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Arrancar arc[]

When his son is about to be killed by two Hollows, Ryūken suddenly appears and saves him. Uryū is shocked to see him, but still calls him by his first name instead of "dad," causing Ryūken to scold him. As they are attacked by the other Hollow, Ryūken easily kills it with one shot and tells his son to kill them before they can regenerate. As Uryū questions how he can have Quincy powers, Ryūken notes that his exact words were only that he had "no interest," not that he did not have them, simultaneously stating Uryū had "no talent". He then explains how he, against his wishes, inherited the title of the Last Quincy by revealing his father's Quincy Cross. He then reveals that he can give Uryū his powers back, but on the condition that he never associate with Shinigami again.[1]


Ryūken trains Uryū to restore his son's Quincy powers.

His training is very difficult and Ryūken mocks his son's abilities throughout it, despite Uryū trying his best to avoid being struck by Ryūken's attacks. When Ryūken asks him if he has reached his limit, Uryū uses Gritz to seal Ryūken's movements, but he quickly breaks out and shoots Uryū in the chest. He then reveals the only way to restore the Quincy powers lost to Quincy: Letzt Stil: Exhaust the body to its limits and then pierce it 19mm to the right of the heart with a single spiritual arrow. Ryūken laments that Uryū's last Gintō technique should have been Heizen instead of Gritz. Despite the fact that it would not have defeated him, it would still have allowed his son to hurt him. He explains to his unconscious son that this is the reason why he calls him an idiot, although he decides that this time he would let it slip.[2]

Hueco Mundo arc[]


Isshin and Ryūken discussing smoking.

As Ryūken is smoking outside the training ground, Urahara appears in front of Uryū and they both leave the hospital. Ryūken later enters the training room, only to find his son's goodbye letter and to have a surprise visit from Ichigo's father, Isshin Kurosaki. Ryūken questions him as to how he entered, calling him Kurosaki much to Isshin's dismay. Ryūken is quick to change the subject when he sees Isshin's powers had returned. When Isshin tells him that his son escaped, he replies that whether or not Uryū allows his powers to live or die is completely up to him, and that it is also his choice whether to live or die, seeing that he only gave him his powers back. Isshin calls him a bad father, although Ryūken retorts by saying that he is still a better father than him.[3]

Isshin notices that Ryūken still smokes despite being in a hospital, ignoring the "No Smoking" sign right next to him.[4]

The Lost Substitute Shinigami arc[]


Ryūken offers to take Orihime home.

Ryūken heals Uryū's wounds after he is attacked by an unknown intruder. While Uryū is recovering, Orihime Inoue and Ichigo Kurosaki arrive to see him. Uryū scolds Ichigo for coming, prompting Ryūken to respond that he talks too much. Uryū asks Ryūken if he should be letting visitors in if they will have a bad effect on his wounds, but Ryūken assures him that he will be fine, further commenting that Uryū was cut down and should not be ordering his doctor around. Upon hearing his words, Ichigo asks Uryū what happened to him. Uryū does not answer, prompting Ryūken to state that sharing information is important and that he should not put his kindness to waste, to which Uryū yells at Ryūken to be quiet. Uryū tells Orihime that he has nothing to say at the moment and asks her to go home. Ichigo offers to take Orihime home, but Ryūken says that he will do it instead, telling him that his father might get upset if Ichigo stays out too late. Ichigo thanks Ryūken and heads home.

Once Ichigo is gone, Ryūken informs Orihime that it was neither a Hollow nor Shinigami that attacked Uryū. He tells her that he inspected the Reiatsu inside Uryū's wound, and questions if it should even be identified as Reiatsu, as it was a type of Reiatsu that he had not encountered before. When Orihime attempts to ask Ryūken questions about Uryū's attacker, Ryūken tells her that he is telling her all he knows. He also informs her that Uryū knows nothing about his attacker, so he cannot give her any information anyway. Ryūken then hypothesizes that the enemy has acquired a power that is unknown to them, the enemy is actually Human, and that the enemy's powers are actually closer in nature to hers and Yasutora Sado's rather than a Shinigami's. He further states that since Quincy are still Humans, and if Uryū was attacked because he was a Human, then it is likely that either she or Sado would be attacked next. He then takes Orihime home.[5]


Ryūken warns Ichigo not to pursue Tsukishima.

Later, Ryūken by chance comes across Ichigo who attempts to chase after a man that was responsible for having Keigo Asano and Mizuiro Kojima assaulted and knocked out by a thug. He insists that Ichigo not pursue the man. As Ryūken looks over two students, he notices that the man was able to sense his spiritual pressure and retreated because of it. He then assures Ichigo that his friends are uninjured and will be fine. When Ichigo tries to make sense of the situation, Ryūken tells Ichigo to not get involved in it. While Ichigo refuses, Ryūken asks him what he intends to do given the fact that he has lost his powers, making Ichigo sink into despair.[6]

The Thousand-Year Blood War arc[]

Рюкен заходит к Урю, роющемуся в семейных архивах, и отчитывает его за то, что он делает это без разрешения. Урю расспрашивает Рюкена о том, как могло случиться, что Квинси нападали на Общество Душ и Уэко Мундо, и что его отец мог знать об этом. Рюкен говорит ему, что это не имеет к нему никакого отношения, прежде чем сказать Урю, что он не найдет ответы, которые искал в архивах, и уйти после этого. Некоторое время спустя он обнаруживает Урю в своем кабинете, читающим дневник, принадлежащий Сокену, и еще раз делает ему замечание. Урю требует рассказать, что Рюкен знает об Яхве, Ванденрайхе и его матери, хотя Рюкен снова настаивает, что это не имеет к нему никакого отношения. Затем расстроенный Урю пробегает мимо Рюкена. Рюкен позже обнаруживает дневник своего отца, брошенный на берегу реки, который был оставлен там Урю.[7]

674Isshin and Ryuken arrive

Ryūken and Isshin arrive at Wahrwelt.

Ryūken and Isshin use a portal that Sōken once used to escape from the Quincy in order to enter Wahrwelt. Isshin expresses his gratitude toward Sōken, and Ryūken says it is the only time he has been grateful for his father's habits, causing Isshin to chastise him for being a bad son.[8] Soon afterward, Ryūken and Isshin find Uryū, whom Ryūken gives an arrowhead forged from the silver blood clot that killed Katagiri before stating that Uryū should be the one to fire it.[9]

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