This is a special four page omake chapter that only appears in the Bleach: Official Character Book SOULs. Chronologically, the story takes place on June 18, the day after the anniversary of Ichigo Kurosaki's mother's death and the events of chapter 25 where Ichigo finds out that his mother was killed by a Hollow.



Cover of 25.2 things like loneliness.

Tatsuki Arisawa finds Ichigo sitting by the river and berates him for skipping school two days in a row (Ichigo always takes the anniversary of his mother's death off from school). Ichigo counters that Tatsuki was also skipping school, but she tells him that as she is known to be well-behaved student, it is not a problem. Ichigo then asks her "What's up?" to which she replies "Nothing much". She then reminisces about the time in 5th grade when Ichigo first called her Tatsuki, instead of Tatsuki-chan and how that was the first sign that they were growing apart. She reflects on how every time she is reminded of how she and Ichigo are no longer as close as they once were, she gets a feeling akin to loneliness. She, however, says that she is not interested in how the feeling is close to loneliness and proceeds to invite Ichigo to the arcade by nudging him on the head with her foot. She says that she is still better at games than Ichigo and for her that's enough.

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