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Bleach Original Soundtrack 1
Bleach Original Soundtrack 1

Shirō Sagisu


18 Mei 2005



TV Animation Bleach Original Soundtrack 1 adalah koleksi lagu yang pertama rilis dari anime Bleach. Fitur musiknya digunakan dalam musim 1-3, dari arc Agent of the Shinigami sampai arc Soul Society: The Rescue

Daftar Lagu[]

  1. On the Precipice of Defeat
  2. *~Asterisk~ (OST ver.) by ORANGE RANGE
  3. Comical World
  4. Oh So Tired
  5. Head in the Clouds
  6. Ditty for Daddy
  7. Creeping Shadows
  8. Raw Breath of Danger
  9. Enemy Unseen
  10. Will of the Heart
  11. Requiem for the Lost Ones
  12. Nothing Can Be Explained (vocal ver.)
  13. Burden of the Past
  14. Destiny Awaits
  15. Catch-22
  16. Heat of the Battle
  17. Blaze of the Soul Reaper
  18. Battle Ignition
  19. Never Meant to Belong
  20. Storm Center
  21. Number One (vocal ver.)
  22. Going Home
  23. Life is Like a Boat (TV size ver.) by Rie Fu
  24. Peaceful Afternoon
  25. Thank You!! (TV size ver.) by HOME MADE KAZOKU