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Токиэ Тонокава (Flag of Japan 砥ノ川 時江 [Токиэ Тонокава], Flag of Japan «Уитстоун-Ривер-Тайм-Бэй»)Токиэ ТонокаваFlag of Japan 砥ノ川 時江 [Токиэ Тонокава]
Flag of Japan «Уитстоун-Ривер-Тайм-Бэй»
[1] — одна из помощниц и «телохранителей» Оэцу Нимайи.


Tokie has long black hair, which hangs down on either side of her face. She wears a long dress with a black sash around her waist, a crescent-shaped hairpiece on either side of her head, and a thin sash around her neck.


Tokie is very negative and prone to tearing up, stating she does not like forging Zanpakutō, it is a troublesome activity, and she leads the worst life ever.


When Ōetsu Nimaiya says it is time to begin, Tokie, along with Mera, Nonomi, Hasuka, and Tsumiko, leaps out and lands on Nimaiya, with each of them hitting him on a different part of his body. After Mera breathes fire to begin the forging process, Tokie laments having to take part in the forging, saying she does not like it and it is a pain, before being told by Nonomi it is work.

Later, Tokie looks on when Ichigo grabs the blade while Nimaiya is still forging it. When the sea surrounding the forge is evaporated by the intense heat, she wonders if they have ever seen this happen, prompting Nonomi to state they have not.


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