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Cherry blossoms dance under the chilly spring sky.

You march on, with dreams and hopes upon your little shoulders.

I want to send you off as you begin your journey.

I should have done that seriously at least today.
(I should have.)

I placed all my smiles in a bouquet of flowers

that I am sending to you along with a message:

~ chorus ~

Thank you for laughing with me.
Thank you for crying with me.

Don't worry, you will be fine.

Just keep going straight in the path you believe in.

I opened my heart only to you

I am telling you my screets and all.
(There's a secret for you...)
At times I can beat you.
They are pseudo fights though.

Such merciful people are really rare, aren't they?

(Aren't they?)
When it get really, really hard,
You can just give me a call.

You'll be okay, no matter how far apart we become.

You'll be okay because I will always be your friend.

Even if you get married

Even if you grow old
No matter how much time passes
You will be my best friend I proud of.

The overflowing fake tears you set free deceived me.

On the other side of the moving window,
Your figure gradually draws further away
As you wave at me.

~ chorus ~

Thank you for laughing with me.
Thank you for crying with me.

In the times that keep changing

you keep marching on without changing.


It starts from now on.
I will always be your friend.

You will be fine,

You are not alone.
You'll always have a place to go back to,
Right here.

Right here.

Right here.
Right here.

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