Absolute Dragon Shatter
BTWAbsolute Dragon Shutter.png
Kanji 対竜絶対殺害砲 (アブソリュート・ドラゴン・シャッター)
Rōmaji Abusoryūto Doragon Shattā
English Japanese for "Anti-Dragon Absolute Murder Gun"
Technique Statistics
Type Magic
Used By Noel Niihashi

Absolute Dragon Shatter (対竜絶対殺害砲 (アブソリュート・ドラゴン・シャッター), Abusoryūto Doragon Shattā; Japanese for "Anti-Dragon Absolute Murder Gun") is a technique used by Noel Niihashi.


Aiming at her target with her gun in one hand and bracing her arm with the other, Noel fires a powerful shot that blows her target to pieces, killing them.[1]


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