Блич вики
Блич вики

Сердце волка — шестьдесят второй том манги Блич.

Все звёзды[]


Требуется перевод сюжета.

551. Сгоревшие подношения[]

Хашвальт обменивается несколькими фразами с верхушкой первого отряда. Раненый Хицугая отступает, но продолжает сражаться с Базз-Би. Урахара звонит Куроцучи, чтобы сообщить, что он нашёл способ вернуть украденные банкаи.


Cover of 551. The Burnt Offerings

Jugram Haschwalth discovers that he cannot advance any further due to some sort of barrier. Nanao explains that it is a result of her Kidō and how she was able to create it using the Reiatsu the Sternritter left lying around the Seireitei. Nanao explains that it was because of her talent in Kidō that she was made a lieutenant, though her captain says that there were other reasons to make her one. Haschwalth asks if she was the only one who knows this, and when Nanao confirms this, Haschwalth states how unfortunate that is. An explosion near Kyōraku's and Nanao's location startles them, and Haschwalth states that if she had taught her new Kidō to the other captains, they would have died fighting rather than be executed.

Elsewhere, Hitsugaya tries to flee from Bazz-B. He decides to release an ice mist, which Bazz-B easily dispels. Bazz-B taunts Hitsugaya for not using the time Bazz-B was engulfed in the mist to hide, but Hitsugaya reveals that he placed a trap. Bazz-B begins to get engulfed in large amounts of ice. Hitsugaya, however, watches on in total shock as Bazz-B almost immediately frees himself from the trap. Bazz-B again taunts Hitsugaya, and uses Burner Finger 2 to grievously wound the captain, destroying much of his upper torso. Cang Du arrives and reprimands Bazz-B for not upholding a promise, before moving in to finish Hitsugaya.

In the SRDI, Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi senses the defeat of Captains Suì-Fēng and Hitsugaya. He then receives a call from Kisuke Urahara, who claims that he has found a way to recover the stolen Bankai.

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552. Врождённая враждебность[]

553. Ледяной крест[]

554. Свет отчаяния[]

555. Герой[]

556. Волчье проклятие[]

557. Я отрёкся от своей жизни[]

558. Сердце волка[]

559. С позволения ночи[]

Хашвальт продолжает разговаривать с главнокомандующим Кьёраку и лейтенантом Исе. Внезапно он получает приказ вернуться в Зильберн. Там происходит казнь над проигравшими — Цаном Ду и BG9. Иккаку, Юмичика и Сюхей сидят в засаде, на них нападает Маск Де Маскулин. Расправившись с ними, штернриттер видит, как Рукия и Ренджи приземляются.


Cover of 559. THE NIGHT RIGHT.

In the 1st Division barracks, Jugram Haschwalth notes the battles appear to be progressing evenly. Stating this is a modest estimate, Captain-Commander Shunsui Kyōraku admits he feels the same way. Saying he would not have come here otherwise, Haschwalth draws his sword and states it is his role to make the scales lean to the side of the Wandenreich. As Shunsui moves in front of 1st Division Lieutenant Nanao Ise, the wall behind them is destroyed as Shunsui admits he had almost forgotten how Quincy can steal Reishi.

Revealing he had gradually absorbed the Reishi on his side of the barrier, Haschwalth notes it took him a considerable amount of time to do so and says it is a splendid technique. Asking Haschwalth if she should feel honored, Nanao makes a motion with her hand, causing hexagons to appear on Hakūdan Keppeki as she reveals she created a new wall while Haschwalth was absorbing Reishi. When Haschwalth notes this wall appears to have been made with a different technique, Nanao confirms this and explains how the wall is comprised of smaller hexagonal plates joined together.

When Nanao asks him if it appears to be weaker because it is not a single wall, Haschwalth confirms this before noting the appearance of it being weak is too obvious to be true. Noting there must be a trap somewhere, Haschwalth holds his sword in front of him and states he must resort to a more violent method, only to stop in surprise when the Wandenreich symbol appears behind him. Revealing he has received an order to return to Silbern, Haschwalth excuses himself and prepares to leave. When Shunsui asks him if he is leaving already, Haschwalth says Yhwach's orders are absolute.

When Shunsui asks him when he is coming back here, Haschwalth states he will do so when he is ordered to, prompting Shunsui to say he will be waiting with some delicious tea for Haschwalth. Meanwhile, 11th Division 3rd Seat Ikkaku Madarame notes it is nighttime. When 11th Division 5th Seat Yumichika Ayasegawa asks him if it has not been night the entire time, Ikkaku states it was only cloudy and notes the shadows outside of the Seireitei are increasing before saying he has a bad feeling. Climbing over the wall behind them, 9th Division Lieutenant Shūhei Hisagi expresses surprise upon seeing Ikkaku and Yumichika.

When Ikkaku asks him why he came here, Hisagi leans against a wall and states he got lost before revealing the Wandenreich spread high-density Reishi all over the Seireitei in order to prevent the Shinigami from finding them. Saying they should not move rashly at night, Ikkaku states they will be doing exactly what the enemy wants if they move around in the shadows as Mask De Masculine appears above them. Meanwhile, at the Wandenreich HQ, BG9 and Cang Du sit tied up before Yhwach, who says he is going to judge the Sternritter who lost.

As Yhwach has Haschwalth step forward, BG9 begs him to wait and admits they lost before pointing out how the activation of their Quincy: Vollständig resuscitated them. As BG9 states they can still fight for him, Yhwach says they should be grateful for having survived. Stating the scales of the fight must be fair, Haschwalth holds out his sword and says the life saved by their good luck will be terminated by the same amount of misfortune before slashing at Cang, only to express surprise when his blade is stopped.

Asking Haschwalth if he forgot about his epithet, Cang states it is easy to stop Haschwalth's blade as his skin grows darker. Telling Haschwalth to cut him down if he is able, Cang proclaims he will not be cut down by anyone but Yhwach. noting this is Cang's second piece of good luck, Haschwalth asks him if he can see the tilted scales before slicing through Cang's abdomen. Meanwhile, Mask elbow-drops Hisagi into the ground and strikes a victory pose as a small man named James rings a bell. Noting they finished off almost all of the captain-level Shinigami whom they found, Mask proclaims it is sad to win without an audience. Seeing a light in the sky, Mask wonders what it is as 6th Division Lieutenant Renji Abarai and 13th Division Lieutenant Rukia Kuchiki appear before him.

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560. Ярость на ринге[]