Race Arrancar
Gender Male
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Rebel group formed by him, Patros, and Menis
Previous Partner Patros and Menis
Resurrección Jabalí
First Appearance
Anime Episode 136
Japanese Kenta Miyake
English Phineas Willow
Spanish N/A

Aldegor (アルデゴル, Arudegoru) is an Arrancar who sides with Patros in his plan to dethrone Sōsuke Aizen.[1]


Aldegor is a tall and bulky Arrancar. He has black spiked up hair, teal eyes, and his outfit consists of the standard Arrancar blouse and his Hollow mask remnant is a skull with a bull-like horn that covers the upper-left quarter of his face.


Aldegor is bullish and arrogant, though not sadistic like his partner Menis. He hates to drag fights out and therefore released so he could kill the Shinigami quickly.


Arrancar arc

Aldegor sides with Patros in his plan to steal the Hōgyoku when Ulquiorra Cifer shows up to stop them, but Menis attacks him from behind and Aldegor stabs him as he turns around. After the three leave him for dead (not knowing that it was Aizen's Zanpakutō disguised as Ulquiorra), they head over to the Human World. While Patros takes off to find Kisuke Urahara, Menis and Aldegor engage in battle. Aldegor releases his Zanpakutō and takes on Ikkaku Madarame, while Yumichika Ayasegawa complains on not getting his turn.[1]

After losing and running away from battle, he meets back with Patros, only to die from his injuries. With his last words, he regrets having joined Patros in his rebellion.[2]

Powers & Abilities

Sonído: Aldegor used Sonído when he attacked the fake Ulquiorra in Las Noches.[1]

Spiritual Power: Being an Arrancar, Aldegor has a good amount of spiritual power. His Reiatsu is yellow. [1]


Jabalí (ハバリー, Habarī; Spanish for "Boar"): Aldegor's Zanpakutō looks like a normal katana, but with a long pink handle and a flower patterned guard.


Aldegor in his released form.

  • Resurrección: It is released with the command "Get them" (掛かれ, kakare; "Freeze" in the English Dub). In his released form, Aldegor's upper body and arms are all covered in armor. His mask remnant is replaced by a lower jaw positioned in front of his neck, leaving his face uncovered. Aldegor grows six hinged appendages from his back, which are used for both defense and attacking.[1] He is also able to roll himself up in these appendages and attack his enemy in the form of a fast-moving sphere.[2]


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