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All Colour But The Black (published as The Art of Bleach by Viz Media) is a compilation of a selection of color spreads from the first 19 volumes of the Bleach manga, as well as some original art and author commentary. In addition, the book contains recreations of the chapter covers that showed each of the Gotei 13 captains present at the beginning of the Soul Society Arc.

List Of Content

  • Redrawn color spreads from the first 19 volumes
  • Original drawings for DVD jacket, posters and calendar covers
  • Covers and posters drawn for Akamaru Jump
  • Original artwork drawn for the book
  • Selection of drawings used for Shonen Jump magazine covers
  • Opening pages for all captains
  • Commentary from Tite Kubo

Sample of Content

Redrawn covers for Captains
ACBTBGin.png ACBTBByakuya.png ACBTBKomamura.png ACBTBKenpachi.png
Gin Ichimaru Byakuya Kuchiki Sajin Komamura Kenpachi Zaraki
An opening page of all the captains. Writing all the letters in the back with a brush was fun. I've never studied Shodo or anything, so... yeah (laughs), but it's always fun to write with a brush. I just drew Komamura since there wasn't one of him before.

Drawings made for Akamaru Jump
ACBTBAkamaru Jump 2004 Poster.png ACBTBAkamaru Jump Summer 2003 Cover.png ACBTBAkamaru Jump Winter 2004 Cover.png
Summer 2004 Commemorative Poster Summer 2003 Cover Winter 2004 Supplemental Volume Cover
This is a poster drawn to commemorate Bleach becoming an anime. "TURN OFF THE RADIO AND TURN ON THE TV" are written on his wristband and belt The Akamaru cover from the early part of the Soul Society arc. All the captains that fought with Ichigo are reflected in Zangetsu...but then, why is Mayuri there? I think I drew him in because I like how he looks. An alternative version of the volume 11 jacket featuring Renji, included as a supplement to Akamaru. This is a rare picture because it's a color version of Renji with his hair down.

Redrawn Covers, Posters and Spreads
ACBTB13 Captains.png A poster with all of the captains gathered. Ukitake who hadn't yet debuted, faces the back and Aizen, who is about to die, has his eyes closed. At this time I never thought that Hitsugaya would become so popular...Well, since he fights with Aizen at the end of the Soul Society arc, it probably would've been rough if he wasn't popular.
Gotei 13 Captains
ACBTBLieutenants.png I really liked the opening and ending scenes of the 2nd Bleach rock musical "The Dark of the Bleeding Moon" where everyone sings the title song, so I drew this based on one of the scenes in that. Nanao's and Nemu's Zanpakutōs make their first appearances here.
Gotei 13 Lieutenants
193Color pages 4-5.png This is the first time in my life I drew a beach/swimsuit picture. It was tons of fun!! Swimsuits are nice, huh? It was fun thinking of swimsuits that would go with each character. Nemu is small so I don't think you can tell, but for her I thought, "what is the most perverted swimsuit for an adult to wear", and decided on a schoolgirl's swimsuit. Kūkaku's bottoms are a loin cloth. I think the #1 highlight is Soifon, who is forced by Yoruichi to hold some watermelon, and is supporting a piece with her chest so that it doesn't fall. Also, Nanao has lost her top and is hanging her head, and Nemu is proudly displaying it.
Women of Bleach
ACBTBVolume 13 Cover Comparison.png The Kenpachi volume 13 cover that seems to be famous among fans. At first, I drew it covered in blood, but then I was told, "These are going to be laying out in a bookstore! Restrain yourself, dumbass!!", and I tearfully drew another. Now if I look at it, I think, "Ah, if an elementary school student saw this, they might be taken aback", but when I was drawing this, I was oblivious to that sort of thing (laughs).
THE UNDEAD - Kenpachi Zaraki
ACBTBCover.png I drew the crows here because my new residence is near a stupidly huge graveyard and the crows are constantly flapping over to my balcony. Renji's jacket has a Dolce Gabbana look and feel. Ichigo's belt is modeled after the one I am using now. I really like Ichigo's bangs.
The Cover of this Book