Short Story

Beginning of the revive of Tomorrow
Type Short Story
Author Ryōgo Narita
Illustration Tite Kubo
Release Date
Japan 4th August 2015
English N/A

Beginning of the revive of Tomorrow is a short story by Ryōgo Narita. The story takes place during the second invasion of Seireitei by the Wandenreich. The Sternritter Shaz Domino attacks the Central 46 chambers, intending to find information about the Hōgyoku so that he can transcend his limits and become a Hollowfied Quincy. He encounters and is defeated by a revived Izuru Kira.


Nayura Amakado, a young woman who was born from a noble family is one Central 46 members. Despite her young age, she has the highest position within Central 46's 40 Sages that she inherited from her father who was killed by Sōsuke Aizen two years prior. Nayura initially believed that Central 46 is absolute and all they do is for the sake of the Shinigami. However, she started to change her view after meeting a certain Shinigami.

Two years after assuming her position in Central 46, Nayura is able to handle all her works smoothly until the Quincy's invasion. The devastation in Soul Society caused by the Quincy also reached Central 46's chamber. Nayura is trapped by debris as a Quincy is walking towards her while the rest of the Central 46 members are hiding on their own, causing Nayura to think that Central 46 has gone mad long ago. She then remember the time when Shinigami Izuru Kira and Shūhei Hisagi were brought to a trial held by Central 46 and were questioned for their involvement after Gin Ichimaru and Kaname Tōsen, their respective captains, betrayed Soul Society alongside Aizen. Momo Hinamori was considered to be Aizen's brainwashed victim, so she was simply being under observation as her punishment. Shuhei was initially thought to be a victim as well, but his sympathy towards Kaname couldn't be overlooked, leading to his trial. Things worsened for Shuhei when he got emotional over Kaname's friend that was killed but her killer was not judged.

Izuru understood Shuhei's action was due to his loyalty for Kaname as he also shared the same sentiment for his own captain and now determined to defend Gin. Izuru then admitted that Gin was indeed with Aizen, but he never ordered him to attack Momo and Matsumoto, so the blame lies solely in him. Izuru wished that this would partially erased list of the crimes done by Gin. Izuru fully understood that Gin would never be forgiven for his crimes, but he had also protected Soul Society for hundreds of years.

Nayura then interrupted Izuru, pointing out that regardless of Gin's intention to betray Aizen, it still won't erase his crimes. Izuru countered that he never had any intention to erase Gin's crime. He just didn't want Gin to carry the mistake that Izuru himself made. Izuru's answer impressed Nayura who then started to get interested in him. Behind the scene, many Shinigami also requested for Shuhei and Izuru to be allowed to return to their positions without the two of them knowing. Aside from Shuhei and Izuru's case, Central 46 still has more cases to be dealt with, which includes the Visored's case and Mayuri Kurotsuchi's murder of his own subordinates. With that, Izuru and Shuhei were freed from their charges.

Nayura and Kira after the trial.

Right after the trial, Nayura approached Izuru, revealing that she knew almost everything about him that Izuru thought of her as a stalker. Nayura introduced herself and she revealed that she is the head of Soul Society's greatest library, which has all history of Soul Society. The access to the library is strictly limited, even captains have difficulties to gain permission. This was why Aizen killed Central 46 so he could freely gain access to the library. Izuru understood then why Nayura knew so much about him. Izuru then asked since she already knew everything about him from the library, it won't be necessary for her to ask more from him. Nayura explained that the library doesn't record a person's thoughts. She wished to know deeper about Izuru's thoughts, earning her a scolding from the person in question who emphasized that such a thing is not a game.

Nayura insisted that this is for the sake of Central 46 that is a part of Soul King. She believed that they must have deeper understanding about Shinigami so they can properly do their duty. She admitted that the previous Central 46 has made ridiculous decisions in the past, from blaming everything on Shinigami to scapegoating ordinary citizens. Izuru then remembered when he was first brought to Central 46 chamber and met Aizen who dissolved his illusion to show corpses of the dead previous Central 46, one of the corpses he had seen might be Nayura's father. Nayura then asked why he didn't blame everything on Gin. Izuru was taken aback by the question and couldn't answer, but Nayura already understood why: Forcing and blaming everything is a heavy burden to carry, one that Nayura admitted she herself unable to do. After asking several more questions, Nayura allowed Izuru to leave, and became determined to understand more about Shinigami and humans.

One day, Nayura once again met Izuru together with Shunsui Kyōraku and Rangiku Matsumoto at a tea house in Soul Society. From them, Nayura learned more about Rukongai and Human World. Others were shocked by her behavior who cannot maintain her limit as a noble. Nayura assured that if she was not on any side, she could limit herself and not be too supportive of the Shinigami or Rukongai. She is just a person with strong determination who is trying to change Central 46 for the better. For several days, Nayura spend her times as usual until she heard the shocking news of Izuru's death at the hands of Quincy.

Back to the present, Nayura thinks that Central 46 is in a dire situation as unlike in the previous war where no Quincy was able to reach Central 46, this time Quincy already destroyed the underground chamber of Central 46. Shunsui already offered protection by 1st Division for them, but members of Central 46 were still too arrogant to accept their help after Shunsui earlier provoked them by asking if they can protect themselves. Central 46 was still confident with their personal guards and seals will keep them safe, which is now broken by a Quincy. The Quincy, Shaz Domino, mocks Central 46 for not stationing members of Gotei 13 for protection. He then demands information about the Hōgyoku, hoping to become the first Hollowfied Quincy with its power.

One of the members then sells out Nayura as the one who holds the key to the library, believing that his life would be spared if he sold her out, only to be immediately killed by Shaz out of disgust for the betrayal. Instead of being afraid of Shaz, Nayura laughs and states how she and everyone in Central 46 are instead afraid of the Shinigami and change in general. They are afraid of being left behind by the Shinigami who are constantly evolving and interacting with the Human World, and that's why they try to stop the development of Shinigami by saying what Central 46 say is absolute. She admits how ridiculous Central 46 is even though the Soul King himself accepts the change.

Kira rescues Nayura.

Shaz is about to cut her foot since she refuses to answer the way to enter the library, but is interrupted by Izuru's arrival, surprising Nayura since she heard the news of his death before. Izuru replies that Izuru Kira has indeed died and he is just a Shinigami. Izuru easily lifts and throw the debris trapping Nayura at Shaz. Izuru focuses his gaze solely on Shaz while he remembers what happened a few days ago when he became 'a different Izuru'.

Izuru woke up with Mayuri by his side. He initially wondered if he was healed by Retsu Unohana or Orihime Inoue. However, instead of hearing a woman's voice, he heard Mayuri's voice asking if he could hear. Mayuri explained that Izuru is actually already dead, not having any heartbeat or pulse. However, Izuru's strong will to live was big enough for his body to accept all changes made by Mayuri inside. Mayuri also adds that he has increased his Reiatsu, strength, and endurance using the bodies of the seated officers who died beside Izuru. Mayuri reasoned that he would've usually left unimportant deceased Shinigami's corpses, but considering they don't have many Shinigami left to fight, he couldn't leave them be.

Shaz prepares to attack Kira.

At present time, Izuru thinks how he's now carrying the souls of his fallen subordinates whom he was unable to protect and will continue to fight for the sake of his pride even if his body already dead. Izuru starts to attack Shaz with Kidō. Receiving his attacks, Shaz realizes that Izuru has gotten stronger and even at the level of captains. As Izuru continues to attack with his Kidō and already increased the weight of Shaz's blades, Shaz finds himself cornered, forcing him to use his knife to block it. Izuru then uses Hadō #58 Tenran to trap Shaz within vortex of fire. Izuru jumps into the vortex from above, slashing Shaz's arm that caused him unable to stand. Without any choice, Shaz cut his own arm to escape from Wabisuke's power. Before Shaz can use his strongest attack, Izuru throws debris of the building with his Wabisuke, using the earlier Tenran to lift them. With his enemy unable to defend himself, Izuru repeatedly slashes Shaz, increasing his weight with each attack until Shaz is thrown down to the deepest part of Soul Society.

Nayura is concerned with Izuru's condition and asks why would he saved them. Izuru reminds her that he came not to save them, he fight for the sake of protecting others so that he can regain his pride as member of Gotei 13. Before Izuru go, Nayura tells him to return alive otherwise she will not forgive him. Izuru reminds her that he is no longer alive and won't ask for her forgiveness, but Nayura insists that she will forgive him using her authority as Central 46. She continues saying that she will make him a hero even more than Ichigo Kurosaki and show him at a cover of Seireitei Communication and if he doesn't like it then he must return. Consenting to Nayura's plea, Izuru promises that he'll do the best as he can.

A few hours after Izuru left, Nayura senses Soul King's demise at the hands of Yhwach. This terrified the surviving Central 46 members, but Nayura scolds them, firmly stating they must remain strong otherwise there will be no point of nobles and law of Soul Society existing. Nayura determines to change Central 46 to prove to Izuru that they are people who are worthy to be saved, to prove to people that Shinigami protects precious things, and to prove to the world that their cause is filled with meaning.




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