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AGAINST THE JUDGEMENT is the sixty-ninth volume of the Bleach manga series.

Publisher's summary

With the death of the Soul King at the hands of the Quincy King Yhwach, the world starts to crumble. Shinigami Captain-Commander Shunsui Kyōraku enlists Sōsuke Aizen to help in the war against the Quincy, but is relying on a traitor a wise move? And as Ichigo Kurosaki heads toward Yhwach, he runs into an unexpected figure!

Bleach All Stars

藍染 惣右介
Sōsuke Aizen
Ch515Pg17KyorakuCharaPic.png 黒崎 一護
Ichigo Kurosaki
Ep279AizenCharaPic.png 京楽 春水
Shunsui Kyōraku

Chap507Pg9YwachCharaPic.png ユーグラム・ハッシュヴァルト
Jugram Haschwalth
Ch547Pg13JugramCharaPic.png バズビー


623. Against The Judgement

Aizen fails to bring down the palace, but some of the remaining Sternritter show up to help the Shinigami.


The cover pages of 623. Against The Judgement.

Aizen's Reiatsu surges through the veil of darkness covering the Shakonmaku, to the shock of those around him, but suddenly dissipates as Shunsui reveals it is impossible for him to bring down the palace because of the tremendous restraints on his power, which Mayuri explains are only there because they cannot kill Aizen and thus shut off his supply of Reiatsu. Aizen prepares to test the limits of Mayuri's technology, but is interrupted when NaNaNa Najahkoop appears and uses The Underbelly to analyze his Reiatsu and attack him. However, Aizen remains conscious as Bazz-B, Liltotto, and Giselle arrive behind NaNaNa, who claims they cannot let the Shinigami interrupt Yhwach. Upon learning that the Reiatsu in the orbs has been depleted, Shunsui notes they will have to fight as several zombified Shinigami appear nearby. When asked if the Sternritter are not going to help them, NaNaNa confirms this and prepares to paralyze the remaining Shinigami, but is interrupted when Bazz-B shoots him through the chest with Burner Finger 1. Bazz-B reveals he and the other Sternritter will help the Shinigami make the door in return for being taken to the palace so they can kill Yhwach.

Characters in order of appearance:


The Shinigami and Sternritter prepare to travel to the palace as Ichigo and his friends receive help from an unexpected ally.


The cover page of 624. THE FANG.

Aizen recovers from having his Reiatsu dispersed by NaNaNa, prompting Shunsui to note he still cannot move. After noting that NaNaNa's attack only managed to keep Aizen down for five minutes, Shunsui tells Aizen to stay here until they have the doors prepared, prompting Aizen to note that the ones who stopped him will be entering the palace before he can before stating Ichigo is a man who is very hard to forgive.

Meanwhile, in one of the cities surrounding the Soul King Palace, Ichigo is kicked awake by Yoruichi and, after coughing up blood, wonders why he is the only one who passed out. In the past, Ichigo manages to stop and crush Uryū's Heilig Pfeil as Orihime catches him, herself, Ganju, and Sado with Santen Kesshun. Suddenly, black arrows embed themselves into Orihime's shield as Yoruichi, having lost her left arm, prepares to pull them up. However, she is interrupted when Kon bursts out of Ichigo's pocket in his muscular body, causing Ichigo to fall unconscious.

In the present, an angered Ichigo grabs Kon by the head and begins tormenting him, only to stop when Yoruichi, with her arm restored by Orihime, asks the group if it is time for their revenge. As Ichigo wonders how they will get up there, Yoruichi tells someone to come out, prompting a Garganta to open nearby, revealing Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez inside.

Characters in order of appearance:


Ichigo meets several old allies as Yhwach fully absorbs the Soul King.


The cover page of 625. LIVING JAGUAR.

Grimmjow greets Ichigo and leaps out of the Garganta before noting the scars he gave Ichigo have already healed. Drawing his sword, Grimmjow claims he has been waiting for all this time to get some payback as Ichigo picks up Zangetsu, but they are interrupted when Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck leaps over Grimmjow and tackles Ichigo. Nelliel explains that Urahara made her an armband that allows her to transform into her adult form at will as Sado assures Orihime that Urahara is just doing his part. When Grimmjow berates her for being in the way, Nelliel tells him that she does not have to take orders from a lower-ranked Espada like him, prompting Grimmjow to challenge her to prove she deserves the rank of #3 more than he does. However, they are interrupted when a voice tells them to enter a nearby black box.

As Ichigo ascends the stairs to the box, he is greeted by Riruka Dokugamine, the source of the voice, and Yukio Hans Vorarlberna, who points out that the box is one of his abilities. After everyone enters, Yukio locks the box as Ichigo demands that Yoruichi explain everything to him. Yoruichi decides to move on to some images and explains that the Soul Society and the Human World are connected by the Dangai before revealing that there are pockets known as the Valley of Screams where escaped souls gather. Noting that the Garganta fills these voids, Yoruichi explains how these have been used as storage spaces before revealing that Urahara sought out Riruka and Yukio for their unique abilities in order to create a space that could move between realms and space, which will allow them to sneak into the palace for a surprise attack.

Meanwhile, in the palace, Lille asks his fellow Schutzstaffel if it is alright for them to simply sit around like this, only for Askin to point out that they probably cannot get near Yhwach without being swallowed up as well. As Gerard assures Uryū that Yhwach will become even more powerful than before, Yhwach stands near the empty halves of the Soul King's cocoon, having completely absorbed him.

Characters in order of appearance:


Ichigo's group begins moving toward the palace as Yhwach decides to create a new country for the Quincy.


The cover pages of 626. THE HOLY NEWBORN.

The modified Valley of Screams begins moving along the rails as Yoruichi explains how they can move into the palace because she put a nail down while the barrier around the Soul King was collapsing. When Sado asks her what powers Pernida Parnkgjas has, Yoruichi admits that she only knows it managed to break her arm and cautions them to not go near it. Orihime notes they probably should have asked Ichibē Hyōsube about the abilities of the Quincy he and the other Royal Guard faced, but Riruka tells her to shut up because there is no point in getting depressed over something that happened so long ago. When Ichigo asks him why he joined them, Grimmjow claims he is not on their side before pointing out how there will be no place left to fight Ichigo if Yhwach destroys everything.

Meanwhile, in the palace, Haschwalth notes that Yhwach has absorbed every part of the Soul King and that a new world awaits them from now on. In the Soul King's chambers, Yhwach stands with darkness spreading over the floor as Uryū and the Sternritter enter the room. As Askin wonders what the darkness is, Yhwach turns around to reveal several eyes covering the upper half of his face, startling the Schutzstaffel. When Askin backs up, Haschwalth stops him as Yhwach wonders if they are afraid of him. Yhwach admits that he never expected to have this much power as the upper half of the palace shatters, leaving the Sternritter to grab onto pieces of rubble. However, Haschwalth remains before Yhwach and notes that the world will likely no longer exist without him. Addressing Haschwalth as his firstborn, Yhwach declares they will build a country of their own as the buildings in the Wandenreich city begin to collapse.

Characters in order of appearance:

627. The Creation

Ichigo and his group arrive in the Soul King Palace to discover that Yhwach has reshaped it.


The cover page of 627. The Creation.

As the Valley of Screams moves along the track, Ichigo and his friends prepare themselves, only to be interrupted when Yukio informs them that he does not intend to leave the box when they arrive. Outraged by this, Ganju points out that everything will disappear if they lose, but Ichigo merely tells him to stop before agreeing that Yukio should stay here. When Ichigo tells her to stay here as well because her powers will only make the battle more dangerous, Riruka demands to know what he is talking about, but Ichigo thanks her for keeping the Valley of Screams despite not finding it cute before asking her to stay here and protect Yukio so they can escape when the time comes, which she reluctantly agrees to do. Ganju notes Ichigo has grown a lot before admitting that he has always been like this.

Meanwhile, in the Seireitei, the buildings in the Wandenreich city continue to be torn apart and lifted upward as the Shinigami wonder what is going on. As Shinji Hirako expresses irritation at the Quincies doing this to them just as they have completed the doorway, Yoruichi informs the rest of her group that they have arrived. Urahara announces the completion of the doorway as Ichigo looks out of the Garganta to see the Wandenreich city. Ichigo and his friends wonder where they are, but Yoruichi sees the stake on the ground nearby and reveals that Yhwach has reshaped the palace to this.

Characters in order of appearance:

628. New World Orders

The Gotei 13 forces arrive in the Royal Realm as Yhwach proclaims his intention to make his new palace the cornerstone of the world.


The cover pages of 628. New World Orders.

As the Gotei 13 forces walk into the Royal Realm, Shinji wonders why they are standing in the streets of the Wandenreich city. When asked to explain this, Urahara notes that the coordinates are correct and that this should be the palace, leading Shunsui to theorize that the streets were lifted from the Seireitei and rebuilt in the Royal Realm. Shinji expresses disbelief at this being possible, but Shunsui notes that this means Yhwach is now capable of doing something like this. Pointing out how the streets seem to go around something and how there is nothing above them, Suì-Fēng states the palace has fallen and Yhwach has everything in his hands.

Meanwhile, as Yoruichi notes that they were lucky to escape the restructuring by entering the Garganta, she and Yūshirō Shihōin sense each other's Reiatsu, prompting Yoruichi to explain to the group that Yūshirō is her brother and the one who took over as head of the Shihōin family after she was disowned. As Ichigo and his friends envision what he looks like, Yūshirō attempts to go meet Yoruichi, only to fall off the palace, forcing Renji to catch him. Byakuya notes that they will likely find it hard to create footholds out of Reishi here because the Reishi concentration is much higher than it was before, which means that it was likely altered to favor the Quincies. When Byakuya states that the Soul King is likely dead, Shunsui steps forward and notes that they merely need to defeat Yhwach and find another Soul King before telling the Gotei 13 to move out. However, they are shocked when a large, towering city with Silbern at the top is formed in the distance.

Within Silbern, Haschwalth informs Yhwach that Ichigo, his friends, and the Gotei 13 have intruded upon their Welt. Yhwach notes that this tower will soon become the cornerstone of their new world before deciding to call it the Wahrwelt.

Characters in order of appearance:

629. Gate of the Sun

Ichigo's group encounters Askin as the rebel Sternritter reach Silbern.


The cover page of 629. Gate of the Sun.

After Yhwach explains why he will be calling his new castle Wahrwelt, Haschwalth proclaims that he will ensure all the intruders are killed so Yhwach does not have to see them.

Meanwhile, Shunsui and Urahara comment on the sheer size of Wahrwelt before moving out alongside the rest of the Shinigami; however, Urahara notices that Mayuri is not present. Elsewhere in the Royal Realm, Mayuri emerges from a doorway before noting that it will be easier for him to move on his own with Nemu, only to be surprised when Kenpachi appears behind him. Kenpachi explains that he had missed the first entrance and is glad that Mayuri opened the door again. When Kenpachi casually notes that he might cut Mayuri by accident, Mayuri claims moving alone makes it easier to weed out the irritating ones as he and Kenpachi glare at each other.

Elsewhere, Ichigo's group moves through the city as Ichigo comments on how odd it is that they cannot form footholds with Reishi. When Sado notes that they should move as a group after having lost the element of surprise, Grimmjow claims more people will only make their movements easier to read. As Ichigo cautions Grimmjow against moving out on his own because someone is up ahead, Askin curses his luck for getting Ichigo's group before being shocked when Grimmjow attacks him.

Meanwhile, atop Silbern, Bazz-B stands near Liltotto and Giselle and notes the Gate of the Sun is still standing before proclaiming that they will put an end to both Yhwach and Haschwalth.

Characters in order of appearance:

630. The Twinned Twilight

Bazz-B confronts Haschwalth.


The cover pages of 630. The Twinned Twilight.

As Ichigo and Grimmjow argue over what the latter just did, Askin runs out of the rubble, prompting Grimmjow to begin chasing after him. Askin tries to plead for his life, but Grimmjow claims he will die because he is weaker and states he is Ichigo's enemy anyway. When Askin proclaims they should kill Ichigo together, Grimmjow transforms his fingers into claws and attacks him.

Meanwhile, in Wahrwelt, a member of the Wandenreich reports the activities of the Schutzstaffel to Haschwalth, who asks him if Uryū is included in the Schutzstaffel. When the man confirms this, Haschwalth tells him to follow Uryū and notes that he was careless in letting him go. The man prepares to do so, but is shot through the head by Bazz-B's Burner Finger 1 as Bazz-B asks Haschwalth if he is surprised that Bazz-B is alive. Bazz-B grabs Haschwalth's mantle and prepares to fire Burner Finger 1 again, but Haschwalth leaps over him and hits him in the face with the hilt of his sword, only for Bazz-B to grab him once more and fire his Burner Finger 1. Grazed, Haschwalth notes that Bazz-B was injured by Yhwach, prompting Bazz-B to note that those who were not chosen by Yhwach lost their Quincy: Vollständig or their lives depending on whether or not they managed to avoid the beams of light. Claiming that Haschwalth knew about this, Bazz-B states that they are friends and demands that Haschwalth call him Bazz like he used to before preparing Burner Finger 2. Pointing out how night will soon come, Bazz-B notes that Haschwalth will gain Yhwach's power and proclaims his intention to kill him along with Yhwach's power before recalling his past as a child.

Characters in order of appearance:

631. friend

Bazz-B and Haschwalth recall their past as friends.


The cover pages of 631. friend.

Bazz-B swings at Haschwalth with Burner Finger 2, only for Haschwalth to dodge and leap above Bazz-B before preparing to draw his sword. Seeing this, a grinning Bazz-B forms his Spirit Weapon.

In the past, a young Haschwalth fails to hit a rabbit with his bow and arrow, but the rabbit is suddenly hit by a Heilig Pfeil as a young Bazz-B criticizes Haschwalth's skill. When asked who he is, Bazz tells Haschwalth to introduce himself first while inadvertently revealing his own name, prompting Haschwalth to introduce himself in turn. Noting Haschwalth's cunning in getting him to introduce himself first, Bazz-B explains that he has been following Haschwalth because he did not think the latter could hunt anything himself. However, Haschwalth notes that he cannot even form a Heilig Bogen like Bazz-B can yet, prompting Bazz-B to claim no one else can do it because he is a genius, which is why Haschwalth should not feel bad. Admitting this is true, Haschwalth asks Bazz-B to stop calling him Jugo before revealing that he lives with his uncle. Haschwalth explains how he needs to catch at least one rabbit and begins to walk away, but Bazz-B throws the rabbit he killed at Haschwalth's head and claimed he is not hunting for sustenance anyway before tossing his shield away. Climbing up a tree, Bazz-B tells Haschwalth that he will teach him whatever he wants to know and that they will be the strongest Quincies around. As Bazz-B leaps away, Haschwalth's uncle finds him in the forest and scolds him for going out so far.

In the present, Bazz-B blows a hole in a wall with his Spirit Weapon before asking Haschwalth why the name of the palace was changed from Silbern to Wahrwelt. When Haschwalth attempts to move the battle outside because he does not wish to damage the castle any further, an irritated Bazz-B uses Burner Finger 3 to turn much of the surrounding area into lava.

In the past, Bazz-B watches the village he lived in get burned down by Yhwach, who had conquered the region with his power. Afterwards, Bazz-B tells Haschwalth that they will kill Yhwach, but when Haschwalth questions whether he has to come with him, Bazz-B points out how Yhwach also burned down his forest before telling him to live with his uncle if he is okay with this, only for Haschwalth to reveal his uncle died in the fire as well. Bazz-B and Haschwalth used the money they found in the remains of the village to survive and train for five years in order to kill Yhwach.

Five years later, Zeidritz learns that Yhwach plans to create a new army and points out that they have already conquered all the surrounding countries, but Yhwach states that they have not yet conquered Soul Society, for which they will need a new army: the Sternritter.

Characters in order of appearance:

  1. Bazz-B
  2. Jugram Haschwalth
  3. Yhwach (flashback)
  4. Zeidritz (flashback)

632. friend 2

Bazz-B and Haschwalth meet Yhwach for the first time.


The cover page of 632. friend 2.

Bazz-B notes that while he and Haschwalth were training in the forest for 5 years, he was fine, but Haschwalth did not seem to have the abilities of a Quincy, unable to even collect Reishi. Recalling how he heard of a Quincy being born every 10 years that was "incomplete", Bazz-B acknowledges that Haschwalth honed his swordsmanship and bowmanship to compensate for his lack of Quincy skills before claiming he could not abandon him.

Eventually, Yhwach's soldiers came into a nearby village to announce the formation and recruitment of the Sternritter for the purpose of invading Soul Society. Bazz-B and Haschwalth overheard this, and Bazz-B attempted to sign up to join, only for Hubert to tell him the examination is in a few days and that he has work to do. However, Bazz-B challenges him to battle in order to prove his worth, and as Hubert prepares to fight him, Yhwach arrives and pins everyone to the ground with his Reiatsu. Yhwach notes that he needs a right-hand man, but as Bazz-B attempts to get his attention, Yhwach selects Haschwalth, whom he knows as his other half.

Characters in order of appearance:

  1. Bazz-B (flashback)
  2. Jugram Haschwalth (flashback)
  3. Hubert (flashback)
  4. Argola (flashback)
  5. Yhwach (flashback)

Author's Notes

Volume 69 Intro Image.png
I went to an exhibition featuring masks from around the world. Even though I've been creating Bleach this whole time. I only just now realized that I like masks.

-Tite Kubo


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