Like a Boat
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Assault on Trip at Sacred Ground! is the tenth episode of the Bleach anime.

Ichigo Kurosaki battles against a Hollow after going to Don Kanonji's show with the rest of his family.



Don Kanonji arrives.

In Karakura Town, at a condemned hospital, large television sets have been set up with a large crowd watching as the broadcast announcer introduces them to the show, hinting that you can hear the screams of the angry spirits. He then announces the arrival of the host, Don Kanonji, who jumps down from above, leaping out of a helicopter, shouting his catchphrase: "The Spirits are always with you". He glides towards the stage before a parachute and the television titles for the show appear.


Tatsuki stops Orihime.

At Karakura High School, Orihime Inoue greets Ichigo as he enters the classroom with her arms crossed across her chest, bellowing a loud, awkward "Bwahahaha!!". Ichigo's startled and perturbed expression tells her instantly that Ichigo is not "in" on the news, but Ichigo takes a guess at what the fuss is about, mumbling "Drop-in?", with a lack of enthusiasm. Orihime smiles, exclaiming what a great show it is and invites him to watch it with her. Tatsuki Arisawa interrupts her excitement, catching her arms above her head, tell her to calm down. Shocked, Orihime stares at her friend before allowing Tatsuki to push her away from Ichigo, insisting that she watch the show with her instead.


Ichigo's friends greet him.

As they leave, Ichigo barely watches as they go, his expression still somewhat stunned and confused by what has just taken place. Still standing at the classroom door, his male friends approach him from behind, with Keigo Asano calling out his name to get his attention. Ichigo turns from the classroom to find Keigo, Yasutora Sado, and Mizuiro Kojima greeting him in exactly the same fashion as Orihime had, leaving Ichigo completely dumbfounded. Sado holds his hands in that same way, however, he does not participate in the "Bwahahaha" that the other two act out after introducing themselves excitedly.


Ichigo tells Keigo go.

After this, Ichigo is standing by the classroom window as he is approached by Keigo, who demands to know what he means when he says he is not going to the show. Keigo maintains that the show is the most popular show in Japan and that Ichigo has to come with them. He insists that since it is coming to Karakura Town to be shot live, for if a resident of the town not to go to such a special event, they might as well be dead. Ichigo insists that he is fine being a zombie before motioning for Keigo to get away from him and leave him alone.


Rukia acts embarrassed.

Refusing to give up, Keigo recoils before smiling brightly, excitedly informing Ichigo that he has to go, since he invited Rukia Kuchiki as well, swinging round to find Rukia standing behind him, acting like a polite student, bowing before him, asking him how he is. Ichigo sweats a little before Keigo asks Rukia to imitate him doing the "Bwahaha" pose, but Rukia sweetly refuses to do so, insisting that she would be just too embarrassed to do it. As Keigo tries to encourage her some more, Ichigo mentally notes that Rukia's number of personalities she acts everyday is gradually expanding over time.


The crowd joins in.

Ichigo finds himself in the crowd at the event, feeling bemused by the fact that he is there. On stage, Don Kanonji asks the crowd how they are all feeling, maintaining that tonight he would allow all of them to hear the whispers of the spirits. A nearby reporter asks him what he thinks of their location, and Don replies that his nose is filled with the scent of horrible spirits. The crowd then choruses in on cue that it "Smells like bad spirits!" Don follows this up by bellowing "Bwahahaha" which the crowd follows his lead and also bellow it in an animated fashion. Smoke then begins to cover the stage as it is announced that the television show is taking a commercial break.


Orihime apologizes to Ichigo.

Ichigo declares then that he despises Ghost Shows. Stagehands begin directing the people towards the area the supposed exorcism is going to take place, insisting they follow the officials. Orihime approaches Ichigo and apologizes for how she greeted him several days ago in school. She informs him that Tatsuki has told her now that Ichigo has never liked Ghost Shows. Ichigo tells her that she doesn't need to apologize especially since his friends are well aware of his dislike for the shows and yet they still continue to make those bellows around him and behave like that.


Yuzu and Isshin at the event.

Orihime reminds him that despite his dislike of the shows, he still came to the event anyway and asks why he has done so. He informs her that his little sister, Yuzu Kurosaki, and his father, Isshin Kurosaki, are both huge fans of the show, pointing towards them, where they are excitedly mimicking the "Bwahaha" together with Karin Kurosaki looking bored beside them. Orihime asks if that's the reason he came and Ichigo confirms this stating that it would be a bit sad to let them come on their own. Orihime smiles and tells Ichigo that he is nice, but he refutes that his actions are merely normal. For a moment, she doesn't say anything before softly agreeing with him that it was normal.


Orihime waves for Tatsuki.

Suddenly, Tatsuki calls out to her and she replies, running off to regroup with her friend. Ichigo is then approached by Rukia, who asks him what is wrong before doing the "Bwahaha" pose and freaking him out. She asks him what is wrong, stating that he should relax or else he will miss out on all the fun and stop being so grumpy. Ichigo admonishes her, insisting that this was his normal expression. Rukia maintains he is wound up after juggling school work with Shinigami work, and he should take the chance to relax and have fun while he can before even tougher battles are upon them. Ichigo moves to ask Rukia something, but she interrupts asking what type of festival they are attending. Ichigo loses his cool, demanding to know why she would attend something she knows nothing about.


Ichigo and Rukia watch.

As they watch what's going on together, Ichigo ponders aloud if there are really spirits in the hospital. He asks Rukia whether the Shinigami would have put them to rest. She explains that they might not have, because the ghosts would have been earth-bound ghosts, which are usually absorbed into the ground. She states these types of spirits almost never show up on Soul Society's sensors. She further explains that there is only one reason for earth-bound ghosts to show themselves: when a Human enters their territory. At that same instant, a cameraman takes one wrong step closer onto the hospital grounds and a long cry is heard in the distance.


Tatsuki glances at Orihime, worried.

Sado, Orihime, Tatsuki, and Karin all pick up the sound of the deep wail coming from the hospital, and it makes them all uneasy. Sado asks Keigo and Mizuiro whether or not they heard the noise, but both of them deny it, with Keigo chiding Sado for trying to freak him out. Mizuiro suggests that it might have been Sado's imagination, given the event they are currently attending. Although still uneasy, Sado reluctantly agrees with him. Standing with her family, Karin mumbles that she should have stayed at home, causing Isshin to inquire about her state of mind. Karin smiles mockingly stating that everything is fine. Both Orihime and Tatsuki look worriedly at each other.


The Demi-Hollow's incomplete hole.

Rukia informs Ichigo that the cry is clearly from an earth-bound ghost, acknowledging that the event was actually taking place where a spirit had taken root. Ichigo is surprised by this, as he thought it was the scream of a Hollow, but Rukia explains the difference to him. She elaborates that earth-bound cries, while like Hollow cries, are made by souls attached to areas that are being neglected and thus they degrade into Hollows the longer the area is neglected. Thus, Ichigo realizes he is on his way to becoming a Hollow, and is currently a Demi-Hollow. He notices that it does not have a mask and that its hole is not fully opened.


Rukia explains about the nature of Demi-Hollows.

Rukia tells him that the hole in a Hollow's chest is a mark that they have lost their heart and live purely on instinct. The white mask protects that instinct from the physical world, insisting that neither mask nor hole are necessary when one has a heart. She also explains that when a person dies, their spiritual chains to the body are severed and they usually linger, waiting for a Shinigami's guidance to lead them to Soul Society. However, those who have regrets in the world are chained down by the objects of those regrets. Rukia states that this ghost's heart is imprisoned within the hospital. The ghost begins yelling that the hospital is his; he will not let anyone have it and will keep them out. He then goes on to state that it will make him a millionaire, causing Ichigo to observe that the Ghost is very shallow.


Kanonji stimulates the Spirit's growing Hollow hole.

The lights dim, and Rukia explains there's nothing to worry about, because it takes months and months for a ghost to become a Hollow. She explains that the ghost would be screaming and writhing in pain if they are about to turn into a Hollow, but this ghost hospital looked just fine. She also tells Ichigo that so long as the ghost doesn't receive any strange stimuli to the hole on his chest, it would take at least 6 months for the transformation. The brilliant Don Kanonji begins his exorcism, wielding a "Super Spirit Stick", which he plunges into the ghost's chest hole, causing him severe pain. Ichigo runs over to the set, yelling at Kanonji to stop, as he is speeding up the transformation process, but he is tackled by security. Rukia is also tackled when she offers to change him into a Shinigami with her glove.


The Ghost's chains snap.

The ghost cries fiercely and the chains on him break. Suddenly, Ichigo's Shinigami form is expelled. Kisuke Urahara, who was responsible for releasing him, and Tessai Tsukabishi show up, telling him to hurry up and stop the transformation. Ichigo darts in front of Don Kanonji, who is able to see him, telling him to stop. But the ghost is already crying in fury and smoke erupts everywhere. The ghost vanishes. The crowds cry in excitement, thinking that Don successfully expelled the spirit, but it reappears on the roof of the hospital as a full-fledged Hollow.


Ichigo fends off the Hollow.

Don Kanonji pushes Ichigo out of the way, proclaiming that he will fend off the dangerous spirit, whom he thinks is the "boss" of the spirit he defeated which has come to seek revenge. Ichigo interferes and they both insist that the other run away. The Hollow runs down the side of the abandoned hospital and moves to attack Kanonji, but Ichigo gets in between them and parries his attack. Again, Kanonji insists that Ichigo run away, but Ichigo strongly reiterates that he is the one who should flee. His insistence greatly confuses Kanonji as he can't seem to fathom why a random teenager is interfering in his exorcism and trying to protect him when he believes it should be the other way around.


Ichigo drags Kanonji away from the Hollow.

Observing the fight from the sidelines, Urahara comments on Ichigo and his fighting style. He maintains that it is just as he thought, regarding the new Hollow, but asserts that it has taken place in the worst possible scenario. He watches Ichigo eagerly, wondering what he will do now. The Hollow runs at Kanonji, trying to attack him once more. The medium intends to stand his ground, but at the last moment Ichigo swings in front of the Hollow, grabs Kanonji's stick and pulls him out of the way. The Hollow then crashes into the hospital wall. Kanonji tries to capitalize on the Hollow being stuck, but Ichigo drags him into the hospital. Meanwhile, the cameras are still rolling with Kanonji being dragged by something invisible, with the announcer wondering what the entity is.


Urahara advises Rukia.

Inspecting his decision to flee into the building, Urahara implies that he knows the type of fight Ichigo is intending to have. Worried, Rukia moves to run after her friend, but from behind her, Urahara grabs her shoulder and informs her that it will be alright, as the Hollow is not strong enough to cause Ichigo problems. She tries to protest, but Urahara asserts that it would not be good for the ruckus to get any bigger in the current atmosphere. He also advises her that Don Kanonji also seems to have some powers as well, so overall they should leave the situation to them to take care of.


Ichigo stops Kanonji from returning.

Inside the hospital hallways, Ichigo is still dragging Kanonji away from the Hollow and the medium demands to know why. Ichigo reminds him that he said to run away, but Kanonji insists that he meant for Ichigo to run away and that it is not something he can do. Ichigo flings him against a wall and demands to know why he should run and let Kanonji stay. The medium states that he is a hero because one in four people in Japan are watching him in the ratings and for those children they need to see his courage and not cowardice. He goes to return to the event, but Ichigo grabs him and asserts that to do so will be putting the bystanders at risk of being hurt.


Ichigo's blade gets lodged.

Ichigo advises Kanonji that the Hollow will stay away from the spectators because it will be hunting them due to their higher than usual Reiatsu so it is best the keep away from the audience to stop them from getting hurt. Kanonji appears to be very impressed with Ichigo's deductions in battle and in strategy. He moves to say something, but Ichigo quietens his next words by signalling that the Hollow has discovered them. The Hollow bursts through the floor, demanding to be fed, so Ichigo swings his Zanpakutō to attack it, but the large weapon is caught in the wall beside him, becoming wedged in. Struggling, Ichigo manages to finally free the weapon, but acknowledges that the space is too cramped to swing his sword effectively.


Ichigo injures the Hollow.

The Hollow attacks him then, spitting out a green goo that solidifies on Ichigo's hands and wrists, sticking them to the weapon. Ichigo starts to panic, flinging his arms in various directions in a manic fashion trying to release them. The Hollow moves to bite him so Ichigo swings to defend himself. The multiple hindrances to his attacking efficiency mean that he's only able to strike the Hollow on its left shoulder, his aiming efficiency being greatly reduced. The Zanpakutō blade becomes lodged in the beast's shoulder so, as the Hollow climbs out the window and onto the roof following his injury, Ichigo is dragged with him.


Don saves a trapped Ichigo.

The Hollow attacks again, but Ichigo is able to evade his mouth, rolling away with his hands still bound. As the two stare each other down, Don Kanonji arrives and interrupts their battle asking whether Ichigo is alright. Ichigo is stunned by his interruption, despite his warnings. The Hollow moves to attack Kanonji so Ichigo moves to defend him, but he is ineffective as the Hollow smashes him against the railing on the roof. He is then hit with more goo, from another Hollow attack, effectively sealing him to the damaged fence behind him. The Hollow moves to attack, but Ichigo is saved by Kanonji who lodges his cane inside the Hollow's mouth, halting its advance.


Don uses his Kanon ball to free Ichigo from the goo.

The medium informs Ichigo that he too has some power that is often the difference between himself and his enemies. Inspired by Ichigo's consideration of others, he uses his "Kanonji-ryuu Final Super Attack: Kanon ball". After a somewhat impressive show of light, a tiny, bumbling ball of energy slowly approaches the dubious Ichigo. The light then, much to Ichigo's bewildered surprise, lands on the green goo and makes it explode. During this time, the Hollow breaks Don's Spirit Stick in half and whacks him aside. Don feels his purpose in life is still achieved so long as he didn't run, teaching them what it means to be courageous. He tells Ichigo to make it a good one before collapsing upon the roof.


Ichigo defeats the Hollow.

Ichigo takes advantage of his new found freedom and attacks the Hollow. He slices it effectively down the middle of its white mask; defeating it in one blow. Kanonji dances giddily around him, as he quickly recuperates, saying how great Ichigo is. Ichigo asserts that Kanonji should not be giddy at a time like this. The medium disagrees with him, insisting since he has defeated the monster, Ichigo should be getting more merry due to the good news.


The purified earth-bound Spirit is revealed to Kanonji.

But Ichigo watches the Hollow body with a serious expression, as the Hollow exterior crumbles away and reveals the earth-bound ghost that Kanonji had thought he expelled from earlier. Kanonji recognizes the ghost and is horrified. Ichigo explains what had happened, telling him how his actions provoked its advanced transformation into a Hollow. Don Kanonji is grieved by a lifetime of failures, because he had not understood what he had been doing. Ichigo tells him to go back to his earnest crowd and continue being the hero that he had prided himself on being. Don Kanonji thanks him for everything, for inspiring him with his strength, wit and bravery. The two shake hands and Kanonji promises to make Ichigo his number one pupil, an offer which Ichigo, with a horrified look, calls a demotion.

Next Episode Preview

As Ichigo attempts to give a serious summary of the next episode about him and Rukia confronting a mysterious adversary who has been exterminating Hollows before they can reach them, Don Kanonji introduces himself in the background and performs his signature "Bohahaha!" before asking everyone to do so along with him, prompting Ichigo to demand that he shut up.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Orihime Inoue
  2. Ichigo Kurosaki
  3. Tatsuki Arisawa
  4. Keigo Asano
  5. Mizuiro Kojima
  6. Yasutora Sado
  7. Rukia Kuchiki
  8. Don Kanonji
  9. Karin Kurosaki
  10. Yuzu Kurosaki
  11. Isshin Kurosaki
  12. Fishbone D (flashback)
  13. Shrieker (flashback)
  14. Acidwire (flashback)
  15. Hexapodus (flashback)
  16. Kisuke Urahara
  17. Tessai Tsukabishi
  18. The Demi-Hollow


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