Arrancar Encyclopedia
Kanji アランカル大百科
Romaji Arankaru Daihyakka
Host Gin Ichimaru
Type Information Corner
Episode Span Episode 125 to Episode 307

The Arrancar Encyclopedia (アランカル大百科, arankaru daihyakka), sometimes called "Arrancar Research Time", is an omake section at the end of some of the episodes.


The Arrancar Encyclopedia provides extra information about the Arrancar and subjects related to them, such as Resurrección, Hueco Mundo, Sonído, and Menos Grande population. It is hosted by Gin Ichimaru, although there are occasionally guest hosts such as Ichigo Kurosaki, Dondochakka Birstanne and Kaname Tōsen.

The show typically begins with Gin revealing the segment's topic. He then proceeds to go into detail with that subject, but is usually interrupted by another character, after which they or he makes a joke, bringing the episode to an end. The show has had many guests, with at least one for every episode.


The Arrancar Encyclopedia appears after the following episodes (guest characters in parenthesis):


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